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Progressed Mercury Aspects to Saturn

Progressed Mercury Aspects to Saturn

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Mercury aspects to natal Saturn, and also for progressed Mercury aspects to progressed Saturn.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Mercury aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Mercury Conjunction Saturn

This is not a good position, hindering the activities of Mercury and retarding the mind from full expression. It will make the native very careful of his own interests, rather suspicious and apprehensive, and, when the mind is depressed, it will incline him to melancholia and despondency. It is not a favourable position for health, impeding the circulation, chilling the blood and affecting the nervous system, which may give rise to neuralgia or some congestion.

Under this influence, however, the native will become more ambitious in his ideas and will in all probability have some responsibility placed upon him, or will engage in some difficult task where much tact and diplomacy are required. He will experience some mental disappointments and is likely to suffer at the hands of persons older than himself, or those having some power or authority over him. He should not become too critical or fault finding.

Progressed Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn

This is a very weak aspect but slightly beneficial, tending to make the mind calm and balanced, and enabling the native to benefit to some extent, either financially or through the energies of his mind: he will become graver in manner, and will tend to be more thoughtful and serious than usual. he will benefit slightly by this aspect, but it may pass without his being immediately conscious of the influence unless the lunar aspects are good, when it will help to make the time a more favourable one owing to his more concentrative mental condition.

he will discharge his duties more faithfully and become more conscious of his actions while it operates. It may not perhaps be important in its effects, but it is more good than evil. Under this aspect elderly persons will benefit; a far more temperate state of mind is engendered, and some steps may be taken to economise both time and money.

Progressed Mercury Semi-square Saturn

Although weak, this is not a favourable aspect and denotes some financial losses and troubles, and difficulties through others, particularly elders, or those having authority: the mind should be kept free from worry and anxiety and not allowed to despond or become too depressed. The native will suffer some discredit and may lose friends or reputation under this influence: he should avoid taking cold, and should be careful to keep his circulation in good order and his system well nourished.

It is not a good time for correspondence, to sign papers, or to deal with agents; theft and fraud moreover should be guarded against. The mind will become somewhat suspicious and inclined to look on the dark side of things; and therefore the native should cultivate all the hope and cheerfulness he can and not give way to over-anxiety or apprehensiveness.

Progressed Mercury Sextile Saturn

This is a very good aspect for the mind, rendering the native steady, thoughtful, careful and prudent. he will seek to act with great discretion and order his affairs wisely and systematically. He will have more than usual responsibility put upon him, and may improve his position by the honour and credit that this aspect will bring thereby. His dealings with agents, elderly persons and those who are serious-minded or much concerned with commercial undertakings will be satisfactory, and all things will tend to go smoothly and well with him.

This aspect makes one think well of the physical virtues of purity, chastity, and temperance; and the whole aspect of the mind is improved and made more sober and earnest. The native may take long journeys under this influence, or come into good relationship with kindred and those to whom he is intimately related. It is a good aspect for contracts and engagements.

Progressed Mercury Square Saturn

This is an evil influence, causing many delays and hindrances to progress. It will cause the mind to be warped and suspicious, and the native will be inclined to fret, worry and look upon the black side of things while it operates. It is an evil time to sign papers, or enter into any correspondence with others; also to deal with elders, agents, solicitors, or those who have power to injure him in any way.

He will not agree with those related to him in the domestic sphere, and may suffer losses which will affect him mentally and cause grief and sorrow. It is a period full of mental disappointments and worry. The native should safeguard honour and reputation, and exercise care in all actions, but not become too desponding or low-spirited under this depressing influence. There is a liability to scandal or slander and to suffer in credit or reputation, unless great prudence is exercised and care taken to keep all action above suspicion.

Progressed Mercury Trine Saturn

This is a very good aspect and should benefit the native in many ways, as his mind will be very steady, sincere and honest. he will undertake responsibility and enter into the details of life with a serious and earnest endeavour to discharge all his duties faithfully and to the very best of his ability. It is a good time for him to invest money or to so arrange affairs that future gain and benefit may result from the exercise of care and forethought, and will gain either through science, philosophy or the higher thought, and will derive benefit from any study or research-work in which he may be engaged.

This is a good time for important correspondence or for signing papers, also to see agents, and solicitors and make all arrangements for permanent and future good. If the lunar aspects are good while this mutual influence is operating it will be a splendid time when all will tend to go satisfactorily.

Progressed Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn

This is not a favourable influence and tends to make the native despond and give way to worrying and depressing conditions of the mind. He will see things from a limited standpoint, and will not be as expansive or broad minded as he should be while this aspect lasts. It is not a good time to sign papers, write letters, correspond, or deal with others in any way personally.

Under its influence the native will be liable to fraud and deception, and should be very careful in all dealings with others: he should not speculate, or invest money, but act with great discretion while this aspect is in force; neither should he travel nor deal with relatives, nor allow himself to be influenced by those who are not well disposed towards him. It is a bad time for the mind generally, and either some disappointment or an unfavourable attachment will result from it.

Progressed Mercury Quincunx Saturn

An aspect which spoils the good influence of Mercury by hindering and delaying thought and clear perception. The native will however find his mind more steady and less impulsive than usual, though he will be inclined to fret, or to give way to anxiety and worry under its influence. His nervous system will not be so well ordered as usual, and there will be some liability to take cold or to suffer from nervous prostration if the mind has any unusual care or worry during this period.

In many cases this influence (although a minor one) may be turned to good account, there being some tendency to delay matters that would otherwise have been precipitated; the critical power of the mind is also enhanced. Out of evil will then come good, if the right use is made of the opportunity thus given to understand the circumstances and conditions in which the native finds himself placed. Honour and friendships are sometimes adversely affected by this aspect, but in any case it is a minor one and comparatively unimportant.

Progressed Mercury Opposition Saturn

This is by no means a favourable period. The native will meet with deception, fraud and treachery, and his mind will be depressed and given to despond and look upon the black side of things. Separation and estrangement will result from this opposition, and he will find those in whom he has placed his trust prove untrue to his interests.

It is not a good time sign papers, to write or correspond, or to study or incline the mind to serious thought. The native cannot be too careful in his dealings with others, and he should especially avoid law or serious disputes; for all affairs will tend to go wrong under this aspect, especially if the lunar aspects are also adverse.

Progressed Mercury Parallel Saturn

This influence is not confined to one year in its operation but usually occupies several years in working out its adverse effects. It slows down the mental activities, making the mind more solid and concentrative; yet at the same time it tends to hinder and delay the native’s progress, though it keeps him from being too assertive or unduly liberal: he will incline to be more industrious or plodding and patient than usual, and somewhat suspicious or mistrustful and apprehensive withal, though keenly alive to his own interests in a quiet way.

This may be a good influence when the other aspects are favourable, as it will steady and solidify the mind, making the native careful and thoughtful and well able to look after the advantages that the lunar aspects may promise; but, generally speaking, the period over which this influence operates will not be good.

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