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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus zodiac sign meme with motto, element, quality, psychological need

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Taurus is slow, steady, and mostly easygoing. “Slow and steady wins the race,” as the saying goes, and Taurus shows that this is true. Taurus loves to build things and has the willpower and determination to finish big projects.

With Venus as its ruler, Taurus is a hopeless romantic. Taurus truly appreciates the physical beauty of the world and the physical comforts of life. They focus their attention and hard work on getting the finer things in life. They use their purposeful determination and power to achieve security and to make sure everyone is safe.

Taurus is a practical sign and will not make a move unless they know the person, situation, or relationship will be useful. It is sensual, which means that they experience things through their physical senses, mostly through touch. Taurus’ need for security extends beyond the physical to the emotional level. Taurus needs inner security, which makes them so possessive that it’s almost ridiculous. Taurus thinks they own the love of another person, as if the love is their own property.

Like a bull, Taurus plods along, dull, uninterested, and slow to anger, but once provoked, it can be cruel and malicious. Taurus is methodical and resistant to change.

Everyone has some Taurus.

Table of Contents

Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Polarity: Yin (negative, female)

Ruling Planet: Venus
House: 2nd
Symbol: The Bull
sketch of a bull

Motto: I have.

Psychological Need: To be resourceful and productive

Best Quality: Stability

Downside: obstinacy, stubbornness, argumentative, possessiveness, love of rich food, dull

Keywords: affectionate, dependable, patient, stable, determination, endurance, thoroughness, conservative, harmony, possessions, practicality

Taurus Sign Dates: approximately April 21 – May 22

Taurus Characteristics

Taurus is strong-willed, frank, and friendly. Taurus people need stability a lot and feel uneasy when their material or emotional lives change. Taurus wants everything in life to move at a steady pace, in sync with the way nature works. Since they are honest and easy to talk to, it is not hard for them to be happy.


Underneath their apparent gentleness is often a fierce determination that drives them to relentlessly pursue their goals. If they think something is worth it, they will wait as long as it takes to get it. Taurus is the most patient sign of the zodiac.

They care a lot about money, which is why they put so much effort into making sure they are financially stable. They can work harder than anyone else to get what they want.

Leonardo da Vinci with a model of his flying machine
Leonardo da Vinci was a typical Taurus. With his determination and ability to work hard, he accomplished things others only dream of.

They Like Things Simple, But Nice

They want to have nice things, and when they shop, they always choose high-quality items, no matter how much they cost. They sometimes go too far with their materialism and depend too much on money and things for their emotional stability. This habit can hurt how they get along with other people, so they should try to control it.

Their needs are usually pretty simple. Their main concerns are making money and having strong relationships.

Taureans like physical activity and have a lot of fun in life. Happiness is almost guaranteed if they have a stable home, a good job, good wine, good food, and someone to share it with. Taurus are very flexible and, unlike some other signs, can enjoy the simplest pleasures to the fullest.


Taurus is sensual. They cultivate sensual pleasures and know how to get them. They care a lot about colors and textures, and they appreciate good-quality products and things that are well made.

Easygoing But Strong

They have a lot of common sense and avoid situations that are confusing or complicated. They know how to react in moments of crisis and rarely lose their temper.

Tauruses are generally peaceful, but when pushed, they can react with surprising violence. They don’t lose their temper easily, but when they do, they can be dangerous!

Thanks to their physical strength, they are able to work without rest for long periods of time.


They need a romantic partner to feel complete, but they want to be financially stable before they get married and start a family.

Because they are pragmatic, they are led by their minds, not their hearts. They are romantic, but their material needs are just as important as their emotional needs, and they won’t be happy if they don’t take care of both equally.

Even though they don’t mind living alone, a stable relationship will give them the security they need to reach their full potential.

Taurus thinks about the long-term future and gives their job a lot of importance because it gives them the financial stability they need to do well in other areas of life. Once they’ve decided what they want to do, nothing will stop them from doing it.

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The Taurus Walk

Taurus people have a naturally strong, commanding physical presence that clothes cannot hide.

They walk slowly and steadily with well-measured steps and let their feet plant firmly on the ground. It looks like they know where they’re going.

Taurus people are attractive. Taurus men tend to be muscular by nature. Taurus women tend to have a voluptuous figure that gives them a healthy appearance and a glow on their face.

Upright, realistic, and trustworthy, they need to always know where they stand. They have a strong sense of justice, and they can be very hard on themselves. Tauruses are distinguished by their ethical sense. Their strong sense of right and wrong makes them very brave when they stand up for what they believe in.

They have very clear ideas and stick to them no matter what, even when others disagree. They don’t like to change, which means they sometimes miss out on good opportunities.

Taurus Fashion

Taurus people tend to dress in a conventional way and try not to look too fancy. They think of clothes as an investment, so they don’t mind paying a lot for classic, well-made clothes that will last a long time. Their high sense of self-worth leads them to buy expensive outfits, which suit them well.

Taurus women generally like natural fabrics, such as cotton and silk. They may love clothes with floral prints, and both their casual and work clothes are often pleasing to the eye and sensual. They love the feel of quality fabrics. They also like cosmetic products and perfumes, especially ones with a strong scent.

