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Progressed Moon Aspects to Mercury

Progressed Moon Aspects to Mercury

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Moon aspects to natal Mercury, and also for progressed Moon aspects to progressed Mercury.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Moon aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Moon Conjunction Mercury

This position is very favourable for the Moon, and denotes a time when the mind will be most receptive and very keen and alert. The native will find himself acute and diligent, eager to be busy. This is the time, then, when he may know the power and strength of this mental abilities, for a link is now formed between the brain cells and the true mentality: hence in accordance with the stored-up knowledge within, so may he exhibit consideration, thoughtfulness, and method: the memory should now be very good, and if exercised will serve well in all directions. It is, however, proper to remark that this may be just as unfavourable as favourable, according to the Solar or Mutual influences operating in the nativity or the progressed map. To make it favourable, the native should study, and exercise the mind with ideas, and think as freely as he can; above all, he should learn the value of concentration, for thought dissipated over a thousand different objects is merely a great energy wasted.

Progressed Moon Semi-sextile Mercury

This is a favourable aspect, although not very powerful in its operation. Like all lunar-mercurial aspects it will have the effect of linking up the brain with that portion of the mentality which is always more or less latent. It will bring opportunities to improve the mind by study or reading; and it will awaken an interest in general mind improvement. The native may gain financially through mental activities, since this aspect will stir the mind into a more energetic condition, arousing his curiosity and giving him the ability to improve his monetary prospects either by writing and correspondence, or by agencies and dealings through others.

This lunar aspect will tend to bring him into new undertakings, and thus always denotes a more or less busy period: but a great deal will depend upon his own growth and progress as to how far it will affect him beneficially; for it may only indicate agility and quickness physically, instead of mental alertness or the two combined.

Progressed Moon Semi-square Mercury

This is not a strong aspect, but its influence is not good and while it operates it will be well for the native to endeavour to avoid disputes, and to abstain from any sort of speech that is not quite accurate or the future result of which he is not fully conscious of. For this aspect brings a liability to be indiscreet both in speech and also in writing, therefore all should be carefully thought out before he commits himself either in speech or writing.

This is not a good time for the native to travel or to deal with others, especially those who have any power to draw him out and use what he may say as evidence against him. He should not quarrel with anyone, should be guarded in all dealings with relatives or kindred, but above all things should use care in writing or in speech, sign nothing of importance, and keep his own counsel, trusting to no one while this aspect is operating.

Progressed Moon Sextile Mercury

A very favourable influence, which will make this a successful and fortunate period according to the native’s own innate ability; moreover, the mind will tend to enlarge and grow under its influence, so that it is a good time to learn and study, and to improve the mind generally. For there is now a most effective link between the objective and subjective consciousness, which will stimulate him into gathering more knowledge, thus enabling him to expand mentally in all directions.

It is a very good time to travel, to make changes, and to deal with relatives or kindred. The native may either deal personally with others, or, if more advantage is sought, write and correspond; for he will now be able to express himself clearly and to the purpose, the mind being at its best, bright and clear and capable according to the inherent abilities and acquired mentality. He should make the most of this period, for progress may be rapid under this aspect.

Progressed Moon Square Mercury

This is an evil aspect, for it tends to bring a disturbing element into the surroundings, which may have the effect of upsetting or disarranging domestic affairs. It is not good for any dealings with kindred or relatives, and denotes disputes with them. The native should now use care with regard to all correspondence, for it is an evil time for expressing oneself in any way, and he is therefore likely to be misunderstood, so that misconceptions will arise which will for the time interfere with his peace of mind.

He should not travel this month, and should keep himself free from engagements or appointments as far as possible until this aspect has passed, having no dealings with solicitors or agents, and signing no important papers unless compelled to do so. This is the aspect that brings libel or slanderous reports to those who from the positions at birth are liable to attacks from others. It is not good for any literary work, but, fortunately, it does not endure long.

Progressed Moon Trine Mercury

This will give great activity of brain, stimulating all mental energy, and enabling the native to display as much talent as he has latent within him, a strong link being now formed between the brain and the mental powers, allowing him at this time to fittingly express all that is latent within him: and in accordance with the mentality stored within him so will he make this period fortunate and successful. He will display an enquiring mind and diligent mental activity, and if he gives his mind to study will learn much under this influence.

It is a good time for writing or correspondence, also for travelling, and to make changes, or to remove if necessary. All literary undertakings and business pursuits will now prosper, and the more the mind is energised and stimulated, the more alert and operative will it become. A great deal depends upon the innate ability to use this period wisely, yet it is a stage where good and useful work may be done, not for the present only, but also for the future.

Progressed Moon Sesquiquadrate Mercury

This is not a good aspect, and it is likely to make the mind sarcastic and the tongue inclined to expressions that will not be peaceful or harmonious. The native’s relationship with others will not be conducive to a satisfactory understanding, and the less he has to do with others at this time, especially kindred and relatives, the better. He should not travel or enter upon any fresh undertakings, but postpone all affairs that can conveniently wait over, as signings of papers, etc., and dealings with others generally, are not likely to be profitable or satisfactory at this period.

He will be liable to suffer from ill repute and from personal attacks whilst this lunar aspect operates, and therefore should do nothing likely to give rise to misunderstanding but deal towards all with whom he may come into communication in an impartial and non-personal way, taking care to offend no one. It is not a good time for writing or for correspondence, and in speech great caution will be necessary.

Progressed Moon Quincunx Mercury

This is a somewhat unimportant aspect. It will operate in accordance with the native’s mental development, for all aspects between the Moon and Mercury denote a link of a more pronounced type than usual between the brain and the mind, and it will therefore give him an opportunity to express himself more readily, and to use whatever latent mental ability he may have in a more direct and decisive way than usual. It will be a good time to plan and arrange, also to correspond, or to undertake literary work of any kind, especially critical reviews, etc.

He will be more expressive, and may make himself better understood than usual. This is a good time to study and learn, and just as the mind is used so will the brain be willing to respond. If the mental abilities are stimulated it will now be a good time for independent thought, with freedom from personal bias.

Progressed Moon Opposition Mercury

This is a very unfavourable influence, for it will tend to make the mind over sharp—too keen and alert, causing the native to over-reach himself in some way, and to overstep the bounds of moderation or discretion. This will either bring him into disrepute, or cause him to quarrel with others and thereby arouse much opposition. He will do well to avoid all correspondence or writing, and leave the signing of important papers until the mind can see clearly, freed from all prejudice or personal bias.

This aspect gives a liability to distort things, and to view things in a wrong light, and the native should therefore be careful in all dealings with others, especially agents and “‘cute” people generally. It is not a good time to travel, to make changes, or to remove; in fact it is an ill time for the mind, which is prone to worry and become over anxious, seeing things in a jaundiced way due partly to an overwrought condition, for the nervous energy will be disturbed under this aspect. The native should use great care in all he does at this time.

Progressed Moon Parallel Mercury

This influence is very favourable for mental activities. It will bring changes, new friends, advancement, and intellectual energy, and will extend over a period of several months; it will act chiefly in accordance with the primary (i.e., mutual and solar) directions in force rather than alone; but in itself it is good for the mind, and for general operations in which both thought and industry are required. The native should make the most of this influence, whether for purposes of reading and studying, or for travel, for a link is here formed between the brain mind and the stored-up mental ability. Hence it is a good time to attend lectures, to visit intellectual persons, and to improve the mind generally.

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