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Gemini in Love

Gemini in Love

“I Love Variety, Communication, and Networking”

The first secret to know about a Gemini in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Gemini person. Only someone with the planet Venus in Gemini will be a “Gemini in love.”

The Gemini lover is the charmer of the zodiac. They express affection verbally and cleverly, but they only feel it skin-deep. You may be tempted to believe one loves you because of how excited they get when you’re together, but they get just as excited when chasing a butterfly or ordering dinner. It’s hard to tell if one is sincerely interested in you because Venus in Gemini is talkative and friendly with everybody and their mother. Venus in Gemini is a kid at heart, completely at peace with lying if it suits them. Like children, they are also endlessly curious. They’re into everything (it’s been said that they have “a finger in every pie.”). The Gemini lover’s taste is always changing, and they have a constant need for new stimuli. The only thing that you can be sure of about your Gemini lover is that they will not be faithful in a traditional relationship. Monogamy is absolutely impossible for someone with Venus in Gemini. (If you happen to have Venus in Gemini and are claiming that you have been faithful in a relationship, please comment at the bottom of this article; we’d like to perform some tests on you, because you, dear, must be some sort of mutant.)

To be fair, the Gemini need for variety is not so much sexual as it is a need for mental stimulation. The Gemini lover thrives on new information. Gemini is the “net-worker” of the zodiac. They have a need to disseminate information and connect people. This is why they’re driven to talk to everyone, at the lunch counter, around town, on the street, and in bed. And they are good at it, too. They are never at a loss for words, having enviable verbal skills. They carry themselves uprightly in public, fitting right in to any social crowd. At parties, they are the center of every talk circle. They go home from a party knowing what everyone was talking about, wearing, and eating. And they took it all in within the first half hour of the party. It’s as if Venus in Gemini has a receptor antenna on top of one’s head, receiving all sorts of information. They are totally aware of the people in their environment. Not the feelings of people (like the water signs are) but rather the rational thoughts and ideas of people. Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox both have Venus in Gemini, as did President JFK.

The Gemini lover never really means any harm; these are not fighters like Aries, nor manipulators like Scorpio. They can’t understand why you’re upset that they left you home alone with your boring movie while they went to look for something more fun to do. They are sincerely confused when you get angry at them for forgetting your birthday. They want you to understand that the reason they forgot your birthday is because the lady at the lunch counter had the most interesting story to tell, so your Gemini lover never made it your house that night. They are like easily distracted children. And you always forgive them because they have the most charming smiles and always say the right words. They like to remain friends with all of their past lovers, they cannot bear to end friendships. Friendships mean more to them than romances.

They may like to talk during sex (although Mars in Gemini is more indicative of that). Actually, they may prefer to talk about sex rather than doing it. Unless, of course, it’s a threesome. They cannot turn down a threesome. Males with this placement may seem feminine at times, but this does not mean they are necessarily homosexual. Gemini is considered an asexual sign. They can feel intimately close with both sexes. But intimately close for a Gemini is always only skin-deep. Gemini intimacy is a friendly companionship of a detached nature, like an acquaintance. This is the most emotionally-detached sign of the zodiac.

If they love you, they’ll show it lightly and playfully; no heavy emotional displays or extravagant gifts. Theirs is not a passionate-type of love. There will be no deep bonding; they simply don’t have the time. This charming lover will pile on the flattering comments and witty conversation. They’ll court you by taking you to a movie, and they’ll want to discuss the movie afterward over dinner or coffee. Or they may prefer to skip the movie and jump right into the discussion. They’ll talk to you for hours. They are great conversationalists; they have a fundamental need to communicate everything. In the past, Venus in Gemini courted with charming, folded-paper messages and phone calls. Today, they’ll shower you with witty text messages and emails. They’ll take you to all the happening events, and they don’t mind if you invite extra friends to come along. The more the merrier for Venus in Gemini. At dance clubs, they have just as much fun chatting with the bartender, the DJ, the bouncer, and the bathroom attendant as they do dancing. When they have your head spinning from all the social entanglements and 100-mile-per-hour conversations, then it may be safe to guess that they’re interested in you. Enjoy it while you can because it will not last very long. They’ll move on to another flavor tomorrow.

On the positive side, the male Gemini lover is probably the only male in the zodiac that is not attracted to a person based on their looks. The Gemini lover is romantically attracted to brains. He wants a smart, intellectual lover who knows how to carry on a decent conversation. Sure, half-dressed, sexy women with cleavage may distract him for a moment, but he will not be romantically satisfied with such women. When it comes to physical appearance, Venus in Gemini is more attracted to a skinny, athletic-type than a rounded, full-figure woman. But regardless of looks, intelligence and quick wit is what turns them on.  Peppy, perky, outgoing and/or tomboyish types also turn them on.

