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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius symbol, motto, element
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Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Polarity: Yang (positive, male)
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
House: 9th
Symbol: The Archer/Centaur
Sagittarius sign sketch of a centaur

Motto: I see.

Psychological Need: To explore and expand horizons

Best Quality: Loyalty

Downside: over-confidence, dogmatism, bluntness, exaggeration, fanaticism, antics, gambling

Keywords: aspiration, love of freedom, expansion, exploration, idealism, luck, orthodox religion, philosophy, law, generosity, optimism, honesty

Sagittarius Sign Dates: approximately November 21 – December 22

Sagittarius Characteristics

Sagittarians are very restless. They are visionaries, and they need to seek out new horizons. Whatever life throws at them, they go around with a bold and optimistic attitude. To them, life is a trip full of adventures.

They are positive and enthusiastic, and many times fortune smiles at them. When faced with the whims of destiny, they always react with generosity, tolerance and joy.

They are expansive people, who need to explore new territories and continuously challenge themselves.

This restlessness is reflected on the intellectual plane in their love of study, and on the material plane in their insatiable passion for travel. In fact, many try to combine both hobbies.

Buddha and bodhisattvas statues in China
Faraway places with exotic cultures are ideal destinations for Sagittarians, known for their eagerness for adventure and learning. Image by Pixabay user 12019


Sincere and direct, Sagittarians openly express their opinions when they have not been asked for it. Sometimes, they get in trouble for saying inappropriate or impertinent things.

However, the good intentions that characterize them allows them to overcome these occasional conflicts and makes others quickly forget their blunders.

When making decisions, they rely on their intuition, experience and point of view. They do not hesitate to take risks, they like extreme situations and leaps into the unknown. Although sometimes they pay for it with a forced landing, they usually land on their feet, and in any case, they recover quickly from falls.

They tend to be idealists, very cultured and fond of studying the beliefs and customs of other peoples. They raise incisive questions about morality and social issues, and defend their convictions heatedly. For the sake of those around them, some should try to control their tendency to indoctrinate.

Jane Austen, famous Sagittarius
Jane Austen, an exemplary Sagittarius, was fascinated by the lives of the people she knew. Her great insight and irony allowed her to unravel the secrets of human nature and bequeath us novels that have not lost validity. Image: Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin


Sagittarians love action; when they feel stuck, they immediately become bored and begin to look for possible loopholes. Above all, they crave freedom.

The Sagittarius Walk

A joyful look and an expression of frankness are other characteristic features of Sagittarius. They have an expressive look, with an occasional sheen of mischief. They are very cheerful, and their faces light up when they laugh.

They radiate vitality and walk with determination. Sagittarians tend to be athletic, with strong thighs. They walk with long strides, with a wide swing of the arms.

Sometimes they risk too much; In their eagerness to challenge themselves, they bet everything and abandon themselves to fate.

They like physical activity and open spaces, since staying locked up for a long time causes them claustrophobia and ends up souring their character, which is eminently cheerful. Lack of freedom will make their joyfulness turn bitter.

They are very restless and, because of their continual need for new challenges, some find it impossible to settle down. The Sagittarians must make an authentic effort and commit themselves, if they do not want to lead an excessively superficial life.

Strong and independent, they are the nomads of the zodiac. They need to unleash their passions and are able to go to the end of the world in search of happiness. They choose to live in a place where they enjoy total freedom.

They may seem to always rebel against conventions, but this is because they only abide by the dictates of their conscience.

They have a great sense of humor and are always willing to tell a joke. Their confident, direct and extroverted personality is contagious. They only achieve happiness when they are guided by their instinct. They are very romantic, and they love company of the opposite gender.

Their sincerity prevents them from lying. This transparency makes them very vulnerable, but it is their greatest virtue. By going through some bad experiences, they learn to protect themselves and avoid problems.

Sentimental relationships are a source of possible suffering because their optimistic and impulsive temperament makes them prone to disappointment.

Sagittarians have great strength. What they need in a partner is a secure person that makes them feel loved and free at the same time.

Sagittarius Style

Sagittarians like loose and informal clothing. They feel uncomfortable when they are forced to wear clothing that is too elegant and avoid them as much as possible.

They often put on the first thing they find. Caring about their appearance is not a distinguishing factor of Sagittarians. They don’t fix themselves up too much before leaving the house.

In general, they delay as long as possible before renewing their wardrobe. When they finally decide to buy new clothes, they buy impulsively, without giving it too much thought. For this reason, they often make mistake purchases and end up not liking the new clothes after they buy it.

Sagittarius Home-life

Sagittarians identify strongly with the countryside, and many choose to live there. They love the open spaces and the freedom that nature grants.

They find city life suffocating because of the pollution, noise, and density of population. Taking occasional trips away from the city helps them to maintain mental balance.

The apartment or house where they live should be spacious, bright and airy, as they do not support small spaces. They get depressed in small, overcrowded apartments. They prefer simple and functional furniture, and simple curtains and rugs.

