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Progressed Mars Aspects to Saturn

Progressed Mars Aspects to Saturn

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mars aspects to natal Saturn, and also for progressed Mars aspects to progressed Saturn.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mars aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Mars Conjunction Saturn

The conjunction of these two malefic planets marks a very important period of the life; for this sudden blending of heat and cold acts in many cases disastrously, much as though a bar of red-hot iron were plunged into cold water. To the undeveloped person this is a very serious conjunction, for it stirs up the animal side of the nature and causes all the passions and the vices in the character to be awakened into activity. The native should curb his desires and seek to act temperately in all things, doing all in his power to keep from being called out from his centre; or he will find it difficult to control his temper and may be moved to act rashly or impulsively and either say or do things he will bitterly regret later on.

If the lunar directions are evil it will be by no means a good time, and according to the nature of the other directions so will be the effect of this aspect. This aspect may be likened to the blending of iron and carbon to form steel: if the proportions are not right, or the “conversion” is not properly done, only brittle and useless cast iron will result. It will affect the native according to his response to either Saturn or Mars; or to both, if he has not yet learned how to control himself. It is a highly critical period.

Progressed Mars Semi-sextile Saturn

This is a weak aspect, but more favourable than otherwise. It will strengthen the will power and give more determination and purpose than would be the case without it. Much need not be expected to come from this influence unless the lunar aspects are very favourable, when it will strengthen the lunar influence by giving more stability and a more enterprising spirit.

The native will incline to be more enterprising, ambitious and energetic than usual; for the force of Mars and the tact of Saturn combining will benefit him by giving both purpose and stability. In many cases this aspect has no appreciable effect, except to make desire and action blend more harmoniously; but by asserting himself the native will become firmer, and will find himself possessed of a stronger will to carry into practical expression the good lunar aspects operating.

Progressed Mars Semi-square Saturn

This is an evil aspect, but not at all powerful, and only operates to a marked extent by exciting the passions, causing an expression of energy which may be excessive if the nature is not well under control; when other directions, especially the lunar aspects, are evil, this is likely to act very adversely. The native should now exercise care, in order to avoid accidents, never acting rashly or impulsively, for there are elements of danger in this aspect, making the present period a very trying time for those who are ruled by impulse; many under its influence act imprudently, and often rush into danger without stopping to think before acting.

It is only by taking care not to give way to the impulse that is produced by external attraction that the dangers of this influence can be avoided. To many it may have no other effect than that of increasing the activities, but those activities will be the result of desire and impulse more than careful thought. This mutual aspect rarely operates unless the luminaries are aspecting either Mars or Saturn.

Progressed Mars Sextile Saturn

This is a favourable aspect between the two planets; but since they are malefic in their nature and the aspect is good, extremes are being blended thereby. It is very difficult to interpret the two natures of these influences blending, but to those who are seeking to harmonise the will and desire it gives force of character and much directive purpose. The native will be more than usually courageous and perhaps venturesome, but if competent, he will blend desire and action in such a way as to make him very decisive and capable, carrying through all plans to a successful and well-foreseen issue.

he will be steady and clear-headed, with enough force and tact combined to enable him to accomplish a great deal. Much, however, will depend upon the lunar aspects; if they are very favourable this will be a splendid period, as it will give all the energy required and all the diplomacy necessary to bring affairs to a successful issue; but if the lunar directions are not good, not much is to be expected, for while the ability and energy will be there, circumstances will militate against its successful employment.

Progressed Mars Square Saturn

An evil aspect, which will act very much against the native’s progress, causing him to be at the mercy of two very opposing forces, corresponding to heat and cold, force and inertia. He will be prone to give expression to outbursts of temper or exhibit very hasty and at times rash conduct, which will bring trouble; indeed, if the other directions operating are very evil it may cause dishonour or disgrace, if not complete ruin, through his impulsive desires and wilful actions.

There is no occasion on which this aspect may be said to operate favourably, for it is a war between two very powerful malefics and is likely to rend the native in its violence if the vibrations are more than he can control; therefore more than usual care is necessary at this period to avoid quarrels, disputes, or any friction with others, especially if it is likely to deprive him of his liberty for any time. This is an excitable and turbulent aspect, and when not otherwise acting as a disturbing element gives over-enthusiastic and extreme tendencies. The more evil the lunar directions, the more evil this mutual aspect. A very critical and trying period necessitating great caution and self-control.

