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Progressed Mercury Aspects to Mars

Progressed Mercury Aspects to Mars

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mercury aspects to natal Mars, and also for progressed Mercury aspects to progressed Mars.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mercury aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Mercury Conjunction Mars

This influence will accentuate the native’s mental conditions, and cause him to be either very practical or dogmatic and somewhat severe. He will be observant, shrewd and alert, but inclined to over-estimate, and to be too expectant, with a tendency to commit acts of indiscretion or to give way to impulsive conduct. He will meet with very shrewd persons, and his life will be active and enterprising. He will be very assertive and confident of his abilities, and well able to hold his own under any circumstances.

This conjunction is very good for making the mind bright, cheerful and active, but it also denotes a period in which care is necessary to avoid going to extremes, or giving way to strong passional desires, and to avoid hasty speech and a tendency to be bitter and sarcastic. The native is likely to become the victim of sharp practice, or to suffer from fraud or by the actions of others, especially where writing, correspondence, or literary work is concerned. This conjunction excites and over-stimulates the whole nervous system; it is therefore necessary to act cautiously during this period: it is not a good time either to travel, or to deal with literary persons.

Progressed Mercury Semi-sextile Mars

This is a very weak influence, but it adds some force to the mind, and stimulates the mental activities, causing the native to be mentally more active and alert than usual. It will bring some slight financial advantages, principally by exercising the mind in the direction of improving general conditions. He will incline to be more assertive and self-confident, and if impulse is avoided it will enable the native to gain through enterprise and the help of agents or persons who can in any way act for him. This aspect sometimes brings a small gain through the death of others, or if there is no one from whom the native is likely to benefit in this way, then gain or benefit through co-workers, partners, or those with whom the life is in any way bound up.

Progressed Mercury Semi-square Mars

This is a weak but unfavourable aspect, giving a tendency toward impulse and making the mind over active and inclined to become hasty and too easily excited. The native must be very careful in speech, also in writing and in all dealings with agents, solicitors, or those who would have any power to affect him adversely if over-expressive or in any manner indiscreet.

He must guard against fraud in dealing with those whom he is not certain of, or fully acquainted with, for under this influence he is liable to financial loss, and also to suffer either through travel or through dealings with friends, relatives or those with whom he is intimately related. It is a period in which care is necessary, especially in speed or communicating thoughts to others in any way. The aspect does not last for a very long time, however, and it is very subject to lunar influences.

Progressed Mercury Sextile Mars

This is a very favourable aspect for the mind; it will make the native very keen, bright, sharp and active, and he will gain through all mental pursuits, through travel, writings, correspondence, and all matters wherein papers and literature are concerned. This is a good time for him to exert his mind and keep it well employed, for he will now perceive clearly and will in general be able to exercise his mental faculties to the best advantage.

He may now profitably deal with agents, solicitors, clerks, or any persons who can act for or be of service to him in any way; friends and relatives also will now be well disposed towards him, and he may now confidently assert his personality and allow the self-assurance which this influence gives to act in the best manner, either to overcome adverse or to make the most of good lunar influences. It denotes a period in which much activity and mental force will be to the fore, and if the native knows how to use the influence wisely it will greatly benefit him and success to his wishes.

Progressed Mercury Square Mars

This is an evil aspect, as it makes the mind too impulsive, inclined to act rashly and without due consideration regarding the outcome of those actions. The native will be liable to make errors in speech and say much more than he means, or than it is wise to say, and will be inclined to be unkind and cutting in his speech: he must, therefore, be careful in all dealings with those intimately connected with him in the domestic sphere, and also with inferiors or those who can affect his honour and reputation.

This is an evil time to sign papers, to write or have much correspondence, or to deal with solicitors or agents; the native should guard himself against fraud, and beware of being imposed upon by others. In fact this is a time when the greatest care should be exercised, especially if there is a natural tendency to uncontrolled speech or to act upon impulse. Removals should not be made if they can be avoided, for it is an unfortunate time for changes of any kind.