In their home, they value comfort above orderliness. Their passion for travel is reflected in the large number of exotic objects that adorn the home. They are very sociable and excellent hosts.

Sagittarians make good use of the guest room. It is common for them to have guests sleeping over.

Sagittarius Finances

Sagittarians are not very economical. Even when they try to save, money escapes from their hands. The don’t enjoy being frugal.

Managing their finances is too boring for Sagittarius, and their impulsive character sometimes results in exorbitant debts.

However, they see an optimistic future and believe that they will find a way to increase their income, although time does not always prove them right.

In addition, they are very hardworking. They manage to make ends meet by working overtime.

Their great generosity drives them to share everything they have, sometimes with people who take advantage of their goodwill. They detest stinginess and they feel bad for people who are penny-pinching.

Sagittarius is a potential gambler. All Sagittarians will not fall into this, but those who do can become addicted to betting on games, such as Poker, or any other form of betting.

Sagittarians are great speculators. They love to invest, and many pay dearly for that hobby. Combined with the opinion of an expert, their passion for investing could lead to success. They need to quench their thirst for risk and adventure with more than just retirement and savings plans.

Fortune tends to smile on them, and they always find a way to make easy money.

New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor
They sometimes like to play the stock market. Sagittarius is the luckiest sign of the entire zodiac. Image by skeeze.


Sagittarius Fun and Leisure

Sagittarians want to make the most of the free time they have. They have plenty of energy to work hard and have fun, and they try to go out at night two or three times a week.

Given their constant desire to learn, they try to increase their knowledge whenever they can. They study diligently the subjects that attract them. Languages, religion, anthropology, sociology and philosophy are among their favorite subjects.

They also love parties, and know how to relax and have fun.

Because of their open character, they immediately win people over. They usually have a wide range of friendships.

They easily turn foul-mouthed. A couple of drinks are enough to get them to enliven their audience by telling dirty jokes.

Open and sincere by nature, they find it hard to hide their feelings.

Instead of clinging to the past, they prefer to always look ahead and maintain a constructive and optimistic attitude.

They hate worrying about money. They have a necessity to spend money on having good times and fun with friends. This is a matter of survival for Sagittarians. If they don’t take risks, they feel that their life’s energy is wasted.

Sagittarius Favorite Hobby

They love to travel. Those who do not have the luxury to enjoy long periods abroad, at least take advantage of their short vacations to visit exotic places.

If allowed, they would spend their lives exploring distant cultures, accumulating souvenirs and sensations all over the world.

They need variety and freedom of movement, because stable and predictable situations suffocate them.

Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarians are very open and direct in matters of affection. It takes no effort for them to declare their love. They show great audacity when they are interested in someone and find the excitement of conquest addictive.

Once the initial phase of the relationship is over, they usually long for the intensity of the first days and do their best to recover it.

Life with a Sagittarius is never without excitement. (Read more about Sagittarius in love.)

Sagittarius Compatibility With Others

Sagittarius is easily well understood by the other fire signs, with which they form solid and lasting relationships. The optimism of some combined with the passion of others makes them almost indestructible.

Likewise, they find the air signs fun and stimulating. Sagittarius and Air signs enjoy exchanging ideas and talking about the human and the diving. Their common fondness for conversation translates into happy relationships.

earth signs sometimes seem too cold and practical for Sagittarius. A union with them will be complicated, unless they are willing to make certain concessions.

On the other hand, the timid and reserved character of the water signs may intrigue them at the beginning. But, in the long run Sagittarius tends to tire of their excessive introversion.

See Sagittarius compatibility with each sign.

Sagittarius at Work

Restless by nature, Sagittarians need jobs that allow them to learn something new every day. They are very positive, and make the most of the opportunities for improvement offered by their profession.

However, they must have plenty of freedom, otherwise they will look for a new job. Many often switch jobs until they find their true calling.

Careers For Sagittarius

Activities related to tourism are a good option, since they allow them to deal with people and make a profit from their language skills.

Sagittarians also stand out in the world of sales, because they love to travel, and in this area they show off their proverbial power of persuasion.

They have an insatiable thirst for learning and are excellent teachers. They get along with students of all ages and always bring a breath of fresh air to the rigid academic world.

Those who feel an interest in law and ethics opt for the judiciary and the legal profession.

They love nature, so many choose professions that keep them in contact with land or animals, such as agriculture, forestry, veterinary or zoology.

Sagittarius in Leadership

Sagittarians like to be busy, and do not mind working overtime.

They are in favor of talking with their employees, exchanging ideas and drawing up strategies in advance, although they tend to let others deal with the minute details.

They express their opinions directly, and because of this, sometimes their lack of tact is criticized. In fact, it is difficult for an overly susceptible employee to get along with a Sagittarius.

They are also very optimistic and extremely confident in their company and their staff. Always ready to improve their company, they are ideal bosses for those employees who want to prove their worth.

They prioritize the training of their staff, which sometimes includes the most modern methods of learning. They appreciate the efforts of their workers, and they reward them with increases in salary and responsibility.

Sagittarius as Subordinates

Sagittarians are happy and cooperative employees. They contribute in a great way to raise the morale of their co-workers.

