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Progressed Sun Aspects to Jupiter

Progressed Sun Aspects to Jupiter

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Sun aspects to natal Jupiter, and also for progressed Sun aspects to progressed Jupiter.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Sun aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Sun Conjunction Jupiter

This is a very fortunate solar position, denoting success, good fortune and much gain, with many social advantages, a favourable issue to all undertakings in hand, financial prosperity, and benefits connected with new undertakings, travel and association with others. The health will be good, and the constitution much stronger than hitherto; but care must be taken to avoid excesses, for the life forces are considerably quickened by this conjunction, and some tendency to indulgence is likely in consequence. The feelings and sympathies will be awakened and the native will form unions, attachments, and ties that will be very beneficial to him in every way.

When the lunar aspects are good he will meet with all the success he can desire; but he must avoid pride and not allow himself to become over-confident, for though success will surely come in the future as a result of this conjunction yet other influences at work must be considered as well, and especially also the radical influences. For this position is much less fortunate to one who has an afflicted Jupiter at birth; especially if the affliction be from Mars. Nevertheless, the influence in itself is wholly good, and only foolish extravagance or excess can nullify its beneficial nature.

Progressed Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter

This is not very powerful, but is in a minor sense a good aspect, which will benefit the native according to his power to respond to its influence. It will bring some gain and shows improvement in the general welfare, the advent of new friends, fresh engagements, and social advantages, with every prospect of financial gain and the opportunity to improve the monetary prospects.

It is on the whole a good aspect, whereby success and prosperity accrue from any effort or endeavour made by the native, so that it will be a good time for him to push his affairs, and to commence new undertakings. The sympathies and feelings will be called out by others, he will form attachments that will be favourable; but the best good will come when the lunar aspects are of a like nature, for then this somewhat weak aspect will be strengthened.

Progressed Sun Semi-square Jupiter

A weak aspect of a more of less adverse nature, threatening financial losses and some difficulty in getting money as easily as usual. It is not good for health, nor for any social affairs; in fact care will be necessary in all dealings with others in the social world. This aspect acts chiefly in the direction of hindering and delaying progress, but is very weak in its real power for evil; still the period is not good, notwithstanding the fact that Jupiter is a benefic planet.

Disappointments in dealings with superiors or those with whom the native is associated are probable, and he should take care not to offend, or cause a severance in affection, as the feelings are now likely to suffer, while financial losses may ensue as the result of disagreements between himself and others. It is not a good time to travel nor to have dealings with the clergy, lawyers or religious people, nor to commence any new undertakings; but rather a time to live quietly and temperately, keeping in the background as much as possible.

Progressed Sun Sextile Jupiter

This denotes a very prosperous and successful time, when all things will go well and when the mind will expand and become hopeful, being able to see clearly the best course to adopt for general improvement and success. Under this good influence, which is one of the best of solar aspects, the native will obtain his desires, his ambitions will be gratified, his social affairs will profit him, and he will gain from friends or relatives, or those with whom he is associated.

He will also form honourable and lasting attachments, good and favourable unions or connections with others. Under this influence he will either travel or make important beneficial changes; while correspondence and writings will bring success, new undertakings will turn out successfully, and the whole period during which this aspect lasts will be beneficial and prosperous. It is in fact a most fortunate time, and will mark an epoch in the career.

Progressed Sun Square Jupiter

This denotes a period unfavourable and subject to much trouble and difficulty, affecting adversely domestic affairs and also social matters in general. The native will suffer losses and trials which will extend over a somewhat protracted period. However, the planet Jupiter is a benefic, and therefore the square aspect, though evil in itself, will have much of its malignancy lessened by this fact. The native must be prepare for financial difficulties, and for many minor troubles, also for losses through others, particularly those that affect the domestic sphere and the social engagements.

He will lose someone either by death or separation, and suffer from the actions of others, experiencing sorrow and disappointment. He should not lend money at this time, and he should be on his guard against deception, treachery and hypocrisy. It is an unfortunate time, but may be turned into good, for out of this evil good often comes: it represents the struggle of pride against the spirit, Jacob wrestling with God.

