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Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo zodiac sign infographic meme with Leo's motto, element, quality, and psychological need.

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Leo is the performer and royal leader of the zodiac. This fixed fire sign is confident, charismatic, creative, and has a flair for the dramatic.

They have a big heart and a sense of generosity that is expressed through grand gestures. Leos are capable of big love, burning passion, and steady loyalty. Their leadership qualities, combined with their love for the limelight, often land them in positions of authority and fame.

However, negative aspects may include being overly proud, stubborn, and seeking constant attention and praise from their peers. Like the lion, Leo is commanding, resolute, and courageous, sometimes boastfully asserting his superiority. Leo’s warmth and kindness are of the type that a good king has towards his subjects.

Everyone has some Leo.

Table of Contents

Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Polarity: Yang (positive, male)

Ruling Planet: Sun
House: 5th
Symbol: The Lion
sketch of a Leo lion

Motto: I will.

Psychological Need: To create and express oneself

Best Quality: Generosity

Downside: domination, arrogance, autocracy, cruelty, stubbornness, overbearing, vanity, ostentatious, false pride

Keywords: affection, nobility, generosity, loyalty, dignity, leadership, radiant, vitality, authority, will, power

Leo Sign Dates: approximately July 21 – August 22

Leo Characteristics

Proud Domination and Love for Life

Leos are haughty and proud, with a strong personality that must be displayed at all times. They love to dominate the situation and tend to achieve this through vitality and enthusiasm. They are extroverted, and their great love of life keeps them from settling for a monotonous existence. Regardless of their age, they are attracted to strong emotions and variety.

Persistence and Stubbornness

They have irrepressible aspirations, and when they want something, they fight hard until they get it. This stubbornness can be their undoing because they never change course and, as a result, continue even when they know they are doomed to failure.


They have an opinion on almost every subject and express it in an authoritative manner. They are naturally boastful and always give the impression that they know what they’re talking about, even when they don’t. Many people think of them as dogmatic, but no one can say they’re weak-willed or can’t make up their minds.

The Lions of the Zodiac

They are the lions of the zodiac, and as such, they want to be respected and feel like kings of the jungle. They can’t stand to be laughed at, and it is easy to hurt their pride. They consider themselves to be true celebrities and will do almost anything to be noticed. They are brave and heroic, which helps them get through hard times and do amazing things.

Healthy Sense of Self

It’s not all bad, though. When pride gets out of control, it becomes vanity and arrogance, but when it’s kept in check, it’s a sign of a healthy sense of self.

The main need for the Leo sign is to develop this healthy, genuine sense of self, present it to the world, and take pride in the expression of its creative accomplishments. The Leo sign has a never-ending source of creative energy because the sun rules the sign of Leo.

At the heart of Leo is a focus on the healthy expression of individual self-discovery.


They are very self-assured and find it difficult to listen to other people’s opinions. They have a strong personality that they sometimes must suppress because it can be too much for their friends. If they can control themselves, however, their generosity and big heart will benefit everyone.

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The Leo Walk

The Leo Man

Leo men are usually stocky with a broad back. Many have fancy curly hair, reminiscent of a lion’s mane. They walk tall and proudly, and they dress very well to make other people admire them. They have a strong, powerful voice and are well aware of their powerful sex appeal. They are determined and charming and are used to getting their own way.

They make big plans for the future and hate small-minded or suppressed attitudes. They’re showoffs by nature, and they need attention as well as affection and admiration, so they never miss an opportunity to impress those around them. They like luxury and don’t hesitate to enjoy the most expensive pleasures, sometimes ostentatiously.

They love to call the shots and try to rule their destiny. Their strong willpower guarantees success, although they’re sometimes too demanding of themselves and others. Honest and loyal, they take pride in keeping their word. They enjoy romantic adventures and often have many relationships before deciding to marry. Their spouses will have no choice but to let them run things.

The Leo Woman

Leo women dress well for any occasion. Even more than Leo men, Leo women are noted for their hair. They sometimes adopt a haughty attitude and try to look fancy. They are bursting with energy and are only satisfied with the best. Convinced of their superiority, they go to great lengths to enjoy the finest luxuries.

They need the recognition and adulation of others. They present themselves to the world in a cheerful mood and demand that others act accordingly. They are very passionate, and find it hard to hide their feelings. They are usually laid back, but when you push them out of their comfort zone, they can be frightening.

Given their high regard for themselves, they hate to be treated disrespectfully. They are very extroverted and, unable to contain their vitality, often share their joys and good news with others. They attach great importance to romantic relationships and need a special lover who can handle their strong personality. They enjoy life intensely when they are in love.