Taurus men can feel quite comfortable in suits; they prefer classic cuts and, if they can afford it, custom-made ones. They usually choose clothes that are timeless classics and are also functional.

Taurus people think it’s important to present a positive image in their social lives and at work. They like expensive clothes not just for their superior quality but also to project their financial security, and they use special occasions as an excuse to show off their finest clothes.

For casual events, they prefer to dress simply. They put comfort first, and a T-shirt and jeans are their go-to attire.

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Taurus Home-life

Taurus associates well-being with a secure and comfortable home. They prefer traditional, spacious, thick-walled homes that are built to last. As soon as they can afford it, they invest their savings in a house or an apartment, because it gives them great satisfaction to own where they live.

Taurus are often drawn to the countryside, but if they can’t afford to live there, they look for a place near a garden. If neither of these options is possible, they will at least maintain contact with the soil by bringing some plants into their home.

A small garden on a balcony with a patio table.
Taurus needs to feel safe and enjoys being in contact with nature. Wherever they live, a home garden is ideal for many of them.

They prefer solid furniture made from natural materials like wood or leather, so you might find solid wood tables, sumptuous beds, and soft leather sofas in their home. They decorate their homes with valuable items, and when it comes to appliances, they only settle for the best brands.

They like pastel colors for their rooms. They like to paint and often choose designs for their curtains and carpets that are interesting to look at. They finish the look with natural flowers, preferably from their own garden.

Taurus Finances

Taurus prioritizes economic issues, and they are aware from a young age that money provides security. Many Taurus kids have a lot of money in their piggy banks.

They stand out because they are good at business and find it easy to balance the books. They enjoy managing money, and many see investing as a game that is both fun and profitable.

The kinds of investments they make show how practical and methodical they are. They are interested in long-term benefits that will ensure their well-being and that of their loved ones for many years. They do well on the stock market, where they usually buy safe securities after doing a lot of research on the market.

If they can afford it, they let their artistic interests run wild. They don’t think twice about buying art and antiques because, in addition to pleasing the eye, they go up in value over time.

Taurus Mark Zuckerberg next to his mansion
Tauruses are very good with money, but their desire to accumulate wealth can be excessive.

Many Tauruses come to accumulate considerable fortunes. But instead of saving, they try to get the most out of their money, and both their friends and family often benefit from their lavish generosity.

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Taurus Fun and Leisure

The favorite hobby for Taurus is relaxing and enjoying the good life. Tauruses enjoy life and make the most of their free time. They have no trouble resting and unwinding, and they recharge by doing things like watching TV, reading, or listening to their favorite music.

Sometimes, they go through periods of total inactivity and have a hard time getting back on track. They go out to dinner with their friends whenever they can. Although they are good cooks, they prefer to have someone else prepare the food.

Their love of working with their hands, whether gardening or building things, is well known. They find fulfillment in being in close contact with the earth and caring for plants.

Many Taurus people are also big fans of music and of talented singers. As a result, they’re likely to have high-quality audio equipment. They like all kinds of music, from opera and classical to the most cutting-edge beats. They also love art. They enjoy painting and ceramics. They get pleasure from working with materials such as oil, watercolor, and clay.

A person relaxing and enjoying the good life with a beverage and food outdoors.
An ideal pastime for a Taurus: relaxing and enjoying the good life! Photo by Keriliwi

Taurus is a creature of habit. They like to stick to what they know and find it hard to change. When they like something, they repeat the experience as many times as they need to, and they enjoy it just as much each time.

They don’t like big surprises, but they do appreciate gifts.

They need to go at their own pace and hate to be rushed.

For the average Taurus, who sleeps much better when they have money in the bank, being poor is a real problem that can make them sad. They enjoy much greater peace of mind when they have a healthy bank account.

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Taurus in Love

Even though Tauruses are very loving and sensitive, they often have trouble deciding whether or not to get into a relationship. But once they’ve taken that step, they wish the bond to be eternal and work hard to make that happen.

They are good-looking and easygoing, and they have an almost irresistible power of seduction. Taurus can be very persistent when they set their eye on someone.

(Read more about Taurus in love.)

Taurus Compatibility With Others

Taurus doesn’t usually get along with fire signs because, even though the excitement of the fire signs is contagious, the Taurus finds them too changeable. However, Taurus might be willing to make an exception for the more stable Leo.

Even though air signs have active minds and always have original ideas, Taureans who are practical believe that air signs are too frivolous and impractical.

Relationships with water signs usually work well for Taurus because water signs are sensitive and feel deeply. This makes them very compatible with calm Taurus.

When a Taurus connects with an earth sign, success is almost guaranteed, but both people must control their tendency to get stuck in a rut.

See Taurus compatibility with each sign.

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Family Relationships

Taurus, who is naturally well-suited to traditions and customs, needs the security that comes from their family. They’re very stubborn, and even a small disagreement can turn into a long fight if they don’t give an inch. Aside from that, nothing makes them happier than being with their loved ones.

