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Progressed Venus Aspects to Neptune

Progressed Venus Aspects to Neptune

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The interpretations on this page are for progressed Venus aspects to natal Neptune, and also for progressed Venus aspects to progressed Neptune.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Venus aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Venus Conjunction Neptune

This will bring some very remarkable attachments or engagements that will be unique and quite out of the common. It sometimes produces platonic love-affairs, in which no thought of sex enters. Upon those who are advanced or making attainments it has a very beautiful influence, acting in a manner that can only be understood by those who have passed through a similar experience. It has in the majority of cases the effect of refining the love element, and raises the affections to a far higher level than the ordinary individual can understand.

If there is no response in consciousness to this vibration it will in all probability pass by, and not act for several lives to come, in which case the vibration merely acts upon the environment, bringing social and financial benefits, unusual popularity and adulation being often a marked characteristic of its influence in this way.

Progressed Venus Semi-sextile Neptune

This is to a certain extent similar to the conjunction, but has less material effect, operating chiefly upon the inner consciousness. Inspirational moments and artistic or poetic intuitions are likely to result from this influence, but only the very refined and sensitive will be capable of responding to them. To the mystical and esthetic it will bring true delight. Where the planets are in mutual affliction at birth secret sorrows, strange persecutions, hallucinations or obsessions are likely to result.

Progressed Venus Semi-square Neptune

This is somewhat allied in its nature to the square aspect (q.v.), but as the semi-square always indicates that the interplay of the planetary vibrations is undergoing a change of phase, this period will be more than usually harassing and indecisive. The influence is most likely to show out as a series of petty worries or some small scandal. It may affect the health, in which case functional derangements in obscure parts of the system are probable.

Progressed Venus Sextile Neptune

This is a most harmonious and beautiful influence, and, unless it is marred by some other contrary influence, betokens a period of pure joy. Some friendship or intercourse of a peculiarly sweet character, yet with something mysterious and secret about it, is indicated; and the events resulting from this influence are certain to be looked back upon with delight throughout the whole of the life. To the religious minded, a period of cloistered seclusion and happy musings; to the ambitious schemer, a period of marvellous prosperity; to the artist or poet, a period of unparalleled creative fecundity.

Progressed Venus Square Neptune

This will bring very strange and peculiar attachments, and cause the feelings to be affected by magnetic conditions quite out of the ordinary. The native should avoid all persons who exercise any strange magnetic influence over him and keep away from all those who are not strictly honest and pure in all their dealings.

He cannot act too discreetly while this influence is operating, for its effects upon him cannot be of the best, or in any way conducive to his future happiness. Only those whose desires are chaste and who live a very pure life can escape the baneful influence of this planet’s afflictions, and it is sure to play a part in the native’s history which will be long remembered; or, it will have not perceptible effect whatever. None can say precisely how it will act, for “extremes meet” when Neptune has any vibration to Venus, especially in all matters where feeling is concerned. In any case, however, financial affairs should be very closely watched during this period.

Progressed Venus Trine Neptune

This, like the sextile, is also an aspect denoting a joyful period. Unless contradicted by adverse aspects between other planets, the native will experience a period of complete satisfaction, when the sweets of life will be tasted to the full, success pouring in upon him from all quarters—unsought for, as it were. Financial matters will prosper amazingly, and all will go “merrily as a marriage bell.” This, like all good influences, may be used either for material or spiritual ends, and the effects which result from it will depend upon the inner desires of the native. There is a possibility of rare spiritual experiences in this aspect, ecstasy, illumination, and mystic vision.

Progressed Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune

To the majority, the effect of this aspect will be much the same as that described for the semi-square. To the progressive soul who aspires after the purification of the inner nature, however, it is likely to be a time of severe suffering, the feelings undergoing a complete depolarisation and regeneration. The native should watch his actions and his thoughts, and guard against self-deception. Weak-minded or very negative people are liable to hallucinations under this aspect.

Progressed Venus Quincunx Neptune

To the average individual little or nothing is likely to arise from this aspect, but to the refined and esthetic person it will bring some poetical but withal sorrowful experiences, leading to a refinement of the artistic sensibilities. To all will come some opportunity for gaining control over the emotions. In all aspects to Neptune, and especially the adverse ones, there is invariably a certain tantalising element—hopes aroused but unfulfilled, success promised in greater measure than is attained; and this will prove no exception to the rule.

Progressed Venus Opposition Neptune

This position denotes the balancing of the ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’ feelings and emotions. In grasping at what appears to the be the substance, the native will discover that substance and shadow are relative terms. He will attain the fruit he has desired only to find it turn to ashes in his mouth; or he will baulked of his success at the last moment.

To those who live chiefly in their feelings, this aspect is productive of the keenest sorrow, secret though it may be. Only those who have experienced it can appreciate what it means. To the ordinary easy-going person, however, it is not formidable in its effects, and at worst will amount to no more than some experience of fraudulent misrepresentation. The native should be constantly on his guard concerning all business matters during the time that this aspect operates.

Progressed Venus Parallel Neptune

This is virtually equivalent to the conjunction (q.v.) but acts over a longer period, and is more general in its effects.

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