Demi Lovato 2023
Leos take pride in their appearance, seeking to exude an aura of prestige and elegance. Demi Lovato, with Leo sun and Leo rising is a great example. Photo by ddlovato (Demi Lovato) on Instagram

Leo Fashion

Leo’s try to make an impression wherever they go. They like to dress up and wear flashy and often expensive clothes in order to be noticed. They want to stand out and will spend a lot of money on a piece of clothing, even if they only wear it a few times, as long as it does that. In their desire for fame, they sometimes present a less-than-elegant image, but they always learn from their mistakes. For both formal and casual events, they like to wear stylish clothes from well-known brands.

At work, Leo women tend to wear elegant and fancy outfits. They choose their clothing well to make the impression they want. They are romantic and love going out at night. They take advantage of big evenings to put on their best dress, a select perfume, and exquisitely designed jewelry, preferably gold. Leos tan easily in the sun, but if they can’t, they don’t mind using artificial methods to get their color.

Leo men are also concerned about their appearance and sometimes spend several hours grooming themselves. They hate the shabby look and don’t mind investing a considerable amount of money in good-quality clothes.

Leo Home-life

Leos want their home to look splendid. Even if it is modest, it is always cozy, warm, and even showy, if they can afford it. They usually make sure it is spotlessly clean and always in tip-top shape.

They prefer big, fancy homes and won’t skimp on spending a lot of money on them. The furniture and decor should be luxurious and showy. They have a weakness for exquisite fabrics and try to cover their floors with carpets of the highest quality. They need a comfortable spot where they can relax and give their guests the warm welcome they deserve.

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A red bedroom fit for a Leo.
Every good Leo is a potential king or queen. Bold patterns, eclectic pieces, and a dash of dramatic flair can turn even the most humble abode into a royal chamber. A room with rich colors that match their vibrant personality truly defines a space for these regal souls.

Leos like bright colors. They are not afraid of extreme interiors or of the brightest shades of yellow and orange. Their homes should be bright, as they could become depressed in houses that are too dark. They also need a good heating system because they get cold very quickly, so some choose to move to warmer places.

Leo Finances

Leos have a reputation for being wasteful spenders, and many of them are. Saving is not their strong suit, and they frequently spend more than they earn. They find it difficult to scrimp or cut back, and to avoid this, they may prefer to take out a loan to maintain their high standard of living.

They aspire to the best and do not adapt well to poverty. They don’t mind working hard to achieve a certain level of economic well-being, and many have amassed a substantial fortune. Many Leos can feel powerless if they don’t have wealth because they feel that wealth helps them express their passion for life.

It is surprising that when it comes to investing, they are so conservative and go for the safest companies, often after seeking advice from an expert. While they are attracted to risky and spectacular ventures, they will not invest a penny in them impulsively without first securing their future with other, more solid stocks.

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Leo Fun and Leisure

Leos have undeniable theatrical talent, and many enter the world of the performing arts. They also excel effortlessly at painting, sculpture, and jewelry design.

Jennifer Lopez's 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show
The lively performances and grand spectacle of the Super Bowl Halftime Show fully meet the Leo’s taste for excitement and passion. Photo: Jennifer Lopez’s 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Getty Image

They are full of life, enjoy having fun with friends, and revel in opulent entertainment. To relax, they need to get out and enjoy the city’s nightlife every once in a while. Given their interest in drama, many evenings end up at live performances or events, and they always take the opportunity to dress up and show off. They love meeting celebrities and interacting with them as peers.

They have a weakness for fancy restaurants, exquisite food, and fine wines, and they dine with their friends whenever possible. Always in need of affection, Leo doesn’t like to eat alone. Shopping is another of their favorite hobbies, although they will be very frustrated if they don’t have enough money to take home whatever they want.

Chef preparing a fresh fruit bowl at a fancy restaurant.
Eating with a Leo is a memorable experience. They have an exquisite palate and will only settle for top quality. Photo by ESB Professional/

Leos often choose hobbies that are rewarding to them. Some join amateur theatrical groups, while others channel their creative energy into painting, sculpture, or jewelry-making and end up surprising those around them with their magnificent works. Some Leos would rather lay in the sun and do nothing if they could.

They appreciate all kinds of pleasures and squeal with happiness when their loved ones surprise them with a thoughtfully chosen gift. But because of their constant need for praise, nothing makes them happier than an audience that is paying attention and open to what they have to say. They can’t stand being ignored or made fun of. It takes them a while to forgive someone who has let them down. They want to feel special, and they suffer when their lives are too ordinary or boring.

Leo in Love

Leos are very romantic and fall in love very easily. However, their affection can be overwhelming for some people. When they get involved in a relationship, they tend to be faithful and passionate. Their partner should appreciate how valuable this love is and return that love with all their heart.

(Read more about Leo in love.)

Leo Compatibility With Others

Leos have a soft spot for the exuberance of the other fire signs, with whom passion is guaranteed. There are many happy couples formed by two fire signs, though the union of two Leos can be problematic due to their stubbornness.

Air signs, with their brilliant ideas, are good fuel for Leo’s fire. Air signs are said to be “detached,” which means they always “take a step back” and view the world objectively. This makes them an ideal partner for Leos.