How to Love Venus in Gemini

To make your Gemini lover feel loved, be a listener. They need immediate sounding boards for all of their thoughts. If you do this for them, they will feel very close to you. But you must also be talkative, or else they will get bored and leave you. Provide mental stimulation by asking them lots of questions about any subject. Be peppy and outgoing. They need variety, so be interesting. If you have a split personality, even better. To keep a Gemini happy you must allow them freedom to come and go as they please. If you try to cage them in at all, they will disappear. Never mention “commitment” or “marriage” because they will disappear. Don’t be boring, wanting to stay home all the time, because they will leave you. If you’re detecting a pattern here, pat yourself on the back. The Gemini lover is never a permanent lover; they will leave you. Gemini is the first air sign and, like air, comes and goes as it pleases. It’s not that they don’t love you. It’s simply that their need for variety and constant new stimuli inhibits their chances for a lasting relationship or for intimate bonding. If you provide enough freedom, mental stimulation, and forgiveness, your Gemini lover will always return to you after flying off for a bit. You must ask yourself if your nerves can handle that.

Note: Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will greatly alter your love style. Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life.

Written by Corrine Lane

Posted in Love and Relationships.

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176 thoughts on “Gemini in Love

  1. graeme on said:

    I am a gemini lover and I have never cheated on any partner I’ve been with. june 29, 1990 7:21am

    • Andressa on said:

      With both your Sun and Mars in Scorpio, you have to open yourself up to your deep and worepful feelings. However, with Venus in Libra, you love to feel beautiful, admired and have a strong sense of justice and fairness. His Libra qualities are more mental than your deep emotional nature. However, you can feel very sweet towards him. His Venus is in Scorpio, so he loves your intensity and will be a stronger verbal communicator than you. (You communicate by how you show your feelings.) Both of you are very social and very focused on each other’s reactions and responses. With his Mars in Libra, he enjoys being pursued, something you probably do well. You have to ask yourself, Does he push me beyond my limits? Scorpio usually needs a very intense and tranformative challange in life to feel really alive. Is that what he is interested in?

      • John D. on said:

        Sorry, but this article is a load of tripe.

        “Monogamy is absolutely impossible for someone with Venus in Gemini. (If you happen to have Venus in Gemini and are claiming that you have been faithful in a relationship, please comment at the bottom of this article; we’d like to perform some tests on you, because you, dear, must be some sort of mutant.)”

        Uh, no.

        There are plenty of people with Venus in Gemini who are faithful in relationships. You may want to reconsider that little declamation, as it constitutes gross misconstruency on your part.

        I suspect this was written either by A) A high school student B) Somebody new to astrology or C) Somebody who doesn’t understand or care about things like aspects, houses, and the like. But hey, that’s all right, keep it dumbed-down for the masses.

        Do carry on.

        • Astrology Library on said:

          Thanks for commenting. F.y.i. There’s a disclaimer on the sidebar of the page. This article is part of the “Blog” side, not the serious “Library” part of the site. The disclaimer on this page explains:

          Read this page with caution. The articles in the “Astrology Blog Articles” section of our site include zodiac stereotypes that may be offensive to some people. These articles are written with Sagittarian humor, exaggerating and skewing traits. No harm intended; puns, yes. If you don’t have a taste for sarcasm, please move over to the serious section of the site: the “Astrology Library“.

          As a matter of fact, this Astrology Blog section of the site is written specifically for people who who don’t know or “care about things like aspects, houses, and the like”. People who don’t care about those things are not, as you infer, ‘dumb’. This section takes a light-hearted, “baby-step” approach to introducing deeper aspects of astrology to people who may not otherwise come across such information. Not everything has to be serious. You are welcome to put up your own website with your own opinions. Or see our serious interpretation in the Library section: Venus in Gemini .

          Re: your final paragraph up there…Embarrassingly wrong on all 3 guesses.

          Re: your claim: “There are plenty of people with Venus in Gemini who are faithful in relationships.” I simply do not believe that. Faithful for a short time, maybe, but not for many years. In any case, the note at the end of the article reminds that, “Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.” I can see a person with Venus in Gemini conjunct say Saturn being faithful, possibly.

          Thank you for your stimulating comments.

    • inans on said:

      june 29 is cancer

      • sillyXD on said:

        Apparently it is also for people who don’t know anything about Sun signs either! LOL I have a Gemini Venus and Mars. No cheating and not many relationships. I also don’t like talking to random people. I have a Capricorn Rising. I have Leo Saturn in my 7th. Get the pattern? I’m very serious about Love. But one thing is right that I like my freedom, which I think is the problem behind people who cheat. But if you mature you realized that true love is the ultimate freedom, and if you love yourself you can never be in bondage.

