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Progressed Sun Aspects to Neptune

Progressed Sun Aspects to Neptune

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Sun aspects to natal Neptune, and also for progressed Sun aspects to progressed Neptune.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Sun aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Sun Conjunction Neptune

This is a deeply mysterious influence and its full effect is scarcely likely to be felt by the majority, at least as regards material matters: much will depend upon the aspects to Neptune at birth, and also on whether this planet is prominent in the nativity in any way; but an extremely remarkable experience of some kind is likely to result from this influence if such should be the case.

A psychic awakening of some sort is sure to take place and according to the stage of unfoldment reached by the soul, this may range from a romantic love episode to poetic or musical inspiration or clairaudience; or, on the other hand, some weird experience connected with the sea or with haunted houses. In any case the experience is sure to be accompanied with either incarceration or restriction of some kind: at least the renouncal of some long coveted or dearly prized object. For Neptune is peculiarly connected with the soul of things.

Progressed Sun Semi-sextile Neptune

The general nature of this influence will approximate to that of the conjunction as to the kind of experience denoted, but it is likely to be still more recondite and obscure. Employment as a secret service agent would be an appropriate experience under this aspect for one whose nativity denoted such capacities; in a more ordinary horoscope, affairs connected with hospitals, workhouses or mortuaries.

Progressed Sun Semi-square Neptune

This denotes a period of mysterious misfortunes, which dog the native’s footsteps in a peculiar and unprecedented way. Psychic matters are sure to enter into the life in some way and affect it injuriously, but the aspect, in any case, is a weak one, and unless the planet is heavily afflicted at birth little serious trouble is to be anticipated.

Progressed Sun Sextile Neptune

This is probably the most favourable influence of all, denoting (if other aspects are favourable) an idyllic period of blissful contentment. The musical or poetical faculty will be strongly awakened, and a pronounced tendency to mysticism—or refined sensuousness, according to the type of horoscope—will be displayed. In a material sense it denotes a period of surprising “good luck”; but this of course depends on the aspects at birth.

Progressed Sun Square Neptune

This is the most evil aspect of the Sun to Neptune. If the latter is afflicted at birth the effects are likely to be most serious. An involved state of affairs in every phase of the activities is sure to ensue, and a deep depression of the emotional nature may lead to some rash act. Neurotics and other psychically sensitive persons are the most likely to feel the worst effect of this aspect, which tends to weaken the moral fibre and to ruin the constitution: this only when Neptune is much afflicted at birth.

Progressed Sun Trine Neptune

Other influences being favourable, this aspect inaugurates “halcyon days.” Prosperity of the most unusual description—a “boom” to use a slang word—may be looked for, unless the aspects at birth preclude such good fortune. Riches and favours will be showered on the native and his cup will be full to overflowing. This as regards material welfare: to those who are more spiritually inclined this period is one of religious exaltation and great blessing in a spiritual sense, or of extreme creative fecundity in the case of a poet or musician.

Progressed Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune

This is similar in effect to the semi-square. Delays, disappointments, and tantalising experiences of an unusual kind may be anticipated, and the period is one that is likely to live in the memory as unique in its way, grinding, as it were, “slowly, yet exceeding small.”

Progressed Sun Quincunx Neptune

This, the quincunx or “inconjunct,” is similar in its effect to the semi-sextile, but is somewhat longer in duration and more far-reaching in its effects. Its true mission is to effect a purification of the individuality.

Progressed Sun Opposition Neptune

This is, perhaps, the most tremendous obstacle that the individuality has to cope with; for the soul is here weighed in the balances—and too often ‘found wanting.’ All the antagonistic forces of the lower nature, or the undeveloped part of man, rise up and seek to swamp him, and powerful indeed must he be if he can breast them. Only the pure can do so, and even they must prepare to see their most cherished schemes totter in apparent confusion to the ground. Failure, however, consists not in failing to maintain, but in ceasing to strive; and for the overcomer the reward is great.

Progressed Sun Parallel Neptune

This is the same as the conjunction in its general effect, but operates for a longer period and indicates a general over-hanging influence of the nature described. It is unlikely to affect any but the most advanced souls to any great extent.

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