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Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces fish with Pisces motto, element and psychological need

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Pisces, the mystic and martyr, is sensitive to supernatural forces, has a strong sense of unity with all life, a strong sense of destiny, and is willing to make sacrifices.

Pisces is psychic, sympathetic, gentle, and loyal, but also negative, shy, timid, and dependent.

It is extremely sensitive to its surroundings as well as to other people’s thoughts and feelings. Pisces absorbs its surroundings unconsciously. Pisces, like a chameleon, blends into its surroundings.

The good thing is the ability to fit in anywhere, but the bad thing is that Pisces disappears in the process.

It is trusting and easily led. It is a lover of peace, ease, and security.

Pisces selflessly serves and sacrifices itself for the sake of others. At the same time, Pisces cannot be held or contained. Pisces enjoys sensations and tends to drift.

Pisces habitually lives in its feelings, not protecting them like Cancer or Scorpio, but actually living in the world of emotions as if it were material. For Pisces, the intangible is tangible. For sensitive Pisces, feelings are just as real as anything else, and the spiritual world is as real as the physical one.

Pisces has extrasensory perception (ESP), can see things that can’t be seen, and is tuned in to a higher dimension (those of us who lack that vision call it “imagination”). Pisces has VIP access to the world of imagination and is gifted with artistic, musical, and poetic qualities.

On the negative side, Pisces might escape into that world and never come back.

Everyone has some Pisces.

Table of Contents

Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Polarity: Yin (negative, female)

Ruling Planet: Neptune / Jupiter
House: 12th
Symbol: The Fish
Two fish with Pisces sign symbol

Motto: I believe.

Psychological Need: To gain faith and belief in transcendence

Best Quality: Sympathy

Downside: worry, psychic negativity, introspection, lack of confidence, secretiveness, seclusion, procrastination, sorrow

Keywords: compassion, universality, intuitiveness, inspiration, renunciation, sacrifice

Pisces Sign Dates: approximately February 17 – March 21

Pisces Characteristics

Dreamers, sensitive and intuitive, Pisces are an endless wellspring of contradictory emotions. They retreat into the world of feelings. They have a fickle character that drifts, dragged by its internal tides. They have an overflowing imagination that sometimes prevents them from distinguishing fantasy from reality. Pisceans need time to get to know themselves thoroughly.

Friendly and compassionate, they find it very difficult not to help when asked, even when it causes them problems.

They are very open. They sometimes are like a sponge, destined to absorb both the good and the bad of those around them. When that inability to mark the limits between their own and others’ sphere exhausts them emotionally, they seek refuge in some quiet and remote place to recover.

In fact, Pisceans run the risk of losing their identity by immersing themselves into others. Like a river on its way to the sea, they want to be part of something or someone better than them. That necessity exposes them to a wide range of experiences, ranging from the mystical or divine to alcoholism or any other form of degradation. They move between extremes and, in the meantime, they try each of the intermediate stages.

Many doubt their own feelings, and that indecision can lead them to unforseen paths. In order to decide which direction suits them best, they resort to their intelligence and willpower. Few destinies are as unpredictable as that of Pisces.

Intense work exhausts them.


Pisces are very impressionable and easily influenced. It’s difficult for them to think highly of themselves, although as they mature they become more secure and objective.

Due to their excessive sensitivity, life sometimes seems a difficult and painful process. In those moments, they would do anything to get away. But only when they face problems directly do they bring out their inner best.

Pisceans are romantic and creative. They are generous with their love, and are called to know the most intense and lasting form of happiness.

They need to share their most intimate feelings with their friends, and shed some tears if necessary. Pisces are naturally affectionate and considerate. They never turn their backs on a friend in distress.

They like a strong partner who can support them, knows how to appreciate their deep love, and shows enough sensitivity to match theirs.

Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in 1921
Like a good Pisces, Einstein attached equal importance to religion and science.

Imaginative and Illusive

They are true romantics and cling to their dreams like few others. Their vivid imagination allows them to access the most fantastic and incredible places and sometimes encourages them to pursue illusions. Sometimes they refuse to accept reality. They can reject the most indisputable evidence, and take refuge in dreamland.

Pisces give an image of weakness and vulnerability that contradicts their great inner energy.


They are very emotional and more sensitive than they admit. Instead of facing problems, many use their strong intuition to avoid them. This elusive and accommodating attitude is one of Pisces’ greatest virtues. It helps them to avoid totally unnecessary risks and to take full advantage of each situation.


They have contradictory feelings. They often puzzle those around them going from sadness to enthusiasm without warning. Sometimes they let themselves be carried away by emotions, which does not benefit them at all. These experiences end up teaching them to accept their emotional swings, and making themselves more resistant and secure.

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The Pisces Walk

Pisces tend to have a seductive smile and an intriguing look. They have a penetrating gaze, as if they are examining the distant horizon.

Pisces have a characteristically expressive face, which faithfully reflects their moods. When they’re worried, their face gives them away. When they’re relaxed, they appear radiant and serene.

They tend to be thin in their youth, and to accumulate water weight over the years.

