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Progressed Sun Aspects to Moon

Progressed Sun Aspects to Moon


The interpretations on this page are for progressed Sun aspects to natal Moon, and also for progressed Sun aspects to progressed Moon.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Sun aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Sun Conjunction Moon

This is a powerful influence and denotes an entire change in the native’s life, producing either advancement and elevation to a much better state of things, or a critical period in which a crisis of affairs is reached, and important changes follow. It is a beneficial position for the luminaries. The Moon, being a conductor of the solar force, brings heat and vitality into the system and quickens all the vital forces; and this is good, if the natal influences are not too poor to allow the solar fire to permeate the whole system, in which case danger is threatened from too much life, feverish tendencies being then the result.

In the matter of environment it is good, and a new influence is coming into the life which will materially benefit the native, bringing opportunities for success and gain, more especially where the higher emotions and inner feelings are concerned. N.B.—It is not so favourable in the case of a female.

Progressed Sun Semi-sextile Moon

This is a rather weak aspect, but as the Sun is the greater light, and the Moon the lesser, the Moon benefits by the illumination. It denotes some personal benefits, also beneficial changes with the probability of better prospects in the immediate future. From a financial standpoint it will benefit the native somewhat, and it gives hope of some advancement, either social or mental.

it will make domestic conditions peaceful and harmonious, and generally tends to give opportunities for improvement of surroundings and environment. This will be a good time to push all affairs of the heart, or those matters in which the greatest interest is taken, and use should be made of all good lunar aspects to take action in these matters.

Progressed Sun Semi-square Moon

This is an unfavourable aspect which threatens unpleasant, and unfavourable changes that will bring trouble unless care is taken to avoid making changes in either environment or general affairs, except when the Moon is otherwise very favourably aspected. Especial care should be taken of health, in order to prevent sickness, as ill-health would now tend to be prolonged and not very easily removed.

it is an unfortunate period for the native’s financial affairs and for social or domestic concerns, and sometimes brings affliction or other causes for sorrow, so that care should be taken of those dependent upon him, or intimately connected with him, whether by family ties or personal attachments. It is a generally unfortunate and unsatisfactory period and especially so for females.

Progressed Sun Sextile Moon

A very fortunate and also generally favourable aspect: all affairs tend to go well, the health is good and the mind hopeful, bright and cheerful. This aspect produces beneficial attachments and some new undertakings, which will affect the domestic or social welfare. The whole period during which this good solar aspect operates will be successful for the native, and his consciousness will expand, new light coming from various sources: in fact the real nature of this aspect is to influence the mind and enable it to see clearly and intuitively, and therefore able to make the most of opportunities. It tends to bring either travel or some entire change of a favourable nature, often bringing satisfactory removals and changes that mean happiness and better conditions. Its influence is towards improvement in every way, physical, mental and moral.

Progressed Sun Square Moon

A very unfortunate and unhappy aspect, for it denotes changes in the physical body which will either produce illness or so debilitate the general health as to bring grave liability thereto. This is one of the most unfavourable aspects, producing sorrow and grief, often bringing death into the family circle, and denoting a very sorrowful time generally. It signifies disappointment, especially in connection with domestic affairs, also disputes with superiors and acquaintances, separations and estrangements.

It is, in fact, a very trying and harassing period, when all things tend to go wrong, and nothing appears to go right. Viewed from a higher standpoint this is a good vibration, as it quickens the personality and calls out all its strength to battle with the changing fate; for the changes, although apparently disastrous, are for eventual good.

Progressed Sun Trine Moon

An exceedingly favourable and beneficial aspect, tending to bring general sunshine and happiness into the life. It denotes a period when a fortune may be made either by speculation or investment, this being the time for new enterprises and successful undertakings. The health will be good, the mind very hopeful and buoyant, and the ideas sound. The native’s consciousness will expand, so that he will be enabled to see the best course to pursue in the future.

This aspect either brings lasting attachments, or unions and agreements which bring another influence into the life which is helpful and fortunate; and hence the native will obtain advancement, social success and recognition in the sphere in which he moves. It is a period of general success, and whenever the lunar aspects are favourable, the native should push all his affairs to the utmost; for much will depend upon his own action and the attitude of his mind at this time.

Progressed Sun Sesquiquadrate Moon

This is an evil aspect, affecting in some degree health, honour and reputation. It brings an altogether unfortunate period, in which unpleasant changes are threatened, and affairs tend to go wrong, bringing much worry, anxiety and disappointment. The native should look well to his general health, tone up the system and keep the circulation in good order, avoiding all things that are likely to produce sickness and ill-health. He should enter upon no fresh undertakings, and should keep clear of enterprises involving risk, as financial loss and monetary troubles are threatened. This aspect produces a trying period, and either brings deaths into the family circle, causing sorrow and grief in that way, or else affects those to whom the native is attached, thus affecting him indirectly.

Progressed Sun Quincunx Moon

This, although somewhat weak in its influence, is favourable on the whole, for the Moon gains by the influence of any illumination which it receives from the Sun, no matter how slight that may be. It brings some material gain or benefit, but is not good for health; for there is an advent of new life under this influence, and the quickening of the life forces is apt to bring some feverish tendencies until the system has accustomed itself to the new stream of life which is flowing through. Some changes are denoted about this time, according the position of the Moon, and the other lunar aspects operating. But much will depend upon the mental attitude as to the good that can be derived from this aspect.

Progressed Sun Opposition Moon

A very critical position, but in an inner sense a remarkable position for those who are developing psychically. This is the period when a crisis is reached in the native’s life and matters long held in abeyance will now come to a climax, this being a culminating influence in every respect. Separations, deaths, disappointments, sorrows and troubles are now threatened him, and enemies will now seek to injure and annoy him.

Important changes are made and the native is brought into fresh surroundings; there is every probability of old ties being broken, and the severance of attachments under this opposition. This position affects parents, guardians, partners, friends and all who are bound by social and domestic ties; it awakens painful emotions and stirs up all feelings that are bound up with the personal side of life.

Progressed Sun Parallel Moon

A very important position, for it denotes beneficial changes and the forming of new attachments which will eventually prove favourable and helpful. Domestic affairs, feelings and affections will be to the fore under this influence, and some general improvement or desirable changes will be produced thereby. It shows the advent of some inner changes, and the conquest of a certain part of the lower nature, which will expand the consciousness and lift the native to a higher level of thought and feeling.

This will have also its corresponding effect in the outer world, and bring opportunities to rise higher in life socially, mentally or morally. Some credit or honour will be obtained from this aspect, or rather “position,” and as it is generally in operation for a few years, it gives time for all that it indicates to be consummated. N.B.—It is not so favourable in the case of a female.

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  1. Fiona Philips on said:

    Yes I agree I am having progressed sun conjunct my natal moon now…I am having a big change, I think. I am abroad and hoping to stay there. Everything is working well, it feels like all the fruits of my inner experiences throughout my life are being able to be expressed using my ‘talents’ or skills built up in my life, or my inner world is being illuminated – the meditation is helping this. Its a major progression, and happens only once every 360 years so my astrologer told me. Funny what you said about the heat – I’m using a kind of meditation that ‘imagines’ bringing the kundalini fire up the spine etc, and I’m in a hot hot country, so feeling hot!

  2. John Sameluk on said:

    Alan Leo was a theosophist. See

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