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Progressed Mars Aspects to Neptune

Progressed Mars Aspects to Neptune

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mars aspects to natal Neptune, and also for progressed Mars aspects to progressed Neptune.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mars aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

[The following are from the pen of a subscriber who has made a special study of the planet Neptune, but they are offered rather as suggestions than descriptions of the influences concerned. Little is actually known of this strange planet, save by individual experience.]

See note*.

Progressed Mars Conjunction Neptune

The effect of this position will depend entirely on the stage reached by the soul in its spiritual evolution. A stupendous fund of energy, a wealth of creative fecundity—poetical, literary, speculatory or merely animal, according to the temperament indicated by the nativity and the zodiacal sign in which the conjunction takes place—will be poured into the nature, and undreamt of possibilities, both of desire and of capacity, will make themselves manifest. Should this take place in a favourable nativity, and from suitable houses, something very like genius may be looked for in the direction of artistic or literary creative work.

There is always, however, a danger that the Kamic or sensual animal nature may obtrude itself to the detriment of the spiritual influence, though this will be the less likely where fiery or airy signs are in quesiton. To the undeveloped this, or indeed any aspect between Mars and Neptune, is a dangerous position.

Progressed Mars Semi-sextile Neptune

A curious psychological state will be experienced by the native at this time. Strange and unfamiliar emotions will force themselves upon him, and new and perhaps questionable tastes will show themselves. The hidden characteristics of the nature will be more or less dragged up to the surface and exposed. Much, however, will depend upon the houses ruled and the signs occupied by these planets as to the probably way in which this influence will work out in real life, though there is always a great probability of some morbid tendencies being displayed.

Those inclined to intemperance will find this a very troublesome period. It may be remarked here that all aspects of Mars to the occult planets Uranus and Neptune appear to produce effects, (in the case of the more highly evolved souls, that is to say), through the medium of other people, the evil current working through someone associated with the native rather than through himself and his own actions, as it were; so that instead of himself committing a violent or dishonourable deed he is made the victim of some such outrage himself. The philosophical or esoteric student will perceive the reason of this.

Progressed Mars Semi-square Neptune

The native is likely to become involved in some disreputable transactions, or mixed up up in discreditable company, either blamelessly or otherwise. A very harassing state of mind and feeling will be experience, an unsatisfactory and discontinuous flow of plans, and a magnetic state that proves antagonistic to others and consequently subjects him to more or less ill-favour. (If the aspect between these planets in the nativity is harmonious, however, this will be very much modified, and little harm will result.)

Disagreeable conditions in his daily environment will beset him, and he should at this time take precautions to see that he does not suffer from defective drains, adulterated food, or other enemies to sound health.

Progressed Mars Sextile Neptune

This is a thoroughly favourable position and one that promises (other things being equal) a very agreeable and prosperous period. The positive personal magnetism of the native will not only prove beneficial in all business and social relationships, but will tend to promote a cheerful and humorous outlook on life which will minimise its troubles and magnify its joys.

A special feature of this period is likely to be excursions, picnics, or other similar social gatherings of a more or less “bohemian” character. The health will be good and the spirits buoyant. There is usually also a religious tendency to be noted about this influence, inclining the native to religious enthusiasm of an emotional kind.

Progressed Mars Square Neptune

This is a decidedly dangerous aspect, more especially in the case of those in whose nativities the influence of either planet is strong. A host of turbulent desires will descend upon the native, and he will become the subject of sudden and unaccountable attractions and dislikes—probably the former. Should there be any latent tendency to sensuality or eroticism in the nature, this influence will bring it out, and if the native is wise he will see to it that all impulses of affection, religious emotion, etc., are subjected to a very close analysis of the reason, and that no temporary enthusiasms are permitted to hurry him into actions or declarations that he will be afterwards disposed to repent.

This aspect rarely or never passes without marking its presence by violence of some kind, either physical or emotional, which will either be expressed by the native himself, or suffered at the hands of others. (See remarks under Progressed Mars Semi-sextile Neptune.)

Progressed Mars Trine Neptune

This aspect is very favourable in its influence, being in many respects similar to the sextile, but operating rather on the feelings and internal centres of the nature, than through the mind and brain. It is good for travel and adventure, also for all hazardous enterprises, speculations and investments, emigration and similar prospects where an entirely new field has to be entered on,—though other aspects must of course be taken into consideration also. An access of bodily vigour will assist in these plans, and abundant ideas and schemes will present themselves, to the mind.

There is only one disadvantage attending this and similar good aspects of Mars to Neptune, and that is that the personality is apt to get somewhat the upper hand, to the disadvantage of the higher or more impersonal part of the nature; and there is consequently some tendency to essay more than can be carried out satisfactorily, or with perfect honesty to all concerned.

Progressed Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune

In common with all semi-square and sesquiquadrate aspects this marks a change of phase in the vibrations interchanged between these planets, and this change of phase is likely to be attended with unpleasant results. Fitful surges of emotion, unorganised plans, vague tendencies to jealousy, and various other combinations of disturbed mentality with distraught feelings, will prove a decided hindrance to progress at this time.

Care should be taken to keep free from all doubtful alliances or questionable schemes during the operation of this aspect; and the health, moreover, should be looked after, care being taken to see that the dwelling is free from defective drains, escapes of gas, or other obscure sources of ill-health, blood-poisoning, etc.

Progressed Mars Quincunx Neptune

To those who are sensitive to the Neptunian influence this brings an opportunity for the purification and exaltation of the desire nature, which by the experiences now undergone tends to be lifted from things earthly to things spiritual, the first lessons of renunciation thus being learned. there is likely to be grievous friction between the desire nature and the moral sense, and a wearing struggle will be the result in the case of sensitive and highly strung persons.

In those of a more ordinary stamp, little is likely to result save an apparently purposeless episode or adventure. Those of a passionate or sensual temperament will be in danger of being so stirred up as to commit some indiscreet act, and should therefore do all they can to guard themselves from intemperate thoughts or desires.

Progressed Mars Opposition Neptune

This is a very trying and, to impulsive people, a somewhat dangerous influence; with all it is likely to mark a memorable period. The whole of the desire nature will be in arms, as it were, against a sea of troubles, and unless the faith of the native is will grounded, he is likely to give way to despair, or to commit some rash act which will only prove to add to his sufferings. Only through a firm reliance on his spiritual birthright can the native hope to come unscathed through this ordeal, which may be compared to that passage through the “underworld” of which we read so often in the ancient myths.

Women under this influence should take care not to place themselves in any situation where advantage might be taken of their defenceless condition. It is perhaps a fit place here to add that no one can hope to escape the effects of the occult planets Uranus and Neptune by a mere reliance on precautions or defences of a purely physical kind, since both these planets are concerned with the spiritual nature, and therefore only spiritual remedies can prevail against them.

Progressed Mars Parallel Neptune

This, in its general scope, is somewhat similar to the conjunction, but in common with all parallels lasts over a longer period, remaining in force for some years. It will act in a manner which may be best apprehended by studying what is said below regarding the other aspects: by synthesising these, and supposing the combined influences to be maintained in a state of suspension, as it were, ready to manifest at any favourable opportunity during the period in which the aspect remains in force, the student will have a good idea of the nature of this parallel and its influence in the progressed horoscope. All parallels, it should be remembered, act as inclining rather than as determining factors.


Note: The elusive character of Neptune’s influence renders it extremely difficult to convey in words any idea of its nature. The reader will do well to refer to the information given in How to Judge a Nativity, Part II. (pp.10, 19, 42), as well as to the interpretation of the solar aspects of Neptune given on pp.92, 93, of this book.

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