Pisces Fashion

Pisces have a subtle but infallible appeal that gives a touch of sophistication to any clothes they wear.

Usually their attire reflects their mood. When they’re going through a down time, they lack the energy needed to take care of their appearance. However, even at their lowest moments, they radiate a certain glamour.

They like clothing that is aesthetically pleasing, to carry them away from the misery of everyday reality. They spare no expense when it comes to presenting the right look.

Their wardrobe reveals the continuous changes found in both their character and lifestyle. During free time, Pisces likes loose and comfortable clothing.

Conscious of the attraction factor they have, Pisces women do not hesitate to take advantage of it in the most subtle way. When they go out at night they play the role of Cinderella. They wear a spectacular costume, matching shoes and a delicate perfume that gives their whole outfit an ingredient of passion and mystery.

For special occasions, Pisces men fix themselves up with real grace. They surprise their partners with their seductive and romantic attire.

A Pisces couple at a special event dresses the like the couple on the last page of a storybook romance.

They love cosplay.

Pisces Home-life

Pisces considers the home a kind of fortress that protects them from the harshness of the outside world. Above all they value intimacy and peace. They need to relax and free themselves from daily stresses.

Since they appreciate the beauty of the sea like no other, they love living near water. Urban city life does excite them, but it ends up draining their energy and life force.

Those who live in the center of the city try to make their home give a feeling of peace and seclusion. When choosing a home, they let instinct be their guide. It’s easy for them to imagine beforehand what the interior would look like after it is furnished and decorated.

They choose bright colors and quality fabrics to create pleasant and original environments. They love to accumulate objects and often exhibit them to produce a extraordinary effect. Rather than decorating with generic items, every item in their decor has a personal touch.

Fantasy art with Pisces fish symbol
Pisces have a great imagination, which is often evident in the decoration and furniture of their homes.

Overall, the Pisces home is usually warm and cozy, but also somewhat cluttered. Pisces are great hosts. They usually make sure that their guests feel comfortable in their home.

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Pisces Finances

Given their mystical streak, they rarely care about financial matters. Bookkeeping to stay on top of their finances is a big effort for them. Some Pisces accumulate several financial failures in their lives.

They are extremely generous and quick to sympathize with the misfortunes of others. Before giving aid to others, Pisces should make sure that their own needs are well covered.

They don’t hesitate to spend whatever it takes to lead a full life.

Their disinterest in material things is due to the fact that it is their heart, not the desire for wealth, that governs their lives, and they are usually satisfied if their income allows them to live with a certain ease.

Some, however, are seduced by the money, and risk falling into the networks of unscrupulous people and questionable deals.

In case their overflowing imagination is playing tricks on them, they should seek expert advice before embarking on any financial adventure.

It is in their best interest for Pisces to learn how to save money and put away a certain amount to overcome the possible adversities that the future holds.

Pisces Fun and Leisure

Pisces, who consider life a daily ordeal, enjoy their free time to the fullest. When they are tired they take refuge in reading or relax by watching TV.

Some take a refreshing nap from time to time. In general, they love to sit idly by and enjoy downtime.

Many Pisces have artistic interests and use their great imagination to paint, play music or write. They are interested in mythical and fantasy subjects, and some study those in their free time.

They love their friends very much and are grateful for every minute they can spend with them. They organize quiet dinners at home to catch up on the latest gossip and share gossip with others. They also have fun by going out with friends.

Meeting up with friends also provide them with the perfect excuse to give in to their passion for sweets and good wine.

Pisces, who need plenty of magic and romance, like to go to the movies and theater, as well as attend original-themed parties and festivals.

A couple holding hands on a beach at sunset
Pisces are incurable romantics, who love to share their intimate moments with their loved ones.

They love to walk by the sea as the sun goes down, and let their imagination run wild.

Sometimes they need to feel in touch with nature and they leave the city for a couple of days to take refuge in a quiet place. When life seems grey and monotonous, they know that the time has come to make an escape.

It depresses them to be forced to think logically and rationally. Pisces, who give free rein to their feelings, do not like to repress their emotions. They value their privacy highly and are uncomfortable when forced to open up.

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Pisces in Love

Pisces are hopeless romantics, with a great capacity for affection. Their aspirations of happiness in love, and their overflowing imagination sometimes make them overlook their partner’s flaws.

In their search for ideal love, many suffer numerous disappointments, but they never give up the hope of finding it.

(Read more about Pisces in love.)

Pisces Compatibility With Others

Pisces get along with the other water signs. Other water signs are capable of delving into their feelings as much as Pisces. There is a tacit understanding between them that guarantees the success of the relationship.

Earth signs, whose security is appreciated by Pisces, provide them with the stability and firmness they need, as well as counteract the intensity of their emotions with the calm that characterizes earth signs. As a result, they form very happy couples.

The restlessness and passion of the fire signs may attract them at first, but in the long run the fire signs’ extrovert character and lack of delicacy become a constant source of conflict.

Air signs, on the other hand, are too cold and distant to appreciate the great sensitivity of the Pisces, who may feel lonely and undervalued; as a result, their union is often quite problematic.