On the other hand, the emotional and sensitive water signs have a strong pull on the romantic Leo. They form very passionate bonds with each other at first, but in order to achieve lasting happiness, both parties must eventually compromise.

Earth signs can offer them a lot of stability.

See Leo compatibility with each sign.

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Family Relationships

Leos are willing and excited to spend time with their families. They like to play and have fun. They need a warm, safe home, as well as a permanent audience that pays them enough attention. They have a strong character and a certain tendency to argue, but because they are so passionate and full of life, being around them is never boring.

Leo Children

Even when they’re young, Leos show their extroverted and cheerful character. Although they cry insistently until they get what they want, their parents often consider them the joy of the household and give in to their every whim.

They will soon realize that they love attention. Leo kids demand to be treated like stars, and other people are willing to give them what they want. Their parents must teach them to suppress their selfishness in order to keep them from becoming despots.

Leo at School

Leo children are very proud and require constant approval from their surroundings. Leos appear to have an endless supply of energy, which leads them to accumulate friendships. Courageous and creative, they always manage to make the most of life and make it dramatic and adventurous.

A Leo Parent

Leo Parents are very affectionate, but they are somewhat strict when it comes to discipline. They want their children to be strong and determined, and they often set guidelines for them to achieve this. They have enormous passion and vitality and like to pass on their knowledge to their children. This makes them an inspiration for their kids.

Children who are determined get along well with Leo parents, whereas shy and sensitive children avoid them because they find them overwhelming and unwilling to listen. Leo parents should make an effort to engage the sensitive ones, or else communication will become increasingly difficult.

Leo men and women tend to take great pride in their families and strive to provide the best for them. Leos want all of their children to succeed and will do everything possible to make it happen. As long as they don’t force their way on their kids, they’ll be a great source of support and encouragement for them.

A Leo Sibling

The charisma and vitality of a Leo sibling are difficult to resist. They’re always up to mischief, and they love having people join in their games. But they are very jealous and do not take kindly to being robbed of the limelight. Their need for attention was a source of conflict during their childhood.

Leos like to take care of their siblings and protect them at all times. As they mature over the years, they tend to suppress their selfishness. They are very loyal and tend to maintain a close friendship with their brothers and sisters throughout their lives.

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Compatibility in Friendship

It takes time for the proud and demanding Leo to make friends. Not everyone can win Leo’s sympathy, but whoever does will have won the friendship of a genuinely good person who will return their affection.

A Leo Friend

Leos always have ideas for fun things to do with their friends or interesting projects to work on. They like to have a good time, so you won’t be bored with them. They don’t deprive themselves of any whim and always manage to make others forget their problems and enjoy life. As they say, “We all deserve a break!”

They tend to organize other people’s lives and always have some advice to give. Because they like to be in charge, they get upset when they can’t make things go their way. Fortunately, they quickly regain their composure and are willing to listen to others’ suggestions and give them the lead.

They are too extroverted and generous to understand mean or malicious behavior. But they also need to be valued for what they’re worth because they suffer when they don’t get the praise they believe they deserve because, deep down, they are very vulnerable, even though they act tough. It is difficult for them to admit their weaknesses, but if they decide to do so, they will establish a close bond of friendship with their confidant.

Leo Loyalty

Leos always want the best, even in the area of friendship. They are very loyal and don’t hesitate to help when needed, but they always do so with great fanfare, so there are no doubts about their generosity. Leos always add a touch of drama to everything. When they are in trouble, they expect their friends to rush to their side just as quickly, even though their pride prevents them from openly asking for help. Those who let them down will see how deep a lion’s wounds run and how long it takes them to heal.

They are very honest and prefer that people express their opinions freely. Over the years, they lose touch with many friends, but they keep in touch with the ones they truly appreciate. They are very demanding, and even though they sometimes let people down, their loving warmth and passion make people love them.

Leo Friendship Compatibility

Leos make a great team with other fire signs because they both value each other’s energy and openness.

Leos also get along well with air signs and admire their mental agility, although Leos may find it difficult to accept their need for space and freedom.

Leos find water signs too sensitive, and friendship with them can be either a success or a failure. They are both passionate, but they express their emotions in different ways.

Leos are not usually attracted to earth signs. Only the more mature Leos know how to appreciate their great solidity and stability.

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Planets in Leo

Each planet and the ascendant express Leo in slightly different ways. Planets in Leo will be colored by the qualities of pride and urge for recognition, a sense of drama, and generosity.

Everyone Has Some Leo

In your birth chart, Leo is found somewhere along the circle of houses. There are lines known as “house cusps” that divide your circle of houses into 12 slices.

Whichever house cusp is in Leo is the house where you are most like a Leo. This is the area of life where you shine the brightest and express yourself with the most confidence. This house is ruled by the sun; therefore, it often signifies areas of life in which we take great pride and aim to excel.

See descriptions for Leo on house cusps.

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