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Progressed Mercury Aspects to Jupiter

Progressed Mercury Aspects to Jupiter

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mercury aspects to natal Jupiter, and also for progressed Mercury aspects to progressed Jupiter.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mercury aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Mercury Conjunction Jupiter

A very favourable and fortunate position, which will bring good judgment, sound reason and intuition regarding all mental matters. The native will see clearly, will become hopeful with regard to the future, philosophical, and very much inclined to higher thought, looking on the bright side of all things. He will probably travel under this aspect or will gain through travel and foreign affairs.

He will benefit either through kindred or relatives or else through their affairs, either directly or indirectly. The general health and tone of the nervous system will be good and he will feel much more confident and capable of managing his affairs to advantage. This position will greatly strengthen the radical horoscope, and—when under good lunar influences—a very good period is before the native in which success and prosperity are to be looked for. It is good for all literary work and for the general expansion of the mind.

Progressed Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter

Is a weak good aspect and will benefit the native in some slight way, financially or socially. His mind and general mental conditions will improve, a philosophical tendency being denoted by this aspect; it is good for travel, friendship and general health. This aspect is rather too weak to operate of itself, but when others correspond, especially the lunar ones, its good effects will be felt. It is good for correspondence, writing, reading, and literary work generally.

The native will probably form some new acquaintance under this influence, or a friendship which will ripen into a deeper attachment. It will make his mind more hopeful and free from anxiety, giving him an opportunity to expand and to learn more of the inner side of life. In quite a general sense it is a good aspect, but weak and not very pronounced in character.

Progressed Mercury Semi-square Jupiter

This is a weak aspect, somewhat unfavourable in its character but not sufficiently strong to affect the native very seriously, if he does not allow it to overcome his judgment. It will be well for him to watch expenditure and to avoid becoming security for others, also to sign no more papers than necessary: he will not gain through travel or any journeys he may undertake under this influence. The native should keep his mind free from doubt and suspicion; and he should note that there is a liability to make errors in judgment, as the mind will not be so clear as usual, being very prone to see things from a biassed or prejudiced standpoint: for this influence gives a distorted and illusory condition of the mind, causing things to be seen out of due perspective, so to speak. There is a liability to suffer through deception, and inferiors will cause some trouble; indeed, it will be well for the native to act very discreetly with all persons not of the same social standing as himself.

Progressed Mercury Sextile Jupiter

This is an excellent planetary position, for under its influence the mind will expand and become hopeful, bright, and intelligent. The native will be intuitive, will have excellent judgment, and will be able to arrange his affairs satisfactorily and successfully: he will gain through all affairs where writing or correspondence is required, and many financial benefits will come to him under this benefic aspect. He will either have profitable journeys or travel for gain and pleasure, and will meet with those whose influence upon his life will be helpful and peaceful.

He will become more than usually interested in philosophy, or will engage his mind upon higher thought subjects, to his permanent advantage. This aspect brings successful engagements and attachments that have a very lasting good effect; and when the lunar aspects are in sympathy it will cause the native to so deal with others as to make ties and friendships that will not easily be broken. It is a very good period for general concerns.

Progressed Mercury Square Jupiter

This aspect will tend to made the native liable to grave errors of judgment, mistakes that will produce much worry and anxiety. He should guard against hypocrisy and deceit, and do all he can to protect himself against fraud and treachery. It is by no means a good influence and if the native is not careful in regard to all papers or correspondence, etc., he is likely to get into trouble, either through writings or through speech. He should act as discreetly as possible when dealing with others, for he is liable to legal troubles, litigation being easily brought about under this aspect.

He should be mindful of his promises, but should not place too much reliance upon the promises of others at this time. Inferiors and those in a lower station of life will now be inimical to him and cause him anxiety, especially if he has been unwise in speech where they are concerned; for this influence often causes libel or scandal, in which one’s good name is likely to be imperilled.

Progressed Mercury Trine Jupiter

This is a good and a powerful aspect, causing the mind to become intuitive, sound in judgment and full of common sense. The native will now expand in consciousness and see clearly a path before him, becoming more philosophical and of a truly religious frame of mind. he will in all probability gain by investment, speculation or commercial enterprise: he will also be inclined to travel, and will form ties and attachments of a permanent and very beneficial character.

His nervous system will be in good order: dealings with inferiors will be profitable; and he can now engage agents to act for him who will manage his affairs honestly and discreetly. He will have success through writing, correspondence, matters concerned with papers and legal transactions. If other influences are good he will now come under a series of very favourable and successful happenings and should in every way make the most of this period.

Progressed Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter

This is an unfavourable aspect in many ways, chiefly, however, from a mental standpoint, the mind being very liable to prejudice, bias, and misconception at this time. It is not a good time to speculate or invest money, for there is a liability to losses and to incur heavy liabilities. The native should not become surety for another or lend money, as his financial affairs are liable to undergo a change for worse under this aspect.

He should avoid writing or correspondence, be careful and discreet in speech, and never say more than he means to stand by. It is not a good time to travel, to deal with agents or solicitors, or to take part in any legal transactions. If the other aspects and influences are not good at this time, the native is likely to suffer under this aspect, but more through the mental attitude than from any other cause.

Progressed Mercury Quincunx Jupiter

This is a very weak aspect and may not have any appreciable effect; but when other influences are favourable it will help them to bring out the benefits promised. It is slightly good for the mind and may benefit those who are associated with the native, or he may gain through them in some manner. It is slightly beneficial for health and gives some impetus to the nervous energy, favouring matters relating to travel, correspondence, servants and the general affairs of life, the mind acting more harmoniously and smoothly under its influence.

If the lunar aspects are good it will tone up the mind and increase the mental faculties. To come under the good influence of this aspect it is necessary to read and study the best and highest literature that can be procured and thus cultivate the philosophical side of the nature, which this aspect is especially fitted to strengthen and benefit.

Progressed Mercury Opposition Jupiter

This position is not favourable, for it impairs the judgment and causes the native to make errors and mistakes, either through speech or in writing and correspondence. This position will produce separations, also a liability to suffer through litigation or legal troubles. The native should not lend money or become surety for anyone, and great care will be necessary with regard to finance, for expenditure will tend to exceed receipts.

In all attachments and dealings with others where feeling is concerned he should act very discreetly, for he is liable to offend others or be in some way separated from them, either through misunderstanding or through conditions arising from outside matters which will cause unpleasantness or trouble to arise. This position is highly important from an occult standpoint, for it means a conflict between the higher and the lower mind, in which a struggle for mastery will take place, bringing very peculiar realisations mentally. When the lunar aspects are not good this position of Mercury and Jupiter will cause much trouble and anxiety.

Progressed Mercury Parallel Jupiter

This is a very favourable influence, which will extend over a period of several years, being a kind of “background influence” operating favourably whenever the lunar or other influences are good. It will benefit the native in many ways, socially, financially, mentally, and at times spiritually; he will come into contact with helpful and well disposed persons, and they will be the means of inspiring him to greater efforts, and also of raising his mind to a much higher standard. His general health will benefit, his mind become more hopeful, cheerful and joyful, and all things will tend to improve and go better with him.

His attachments will be successful and promising, with the possibility of forming permanent friendships and lasting ties. It will be a good time to travel and engage in literary work, to sign important papers, write and correspond—in fact do all things in which the mind may be well and successfully employed. A very favourable period and one that should be made the most of.

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