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Progressed Mars Aspects to Uranus

Progressed Mars Aspects to Uranus

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mars aspects to natal Uranus, and also for progressed Mars aspects to progressed Uranus.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mars aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Mars Conjunction Uranus

This is in many respects a remarkable influence, and it will make this period unique in the native’s life history, for it will bring sudden and unexpected events and peculiar experiences which will commence in an unexpected and strange manner and end as abruptly. He will find himself in some way drawn towards the occult and the mystical side of things, and will have the courage to investigate phenomena or to study psychical subjects at first hand.

This position at birth is generally found to accompany clairvoyance or seership of some kind, and hence is likely, as a progressed aspect, to be accompanied by a temporary manifestation of the same faculty, which in many cases is apt to be regarded as “hallucination.”

It is not a good time for taking journeys, for removals, or forming any new acquaintances. In fact it is a period when great care should be exercised, for the whole nervous system will be at extremely high tension while this conjunction lasts, which in some cases is a considerable period, and those who have friends coming under this influence should exercise the greatest patience and sympathy in their dealings with them. With the possible exception of the square and opposition between the same planets this is perhaps the most trying aspect that can be lived through.

Progressed Mars Semi-sextile Uranus

This is a weak aspect, and one that is not likely to affect the native very much, but it is good in a measure and he may be able to take advantage of it. It will bring some opportunity to improve either himself of his conditions and surroundings. It will cause him to be energetic and enterprising, and may bring some temporary financial benefits.

It will stimulate the native mentally, and it promises the advent of some friend or acquaintance whose influence will be helpful. He may take some journeys or removals under this influence, travelling bring good, or any movement of an enterprising nature likely to become advantageous.

A great deal of good may be extracted from this minor aspect if the lunar directions are also good at this time. Those of a mechanical or inventive turn of mind are likely to have some “happy thoughts” in connection with inventions and mechanical appliances.

Progressed Mars Semi-square Uranus

This is not a good influence, but it is rather weak in its nature, and therefore may be overcome if care is used. It is not a good time for the native to dispute or content with others, for he will find himself somewhat irritable and inclined to go to extremes, since this influence tends to awaken all the latent energy of the nature, resulting in either rashness or a very dictatorial attitude.

He should not travel any more than is necessary, should avoid strangers, or be very careful in his dealings with them, and should be on his guard against breaking ties or suffering disappointments and estrangements. His magnetic conditions will be at a very high tension, and whenever the lunar directions are likewise evil it will be a very bad time for him, and he will need all his self-control to pass through the ordeal satisfactorily.

Progressed Mars Sextile Uranus

This is a very favourable aspect for all practical work involving enterprise and original methods. It stimulates the inventive ability, gives insight and quick perceptiveness, and increases energy and general readiness or resource. It is excellent for journalistic enterprise, for stock-jobbing and all concerns where incisiveness of action and comprehensive judgment are required; but no continuous success in such matters is to be looked for unless these planets are favourable aspected at birth or other indications of inherent capacity are present.

The native will make some accidental acquaintance which will prove greatly to his advantage, and which will (if other aspects are also favourable) give him the “lift” that he may have needed for a long time. The personal magnetism is greatly increased, and commercial travellers and others will find this aspect “spell business.” It is beneficial for psychic studies, mesmerism, etc.

Progressed Mars Square Uranus

This is one of the most unfortunate aspects that can be experienced, either causing the native to behave with insane rashness, or overwhelming him with some great trouble from an entirely unexpected quarter. In any case, the feelings will be subjected to the utmost stress, and all the self-control the native can command will be required to prevent some action which will lead to his utter ruin.

Accidents by fire, electrical installations or explosives are occasional concomitants of this influence, and all unnecessary exposure to risk in such matters should be avoided. The whole period will be one of extreme tension, and the native should study to preserve as far as possible a calm and well-balanced attitude, by bringing into play his own divine will-power, striving to meet his misfortunes with fortitude and scorning to despair. It is a very dangerous aspect, and can only be contended against by the power of the spirit.

Progressed Mars Trine Uranus

This is a remarkably good influence, for it will stimulate the native to greater mental activity, and make him deeply interested in occult and psychical studies, mesmerism, etc. He will find his nervous aura highly charged, and there will be every opportunity to make the present period particularly active and enterprising. It is a good time to travel, to deal with strangers, friends, and acquaintances, also to join societies or seek alliance with groups of persons; further, it will add to the native’s general attractiveness, and in addition make him one whose society will be beneficial to others.

He will find this influence help him to become inventive and constructive, his mental tendencies being original and advanced, and if the lunar aspects are good it will be a good period; he will be capable of making much headway, advancing himself by his own inherent ability, which will now be called forth from latency. This mutual influence sometimes brings forth the powers of genius.

Progressed Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus

This, although an evil, is a comparatively weak aspect, and is more likely to result in a very unsettled time with a host of petty worries, fruitless enterprises and abortive efforts, than in any disaster of great moment. The nervous system is sure to be in a highly irritable condition, and the magnetism of the native will be repellent, resulting in many annoying disagreements and “scenes.”

He should endeavour to preserve a just and equitable frame of mind, and guard against being led by his feelings, which will be more than usually deceitful guides at this time. He is likely to meet with some trickery or underhand dealing, and should look well to all his affairs and guard against being imposed on by subordinates. It is his own impulses, however, that he has most to fear from, and should either Mars or Uranus be afflicted at birth, especially the latter, this is likely to be a memorable time in his life history.

Progressed Mars Quincunx Uranus

This is a somewhat indeterminate aspect, neither good nor evil. It will provide a fund of energy, however, which may be turned either to improvement of character or to betterment of conditions according to the native’s choice and desires. it is a splendid aspect for those who are studying physical regeneration, and in any case will increase the flow of magnetism, serving doctors, mesmerists and magnetic healers well, and spurring the ambition of those who naturally are somewhat indolent.

The native will feel himself impelled to the study of some subject which he has previously looked upon as recondite, and his previous theories and beliefs will undergo a marked transformation. This is an excellent aspect under which to make any important journey regarding business affairs of serious moment.

Progressed Mars Opposition Uranus

It is difficult to say whether this or the square is the most disastrous aspect between these two planets; probably this is the more far-reaching in its consequences. The native will undergo a complete break-up of existing conditions, involving the taking up of an entirely new environment, either moral, mental or physical, probably all three.

A disastrous termination to any love affair or any affection of a matrimonial nature that may have been recently entered into is certain, and some acute suffering either as the result of accident, violence or extreme passion or grief is highly probable. This is a most trying period, and the native should summon all his philosophy and all his fortitude to go through with it courageously, bringing his will to bear upon the ideal of maintaining his own centre; for all the forces now acting on him will seek to draw him from it. A period of extreme tension, requiring the utmost self-control.

Progressed Mars Parallel Uranus

This parallel, which remains in force some years, is by no means a favourable influence, for it will bring an irritable and excitable tendency, and is a period when the native will be liable to accidents and violence. He should be very guarded in all dealings with strangers and should avoid quarrelling with anyone.

The best side of this influence is to give energy and activity, with inventive, constructive and mechanical ability. The native will do wisely to avoid litigation or conflict with others, also to keep from being too abrupt in manner or too impulsive in action, and should restrain all tendency to rashness. He should act very discreetly in the presence of any magnetic attraction; for when the magnetism has passed off he will find that he was affected rather by outside influences than directed from within by his own will. He should avoid travels and removals.

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