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Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn sea goat, Capricorn motto, element, and psychological need.

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Capricorn is at the top of the zodiac wheel, the apex. With their innate ability to organize and run things, Capricorns are the entrepreneurs, the people who work in business, and the corporate executives.

Capricorn sets goals while being aware of all the steps that need to be taken to reach them, and then takes those steps. Capricorn is practical, sensible, hard-working, and persevering. It is serious, methodical, conventional, and thrifty, which usually leads to success in the long run. Capricorn, like the goat, is steady and surefooted on its way to the top.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so it has a cold, dark side. It is suspicious and sad, and it has to watch out for depression because it gets lonely at the top. It can be selfish, always on the lookout for material benefits and advancement.

Capricorn uses all earthly resources to get to the top, even people when necessary, while keeping a calm, cool, strict, but smooth attitude. Capricorn knows diplomacy requires “white lies.” This means that, even though Capricorn is reliable, it also tends to lie (the direct opposite of Sagittarius, who lacks tact but is bitingly honest).

Saturn gives Capricorn tremendous self-control. The attitude of a Capricorn is “work first, play later,” but they often forget to “play later.”

For Capricorn, success isn’t so much about having a lot of things, like it is for Taurus. Instead, it’s about having high status, respect, a good public reputation, and a stable income.

Capricorn has a “fatherly” or humanitarian side that makes it want to give back to society once it has reached its goals.

Everyone has some Capricorn.

Table of Contents

Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Polarity: Yin (negative, female)

Ruling Planet: Saturn
House: 10th
Symbol: The Goat/Sea Goat
Capricorn sign art: sea goat sketch

Motto: I use.

Psychological Need: To find structure and social acknowledgment

Best Quality: Diplomacy

Downside: pride, suspicion, selfishness, resentfulness, pessimism, unforgiving, deceitfulness, justice without mercy

Keywords: ambition, conservatism, conscientiousness, organization, position, honors, justice, caution, economy, authority, 

Capricorn Sign Dates: approximately December 21 – January 22

Capricorn Characteristics

Capricorn are ambitious, aspiring to reach the very top. They carefully plan the climb to the top and work tirelessly until they get what they want. They proceed at a regular pace and cling to their goals with determination and tenacity.

As soon as they conquer a goal with success, instead of getting comfortable, they continue scanning the horizon in search of new goals.

They are serious and disciplined, and they need to do lots of organizing and planning before making a move. They set long-term objectives and well-defined goals. They like to know where they are going and why.

Patient, cautious, and straightforward, they only worry about practical and tangible things.

Capricorns place great importance on their career, since their self-esteem depends on the success and respect they obtain in it.

Female receives awards at graduation ceremony
Capricorns devote their heart and soul to achieving success and recognition.
Image by Chantellen via Pixabay.

The determination to prove their worth and achieve their purposes allows them to overcome the greatest adversities.

Capricorn is characterized by an attitude of “work first, play later,” many times forgetting to “play later.” For Capricorn, success is not so much about the material possessions (as with Taurus), as it is about achieving high status, respect, and good public reputation.

Economic security is another immediate priority for Capricorn. They manage their income with good judgment. Few things satisfy them as much as witnessing the gradual increase in their checking account.

There is a fatherly or humanitarian side to Capricorn, making them want to contribute something to society once they have obtained their goals.

They are mature and responsible, and have great ethical principles. Basically they are conservatives, preferring to abide by the established morality and not deviate too much from the marked trails.

Fear of liability prevents them from breaking from the norms. That resistance to experimenting and taking risks sometimes hinders their personal evolution.

The great irony of Capricorns is that they have a hedonistic streak. They appreciate the most worldly pleasures. One of the keys to their personal happiness lies in letting loose their multiple hidden facets.

Ruled by Saturn, there is a cold, dark side to Capricorn. It is suspicious and melancholic and must guard against depression (it gets lonely at the top).


From an early age, they exhibit the ambition that characterizes them. They’re also known for their self-control, tenacity, and perseverance, and these guarantee their success. When they set a goal, they manage to overcome all obstacles thanks to their perseverance and willpower.

They put all their efforts into climbing the ladder of success at work, until they reach the position and respect they think they deserve.

They never give up reaching for success. And they never settle for mediocrity.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was an exemplary Capricorn for the determination with which he fought to achieve his goals.
Image: by Nobel Foundation ( [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Conservative and Cautious

Capricorns are very modest and they really dislike the limelight, especially in unfamiliar environments. Capricorns are also humble. Although they are strong leaders, they don’t mind staying in the shadows while others take the lead. They don’t boast arrogantly when they reach a triumph, because for them, the most important thing is personal satisfaction and recognition by their peers.

