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Progressed Moon Aspects to Sun

Progressed Moon Aspects to Sun


The interpretations on this page are for progressed Moon aspects to natal Sun, and also for progressed Moon aspects to progressed Sun.

Note: The interpretations for progressed Moon aspects on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906). Be sure to also see the interpretations for your progressed Moon in the houses and progressed ascendant sign.

Progressed Moon Conjunction Sun

This position of the luminaries will bring changes, and either social advancement or some success and gratified ambition. It is not always a favourable position for health, changes taking place in the system which bring a liability to feverish complaints, affecting the circulation and the general health according to the normal condition of the constitution, and also the present mode of living, habits, etc.

The native will either change his residence, experience some radical change in environment, or undergo internal changes which will have a permanent effect upon his future; for this influence marks a minor cycle in life, bringing new undertakings, fresh responsibilities, and attachments or unions that affect the future according to the opportunities the environment affords and the use that is made of them to gain all the advantages which this important conjunction offers. He may now act with more confidence than usual, and seek to bring about those conditions which his personal needs demand, for if he acts discreetly he will gain his object.

Progressed Moon Semi-sextile Sun

A very weak but nevertheless favourable aspect, tending to make the mind more hopeful and cheerful, and also giving an opportunity for the better influences in the horoscope to operate. It will bring some slight improvement in the native’s monetary affairs, and some gain from superiors, paving the way for improvement in the general conditions of his environment. There is here a harmonious blending of the positive and negative forces, which will allow other aspects in the nativity to work freely, so that gain and success will attend effort on the part of the native to improve himself and his prospects in a general and all-round manner.

The aspect is not a strong one, nor does it promise much; but its favourable nature sets in motion the vibration that will allow the other good aspects to be strengthened, and the evil aspects to be minimised. Monetary advantages are indicated.

Progressed Moon Semi-square Sun

An unfavourable aspect, though weak: generally produces some slight indisposition, which may turn to more severe and evil results; it is therefore an influence rather of the nature of a warning note that an actual presage of evil. If the native does not live correctly the circulation of the blood will be affected, the system will become clogged and the functions sluggish, causing a feverish state which may either be quickly remedied by proper attention and abstemiousness, or if neglected will lead to more serious complications, according to the attitude of his mind towards the result it produces.

He should not allow himself to become excited or over-heated, or enter into any disagreement with another, or disappointment and disfavour will be the result. It is not a good period for monetary affairs, nor for matters connected with pleasure, society, friends, or attachments.

Progressed Moon Sextile Sun

The chief influence of this aspect is to brighten the mind and give a very hopeful outlook, inspiring confidence and leading the energies into a more enterprising and ambitious channel. Success will attend many of the native’s undertakings while this aspect lasts, he will meet with prosperity and will gain from others, while if any short journeys are undertaken, or travel, he will obtain success and benefit from the change. This is a good period in which to make changes, either mental or physical; also to form new attachments, to make new friends and acquaintances, and to seek for social advancement.

The native may obtain favours from others, or will come in contact with those who are mentally and socially his superiors, and benefit through them. This aspect favours all literary work, writing, reading and correspondence; also general intercourse with persons who are cultured and refined or in good positions in the world. The most should be made of this good influence by exercising the mind as much as possible.

Progressed Moon Square Sun

The native may expect to pass through a rather anxious time, for domestic and family affairs are now likely to become disorganised, since this aspect not only threatens his own health, but also the health of others in some manner connected with him, either by relationship or friendly attachment. He must guard his health, for sickness is threatened him if he allows the digestive organs to get upset, or the circulation to be weakened, rendering him subject to some indisposition or other, which will affect him according to his general strength of constitution and physical condition at the time.

He will find troubles and difficulties and several anxieties now affecting him. It is not a good time to make changes or removals, neither is it good for travel, nor for entering into any new undertaking. If the other “directions” operating at the time become too severe it will signify a death in the family or social circle, or some rather serious trials. This is one of the critical positions, depending for its actual effect upon the current Solar aspects.

Progressed Moon Trine Sun

The native will now enter upon a period of success, bringing the satisfactory realisation of many of his ambitions, hopes, and wishes, in accordance with his capacity to answer to the aspect and to his own inner nature. It will bring him opportunities to improve his general conditions and surroundings, and is a good time to invest or to speculate, or to enter upon new enterprises and fresh undertakings. He will have joy and pleasure from his feelings and emotions, will form new and honourable friendships, and will gain through friends and those who are bound up with his general welfare in life.

