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Progressed Moon Aspects to Uranus

Progressed Moon Aspects to Uranus

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Moon aspects to natal Uranus, and also for progressed Moon aspects to progressed Uranus.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Moon aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Moon Conjunction Uranus

This direction will produce a sudden and probably entirely unforeseen change in the native’s affairs, either physically or mentally. His magnetic conditions will now be such as to cause him to have peculiar experiences, and he is likely to form sudden attachments which will be more of a romantic and possibly illicit order than the orthodox or conventional attachments sanctioned by custom. The native should beware of doing anything rash or hasty during this time, for this position causes a tendency to unpremeditated and impulsive actions, and his disposition will undergo some change under this conjunction, causing him to feel more than usually acute, or perhaps irritable, inclined to be rather too sharp and quick or even sarcastic.

This position will make him intuitive or impressionable, according to his stage of spiritual growth: to the advanced it brings the opportunity to change thought from the purely objective to the subjective or metaphysical, to become more original and inventive, and also to investigate occult subjects, especially inclining them to the study of astrology and kindred subjects. This direction brings all latent fate or karma to the fore; but this is really good in many ways, for whatever evil effects it may have, it is only to break up existing conditions that the native may build anew.

Progressed Moon Semi-sextile Uranus

This is a very weak but somewhat good aspect, and may bring the native some good if his mental or magnetic conditions are such as to enable him to respond to this peculiar vibration. It will certainly cause some changes, either in mental or in physical conditions, and it will give him an opportunity to raise his consciousness to a higher stage of thought; hence action resulting from this aspect should not be impulsive, or hasty, but of a deliberately reformative and progressive nature.

It is not a bad influence, and may bring new friends and some relationship with others that will be useful to the native mentally. If any changes are desirable this will be a good time to set them in motion, and if he is on the alert to respond to the vibrations operating it may bring him some slight gain and advancement. He will find himself peculiarly attracted to the opposite sex, and the magnetism of others will affect him strangely: he should guard against yielding too readily to his feelings.

Progressed Moon Semi-square Uranus

This is not good, and it is likely to cause some worry and anxiety: for although a weak aspect it will tend to upset the native’s magnetic conditions and disturb his mind, and bring changes, and probably removals, that will not be pleasant. It will be well for him to avoid changes as far as possible, for they cannot be conducive to his good. The mind will be somewhat sarcastic and irritable, and he will be inclined to act abruptly and far too quickly, without adequate forethought: hence he should set himself to act cautiously and discreetly while it operates.

His relationships with others at this time, especially the opposite sex, will not be conducive to his happiness, for he will be magnetically attracted to others and peculiarly affected by them. If the other directions are evil this tends to cause all things to go wrong unexpectedly, and it will be necessary to exercise care, not only in financial affairs but also in the domestic relations. An erratic state of mind and an abrupt manner usually result from this lunar position, and very often fate is precipitated in quite an unexpected and peculiar manner by the native’s own hasty conduct.

Progressed Moon Sextile Uranus

This is a very fortunate aspect in many ways, principally in elevating or raising the consciousness to a higher level. It brings into the life important and often sudden and unexpected changes which are beneficial in many ways. It will alter the native’s magnetic currents, and the acute tension which it will bring will make him very intuitive and quick to perceive. He will form some remarkable friendships under this influence, or come into touch with some new thought, probably astrology of some kindred study, for this is the influence that stimulates the imagination, giving inspiration and inventive genius.

It is a very good time for removals, and often brings changes for the better that will be beneficial and of good import for the future. It will act either directly or indirectly upon the mind, and the more he uses his intuitive faculties the more ingenious will the native become. Only the truly progressive type of person can rightly appreciate this aspect, and for the ordinary individual it brings nothing more than a good physical change; but to the awakened it means an advent of new thought, and fresh opportunities to expand and grow in refinement and originality.

Progressed Moon Square Uranus

This is an evil aspect, threatening the native with sudden, unexpected, and adverse changes. He should as far as possible avoid removals or quick changes while it operates, for it will be the result of a mental attitude toward his surroundings and environment that will induce changes at the time, changes he is likely afterwards to regret. His mind will be wayward, abrupt, whimsical and fanciful, causing him to become somewhat eccentric and erratic.

He will now meet with those who will affect him magnetically, and all relationships with the opposite sex at this period should be carefully guarded, for there is a liability to act indiscreetly and very impulsively, giving way to acts that will occasion remorse. This is an evil aspect for all domestic affairs, and any tendency to say more than he means or to speak harshly or sarcastically should be avoided by the native, for he will be prone to strange impulses and very liable to act without thinking. To those who are advancing it means reform, and the changing of old conditions for new, but with many obstacles to overcome in order to accomplish this new advance and take advantage of the opportunity for progress.