Capricorns have a nice and reserved character, which improves with age, like good wine. They respect tradition and the established order. They can sometimes, at first, reject new ideas.

They maintain a dignified attitude and image of stability at all times. They avoid public humiliation at all costs. They almost never express their most intimate feelings, which belong to their private sphere. They keep their problems and concerns to themselves.

Many Capricorns have had to deal with difficult situations throughout their lives, but they show great fortitude and accept bad luck without crying about it.

They have an innate sense of duty and responsibility. Sometimes they take on obligations that are not their own, and in this way they bring about their own unhappiness.

They should consider their deepest desires sacred, and understand that it’s legitimate to strive for those.

A stable love relationship helps them to mitigate their occasional harshness and avoid isolation. It helps them to be more open, and provides the love and support they need.

Capricorns like to feel bound to the past, and in their hearts they aspire to leave behind something valuable for future generations.

Legendary Capricorns meme of Muhammad Ali, Ben Franklin, and Matt Mullenweg.
Capricorns can achieve great prowess. Many lead exemplary lives and become a model for future generations. Legendary Capricorns pictured here are Muhammad Ali, known as The Greatest, Ben Franklin, and Matt Mullenweg of WordPress.

Photo of Muhammad Ali by Stanley Weston/Getty Images. Photo of money by Bureau of Engraving and Printing [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo of Matt Mullenweg by Vladimir Kaladan Petkov.

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The Capricorn Walk

Capricorns have penetrating or intriguing look about them. They tend to walk with agile and measured steps, as if they were walking on steep terrain.

They endure any obstacles life throws at them while maintaining a calm, cool, austere yet suave demeanor.

In their youth, Capricorns have a serious and hard expression, which softens over the years. They tend to look older during their youth.

Capricorn Fashion

Capricorns dress conservatively. Thy avoid outfits that are too crazy, and in general choose conventional, appropriate outfits for each occasion. When shopping for clothes, they pay attention to price and quality, but not fashion trends.

Capricorns have an austere vein that makes them want to wear the same clothes until they are completely worn out. Although, some do prefer to present an elegant image.

They’re not likely to splurge on clothing. They take advantage of sales to avoid paying more than necessary.

However, they make an exception for work clothes. In order to achieve their goals, they are willing to invest large sums in a wardrobe for work. To the office, they like to wear clothes that display composure, efficiency, and give an air of sophistication.

Even in their leisure time, they can’t stand to wear wrinkled clothing. Comfortable, yes. But wrinkled, no.

At special occasions, Capricorns look spectacular. Women in classic cut dresses, or all black like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, complemented with jewelry. Men in long dress coats. Together, they’re the picture of old money.

Capricorn Home-life

When choosing a home, Capricorns let their sense of tradition and class guide them. Real estate is a good investment for them, in addition to being an unbeatable opportunity to improve their social status.

Capricorns are attracted to the idea of living in the countryside, but for professional reasons they usually live in the center or the outskirts of the city.

If it’s within their means, they prefer to buy an apartment or a house, because they consider it smarter than paying a rent. They have great shrewdness in detecting fluctuations in the housing market and recognizing the most profitable time to buy.

They are very close to their families, and they adore inherited residences. They love old estate houses or apartments, with large and well proportioned rooms. Ideally, they would like to live in a classy neighborhood, but in the worst case, a nearby residential area will do. They often keep family relics as decorations, which are often displayed along with more recent acquisitions.

Capricorns are domesticated. They treat their guests well. When they host a dinner party at home, they make sure that both the menu and the occasion are memorable.

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Capricorn Finances

Cautious and apprehensive, Capricorns are distinguished by a deep-rooted longing for security in the face of the changes and uncertainties of today’s world. They are great administrators and often draw long-term plans in anticipation of their future needs.

Saving is natural for a sign which is appalled by waste. This sometimes translates into an excessively Spartan lifestyle. Capricorns prefer to accumulate money rather than spend it.

They find it difficult to take risks. When investing, they seek the advice of an expert that helps them obtain regular and lasting profits.

Patient by nature, Capricorns distrust businesses that offer quick and miraculous profits. Not to mention, “get rich quick” schemes.

They don’t mind working hard to achieve economic stability. They can overcome the most adverse conditions on their slow and steady path to success.

Capricorns are interested in investment plans that take a longer time to produce profits. Over the years, they end up building true financial empires and amassing fortunes. Some earn substantial profits in the stock market, and others show great business talent and become real magnates.

Capricorn Fun and Leisure

Capricorns don’t prioritize leisure too much, because they put their career before everything else. They often dedicate the little free time they have back into their career.

