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Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Infographic
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Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Polarity: Yang (positive, male)
Ruling Planet: Uranus/Saturn
House: 11th
Symbol: The Water-bearer
Aquarius zodiac sign sketch: water bearer

Motto: I know.

Psychological Need: To innovate, be original, and break forms

Best Quality: Altruism

Downside: argumentative, impractical, emotionally-detached, dictatorship, stubborn or closed-minded, rebellious

Keywords: humanitarianism, independence, originality, progressiveness, cooperation, brotherhood, diplomacy, altruism

Aquarius Sign Dates: approximately January 20 – February 19

Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarians have a strong and independent personality that encourages them to rebel against conventional and restrictive attitudes.

They are bright and restless and have an open character.

Idealists and innovators, they always have an original point of view.

Fascinated by the idea of a global village, Aquarius finds it difficult to adopt a single point of view.

When they feel restricted, they rebel immediately.

They hate to fall into routine. When that inevitably happens, they make sure to mark out a radical and exciting change in their lives.

They are passionate about technological advances, and often rush to acquire the latest gadgets.

Aquarians are very persuasive and somewhat (ironically) inflexible in their opinions.

They tend to be pacifists and reject all forms of violence.


They have a need to experiment to discover their true identity.

Aquarians need their originality to go on the record. They are attracted by ideas and experiences that reinforce their identity. By doing away with tradition, they are forced to see how far their intuition and insight can lead them.

Saint Basil's Cathedral in Russia
Aquarians like to explore political ideologies, cultures and religions. Image by Julius_Silver.



They are concerned about humanitarian issues.

They have a broad knowledge of the world and appreciate the worth of each culture.

They feel very tied to the earth’s causes and humanitarian ideals. They enjoy establishing contact with different groups of people in the world. They often participate in humanitarian aid programs.

They revolt against prejudice. Injustice and oppression anger them. However, that deep-seated notion of human dignity tells them that, ultimately, each person is responsible for their own destiny.

Volunteer woman doctor treating a child overseas in Ghana.
Aquarians are very humanitarian, and often choose professions that allow them to help others. Image source: Volunteer Invest



Aquarius, a true maverick, is not afraid to challenge conventions.

They need to obey the dictates of their conscience to be happy. They must march to their own drumbeat.

They trust blindly in their principles, although they are incompatible with most widespread opinions. As a consequence, they often remain alone.

However, that struggle motivates them, as does their urgent need to change the established order.

They explore innovative concepts whose success is only possible over time. Most of their concepts are mere eccentricities. But there are always some who, by their genius, end up creating a new standard.


For Aquarius, it’s a guilty pleasure to oppose the norm, because sometimes they are aware of the validity of the points they attack.

As they get older, they rebel less and less, abandoning themselves to the swing of the pendulum of history.

They are often left alone in their search for utopia. This is one reason why they’re unlikely to be sentimental or emotional.

Their instinctive detachment comes into play when they’re faced with emotional commitments. On the one hand they need company; on the other, they insist on maintaining their freedom. The balance between both impulses is not easy. In the long run, many Aquarians have to make concessions to live as a couple.

For Aquarius, maintaining an emotional relationship is a definitive challenge that gives them the opportunity to show their true colors.


Aquarians are unpredictable. They change their moods for no reason, which disconcerts those around them.

As soon as they yearn for an intimate relationship, they feel suddenly claustrophobic and seek solitude.

Over the years they learn to control their emotions, which gives them a growing sense of peace and confidence.

Someone who wishes to be their partner must accept their independence and adapt to their sudden mood swings.

Techie and Scientific

They are fascinated by unconventional ways of life and new technologies as a means to solve the world’s problems.

They have a scientific vein that, combined with a great intuition, allows them to explore new paths of knowledge.

It’s possible that they lack a certain logic, and many find their ideas a bit hasty, but once they set a goal, they show great concentration and clarity.

