Why Do We Defend Astrology?

Why Do We Defend Astrology?

Updated May 28, 2019
By Corrine Lane     1 Comment

Astrology, more often than not, gets a bad rap. On one extreme, it’s labeled as evil or witchcraft. At best, it’s considered a wacky superstition like carrying around a rabbit’s foot on a keychain. But it’s not usually understood for what it is: the oldest science.

There are those who use astrology secretly but claim special supernatural, psychic powers. For example, given your date, time, and location of birth, one can discern many things about you just by studying your birth chart. Then by comparing your birth chart to the current position (transits) of the Sun, Moon and planets, personal details can be pinpointed that might make you feel eerie. It is dishonest to claim psychic ability when the details are revealed by plain, natural astrology. But some psychics do just that: fooling clients into paying for “psychic readings,” when in fact, the “secret” information is revealed plainly in your birth chart.  That is making astrology out to be something that it is not. In fact, the best astrologers (who charge for Astrology Reports instead of “psychic readings”) do not claim to be psychic.

But the ones who have done the most harm to the reputation of astrology are some who practice under its very name. These are the perpetrators of false “daily sun-sign horoscopes.” They associate astrology with Tarot and psychic readings. They aggrandize the 12 sun-signs and shove the entire population of humans into 1 of those 12 compartments. They tell “All about Scorpio” in love, friendships, travel, business, and on and on. They make no mention of the fact that nobody is “all Scorpio,” or all any one zodiac sign. No mention of the fact that we are each a unique, subtle blend of all the planets and signs in our birth chart. According to them, you are the same as 1/12 of the world population. Of course you know what they offer is bogus, phony, and a sham. The result: you all think real astrology is a sham.

By offering free astrology information, we at Astrology Library hope to clear the bad rap that astrology gets. We hope to enlighten you to the usefulness and power of real astrology. Above all, we hope to show that astrology really is an empirical science, not a superstition.

As a matter of fact, real astrology has always been used by powerful people. The late JP Morgan, one of the wealthiest bankers in America, was quoted as saying,

millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

Astrology has lost all public integrity during the last 100 years, but powerful leaders at the top continue to use it in secret. We don’t believe this powerful tool for self-knowledge should be kept secret. We believe all humans should have the opportunity to learn real astrology, for the outcome could lead to amazing advances in the world we share.

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