Although others may find it hard to believe, Capricorns enjoy their work. If Capricorns don’t participate in activities that others find pleasurable, it’s because they consider them a waste of time.

Capricorns are reserved and contemplative. They relax with an entertaining book, or a visit to a museum, which can satisfy their interest in the past. Some Capricorns become really interested in history.

They enjoy academic environments. They like taking certification courses that add titles to their name, and also attest to their skills. They prefer courses in something practical.

To channel their creative energy, they can take ceramics or painting courses. Many Capricorns practice DIY (do-it-yourself) in their free time, which allows them to take an economic advantage of their manual skills.

In general, they value their friends and stay in close contact with them. When they gain a victory at work, they invite their friends to celebrate in style.

Capricorn in Love

Capricorns appear cold and cautious, but underneath it all, they are warm and affectionate, and have a great heart.

They find it difficult to express their emotions and get involved in a love relationship. They fall in love gradually. As their confidence increases, they learn to enjoy an ever deeper union. However, they are worth the wait, and the reward is great. (Read more about Capricorn in love.)

Capricorn Compatibility With Others

earth signs are the most compatible with Capricorn, because they share the same values and preferences. As long as both parties are open to some occasional change, this will be a long-lasting union.

Capricorns also get along with water signs, whose sensitivity they extremely appreciate. Both temperaments are complementary. Their story together usually has a happy ending.

On the other hand, fire signs seem a bit overwhelming for Capricorn’s reserved and cautious character. They can live through some memorable adventures, but rarely will they be able to unite their destinies for a long time.

Capricorn, always so pragmatic, finds air signs too detached and idealistic. In the long run, they’re incompatible.

See Capricorn compatibility with each sign.

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Capricorn at Work

Many Capricorns value their careers above all else. Their work gives them a sense of security and personal satisfaction.

Through perseverance and ambition, they tend to grow slowly but steadily in their company. The increasing level responsibility gives them an intense sense of power.

Capricorns have a need to define themselves through their profession. They always set the bar very high.

Careers For Capricorn

Capricorns have above average leadership skills, so they are good entrepreneurs. Their sense of responsibility and their ability to design the most complex strategies make them excellent directors and executives. In the private sector, their favorite occupations are in banking, real estate, and manufacturing (production/trade). In the public sector, they perform well in law and politics.

They are interested in all forms of information technology. Their great tenacity and high concentration capacity allow them to stand out as computer programmers.

Jobs in architecture or engineering give them the opportunity to apply the most abstract concepts in a practical way.

Capricorns are fascinated by the past, which is why many of them build a future as archaeologists, researchers, anthropologists, antique dealers, or museum employees.

Some take advantage of their interest in bones, and earn their living as osteopaths or chiropractors.

Capricorn in Leadership

Capricorn are skilled entrepreneurs. They don’t back away from big responsibilities. They expect staff to fulfill their obligations and respect the rules of the company. They take their position seriously. They detest frivolity and lack of respect.

Even when they’re aware of the importance of delegating to others, they like to control everything down to the last detail.

Capricorns don’t mind working long hours, and always give their best. Their discipline makes them deserving of great loyalty from their employees. The authority that distinguishes Capricorns leaves no doubt about their status as leaders.

Effort is an essential value for Capricorn bosses, and they never fail to reward it in their employees.

They believe that talent must be demonstrated in an orderly and progressive manner, by passing through each of the career ladders.

Capricorn as Subordinates

Capricorn are very hard workers. They handle tight and rigorous schedules, and face crises with great assurance.

They are ambitious but discreet. They’re not about talking, but about action. They prefer to work hard, and their actions are more eloquent than their words.

They are trustworthy and very loyal to the company, as long as they are given the opportunity to advance. If they feel that they’re not progressing, they will end up discouraged.

They like to share their free time with their colleagues, especially if it contributes to improving the work environment.

Family Relationships

Capricorns need a safe home and a solid family with traditional values.

They like to put down roots, and have great respect for their ancestors. Nothing satisfies them more than being part of a family tree whose origin is so old that it’s lost in the mists of time. Life seems to them a precious asset, a product purified by a long line of succession.

Capricorn Children

Capricorns as young children are usually quiet and sensible. They need to eat regularly and react badly to schedule changes. If their parents want to sleep the whole night, they should feed them at the same time every day. Although instead of crying, Capricorn children usually express their anger by frowning.

Many Capricorn children show a higher level of maturity than their age would indicate.

Youth is a difficult and painful period for Capricorns. They feel more at ease among adults and look for their company whenever they can. Sometimes they’re too serious, and they have to be encouraged to play and have fun.

When they get older, they manage to get over the ups and downs and harships of their childhood.