The Aquarius Walk

Aquarius has a clear look. They appear to be lost in thought, but when something interests them, they raise their eyebrows and their eyes sparkle.

When excited, their faces light up beautifully and they radiate vitality.

They walk fast, unless they are absorbed in their thoughts, in which case they walk irregularly, with their heads down.

Aquarius Fashion

Aquarians are very original in how they dress. They refuse to follow fashion trends, unless something in particular catches their attention. They prefer their clothes to be custom-made, or at least exclusive.

They don’t care about labels or formality.

They are daring in their choice of clothing. Some do not hesitate to wear the most extreme, extravagant, or unconventional outfits. Although, most Aquarians wear sensible outfits, but in audacious combinations of colors.

They are often attracted to styles inspired by social movements or events. They’ll wear things that clearly reflect the moment they were created. Although the ideas that sustained them have lost their validity, Aquarians remain faithful to them.

For example, they’ll wear an old 1980s “Save the Whales” t-shirt. And also every friendship bracelet they’ve ever received.

They reject conformism. If they’re obligated to wear a uniform for work, they’ll add some accessory to express their personality.

They prefer to choose clothes based on their mood. Overall, their clothes should be comfortable.

Aquarius Home-life

The need for Aquarians to to experience new experiences is reflected in the originality of their home.

Many Aquarians have roommates, and it can take them a long time before they decide to live alone. They feel safe in the company of others, because it allows them to share responsibilities. The most idealistic Aquarians reside in modern communes and firmly believe in the benefits of cooperative living.

Given their idealism, their doors are always open for those who have nowhere to go.

The locality of residence does not worry them too much, they enjoy both the countryside and the city. The home is as spacious as they can afford, and very bright.

Messes bother them, and cluttered spaces depress them. They usually create attractive and refreshing atmospheres, with bright and daring colors.

Shortage of furniture also characterizes the home of Aquarius.

Those who can afford it give free rein to their passion for new household inventions and technological appliances, and turn their home into a home of the future.

As they mature in years, they grow the need to own their own house, although it goes against all their principles.

Aquarius Finances

Amassing a great fortune is not among the wishes of the typical Aquarius.

Maybe, thanks to one of their great ideas, they get to earn a lot of money. But dying rich doesn’t concern them as much as sharing their thoughts with the rest of the world.

They are moved by a strong altruistic spirit.

They can be so focused on other matters that they completely neglect their finances.

In fact, many misfortunes and disappointments would be avoided if they got the opinion of an expert before putting into action any of their risky or eccentric projects.

They hate not having money, and that motivates them to fight for their financial independence.

They are resourceful and, if necessary, they try the most unorthodox strategies to make an income.

Although, they way they learn to stop overspending is by force due to their accumulating debts.

They are not ambitious, and many settle for having a small savings account.

If they decide to invest, they choose a company that is absolutely transparent, since they like to know where their money is going.

Those born under this sign always share what they have with their relatives and friends, even though their economic situation is uncertain. Their altruism impels them to make donations and other acts of charity.

Aquarius Fun and Leisure

In their free time, Aquarians are dedicated to multiple activities. They like to study and read new books. They are always interested in the latest trends in science and culture.

Among their friends, which some consider strange, there are usually people of great originality, who share their unconventional ideas and independent and defiant way of life.

The Boy Mozart, a famous Aquarius
Individualist and great, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a typical Aquarius. Image: [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


They enjoy the theater and controversial movies, especially when they deal with issues that relate to them in a particular way.

They have fun at parties, but given their whimsical nature it’s difficult to predict if they will attend. Although they appreciate the company, they avoid making too many commitments. Sometimes they turn down invitations to keep all options open.

They usually visit their friends without prior notice, and likewise, they like people to show up at their homes unannounced.

Aquarius in Love

To Aquarians, the prospect of sharing their most intimate secrets attracts and repels them at the same time.

They want to live as a couple, but they are prevented by their fear of commitment and a constant longing for solitude.