He may ask favours of superiors, enter into fresh enjoyments, and do all to further his interests. This aspect denotes the advent of a pleasurable and fruitful time in which all matters connected with the domestic circle will proceed favourably, and is a good time for health and for the enjoyment of life generally. Much, however, depends upon the native’s own power to extract all the good out of the opportunities he will meet with.

Progressed Moon Sesquiquadrate Sun

Malignant in its nature and likely to cause trouble and anxiety while it operates. Fortunately, although sharp and acute while it lasts, it is an aspect that does not endure for any considerable time, but while it is in operation the health is liable to suffer, and great care should be taken to cure colds and all feverish tendencies. This aspect affects the health through changes in the vital system, altering the circulation and bringing a liability to suffer from ill-health subsequently, if care is not taken to keep the mind calm and free from anxiety.

The native will now suffer from disappointments and will either offend those with whom he is intimately related or suffer through them in some peculiar way. It is an adverse aspect for dealing with superiors, or those in higher social standing than himself, and it will be well for him to act discreetly and cautiously.

Progressed Moon Quincunx Sun

The Moon in forming this very weak aspect to the Sun’s radical position is but indifferently affected thereby; it will, however, operated favourable when the Solar or Mutual aspects are good. The native may take advantage of this influence by safeguarding his health, for it denotes a change in the system; and these changes produced by the luminaries in any aspect may affect the health—according as the general liability is to suffer or not to suffer when the magnetic currents alter.

If the digestive organs are normally strong the aspect has little effect in this particular; but when there is any tendency to worry or to become upset by domestic affairs or emotional states, then the health is affected, and this period becomes the forerunner of changes in the system that eventually re-act adversely upon the general well-being.

Progressed Moon Opposition Sun

A very critical position, often the culminating point of a train of “directions,” and bringing with it unpleasant and trying conditions, in which anxiety, worry and sorrow are experienced. This aspect is essentially separative in its nature, and is therefore liable to produce separations, by death or otherwise, parting of friends, and disappointments, also loss of dignity, or such events as affect honour and social standing.

In common with all aspects between the luminaries it produces changes, and tends to break up existing conditions. But although this aspect is malefic in its nature it will not act disastrously unless the solar influences are also evil, in which case ill health, losses, deaths, or domestic troubles are threatened. It will be well not to expect any favourable termination to any dispute with superiors; neither is it a good time for the feelings and emotions, which are now likely to suffer.

Progressed Moon Parallel Sun

An influence tending to awaken and make manifest the solar influence. The native will now find his mind prone to change, somewhat ambitious and aspiring, with the desire behind it to improve his general surroundings and to experience new conditions of a more beneficial nature. This is a position that is mainly dependent upon other aspects to give it character and definite shape, and while it often gives the desire for change it does not always bring the opportunity to carry out that desire.

But it has however an effect upon the other lunar aspects, as it strengthens the Moon’s aspects to the other portions of the horoscope, and brings individual effort into play either to change or to improve the environment. If often affects those who are indirectly connected with the life, without actually causing any difference in the native’s own affairs, affecting others indirectly through himself. In some cases it is a weak influence, in others very powerful, according to the influence and power of the Sun both in the nativity and the progressed horoscope.

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  1. Starchild on said:

    thank you so much for so good information on your page, especially reg progressed.
    I have actually progressed moon square sun .
    And is so true regarding my health, but also regarding a family member which sun my progressed squares …but it also trines the persons progressed sun.
    And it makes me again with other aspects aware that I must write a letter ……taking carefull action trying to safe a dear.
    People often say , oh no, nothing happens , everything is ok, look after yourself , do not worry , you will get hurt again , but when you have that strange felling and the dears stars are full of tensions …. is time to help through transformation .
    Your page gave me the last push/hint.

  2. L.A. Calder on said:

    Going over a birthchart,& when progressed Moon was conjunct his Sun in cancer, his mum passed away, she was in her 90’s. ( sun 3H,) natal moon taurus, 12H quadrant, 1st whole sign.

  3. The section on Progressed Moon oppose Progressed Sun reminds me of why I threw away my Alan Leo book in the 70’s! I have a challenging chart and his interpretation of my natal aspects made me feel hopeless instead of ecnouraged or supported in any way to meet the challenges. Steven Forrest points me back to 15 years ago when I experienced the progressed New Moon and made a decision to leave one city for another. The location and deep inner work (my natural bent, which Leo never mentioned) has resulted in my being reunited with previously alienated or lost family members an hour away, which has brought blessings on my life.

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