Progressed Mars Trine Saturn

This is a very powerful aspect between the two malefic planets. It will give a very string will while it operates and inspire the native with enthusiasm, courage and enterprise in plenty. He will be able to add strength to tact, to work diplomatically, and to manage his affairs with both insight and skill and with sufficient steadiness of character to carry through his schemes successfully. It will give him authority, with enough dignity to hold firm and to act with bravery under the most trying circumstances.

If the lunar aspects are good and the other directions favourable he will find this a splendid period for his ambitions, as it will cause him to be enterprising, though judiciously so, risking ventures that others would not undertake. He may make it a very good time for all his affairs, as he will be sufficiently assertive and very reliable, managing all duties so that they will bring him honour and respect. With some persons it will not act; only those whose “root of merit” is established can make full use of this vibration, which means the using of desire in the direction of emotion turned to purpose. According to the native’s soul growth, so will this influence act for good.

Progressed Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn

This is an evil aspect, somewhat similar in its nature to the semi-square (q.v.), but still more drastic in its operation. It is less likely than the square or opposition to show out in the everyday concerns of life, but will take effect chiefly in the inner mental or spiritual life of the native, who will go through a very trying period of doubt and uncertainty and mental instability. As in all semi-square and sesquiquadrate aspects, the vibrations of these planets are now going through a change of phase, as it were, and this is likely to lead to a complete breakdown, or rather reconstruction of the centre of thought and feeling.

It may take effect on the health, which is sure to be affected more or less in any case, but, with advanced souls at any rate, it si most likely to manifest in a period of disbelief in all one’s previous ideas—in short, a state of mind briefly summed up in the street arab’s cynical question: “Wot’s the good of anyfink? Why, nuffink!” The native should strive against this despondency and hesitancy, by bringing his will to bear in the enforced carrying out of previously-determined-on lines of conduct: the extent to which this can be done will prove an excellent test of the moral standard which has been reached.

Progressed Mars Quincunx Saturn

This is perhaps the least harmful of the evil aspects between Mars and Saturn, for the Saturnine element serves as a suitable balancing or adjusting agent to the Mars force, and the feelings and mind will operate as mutual critics, the mind enquiring into the operation of the feelings and the latter serving as a corrective to the limiting and contracting tendencies of the former.

It is necessary, however, to take care that the feelings are not allowed to fritter away the mind force in useless repinings, and that on the other hand the mind is not permitted to repress all natural strivings after new experience or emotions. The native will find this an excellent aspect for critical or analytical work, especially in all such technical subjects as chemistry, scientific agriculture, hygiene, etc., should he have any natural abilities in these directions. The senses will become the servants of the mind under this aspect, and will be sharpened in their discriminative power.

Progressed Mars Opposition Saturn

This is an evil aspect, which will bring a liability to accidents and some very acute physical experiences. The native should act with great discretion and do nothing impulsively, for this aspect brings some very rash tendencies in which action will be guided by sudden and unpremeditated desire to do some deed of either great bravery, or perhaps foolhardiness, or even crime, which may have fatal results.

He will find himself easily irritated and prone to give way to anger, and may commit some violent act if not sufficiently self-controlled to keep the desire nature well in hand. If the lunar aspects are evil at this time it will be a very bad period, especially if the other directions operating are also adverse. If the lunar directions are good, this mutual aspect will not act fully at this time, but will wait till other influences set it in motion. In any case it is an evil time, and much opposition is to be feared; separation and marked estrangements are usually the chief features of this aspect. A dangerous period, in which all possible self-control should be practised.

Progressed Mars Parallel Saturn

This, like all the parallel aspects, will last over a very long period, for Saturn is a slow moving planet, and Mars is not quick enough in motion to allow the influence to work off in one year. It is not a favourable aspects, for Mars represents heat and Saturn cold, and therefore unless these planets neutralise or balance each other, by “mutual disposition” or favourable aspect in the nativity, one of them will exercise the stronger influence, with all the evil of the other added.

In common with all parallels this must depend upon the operation of the lunar aspects and their nature to awaken from latency its evils. When, therefore, the lunar directions are evil, it will cause the temper to be too readily affected, any tendency to give way to anger resulting in awakening the passional side of the nature, and by the very strong feeling it engenders giving an inclination either to go to deliberate extremes or to act very indiscreetly. The period may be made good by allowing the strength of Mars to be blended with the tact of Saturn, this giving the finest form of diplomacy and persuasiveness.

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