This deep contradiction becomes very frustrating, both for the Aquarius and for their partner.

Only after years of maturity will they commit without feeling like they’re renouncing their independence. (Read more about Aquarius in love.)

Aquarius Compatibility With Others

Aquarius gets along very well with other air signs because they have no communication problems with them, nor do they impose excessive obligations on them or deprive them of the space they need.

fire signs give them tons of passion, movement and good emotions. At their side, Aquarians get the freedom they demand, motivation, and joy of living. Of all the fire signs, only Leo could potentially cause a problem. Leo may be too controlling for Aquarius.

The water signs seem too sentimental for Aquarius, so they are rarely compatible. For this couple to work, both parties would have to make many concessions.

The earth signs, exceptionally practical and conformist, would never understand the radical ideas of Aquarius. There would be no end to their conflicts.

See Aquarius compatibility with each sign.

Aquarius at Work

Work is the best way for Aquarians to profit from their sense of solidarity. They usually try different professions before discovering their true vocation. Idealists and visionaries, Aquarians never give up in their search, until they achieve self-realization through work.

Careers For Aquarius

Aquarius is very logical, perceptive and precise. Many are attracted to careers in science and electronics. Information technology, or applied technology in the fields of research and radiography are some favorites for Aquarius.

Many find very original ways to take advantage of their altruistic leaning. They like to provide care and social assistance for others. They do well in these types of careers because of their tendency to consider problems objectively. Working in charity or as first responders enable them to practice their innate sense of solidarity. The work well with children, so some of them opt for teaching.

Careers with alternative aspects, such as astrology, alternative medicine, or new forms of psychotherapy are also among their interests.

Aquarians are very fond of playing with words, and many become great writers. The most extroverted are very likely to end up working in radio and television, or web media such as pod-casting and videos.

Aquarius in Leadership

Aquarians have an open mind, and are supporters of group work. They are always willing to accept innovation and adopt new technologies. They don’t hesitate to applaud their employees’ initiatives as long as they are reasonable.

They are not obsessed with discipline. The companies they run are, due to their relaxed and informal atmosphere, an ideal setting for the exchange of ideas. However, Aquarians don’t flinch when they have to fire someone, since they always manage to maintain a certain distance from their subordinates.

They detest monotony. They need to leave their post regularly to stretch their legs and refresh.

They are impulsive and temperamental, so their employees have to regularly adapt to their frequent mood swings. In return, Aquarian bosses always show due respect and reward their dedication.

Aquarius as Subordinates

Aquarian employees are very restless and irritable until they find a satisfactory job. However, when they discover their true vocation, they mature quickly and always manifest great assurance, poise, and common sense.

Although they get along well with their colleagues, they don’t mind working alone. They try to combine both options, whenever possible.

They are in favor of putting new concepts into practice, but they are also principled people and refuse to comply with orders that contradict their convictions. Their bosses should take this into account to avoid possible conflicts.

Family Relationships

Aquarians are very unconventional in their family relationships.

They are very independent and avoid overly emotional scenes at all costs. This doesn’t mean that they avoid acting out a scene, but rather that if their relative is overly emotional, they run the other way even if it means they’ll make a scene by running.

They reject ties based on discipline or authority, so their relatives should be like friends.

They are always torn between rebellion and conformity, which is reflected in their family life.

Aquarius Children

There are few children as inconstant as the Aquarian child. Their radical mood swings baffle their parents. One night they sleep like angels, and the next they don’t sleep a wink. With an Aquarius at home, no two days are the same!

Aquarius at School

Aquarius children are characterized as child prodigies. Their intelligence develops early and rapidly, they are very precocious, and have a multitude of talents.

For them, school is a constant stimulus.

They can be good students, but it’s more likely that they have a hard time in public schools that prioritize homogeneous thinking and conformity. Their precociousness does not translate into advanced placement in public schools. Unfortunately, many Aquarian students don’t get recognition for their well-developed intelligence, but rather for their non-conformity.

