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Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries ram meme with motto, element, quality, psychological need

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SummaryAries is the warrior archetype. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It’s a sign of action, starting things, and taking the lead. It likes to jump into things without making any plans. The sign of Aries is full of life. Everyone has some Aries.
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Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Polarity: Yang (positive, male)

Ruling Planet: Mars
House: 1st
Symbol: The Ram
Aries symbol sketch of a centaur

Motto: I am.

Psychological Need: To be self-confident and free; to lead

Best Quality: Leadership

Downside: egotistical, quick tempered, aggressiveness, hatred of restraint, officiousness (minding other people’s business, meddling)

Keywords: self-esteem, initiative, activity, pioneering, ambition, enterprise, courageous, energetic, impulsive, optimistic, egotistical, innovative, original, strong drive, leader, enthusiastic, extroverted, competitive, self-reliant, self-assured

Aries Sign Dates: approximately March 20 – April 22

Aries Characteristics

Like their symbol, the ram, Aries people have the qualities of a leader. They were born at the start of the zodiac, and they like to be the first. They have a pioneering spirit and enormous determination. Their great physical and mental strength helps them make a big impact wherever they go.

Aries needs to be challenged, whether in a sport or at work, to be happy and even to feel normal. They need excitement and things to happen quickly.


They do not know fear. One of their best qualities is that they tend to face life with determination, but taking too many risks without thinking twice can have bad results.

They have a lot of physical energy, which is usually shown through sports. Because they enjoy physical activity so much, it can be hard for an Aries to experience a physical disability.

They are brave and impulsive, and while their instinctive reactions usually work out well, as they get older, they learn to weigh the pros and cons of their actions when necessary.

Because they are the “youngest” of the zodiac signs, those born under the sign of Aries often have a difficult time understanding and empathizing with the feelings of others. This explains why they tend to be self-centered and selfish, which sometimes leads them to disregard the feelings of others. But they like the energy and enthusiasm of other people.

A firefighter fights a fire with the confidence and bravery of an Aries.
A firefighter fights a fire with the confidence and bravery that the Aries is known for, even in the most difficult situations.


Many people born under the sign of Aries are very competitive. They have to be first at all costs and show that they are better than everyone else. So, they love competition, which isn’t a bad thing as long as they can sometimes take second place. Because, no matter how hard they try, they will never be Superman!

Pioneering and Entrepreneurial

They are always looking for new experiences and have a great sense of humor, which helps them make the most of life.

Unfortunately, they get bored quickly. Aries is not a sign that is known for being persistent. It’s great to have great ideas, but you need to focus and be disciplined to put them into action.

However, once an Aries person decides what they want, there is nothing that can stop them.

Simply Direct

People born under the sign of Aries are honest and direct, and they don’t think too much about the consequences of what they do. They like to take the initiative and find it difficult to follow someone else’s lead because they prefer to make the decisions.

They like things to be simple and try to set clear goals, even if it’s just one day in advance.

The average Aries doesn’t give up easily. No matter how many setbacks they’ve had in the past, they always find a way to start over. Their self-confidence is almost indestructible, as is their desire to prove themselves and get what they want.

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The Aries Walk

Aries are often thin as a result of their always-busy lives. They are usually very quick and full of energy. They walk quickly and with purpose, usually one or two steps ahead of their friends.

Aries people have strong bones and a striking appearance. They usually have scars on their heads from fights or other adventures.

Aries people talk a lot and don’t hold back when they want to say something. Some people might not like how honest Aries are. Aries are sometimes confused by how people react to them.

They are idealistic and faithful, and they are always willing to help people who need it. When they believe in a cause, they fight for it with all their strength.

They are the most optimistic people you could ever meet, and they believe themselves capable of achieving the impossible.

Even though Aries women are definitely feminine, they usually get along well with men and often prefer to be with them.

Aries Fashion

When an Aries goes shopping for clothes, comfort is the most important thing to them. Aries are so focused on their bodies that they instinctively avoid clothes that make it hard to move.

Even when it comes to clothes for work, they put comfort first. They choose simple, elegant, and modest outfits.

Aries like things to be simple, and once they find a style they like, they usually stick with it. Even though they tend to like things that are pretty standard, they will wear whatever they want, no matter what other people think.

When it comes to casual clothes, Aries tends to wear sportswear. They like to be free to move around and always look healthy and active.

Aries are impatient, so they need clothes that are easy to put on and take off. One of their favorite colors is red, which gives them a touch of energy that fits well with who they are.

Aries women might prefer to wear pants and feel a bit awkward in skirts. They also try not to wear too much makeup.