See Pisces compatibility with each sign.

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Family Relationships

Sensitive Pisces are very affected by the family environment. They have a broad expressive and emotional range, ranging from dark clouds to rainbows, from agony to ecstasy.

In a stable environment, they feel relaxed and give all their affection and generosity to their family.

Pisces Children

Pisces children radiate sweetness, have an angelic face, bright eyes and an irresistible smile.

They are not hard to please. They sleep soundly, without interruption. Sometimes, however, they suddenly burst into tears, and it can be impossible to guess why they are crying so much.

They have an extraordinary ability for learning to speak. They are fascinated by fairy tales and costumes. They are so imaginative that some find it difficult to discern fiction from reality, and may fall into self-deception if their parents do not open their eyes.

Pisces need to speak openly and sincerely, expressing their emotions through language. Confident and loving, their love for people and animals seems to have no limits.

At the same time, their marked innocence makes them vulnerable, and as they grow up they must be warned of the true nature of things. Such creative and sensitive children must have firm and intuitive parents by their side.

A Pisces Parent

Pisces parents try so hard to please and show their love that they find it difficult to impose authority. If they don’t set minimum standards of discipline soon, their children will end up abusing their good character.

They should convince themselves that children need solid, safe and firm guides, which clearly show them the right way. Some Pisces change their minds too often and create confusion for their children.

They express their affection generously and spend the hours they consider necessary to play and listen to their children. They are in their natural element in the magical world of children, as they overcome the age gap with their overflowing imagination.

They are very conscious of the need to educate their children and feed them spiritually, although their natural aversion to discipline leads them to raise them very freely and independently. They give them all the help they need, and many make huge sacrifices to provide a good quality of life.

A Pisces Sibling

Pisces are shy but affable people. They’re always ready to let their imagination run wild and use their time creatively. Sometimes they seem to live in a fantasy world, and their siblings may find it difficult to understand them.

At school, due to their innocent and dreamy demeanor, they become the target of attacks and bullying from other stronger children, and sometimes their older siblings have to rescue them. They are extremely sensitive, and take time to get over incidents that other children would not even notice.

Over the years, they tend to strengthen the bonds that bind them to their siblings.

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Compatibility in Friendship

Pisces are always ready to make new friends, even if their initial shyness leads one to believe otherwise. Their emotions are like a roller coaster, through which they rush over and over again helplessly.

It takes them a while to establish a bond of friendship, but when they do, they are loving and attentive, as they like nothing more than to share their most intimate thoughts.

A Pisces Friend

Pisces know how to listen, and because of their compassionate attitude many turn to them.

They are so generous that sometimes they get involved in situations that demand excessive dedication, both in terms of time and energy. Over the years they learn to choose their friends carefully.

They prefer quiet environments and activities that allow them to forget about everything and talk to someone they trust. They are very sensitive, so they react badly to offensive or impertinent comments.

Contrary to what it seems, many lack self-esteem and appreciate being helped to boost it.

Some are very passive and are happy to have others decide for them. Their friends sometimes get fed up with this attitude and force them to take the initiative, which benefits Pisces greatly.

They are very susceptible emotionally, and it takes time to get used to their sudden mood swings. In return, they always offer sympathy, support and understanding.

Pisces Loyalty

For Pisces, a friend is something precious, worthy of being cared for and respected at all times. They are loyal and show up immediately at the slightest sign of distress.

Some worry excessively, and their friends may even offend them by rejecting their offers of help.

A Pisces never forgets a good friend, nor allows the passage of time to modify their memory. Even if you don’t see the Pisces for years, when you meet again it will seem that you have never been apart.

They are very sentimental and affectionate, and love to recall the happy moments of the past.

As they gain confidence, they become more involved in the friendship, and in the end they give themselves entirely to their friends. Many Pisces see friendship as an eternal commitment.

Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and the other water signs understand each other because they have a lot in common.

They also establish good bonds of friendship with earth signs. This is because earth signs complement Pisces’ overflowing imagination with their sensibility and pragmatism.

The vital and bold fire signs can counteract Pisces sensitivity, help Pisces take risks and broaden their horizons, although in the long run fire and water tend to cancel each other out.

Finally, the joy and intelligence of the air signs are a breath of fresh air for Pisces. At their side, Pisces will learn to be more analytical, although perhaps against their nature.

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Planets in Pisces

Each planet and the ascendant express Pisces in slightly different ways. Planets in Pisces will take on Pisces qualities, which include a deep yearning for spiritual connection, idealism, a sense of oneness with all things, a thirst for inspiration, and a willingness to be vulnerable.

Everyone Has Some Pisces

In your birth chart, Pisces is found somewhere along the circle of houses. There are lines known as “house cusps” that divide your circle of houses into 12 slices.

Whichever house cusp is in Pisces is the house where you are most like a Pisces. You’ll feel like you’re in the dark and need to rely on your gut instincts in the house with Pisces on the cusp. No one can give you proof about what’s going on in this house, so let your intuition guide you.

See descriptions for Pisces on house cusps.

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