    • I am a gemini lover (man). Can i be a loyal husband for my girlfriend, she is a gemini with venus in cancer(26mei1988,23:10) and i the man is Leo with venus in gemini (24 July 1969, 05:50), i hope i can get serious answer bout this because it will be my second marriage.
      bandung,west java, Indonesia.
      Thankyou very very much.

  2. James on said:

    I’m a Gemini Lover with Venus in Retrograde… Does that alter some of the qualities? And if so, what changes?

    • Astrology Library on said:

      With Venus Retrograde, you may be a tiny bit less social the regular Gemini Venus. Venus retrograde can make one reclusive, but Gemini can be overly outgoing; the combination may simply balance you out very nicely. You may be more sensitive than regular Gemini Venus. On the negative side, it can make you overly fearful of intimacy and love, since Gemini is already afraid of commitment and retrograde adds to that. Venus retrograde can make you focus on seeking the perfect love, something regular Venus in Gemini does not focus on. You may even have the possibility of being a faithful lover (?). Just beware of seeking unrealistic ideals in love (another symptom of Venus retrograde). But any alterations due to the retrograde will be minor compared to the alterations due to any strong aspects from the outer planets to Venus. A conjunction, square, or opposition from an outer planet to Venus really changes things up. Hope this helps.

      • Hey there, could you tell me about my signs/chart please? Born 30th July 1985 at 8am in Kathmandu Nepal. I have Gemini venus but I can be kinda reclusive and picky and when it comes to r’ships I only ever want to date scorpio as they match my intensity and need for complete one on one soul bonding…stuff. Do I have water in my chart or something? Also I have a very high libido and Scorpiosmatch that. Only like sex with one Imimportant person though….I’m sooo curious pls tell me about me thanks.

  3. ruby on said:

    my husband has venus in gemini and a cancer sun…does this apply to him too?im taurus with venus in aries…

  4. Kim t on said:

    I’m a Venus in Gemini and a Sun I cancer. In some cases it can get more complicated than that because cancers know what it’s like to be jealous so it doesnt always turn us off. I am capable of being faithful and I don’t like when others are unfaithful. For the most part everything else is true.

  5. Lauren on said:

    I have gemini in venus, and I actually think that is exactly how I am when it comes to the opposite sex. My guy friends are always telling me that I’m a tease, but in reality, my intentions aren’t to mislead. In fact, a lot of times I don’t realize that I might be teasing them, because to me, I’m just being nice, because I really am nice to everyone. And I really do hardly pay attention to a guys looks. I mean, their look does help some, but I do get turned on with someone who stimulates my mind, and of course, they gotta make me laugh.
    However, if there is any truth to this, I am a little saddened after reading this to know that I could cheat on someone. My sun sign is actually a Taurus, so cheating would be going completely against what I truly believe inside. Never in my life would I ever want to cheat on someone! I just always imagined a nice, solid relationship, not me sneaking around. I hope I don’t cheat.

  6. nurzat on said:

    how to know if u r venus gemini..i was born 11th june 1984?which type of gemini am I?thank you

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Hi, thanks for commenting. A quick look a your chart shows that you have Sun, Venus, Mercury, Chiron, and North Node in Gemini. That’s a lot of Gemini; you’re probably tons of fun to be around. However, you’ve got a trine from Pluto to these planets and you have Moon in Scorpio. I bet this gives you an almost perfect balance of deep intensity to counteract the light-heartedness of Gemini. If you’re a male, you will probably prefer to settle with a serious Scorpio type because of your moon, and you can be extremely loyal and faithful. If you’re a female, a loose, Gemini style of love may prevail out of habit, although you may long for faithfulness deep down.

      • nurzat on said:

        aww, thank you so much..exactly, I was always in trouble to understand myself as being Gemini, now things are more than clear! Yes, I am female Gemini, always was attracted to Scorpio’s. where I can find more books or articles?!Love this webpage.Thank you

  7. I’m a Venus in Gemini but my Sun is in Cancer and Moon in Taurus and I DO CARE about my will-be boyfriend’s looks, he should be intellectually stimulating and pleasing to my eyes, when I say pleasing, super cute and handsome to my taste. I like a smart guy who have a lot of things to say about diff topics in general.
    I may kiss somebody else while in a relationship but I don’t think it’s cheating when my I don’t feel anything for the person, I’m still gonna come home to my bf.
    I like a little bit of jealousy but I don’t want anyone to control me.

    • John D. on said:

      1. Yes, kissing someone else when you’re in a relationship is cheating, unless you have what’s called an “open relationship.”

      It doesn’t matter one bit whether you “feel” anything for the person or not.

      You’ll understand when you grow up.

