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Progressed Sun Aspects to Saturn

Progressed Sun Aspects to Saturn

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Sun aspects to natal Saturn, and also for progressed Sun aspects to progressed Saturn.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Sun aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Sun Conjunction Saturn

The conjunction of the Sun with the planet Saturn is a very unfavourable position, denoting a very critical time, in which all affairs will tend to go wrong, thereby causing the native to become more than usually suspicious and apprehensive of danger ahead, for though the will is strengthened by this conjunction, yet on the other hand, it tends to cramp and warp the mind when the true nature of this position is unrealised.

It is a position that brings responsibility, and a more anxious period into the life, and if the native can respond to the higher vibrations of Saturn it need not be at all evil but will prove to be the very best influence for him to rise by; for it increases the ambition, giving more personal character and more stability than usual.

It is a position that strengthens the individuality and causes the disposition to be more steady, persevering and industrious; as a character-producer it marks an epoch in the life. But it is not a favourable position for those who in ‘forming the crystal’ become too narrow and limited; for in this case the health suffers through poor circulation, resulting in liability to rheumatism and a danger of taking cold or chill easily. The faculties of hope and courageous spirit should be encouraged. Physical exercise will be beneficial.

Progressed Sun Semi-sextile Saturn

The effect of this is almost nil, but it tends somewhat to solidify and strengthen the current “directions,” and shows a tendency to use more caution and forethought in the affairs; hence it may bring some slight financial benefits. It will in any case improve the native’s stability, and will induce a more firm and self-reliant attitude, which will be of service if he has realised his latent possibilities.

He will come into contact with someone older than himself whose advice will be helpful, while some temporary responsibility may advance his prospects for the future. A great deal will depend upon himself as to how this aspect will operate, for it is a somewhat weak influence, but if he can exercise thrift and seek by diligence to place himself in a permanent position it will prove beneficial. When the lunar aspects are good it gives new opportunities for development.

Progressed Sun Semi-square Saturn

A weak evil aspect, of such nature as to cause hindrances and delays to progress. The native will have to be careful to avoid monetary losses, also to guard against fraud, or financial losses through others. This aspect sometimes heralds a death in the family circle, or amongst friends, or those to whom the native is in some way related. This aspect tends to bring disappointments, and probably owing to the manner in which the native will look upon circumstances, he is apt to stand in his own light and to go against his own personal interests.

He should now endeavour to keep his mind as cheerful as possible and not give way to despondency, or allow himself to look upon the dark side of things, for this aspect will tend to make him unfortunate by his attitude towards the affairs of life, being fearful and lacking in sufficient courage to overcome the difficulties that will appear in his way. he should cultivate all the hope he can and assume as cheerful as aspect as possible, or when the Moon forms any adverse aspect to Saturn he will be a pitiable victim of depression and despondency.

Progressed Sun Sextile Saturn

This is in many respects a very beneficial aspect, as it steadies the mind and makes the character more firm and thoughtful. The native will now have opportunities to assume far greater and more permanent responsibilities than he has previously undertaken. It is a very fortunate influence for those whose “root of merit” is fairly established, for the individual characteristics are strengthened and the moral character rendered more reliable and capable of developing the physical virtues.

The native will now meet with persons older than himself, who are truthful, honest and sincere, and they will benefit him and prove to be reliable and permanent friends and helpers. His mind will become steadier, more concentrative and persevering, and he will go deeper into and endeavour to realise more of his inner nature than formerly. Honour and reputation will tend to become established under this powerful solar influence, and he should do all in his power to place himself in a position of trust, or where the future will be secure against change or uncertainty.

Progressed Sun Square Saturn

This will tend to make the whole of the current directions more or less unfortunate. The native will have sorrow and grief while its influence is in operation, and there is every probability of someone in the domestic circle passing out of this physical world while it is in force. He will experience domestic troubles and will find it difficult to keep the mind free from worry and anxiety while the aspect lasts. He should not make any changes unless they are absolutely necessary, and should be very careful in all dealings with others, especially those older than himself.

It is an evil period, but more so if he despond or allow himself to become depressed, for it will then affect the health and may cause him to suffer from long illnesses of a somewhat protracted nature, as it awakens any latent tendency to rheumatism, and has some tendency to produce chronic disorders. The native should be careful in all his actions, and in his mental attitude towards others, as he is liable to suffer disappointments and also to be affected by the evil thoughts and wishes of others. Altogether it is a critical period, and calls for caution, steadfastness and courage. A very unfortunate and trying influence.