They get heavily invloved in their work. While monotonous work discourages them, great challenges encourage them to do heroic work.

Inactivity irritates them and drives them to look for distractions. Sometimes they avoid responsibility and take their time before climbing positions in their profession. Sometimes, they can be too rushed or distracted, and their superiors are forced to supervise their task.

They need to enjoy some freedom, and they rebel against excessive regulations.

Due to their habitual restlessness, sometimes they quit their job unexpectedly, in which case it is very rare that they turn back.

Family Relationships

To Sagittarius, for whom freedom is sacred, family gatherings may seem suffocating. They need a wide range of movement to express their individuality and tend to rebel when they feel oppressed.

However, thanks to their open, sympathetic and compassionate spirit, together with their capacity for affection and sense of humor, they are a key member in every family.

Sagittarius Children

Sagittarian children never go unnoticed. As babies, they are very energetic and do not hesitate to give a good cry when they think it’s time to eat. They often wake their parents with their crying and respond with great joy to their care.

As kids, they are very sociable. They relate easily to other kids. They easily make friends with strangers, whom they conquer with their irresistible smile. (Parents should inform their Sagittarius child about “Stranger Danger.”)

When they learn to speak, they baffle their parents with numerous questions, as they are fascinated by everything around them.

Sagittarius at School

They love school, where they never lack friends or intellectual stimuli, and have no problems with studies.

Teachers should allow a young Sagitarius to let their curiosity guide their education. After letting their curiosity reign, they will be better able to pinpoint a definite area of interest.

They need to be guided in homework and may even need to be reasonable disciplined from time to time.

Although they sometimes rebel with great force, they usually respond well to the influence of a tolerant educator who guides them with flexibility and intelligence.

A Sagittarian Parent

Many Sagittarians find it difficult to take on responsibilities and take their time before having a child.

They like to play with children, help them explore and learn. They tend to be flexible with discipline as long as the kids do not abuse their trust.

Some have a tendency toward indoctrination. They should understand that their children do not have to share all their beliefs.

They would like the members of their family to have a life of their own. They are sometimes irritated by sensitive or dependent children.

Friends and acquaintances are always visiting the Sagittarian home. Their home is usually full of everyone else’s kids. Their home is a hub of continuous activity.

They are in favor of vacations abroad, which they consider an excellent cultural experience for their children.

Parenting does not stop them from continuing to feed utopias, and their children will receive a very progressive and bohemian education, from which they will benefit greatly.

A Sagittarian Sibling

Sagittarians are hyperactive, and very physically and mentally restless. They need constant stimuli and are unable to stay focused for long. When they get bored, they go to their brothers and sisters in search of fun. Their siblings can end up tired of entertaining them, especially the more solitary types.

Sagittarians are very positive and know how to encourage others. They have an unlimited faith in their siblings. They usually stay in contact with them all their lives, even if they live on the other side of the world.

Compatibility in Friendship

Sagittarians are open-minded and usually surround themselves with a diverse and eclectic circle of friends. They seldom miss the opportunity to meet people, and their outgoing character makes them always approachable.

Open and sincere, they love to have a good time in the company of those who respect their need for freedom.

A Sagittarius Friend

Restless and energetic Sagittarius usually leads a frenzied social life. They like to take the initiative and organize fun activities.

Those who also like physical exercise will include sports in their long list of commitments, whether to practice it or as spectators. They love sportsmanship. After playing a good game, they enjoy going out to have fun with their team members.

They are also attracted to intellectual activities. They engage in long conversations with their friends. They enjoy parties and dinners in restaurants.

Thanks to their cheerfulness, evenings with them are memorable.

They are very extraverted and find it difficult to relate to shy or overly sensitive people. On the other hand, in the company of those they can related to, they relax and act naturally.

They are very sincere. When someone disappoints them, they express their disappointment in the most explicit way. However, since they do not hold grudges, they immediately forget the whole thing.

Their desire to have a good time does not allow the past to get in their way.

Sagittarius Loyalty

Sagittarians are free spirits, little given to be part of small cliques. They detest prejudices and consider themselves friends of all the world.

They are very generous and always supportive of their friends.

Although, their lives take many turns, and only some of their relationships resist the passage of time. Only after years do they discover who their true soulmates are.

Sentimentality is not counted among their traits. Sagittarius tends to flee from excessively intense and demanding relationships.

Those who intend to keep their friendship should accept their independence, enjoy the moment, and forget about long-term plans. No one should ask for anything in exchange for the privilege of enjoying the company of a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

Sagittarius and the other cheerful and enthusiastic fire signs are destined to understand each other. Their adventurous spirit is the best guarantee that their friendship will last.

Sagittarius is also attracted to the independence and detachment of the air signs. Their relationship is a happy one.

On the other hand, the water signs may be too sensitive and reserved for Sagittarius. Water signs will feel like they’re walking through a minefield. Both should have a lot of patience to foster this friendship.

The earth signs could provide an element of stability to the changing life of Sagittarius, although their interests are often too different.

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