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Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal North Node

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal North Node

By Corinne Lane     15 Comments

Transiting Jupiter conjunct your natal North Node is a meaningful transit. Circumstances during this transit will affect your future. Basically, this is one of those periods which you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

This is a time for growth.

This Jupiter conjunct North Node transit puts you in a state of mind in which you are searching for your ultimate truth. You want the answer to the philosophical question: “Why am I here?” You want to know what your purpose is, where you belong, etc.

The good news about this transit:

It’s quite likely that you’ll find the answers during this transit.

Usually, this transit is positive and lucky. You attract attention from people during this time. Everyone seems to like you. Many new people will present themselves to you along your path. At the moment, you seem to have a “midas touch,” in which everything you touch turns to gold. You can be lucky and successful during this transit.

The bad news about this transit:

However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the attention. This transit also brings a danger of excess (as do all Jupiter transits). Don’t go crazy searching and “sowing your wild oats.” It’s not that searching is bad (searching is necessary to find your life’s purpose). It’s the excess that will get you in trouble. Don’t be unfaithful in a relationship, as that temptation may present itself during this time. Jupiter conjunct North Node has you wondering if there are greener pastures over the fence. A better job? A better lover? Be prudent. Regrets from this time period are not easy to get over.

This is the time in which you discover your true path for this life. Decisions and/or mistakes that you make now will affect you for the rest of your life. So, this is not the time for carefree attitudes or light-hearted liaisons. Choose wisely whom you will allow into your path. Think long and hard about which path you’ll take. Consider things carefully during this transit, and you’ll reap the rewards and blessings of Jupiter.

At the end of this transit, you’ll have no doubt as to which path is right for you. Whether you find your dream job, spouse, religion, hobby, or cause, you’ll know it’s your purpose for this lifetime. Years later, you’ll look back at this time period and see that your current actions molded your life and had a lasting effect.

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  1. Absolutely accurate. Now Id like to see an article about Chiron transit conj. IC. What a train wreck.

    • Lullaby on said:

      Since IC is your metaphorical roots, where you come from, and Chiron is about emotional wounds and healing, it might be related with healing old emotional wounds maybe even something related with your inner-child… Looking up the sign your IC is might help you better understand this transit !

  2. Helena Weaver on said:

    Interesting article. I met someone last week and for her it feels like destiny to meet me.
    This transit happens every twelve years, doesn’t it? What orb would you use?

    • Corinne Lane on said:

      Thank you. I would use a 1 degree orb. Although, from what I have read in books, many astrologers use 1.5 degrees and even 2 degrees.

  3. eleoveres on said:

    i’m having this transit with the conjunction saturn pluto in january 6, a lot of things coming for sure.

    • Cassiopeia on said:

      Me too, eleoveres! EXACTLY the same day, January 6th! 7 degrees, 49 minutes! What’s your’s?? How fascinating to find someone with the same north node. What house is yours in? Thanks!

  4. Before Jupiter was 2 degrees or less from my north node I had great things happen but also the worst time of my life but it was because of the choices I made. Jupiter had entered my fourth house and I have birth to a girl. The father was physically abusive so ai didn’t live with him I had no money and was living under a tarp in Hawaii which really isn’t too bad but was difficult with a new born baby. I got a letter in my the mail that I was eligible to receive subsidized housing, I had been in a waiting list for 1 1/2 years. I had forgottenI was on this waiting list and questioned if I wanted this government assistance. I got in my car at the post office and the first word I heard on the radio was “blessings” I took that as a sign and ended up in my first house. It was so much easier with a newborn baby to have a shower and bathroom! Her abusive father was still on the island so my life otherwise was still a living hell and I lived in fear. A few months later Jupiter was exactly conjunct my north node when I asked my mom to get him a plane ticket to the mainland and he left. I was so relieved and felt free. I had a longtime of peace beforeI had to deal with him again. It seems Jupiter helped me like an angel I understand it can bring excess but in my case when it touched my north node I was blessed.

  5. Jupiter conj my NN on New Year’s Day coming up! The Solar Eclipse on Christmas Day the week before is 2° applying to the NN, and with Jupiter already just 1° away from the NN. All this takes place in the middle of my 11h. Can you tell me how to interpret the conjunction with a Solar Eclipse there too?

  6. This is amazing. Jupiter was transiting my natal north node exactly the day I began a new career which I love. It felt like kismet!

  7. Hi Corrine,
    Would you say transiting Jupiter trine /sextil the Nodes have similar effects as the conjunction? I know conjunctions are much stronger, but the trine could have a beneficial influence as well, right?!

  8. Nathan Koldys on said:

    Very interesting. Donald Trump will have this transit to exact degree on Election Day 2024.

  9. GianPaolo DiCocco on said:

    President Donald J. Trump will EXACTLY have Jupiter conjuncting his natal North Node on Election Day 2024. He will become President, no question about it, and the only thing to stop that will be blatant fraud, once again. If that happens, expect the most brutal violence you’ll ever see heading our way (hint: Mars opposition Pluto will also be in effect on Election Day…anger will be in the air…either from the Democrats because Trump won again, or from Trump’s massive base because of more fraud). Either way, Trump will absolutely win 2024.

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