Progressed Sun Trine Jupiter

One of the finest and most fortunate of solar influences. It denotes that the native has reached an epoch in his life, for the opportunities that are now before him surpass those he has had in the past or will have in the future, and he should therefore make the most of this favourable time. He may now either invest or speculate to advantage should he so desire, for gain and financial prosperity are shown by this aspect; he will obtain advancement and social successes, and will have the satisfaction of seeing his ambitions gratified; he will form lasting and permanent attachments, and become linked with others to mutual advantage, and all things will go right with him.

There is a spiritual as well as a material side to this aspect—which only comes once in a lifetime—and this will enable the native to obtain a deeper insight into religious matters, and also to become more philosophical in his thought and wise in his actions. Thus he may use the aspect for the uplifting and improvement of character, or for worldly gain and advantage, just as he chooses.

Progressed Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter

This influence is unfavourable, and one likely to bring trouble and loss while it lasts. The native will find his circulation affected and his health not at all favourable about this time; but strict temperance and moderation in all things will do much to counteract this influence, which causes suffering to health through surfeit and excess, the balance of forces in the system undergoing readjustment. It is an ill time to lend money, to invest or to speculate, and care should be taken in every way to avoid monetary losses.

Sorrows and disappointments of some kinds are certain, for the native will be either estranged or separated from those to whom he has become attached, or whom he has allowed to share in his feelings and emotions. Nevertheless, although an unfavourable aspect it is between benefic planets, and is therefore not so evil as in other cases, but generally speaking such as aspect otherwise would indicate an unfavourable time, and with discordant lunar aspects this period is likely to prove a very trying and difficult one.

Progressed Sun Quincunx Jupiter

This is a rather critical aspect in regard to money affairs, and is likely to bring the native trouble in connection with any speculative enterprises he may be disposed to enter into at this time. He will find himself subjected to considerable strain between two contrasting influence, the desire for expansion and increase—either as regards worldly matters, the emotions, or the religious aspirations—and the internal spiritual or moral nature; and this may lead him into courses he will afterwards regret.

In a modified form, this may be taken as somewhat analogous to the square aspect (q.v.), but less crucial in its effects, and related rather to the mental or spiritual, than to the physical plane of being. The native should keep a watchful eye on all investments he may be concerned with at this time, and look carefully after his pecuniary interests in every way. Social or religious disputes, also, are likely to occasion him annoyance.

Progressed Sun Opposition Jupiter

This is a very unfortunate position and will bring the native a rather trying time: he is liable to suffer through opposition from others, separations, legal difficulties and very serious disappointments. Either those to whom he has been attached, or with whom his life has been bound up, will now grievously disappoint him, or else he will fall under an illusion and become more bound up in them, only to realise greater trouble later on.

He will meet with financial losses, and social disadvantages, probably by disagreeing with those who have been his friends, or perhaps through their own peculiar conduct. It often happens that apparent good comes out of this position, (owing to Jupiter being a benefic planet), but the good is only apparent and should be will examined, for it generally brings with it the opposition that the aspect implies. The native should not “stand upon his dignity” too much; should not be too expectant; and should moreover avoid excesses of every kind, or his health will seriously suffer. He should endeavour as far as possible to maintain a just and balanced state of mind, but he will find it a difficult task.

Progressed Sun Parallel Jupiter

This influence will spread over a number of years, and whenever the Moon has good aspects to Jupiter, she will stir into activity this very powerful influence, bringing as a result good fortune, good health and social success. The nature of this parallel aspect is such as to bring enduring influences, not specially limited to one month or year, but extending over a number of years; in fact it overlaps, as it were, both previous and subsequent periods to some extent, with an influence more or less beneficial according to the other aspects operating (especially the lunar aspects).

The native may not enter upon new undertakings, and arrange for his future welfare in the manner he thinks best, for very little harm can come to him under this very good solar position, which tends to a very successful and prosperous time, during which all things will go well, both socially and financially.

[It should be pointed out that Sun parallel Jupiter may coincide with Sun square Jupiter, in which case the losses and difficulties indicated by the latter will be met with a cheerful and buoyant spirit.]

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