Taurus Children

Taurus children are typically good, happy, and smiling, and they quickly win the affection of adults. These children eventualy show that they have the self-control and patience that Tauruses are known for. Unlike other kids, they don’t make noise while they wait for mealtime, and they rarely wake their parents by crying.

For them to feel loved, they need to receive continuous affection and hugs.

Gradually, over time, their possessive personality starts to show. Because they have a strong sense of ownership, it’s hard for them to share their toys with other kids.

Taurus at School

They focus on the practical aspects of education. They are practical students who lean toward applied studies or technical training rather than theoretical subjects. They start making plans for their future careers at a young age.

If they need to be chastised, it’s better not to yell at them or argue with them. Instead, give them a reasoned explanation. This is much more effective for Taurus because they don’t respond to arguing.

Although they are independent children, they always need the support of their parents.

A Taurus Parent

Taurus consider family to be a serious commitment. They are conservative, skeptical of modern teaching methods, and prefer traditional ways of teaching. All this translates into a severe environment and a rigidity that, contrary to what some may think, has its advantages.

Taureans work hard to ensure their kids have everything they need, and before they start a family, they seek some financial stability. In fact, some parents should control their tendency to shower their kids with expensive gifts. Taurus will only settle for the best!

Taurus mothers are loving and kind, and they care about feeding their children well. Taurus parents in general get along well with the kids and have a lot of fun with their games and imagination.

Taurus parents fulfill their parental responsibilities and dedicate their free time to their children. They take great interest in their children’s education and try to make sure they get the most out of school.

A Taurus Sibling

Tauruses are very possessive and find it difficult to lend their belongings to their brothers. They usually win every battle through simple perseverance. They like routine and always end up performing tasks systematically. It is best not to put up any resistance to them in order to keep the home in harmony.

They have complete trust in their family and usually maintain close friendships with their siblings. On the other hand, they are prone to arguments and long periods of silence, until they calm down. Over the years, their love for their family grows, and the ties that keep them together get stronger.

Compatibility in Friendship

Because Taurus is naturally shy, it’s hard for them to make new friends. They don’t like being pushed or rushed into getting close to someone too soon. But as soon as they take an interest in someone, they are the first to get involved and try to form a lasting friendship.

A Taurus Friend

Taureans like to feel secure, and they try to provide stability for others who need it. They avoid taking risks and have difficulty relating to people who have opposing characteristics. They are very practical and do not trust people who are too fickle or who change their minds too much.

They are used to working hard, but they also know how to relax and have fun when they want to. They are very generous when it comes to spending money and surround themselves with people who are determined to enjoy life to the fullest.

Only the best will do for them, and they love to eat at fancy restaurants. They also prefer to buy high-quality items. To be in the company of a Taurus is to live the good life in style, even if only sometimes.

But they are very methodical and predictable in their interactions with others, and some people become bored if they spend too much time with them. Since Tauruses don’t like to try new things, they should have at least one friend who will encourage them to go on an adventure every now and then.

Taurus Loyalty

The loyalty of the Taurus is beyond all doubt. They pride themselves on their sense of responsibility and will do their best not to let anyone down. If they can’t make an appointment, they will call ahead of time to cancel it, and when the meeting is finally rescheduled, they may bring a small gift as an apology for having to change the date. In return, they expect loyalty and feel hurt when they don’t get it.

Sometimes, they can be overly possessive of their friends and get jealous when their friends go out with other people. To avoid this, the Taurus must be stopped immediately, and a relationship based on mutual respect must be established as soon as possible.

Stable relationships are sacred to them, and they would never want to get in the way of their friends’ relationships with their partners.

They come in very handy during emergencies. They are priceless in crisis situations. They are friendly and reassuring, and they possess a great inner strength that many of their friends call on. Formal and reliable, their friendship is a real treasure.

Taurus Friendship Compatibility

Taurus makes strong friendships with other earth signs because they understand each other well and share similar interests.

The nurturing and compassionate water signs help Taurus use their creativity to the fullest. Both combinations—friendships with earth and water signs—give results that can’t be beat.

The intellectual style of air signs is hard for Taureans to get used to. Taurus doesn’t trust the air signs because Taurus thinks they’re too scattered and have too many hobbies or interests.

The fire signs would encourage Taurus to be more daring and try new things. They can be a positive influence for a while, but their relationship rarely lasts.

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Planets in Taurus

Each planet and the ascendant express Taurus in slightly different ways. Planets in Taurus will take on Taurus qualities, which include possessiveness, tenacity or holding on to things, and being steady.

Everyone Has Some Taurus

In your birth chart, Taurus is found somewhere along the circle of houses. There are lines known as “house cusps” that divide your circle of houses into 12 slices.

Whichever house cusp is in Taurus is the house where you are most like a Taurus. This is the area of life where you’re most methodical. In this house, you can get sentimental at times and hold on to things. In the house with Taurus on the cusp, we tend to be stubborn but also practical. In this house, you need to get a sense of what’s important to you as well as be productive and see the results of your work.

See descriptions for Taurus on house cusps.

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