On the other hand, Aries women use formal events to make themselves look more beautiful than anyone else and attract attention with an elegant and provocative appearance, which usually includes a new dress and a unique perfume.

When Aries men get dressed up, the clothes that look best on them show off how athletic they are. They love to show off how manly they are.

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Aries Home-life

Aries tend to keep their homes clean because they need space and simplicity. They like to be able to move easily from room to room without anything getting in their way and usually choose simple furniture with clear lines.

They like clean, uncluttered rooms with big prints and patterns that aren’t too complicated. They tend to make places feel cheerful and well-ventilated. Even in the middle of winter, they like to sleep with the window open.

Aries like to do everything on their own because they are naturally very active. They are very practical and take care of their own home and car repairs when they need to be done. Even though they don’t mind getting their hands dirty, they usually don’t like gardening and will only have plants that grow quickly.

Because they are so competitive, some Aries make their home a showcase of their success in life and do home improvements whenever they move up in their careers.

Even though they are friendly to their neighbors, they don’t like to be bothered.

Anyway, Aries are usually too busy to spend more time at home than they have to.

Aries Finances

Many Aries find it easy to make money. But their impulsive and risk-taking nature makes it almost impossible for them to keep it. They don’t make long-term plans because they live from day to day. When they’re young, they’re not usually interested in saving.

Some Aries like money because it gives them freedom. Others like it because it gives them power. Even though they are generous, they are always looking out for themselves first.

If they don’t like their pay, they’ll rush to find other ways to make money. Most often, they start their own business or get a second job.

Their creativity lets them take on money-making projects without too much trouble. The question is how long they will last. Because they get bored so quickly and can’t wait, many of their ideas never come to life. But self-employment gives them great satisfaction, which helps them get over their initial impatience.

When it comes to investing, they should stay away from schemes that promise to make them rich quickly. Many Aries know this from experience and, after a few failures, end up understanding that success is never immediate.

Aries Fun and Leisure

Aries likes sports and games. Their desire to win gives them the drive they need to stick with their practice.

They were born under the most active sign, so they need to find something to do with their free time. They don’t like to just sit around and do nothing.

Most Aries love to drive because it helps them unwind. They like speed, which makes them more reckless and more likely to get into accidents than people born under other zodiac signs.

Books and movies have to be exciting for an Aries to want to read or watch them.

They go out to restaurants a lot with their friends and enjoy being with them. They are not afraid to try new foods, especially ones that are spicy. They love to party, and sometimes they get so drunk that no one can keep up with them.

They love to travel and go on as many trips as they can afford. Their desire for adventure makes them want to explore other cultures. They don’t mind being uncomfortable as long as it leads to something exciting.

Instead, they are easily irritated when they have to wait. Time is precious to them, and they don’t want to waste it. They only buy what they need when they need it, and they don’t inconvenience themselves by making plans too far ahead of time.

They are people with strong principles who believe that actions speak louder than words. They hate cowardice and usually take the bull by the horns. That means an Aries doesn’t shy away from trouble.

On the other hand, their strength fails them when life becomes too complicated. For an Aries, having a clear goal is often the same thing as being happy.

A woman rock climbing in nature with a cloudy sky above.
Aries are attracted to extreme challenges. Rock climbing allows them to test their skills and face the power of nature.

Aries in Love

Since Aries are emotionally expressive and quick to act, it’s easy for them to fall in love. They are very sensual and show interest in romance from a young age.

When they are attracted to someone, they can’t hide it because they are direct and uninhibited in expressing their feelings.

Aries are very independent and don’t mind living on their own. People say that Aries are tough, but deep down, Aries wants to find a partner strong enough to share their dreams with. Aries may be strong-willed and independent, but it takes a loving relationship and a sensitive partner to soften their personality.

(Read more about Aries in love.)

Aries Compatibility With Others

Relationships with people born under an earth sign pose certain problems for Aries. Even though Aries would like to be with someone who is practical and realistic, they would eventually miss having a little more action and adventure.

As for the water signs, they tend to extinguish the fire and passion that are inside every Aries.

Aries get along very well with air signs and usually have long-term relationships with them because Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are always coming up with brilliant ideas to keep their partners interested.

In the same way, any fire sign is a good match for Aries because they have the same kind of personality. As long as both people put the partnership ahead of themselves, everything will go well.

See Aries compatibility with each sign.

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Family Relationships

Aries enjoy spending time with their family, but sometimes they only think about themselves. In fact, outside of their family, they will have a hard time finding people who are kind enough to overlook how self-centered they usually are, although over time, they do learn to consider how other people feel.