When their parents or teachers try to impose rules that restrict their freedom, they revolt with great firmness, because they need to experience and communicate with others without restrictions.

It is advisable to ask their opinion when making important decisions, since they like to feel part of a group. When they’re in a group that has to share responsibility, they adopt a spirit of collaboration and overcome their innate tendency to rebel.

An Aquarius Parent

Aquarians are lenient parents who want their children to form their own standards.

They find it difficult to assume the traditional parenting role, so any discipline in their homes will not be strict. Some children will benefit greatly from that freedom, but others, the more insecure, will blame their parents for lack of authority.

Aquarian parents should assume that, regardless of their ideals, sometimes there is nothing more effective than control and firmness.

Aquarian parents may underestimate the importance of demonstrating of affection and physical contact. Some seem to ignore that children need assurance and affection, in addition to freedom.

Fortunately, when their children reach a certain level of independence, they become more generous parents, collaborators, and faithful and unconditional friends. For Aquarian parents, their children’s adolescent years tend to be less problematic because they love to help them during the transition from youth to maturity.

An Aquarius Sibling

Those who have an Aquarius sibling will be surprised by their regular need for solitude. Their siblings may be bothered by their continuous mood swings, although they soon understand that they are not intentional. Aquarians find it hard to understand that others don’t think or act like them.

They have plenty of ideas, and they are always willing to share them with others. They hate being ordered around. They are capable of acting against their own convictions in order to prove an argument.

They live life in their own way, ignoring the opinions of their family. Although, over the years, they tend to strengthen the bonds that bind them to the family.

Compatibility in Friendship

Aquarians feel they are citizens of the world. They’re interested in all kinds of people, although they’re especially attracted to original and independent ones.

Having friends is of vital importance to them. Their circle of acquaintances is as broad as it is changing. Their friends must accept their uniqueness.

An Aquarius Friend

Aquarians are very sociable. It’s easy to talk to them about the most intimate or profound issues. They like to keep busy and involve their friends in their many recreational activities. These include visits to art galleries, theater rehearsals, movies, dinners in ethnic restaurants, concerts, exhibitions or festivals.

However, they try to maintain a certain distance and sometimes show a sudden coldness that is disconcerting. It’s difficult for them to accept more than one invitation at the same time, because they don’t want to compromise their free time. Nor do they usually express their most intimate feelings.

Sometimes they retreat at the moment when a friendship begins to deepen, which ends up isolating them and prevents their relationships from progressing beyond a certain point.

In fact, Aquarians have more acquaintances than authentic friends. Little by little, however, they abandon that distant attitude and reveal themselves as they are, until they overcome their instinctive reluctance to expose their true personality.

Aquarius Loyalty

In an established and genuine friendship, Aquarians are loyal and compassionate. Although in normal circumstances they are very jealous of their friend’s time. When they give something, they do it because they want to, without expecting anything in return.

They are sincere and discreet in friendship. They consider each other’s freedom to be sacred. They never stop giving moral support to their friends, even if they don’t agree with them.

They only cater to the dictates of their own conscience. Because of this, they disappear from people’s lives without warning, so their circle of friends changes frequently.

They like to discuss concepts and ideas, and they are fascinated by groups united by a cause. Many Aquarians join clubs and associations in order to meet like-minded people. The existence of a common cause can help them to stay true to their friends.

Aquarius Compatibility in Friendship

The other air signs understand very well the Aquarian need for space and independence. With them, Aquarius forms lasting bonds of friendship.

Aquarius is also attracted by the joyful and extroverted fire signs. They can understand each other very well.

On the other hand, water signs have a need for surrender that can be suffocating to people as cold and distant as Aquarius is. Although, the differences are not as insurmountable as it may seem.

They find great stability with earth signs, although sometimes they can seem too predictable for Aquarius. Their characters can either complement each other, or enter a head-on collision.

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