Progressed Mercury Trine Mars

This will sharpen the mentality and render the native eager to learn and to gain experience, active, energetic and industrious: very keen, shrewd and practical in all matters requiring mental ability. It is a splendid influence for the mind, and gives ability to put into practice any latent ideas. Hence the native will become enterprising, aspiring, and speculative, and should meet with success in most of his activities as he will be able to observe accurately and quickly.

This is a capital influence for travel, writing, correspondence or literary undertakings of any kind, also for dealing with agents, solicitors, or those who act in a mediary capacity. This influence is good for the nervous system, and also for the general health, as the mind is rendered bright and cheerful and keenly alive to the hopeful side of things. When the lunar influences are good this aspect will make it a good period for general success and material welfare, as the mind will be eager to take advantage of opportunities and will see clearly how to act.

Progressed Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars

The native will have rather an anxious and trying time under this influence, his mind being restless and too active, prone to act from impulse and to over-estimate; he will be somewhat snappish in speech and liable to say more than is wise or than he really means. He should act very discreetly while it operates and be generally careful in all dealings with others, especially as to what papers or documents are signed, undertake as little correspondence or writing as possible, and do all he can to restrain his impulses.

It will be well for him to avoid travel and also to safeguard health, for under this aspect worry or anxiety will react upon the nervous system and cause him to suffer in health. It renders the native liable to fraud and deception, and he should be very careful with regard to all attachments, and all matters where the feelings are concerned, as he is liable to illusion in these matters.

Progressed Mercury Quincunx Mars

This is quite a weak aspect, the two planets being 150° apart, and may not affect the native very seriously; but still its influence is not favourable, for it tends to make the mind too acute at times and over active. If he acts impulsively or rashly he will suffer, his health will be affected through exhaustion, and nervous strain will be upon him while this aspect operates. If any other (especially lunar) influences are operating it will make this period not successful; rather unfavourable, in fact, particularly if the native is one who is indiscreet in speech or who acts without thinking. In many cases this aspect affects the personal conditions and gives much more assertiveness, strengthening the mind by making it more positive and more forceful, but at best it is only a weak influence and depends a great deal upon the lunar aspects operating.

Progressed Mercury Opposition Mars

This is an adverse aspect, and one likely to bring the native much trouble and opposition. He will suffer through fraud and deception, and should act very discreetly in all dealings with others. His affections will also suffer more or less, and this will upset the mind and cause him to worry a great deal. During this period he should watch all papers that he signs, and deal cautiously with all correspondence, avoiding all that is not absolutely necessary; moreover it is not a good time to deal with agents, solicitors, or those who could affect him adversely.

He may be the subject of scandal, libel, or ill-repute under this aspect; in fact may even be threatened with litigation or attacks upon his honour. He will be separated from friends or relatives, and will have serious quarrels or disputes with others while this influence operates. It is not a good time to travel or to commence any new undertakings, and it will be well for the native to guard against accidents or inflammatory tendencies when the Moon is adversely aspected, but if he can keep the mind in a calm and orderly state and avoid impulse his troubles will be greatly lessened.

Progressed Mercury Parallel Mars

This will accentuate all the mental faculties and render the native acute, active, enterprising and ambitious. This aspect will endure for some time, and as a continuing influence it will be behind all the other influences operating. It is liable to cause to much activity, with a tendency towards impulsiveness, and towards acting without counting the cost. Care should be taken with regard to writings, signing papers, correspondence, all mental activity generally, and matters connected with travel.

It is not a good time to be concerned with legal affairs, nor to deal with solicitors or agents, nor with persons who are over active mentally. The mind will tend to give some trouble, as the native will be easily excited, and will meet with persons whose influence over him will not be good. The nervous system will be liable to suffer, and any tendency to neuralgia will be a sign that the general health is suffering through this position, which affects the mind and nervous system generally.

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