Progressed Sun Trine Saturn

This is a good influence, but too much material benefit must never be expected from this aspect, for Saturn is not a very fortunate planet in regard to material things, being the planet of mind. However, it is the best aspect the Sun can have to this planet, and it denotes a period in which all things will solidify and make more permanent conditions, so that the native will assume greater responsibilities than formerly, and he will now rise to an important position in life, and secure for himself a fixed condition whereby both honour and reputation will profit.

He will also come into contact with those whose influence upon his life will have a permanent effect, and by internal strength of character he will mould his future on a much firmer and more solid basis than formerly: he will do well to take up sound investments and improve his financial prospects under this influence. Saturn is the planet of refinement, chastity and temperance, and by a study of all the virtues which make for purity, industry, patience, and perseverance, much prgoress may be made. A greate deal will depend upon the native himself of course, and the methods he adopts, as to whether he will come under the most favourable side of this good aspect or not.

Progressed Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn

This will be for the native a somewhat evil time, and it will be well for him to act discreetly and also to safeguard his health. He should avoid taking chill, and be careful to keep the circulation in good order, or he will suffer from colds and general debility. He should be wary not to offend others, especially elders, or superiors in rank. This aspecct often produces wither a death or separation, and severe disappointment or sorrow, therefore he should watch his feelings and not give way to the depression or melancholia which often follows.

The native’s attitude towards others, and their effect upon him will not be good, as his magnetism will not be attractive under this influence; it is in fact an unfortunate period generally, and he must make a courageous stand against the difficulties and worries that now threathen him. His circulation should be kept in good order and his general health up to the highest standard; and he should cultivate hope and remember that ll restraints put upon him may be for a good purpose, although this may not be apparent at the time.

Progressed Sun Quincunx Saturn

The quincunx or “inconjunct” (150°) aspect of the Sun to Saturn is not a good influence and is more than likely to affect the health, owing to its chilling and debilitating effect. It is a rather weak aspect, however, and may not produce any appreciable effect if the mind can be kept cheerful and free from despondency.

It will, however, strengthen the whole character, if the body is able to absorb the united influence of these two forces, the one expansive, and the other contractive; for by blending the two it is possible to obtain that steadfastness and perseverance which Saturn gives; but it will be advisable for the native to look well to his own health, and to expect any of those connected with him, the family circle, etc., who are ailing or suffering to be likewise affected; if the lunar directions indicate it, there is danger of a loss by death under this influence.

Progressed Sun Opposition Saturn

A very malefic influence. The native will suffer in health, will experience much opposition, and many obstacles will come in his path while it lasts. Disappointments, losses by death, sorrows and trials of all kinds are indicated by this influence, and he cannot act too wisely while it operates, for the mind will tend to despair and will ever look on the dark side of things. Despondency and depression will assail him, and it will require all his care and forethought to keep his head above water while it lasts, for he will have both financial difficulties and many other troubles to endure.

There is an occult significance attached to this aspect; and that is, the combat between the higher and the lower nature, between moral character and selfishness, between generosity and over-carefulness. The best attitude to this adverse opposition will be one of hope and calmness and the inner feeling that “whatever is, is best.” If the lunar aspects coincide therewith, especially, it will be a very trying time. A very critical and memorable period.

Progressed Sun Parallel Saturn

This is a truly evil solar influence, for this vibration lasts for a long period and is in operation for several years, on and off, until other influences intervene and counteract its malefic character. It has the effect of hindering the vital forces of the Sun, and thus often debilitates the physical system, tending to bring on illnesses of long duration, and also causing a number of sorrows and trials while it lasts; it is therefore an unfortunate aspect, and every care should be taken to keep the body in good order, and to promote a good circulation, so as not to feel its worst physical effects.

While this malefic parallel is in operation, all affairs tend to go wrong, and disappointment, deaths, and many trials may be expected. It is therefore especially necessary for the native to keep the mind hopeful and cheerful by the exercise of the will, and not to allow the despondency which often accompanies this influence to overcome him. (All aspects between the Sun and Saturn are more or less unfavourable owing to the restricting and limiting effect that Saturn has upon the Sun, and to its action upon the individual nature.)

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