Progressed Moon Trine Uranus

This is a very good aspect, for it increases the native’s magnetic currents and awakens vibrations in him that will enable him to respond to a higher state of consciousness than usual. He will be intuitive and very original under this influence, his mind inclining to the study of metaphysics and the investigation of occult subjects; it will, moreover, make him inventive and ingenious, and very responsive to all improvements and reforms for the good of others. He may now make important changes and removals, and seek to advance his interests in all directions.

He will form new and very remarkable friendships and become magnetically attached to others, and may also gain very suddenly either by investment or speculation; for the unexpected generally happens under this influence, and it is nearly always in the direction improvement and advancement that the change is made. It is a good time to travel, form fresh plans and join societies; if fact to the progressive individual it is a splendid aspect, while even to the lethargic it is favourable, quickening the nervous forces and rendering them alert and sprightly.

Progressed Moon Sesquiquadrate Uranus

This is not a good aspect, for it is very likely to cause the native to act rather too impulsively and to become irritable or abrupt, and to do acts that will either bring immediate remorse or cause him to repent later, owing to their consequences. He should be very careful of attachments or engagements made under this influence, not allowing himself to be hypnotised or magnetically affected by others, for he will now be very impressionable and easily influenced.

It is not a good time to have removals or make changes; it is also an unfavourable period to form new acquaintanceships or friendships, for the native is liable to be mistaken and to entertain notions that will not be to his advantage in the future. It is an aspect that tends to upset all existing conditions, and for those who are not mentally balanced it is liable to cause them to go to extremes and to become far too changeable, not sufficiently reasonable, and more prone to act upon impulse and through personal bias than from any well-defined motives.

Progressed Moon Quincunx Uranus

This is an aspect that may only affect the native indirectly or at a much later period, for the magnetic conditions it induces are often latent, and not brought into direct activity until the magnetism of another sets it in motion. It is not a very good time to form attachments, as the influence of another is likely to have a rather peculiar effect upon the native, causing him to act rather by impulse than with discretion.

He should not make changes suddenly, now allow himself to be moved from his purposes for insufficient reasons, but act with care, and watch his interests, keeping from erratic and fanciful notions. This influence may be made beneficial if used in the reformer’s spirit, but not to destroy before there is the opportunity to build anew. The native will be inventive, or impressionable and constructive, or abrupt and foolhardy, according to his “root of merit,” and to the nature of the other directions operating at this time. It will, in fact, be a good or evil aspect just as he may choose to make it.

Progressed Moon Opposition Uranus

To the majority at out present stage of evolution this is a very evil position, for it acts suddenly and very unexpectedly, chiefly because the vibrations acting through the magnetic conditions it induces are difficult to understand. To the awakened it denotes a period in which reforms may be made in the life, and when existing habits and customs may be replaced by new and more improved methods. It will cause the native to have some sudden changes, and it will bring into this life some separations or estrangements; in fact it is a most critical period, for it means the breaking up of ties and the forming of strange and peculiar attachments and some remarkable undertakings or engagements.

It is not a good time to travel or make important changes, and there is danger of accident as well as many a peculiar experience indicated. The native should not allow himself to act abruptly, and should guard against eccentric and strange conduct. This is a period when he is very likely to be misunderstood and to cause others to take sudden dislikes to him, so that he should be careful not to offend superiors and be circumspect in his dealings with friends and acquaintances.

Progressed Moon Parallel Uranus

This parallel will operate for some time, causing the native to have some very peculiar experiences, for it acts in strange ways, bringing about conditions that are quite out of the common. His magnetic conditions will now be readily affected by others, and he will form very unique attachments, the friendship or acquaintance of some one who will have a marked and somewhat romantic effect upon his life.

This position sometimes produces sudden changes and unexpected travel, or even entirely new conditions are brought about by this lunar influence; for it generally causes worry and anxiety and denotes a period in which domestic affairs are upset, estrangements often being brought about and troubles between those with whom intimate relationship has previously been the result of personal magnetism or sudden friendship rather than real esteem or true love. It is not a good time for affairs in general, and sudden developments are sure to take place if other directions are evil. All kinds of changes and disadvantageous affairs result from this parallel and the native should therefore act with great care and do nothing impulsively or without due forethought.

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