Capricorn at School

They possess an amazing intelligence, and reading is a fascinating adventure for them. They usually obey their parents and teachers.

They find it difficult to establish friendships with children of their age, and prefer to interact with students from higher grades.

They have an excessive ambition and are very precocious when choosing a profession and planning their future. They’re always eager to be adults, and they feel ready to jump into adult roles.

A Capricorn Parent

Capricorn parents are usually very reserved, and have a hard time living with rowdy children.

In their effort to keep their kids in line, Capricorns are sometimes too strict and end up getting the opposite result. If they would be more understanding and easygoing, their children would respond with a more obedient and positive attitude.

And Capricorns must take into account that no one matures overnight.

Capricorns provide their children with all the tools to succceed in life, including the best education.

They generously reward their school achievments, but they are very severe if they fail. Less studious children may feel inadequate around Capricorn parents. Capricorn parents should strive to avoid overly critical or cruel comments.

As the years pass, family relationships become more smooth. Capricorn parents begin to enjoy their young adult children’s first professional steps. Later, when their children are fully independent, Capricorns become model grandparents.

A Capricorn Sibling

Capricorns seem a little cold and distant, especially when their siblings are open and extroverted.

Instead of wasting time with entertainment and games, they prefer to concentrate on reading a good book or learning a new skill.

Only the most calm and quiet brothers and sisters will appreciate the kindness and good sense that characterizes Capricorns.

Capricorns are always supportive of their brothers and sisters, who turn to them for their common sense and practicality.

They are very loyal to their siblings. Once they have their own home, they try to maintain family traditions and make others aware of the treasure that is their shared past.

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Compatibility in Friendship

Capricorns like to surround themselves with people as ambitious and hardworking as they are. Although at first they are formal and distant, little by little they sow the seeds of a genuine friendship. They are very loyal and make lasting friendships.

A Capricorn Friend

Capricorns have a tendency to become obsessed with work, and their friends may find it difficult to get them out of the office.

When their plans are ruined, they get very angry and complain about the unfairness of the situation. Since they give themselves entirely to their work, it makes sense they express their displeasure when luck turns their backs on them.

However, they have a good sense of humor and always take the opportunity to prove it.

To relax, what they like most is to dine with a couple of close friends. After a few hours, they forget their problems and reveal their true personality, simple and friendly.

As they get older, they begin to have more fun, and they appeal to what remains of their youthful spirit to make up for lost time.

Capricorns are very organized and plan each activity with great anticipation. They like to make appointments days ahead of time. They sometimes get irritated if someone visits them unexpectedly.

However, they are refined hosts. They enjoy games of intelligence and simple pleasures.

Capricorns appreciate their friends, since they are very aware of the love and balance they bring them.

Capricorn Loyalty

Although they are loyal and attentive, Capricorns put their work commitments before their obligations as friends. If a friend is in a real hurry and really needs them, Capricorn will be the first at his side. But those who are not so desperate will find it difficult to obtain their help.

When they’re not worrying about their job, Capricorns become very attentive and surprise their friends with their tact and sensitivity. However, they avoid interfering excessively in the lives of others and usually limit themselves to listening, showing their solidarity and, at best, giving some advice.

They don’t usually talk about their problems, and only their closest friends know what’s happening in their lives. Capricorns are very self-sufficient, they find it hard to accept anyone’s help.

Capricorns who, besides giving, also learn to receive will have taken a giant step in their search for happiness.

Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

Capricorns have much in common with the other earth signs, with which they maintain easygoing and lasting relationships.

The melancholic and imaginative water signs, and Pisces in particular, encourage Capricorns to express their feelings. Capricorns usually establish good bonds of friendship with the water signs.

The vital and hyperactive fire signs get Capricorns to take risks and explore new territories. Although conflicts are likely to arise between them, their friendship is usually beneficial to both parties.

The air signs provide mental stimuli for Capricorn, although they’ll never become friends unless they try to reconcile their small differences.

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Planets in Capricorn

Each planet and the ascendant express Capricorn in slightly different ways. Planets in Capricorn will be colored by the qualities of self-control, caution, reserve, and ambition.

Everyone Has Some Capricorn

In your birth chart, Capricorn is found somewhere along the circle of houses. There are lines known as “house cusps” that divide your circle of houses into 12 slices.

Whichever house cusp is in Capricorn is the house where you are most like a Capricorn. You need order and social recognition in the matters of this house. In this house, you need people to respect and acknowledge you.

Never try to buy your way into this honor; you must earn it. There is always a sense of frustration about how things are going in the house with Capricorn on the cusp.

See descriptions for Capricorn on house cusps.

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