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Progressed Mars Aspects to Jupiter

Progressed Mars Aspects to Jupiter

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mars aspects to natal Jupiter, and also for progressed Mars aspects to progressed Jupiter.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mars aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Mars Conjunction Jupiter

This position of Mars and Jupiter is not altogether good, but it can be usefully employed for the betterment of the native’s personal conditions, if he can avoid over-much dignity or pride. It will make him very liberal, not to say extravagant, and will be accompanied by some desire to “plunge,” and if he is not careful over financial affairs there will be some danger—especially if he should become involved in litigation—of losing large sums of money. He may either gain or lose suddenly under this influence, according to the nature of the other aspects in force at the time, more especially the lunar ones.

To the weak or those who lack full self-consciousness it brings a tendency to frivolity and giddiness, but to the developing soul it gives a spirit of enterprise, a feeling of independence, and a great increase of energy. But it is a good position only for those who have both ability and prudence.

Progressed Mars Semi-sextile Jupiter

A very weak influence, one that may not affect the native in any appreciable measure. He may turn it to some good account by looking after financial affairs; and by putting some of his Mars energy to the Jupiter side of the account, so to speak, but they are usually small, and take the form of presents more often than otherwise. he will be wise to look after monetary matters, for he can gain in this way by giving attention to the improvement of his financial affairs.

Progressed Mars Semi-square Jupiter

This is a weak aspect, but not a good one, for it shows a liability to lose money; and if the native has any tendency towards being lavish he may become too extravagant and give way to excess. He should watch his expenditure and check any waste that may be going on in his affairs. It is not a good aspect in many ways; sometimes it gives impure blood and inflammatory conditions, especially when the lunar aspects are evil; but this would be due to excess in diet or to not living temperately, and might therefore soon be remedied if proper attention were paid to the laws of hygiene.

The native should neither lend nor borrow money while this aspect lasts, should avoid litigation, and become surety for none; nor should he either speculate or invest under this influence, but use great care in all his affairs.

Progressed Mars Sextile Jupiter

This is favourable in its nature, but as Mars is never very suitably combined with Jupiter it cannot give all the benefit that might be expected from it. It will have the effect of making the native very generous and liberal, and unless he is careful to avoid excess of any kind, perhaps extravagant also and inclined to go to extremes. It will make him enterprising and fearless, rather too inclined to take risks, especially where money is in question. It gives social advantages and brings associations into the life which have an expanding tendency, and in all enterprises or undertakings the native will not hesitate to push forward and use all his energies to increase and improve his conditions.

To those who are devotionally inclined it gives an extra impetus to religious thought; for it is the aspect that often brings “conversion” or a great uplifting of the emotions, the feelings being very easily excited to enthusiasm. If impulsiveness is avoided, the influece will prompt to useful activity, but unless it is kept under a certain amount of restraint rash actions will ensue, ending unfavourably.

Progressed Mars Square Jupiter

This is a very evil aspect in many ways, but only active or evil in a particular sense when the nativity is not a very progressive one. The native is liable to some heavy financial losses, or to become extravagant in expenditure and too lavish in giving; for this aspect shows some sign of waste going on, either in the physical system or in the surroundings. He must avoid litigation, for any legal troubles are likely to involve him in heavy loss, since decisions will go against him.

This aspect sometimes brings false imprisonment or confinement or other conditions tending to deprivation of liberty. It is not a good influence for social affairs, or for religious matters, as it inclines to over-enthusiasm and excess of feeling. It is never so evil as it appears, however, unless the lunar aspects are at the same time evil, in which case many troubles are threatened, especially troubles arising through extravagance or excess and a spirit of too great liberality. Lending money and long journeys should be avoided. A critical period generally.

Progressed Mars Trine Jupiter

This benefic aspect is good for those who know how to speculate or invest money, since those who are judicious enough to act without impulse can make things very brisk and profitable under this enterprising influence. It is good for social affairs and for money making, but like other aspects of Mars to Jupiter it tends to excess and an over-estimation of opportunities. It will give the native enterprise and freedom enough to allow him to venture where others would hesitate and hold back; and, as “fortune always favours the brave,” in accordance with his ability will success be assured where undertakings are of the adventurous type.

This aspect promotes feeling to the highest side of the emotional nature, but there is always a danger of reaction in this direction, and hence it is only the very pure who can get the true spiritual benefit out of this aspect. It is the only aspect that (theoretically) promises a fortune through speculation; but the lunar aspects must coincide and the whole directions tend that way to make this an accomplished fact.

Progressed Mars Sesquiquadrate Jupiter

It is not a good aspect by any means, threatening many troubles, financial, social and personal. It acts upon the health, by over-heating the blood and giving some blood disorders; upon the monetary affairs, by bringing losses, either through deliberate extravagance, by robbery, or from unavoidable expenses; and it affects the social conditions either by differences of opinion concerning religious matters, or through assuming more than can be well substantiated.

It is not a good period for travel; changes and removals are best avoided, or postponed. If the lunar aspects are evil while this mutual aspect is in operation, it will be a trying and troublesome time; but if the lunar aspects are all good then its effects will be readily overcome.

Progressed Mars Quincunx Jupiter

This is by no means a strong influence, and may pass without causing any serious consequences, or even without affecting the native at all, unless the lunar aspects are evil, when it will add its tribute to make the period rather trying and troublesome. It sometimes denotes a death in the family or social circle, from which either gain or loss ensues according to the natal conditions.

It is an aspect of the indifferent order, good when Jupiter is the stronger planet and evil when the influence of the planet Mars is the more pronounced; in the latter case it will cause blood disorders or ill-health, and affects those connected with the native according to the general testimony of the directions in force at the time.

Progressed Mars Opposition Jupiter

This is decidedly evil, and it will be necessary for the native to exercise extreme caution while it operates. he will have losses caused by separations or by dealing with his opponents in the wrong spirit, or perhaps by actual robbery; it threatens losses, either through extravagance and waste or by being too liberal and inclined to overdo things and go to extremes. He should not be too assertive under this aspect and should not allow himself to become pragmatical or too egotistical, or he will overstep recognised bounds.

He should not allow himself to be carried away by feeling or to become too zealous, for all tendencies towards extremes will now be dangerous. This position marks a very critical stage in the career and may mean shipwreck, or indeed utter ruin, if there be a train of evil lunar aspects operating at the time; and hence the native cannot be too careful in all his actions, at this period, studying to take a temperate and a just view of all questions he is called upon to decide. Great care is needed at this time.

Progressed Mars Parallel Jupiter

In common with all parallels this influence is spread over a period that is longer than that for which ordinary aspects endure, therefore it is more or less at work behind all the other influences which may be operating at this time. No influence of Mars to Jupiter is good, and this position will cause the native to be rather over-liberal and, unless very careful, wastefulness or extravagance, either on his own part or on that of his inferiors, will occasion loss.

Moreover while it lasts he should avoid litigation, or he may be involved in much expense or in some loss of honour. If care is exercised in all affairs it may only operate as a stimulating influence where money is concerned, or as an excitant where enthusiasm is affected. The native should not borrow or lend money under its influence; he should live as temperately as he can, and let it work as a motive power to raise his ambitions to a higher level. It is not a satisfactory period for religious matters nor for dealing with religious persons, but it will give great religious enthusiasm, where the nativity itself shows any such tendency.

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