Aries Children

Aries has been full of enormous energy since birth. Even as babies, they try to get their way. If they’re hungry, they will cry nonstop until they are fed. Their authoritative vigor wears out their parents. On the other hand, the parents of Aries soon learn to appreciate the child’s energy and enthusiasm.

Aries children have enormous physical strength and move around a lot, which means they often get bumps and bruises. It’s a good thing they’re tough to break!

Aries children develop amazingly fast and often walk and talk earlier than normal.

Aries at School

At first, they are passionate about everything, but after a while, they get bored and have to do something else.

Over time, they become more authoritarian and are less likely to follow any kind of hierarchy.

They are strong-willed and competitive, but deep down, they need love and security to nurture their adventurous spirit.

An Aries Parent

Parents who were born under the sign of Aries devote a lot of time and energy to their kids. They will always be young at heart and remember what it was like to be a child.

If you’re a parent and an Aries, it may be hard at first to take care of a young child. As your child gets older, you will likely come to appreciate the role of a parent more and more, despite the fact that it may have been challenging at first.

Aries parents like to make up games, and the kids will play these made-up games as if they were actual exciting adventures. Aries parents enjoy taking their children to the park to play ball and don’t mind getting dirty when they have fun with their kids.

Some Aries parents may have a tendency to exert undue influence, especially if the kids are particularly delicate. If this is you, you should remember that not everyone is as confident or determined as you are.

Aries parents can lose their temper easily, and even though they calm down right away, their outbursts of anger can hurt their children.

Once they learn to appreciate how each child is different, they become great parents who enjoy watching their kids grow.

An Aries Sibling

Having an Aries brother or sister is a guarantee of fun and excitement. They are loud and overly active, and they need to get their way and use every situation as a chance to compete and win.

If they don’t get what they want, they react aggressively, and they must be taught to think about how other people feel.

They have great vitality, and their optimistic and outgoing attitudes make it easier for their shyer brothers and sisters to come out of their shells and join the party.

The Aries sibling is loyal and generous. They are more like a best friend than just a brother or sister.

Compatibility in Friendship

Aries are so social that they don’t hesitate to talk to strangers.

They are always confident, extraverted, and want to dominate the conversation. In fact, some would not give in for anything!

An Aries Friend

They like meeting new people, but sometimes they try to make friends too quickly. They give themselves completely from the very beginning, which is too much for many people. However, those who click with them will gain a loyal, loving, joyful, and cheerful friend. Aries accepts everyone without prejudice.

They are honest, direct, and always say what they think. In their eagerness to gain control of a situation, they sometimes act in a bold and daring way, which can lead to rivalry with their friends.

Even though it’s hard for them to accept that someone else is calling the shots, deep down, they respect people who show determination.

Because they need to be active all the time, they get along well with people who love thrills and adventure. They couldn’t stand to stay home and watch TV night after night. They like to play sports with other people, but their competitive nature makes it hard for them to accept losing graciously.

Aries Loyalty

The impulsive and restless Aries always find something to do, even if their friends don’t want to join them.

Sometimes, their independence borders on selfishness, because their needs keep them from thinking about the needs of others, and they forget how much others have done for them. On the other hand, when they love someone deeply, they can give them everything and give up their own wants.

Because they are so busy, Aries may not be able to hold on to their friends. Aries needs to move from one place to another, and some people don’t understand why they want to do that.

Being around an Aries is one of the most stimulating and fun things you can do, but you need a strong personality to not become overwhelmed by their overflowing vitality and enthusiasm.

Aries Friendship Compatibility

Aries and the other optimistic and passionate fire signs understand each other well. They get along because they have similar needs to relate to people of integrity who can meet their expectations in every way.

Aries are also compatible with air signs, whose brilliant ideas often give Aries the idea for an adventure.

The emotional depth of the water signs could help Aries understand their own feelings better, but there are often too many differences between them.

While many Aries could benefit from learning to slow down every once in a while, they will instead find themselves constantly frustrated by the practical earth sign’s cautious approach.

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Planets in Aries

Each planet and the ascendant express Aries in slightly different ways. If you have any planets in Aries, such planets will be highly charged and show up in your life in a big way.

Everyone Has Some Aries

In your birth chart, Aries is found somewhere along the circle of houses. There are lines known as “house cusps” that divide your circle of houses into 12 slices.

Whichever house cusp is in Aries is the house where you are most like an Aries. This is the area of life where you’re most pioneering and brave. In this house, you have to do things your own way, and you tend to be active, energetic, and take the lead.

See descriptions for Aries on house cusps.

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