      2. Taurus and Cancer (I am a Taurus and my girlfriend is a Cancer) are both VERY drawn to beautiful things. They are sensual signs, and that sensuality includes visual stimuli, like paintings, art, and attractive people. That’s where your current obsession with having a ‘super cute’ boyfriend comes from. Fortunately for you, you’ll eventually grow (mostly) out of it. All Cancers and Taureans do.

      • Good point. I just thought kissing while in a relationship isnt gonna be cheating though but I havent tried it. I’m fickle minded and just collect friends who can be potential bfs and maybe flirt with words (Venus Gemini loves that) But I’m sure Im capable of loyalty as long as I receive the love and attention I deserve.
        I still want them to be pleasing to my eyes. Chemistry.

  8. My problem is even though my venus is gemini and i was faithful to my loved ones but they always betrayed me … i don’t know what happened with my natal or not compatibility with my ex.

  9. Janice on said:

    Hi I am get confused of this, I was born on May 23, 1986 and what kind of Gemini planets that I belong. Thank you.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Hi Janice. A quick look at your birth chart reveals that you have Sun, Mercury, and Chiron in Gemini. However you have Moon in Scorpio, and Venus in Cancer. Your Venus is receiving a nice flow of energy from Pluto in Scorpio (and Pluto also rules Scorpio). This means you have a ton of water energy, not your typical Gemini. You are deep, thoughtful, caring and can be extremely loyal and intense because your Scorpio influences. You’re still an intelligent Gemini, but with the added loyalty and intensity of Scorpio. Since you have Venus in Cancer, check out the article Cancer in Love. Hope it helps. Thanks for commenting.

      • Hi thank you very I understand already,it is very helpful..I am a Gemini my bf is Scorpio we are already 5 years in relationship but the problem I am very distance of him, as I am here in overseas working. our communications by talking over the phone and on the net..but before I came in the overseas we have both promise to each other that whatever,wherever,and whenever,I will be back for him and he will be waiting for me..and everything’s good between of us..we never have an argue,we only laughing and talking a different jokes over the phone,he is ready to wait for me anytime..and then he asks me when I come to my country home he ask me to get married of him so I am really agree about of his decisions..I am always loyal to him whatever helps he asks me..we are both deeply in love to each other,and also he is my first love..thank you..

        • wow, what about someone born on Jun, 10 1989? he is a gemini and I’m a scorpion (Oct, 30 1990) can you explain that we been together for 4 years, our signs describe us like the worse match.

  10. Hi,

    Nice article. I agree with most of the things said here except for the cheating part. I have Venus in Gemini and also Mars and Jupiter. Many times I’ve found handsome guys to be very repelling to me because they could not keep an interesting conversation and vice versa, that I was attracted to physically unattractive but great conversationalists. But I’ve never cheated on someone and I do not think I will ever be able to do that.I love variety and stimulating conversations and my greatest fear towards marriage is getting trapped into a boring, routine one. So I’m hesitant to jump into relationships and I’m very picky, to the point that I would rather be alone than with someone I do not feel to have a complete “click”. I have Sun in Leo and Pluto in 5th house. Could it be because of these?

    Thank you.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, Pluto in the 5th house definitely adds a Scorpio-type (Pluto) loyalty to your romantic style (5th house). Any Scorpio-type influence is always a wonderful balance for Gemini flightiness. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in Gemini make you amazingly interesting and fun to be with, while the Scorpio-type influence from Pluto in the 5th gives more depth to your love-style than regular Gemini lovers’. Also, any strong aspects to your Venus have something to say about this, as well as which house Venus is in.

      A side note:
      Pluto in the 5th – possible power struggles or control issues in the romance realm (5th house). With Pluto in the 5th, you will experience depth in your love affairs, even if your Gemini Venus doesn’t enjoy it. It’s interesting that you mention a fear of getting “trapped,” because the 1st thing that comes to mind when I think about Pluto in the 5th is that you may feel trapped in some romantic affair. Pluto can make us feel trapped or violated. But only for a period time, until you become empowered and gain control over all 5th house matters. Pluto, in the end, empowers us (but only after it drags us through the dirt). Good luck to you. :)

      • Thank you for your reply–it explained many things. And I really need some good luck since I’ve never had luck with love and relationships :( My Venus is in first house conjunct with Jupiter (less than 3 degrees apart), no other major aspect.

        • Mehmet on said:

          I’m a Scorpio Venus, so this caught my eye. Based on my cpneriexee and observing other Scorpio Venuses (I do know quite a few of them well enough) I do agree on Scorpio Venus being intense in their relationships. We need to have a deep, emotional connection with our partners. So, for us it’s either that or nothing. Where I strongly disagree is that we TEND willingly choose wrong people who we can safely discard, people who are unavailable or who will ultimately disappoint them . It may happen in certain situations, for instance, when we’re on rebound. But basicly, having such deep and strong love feelings, most of will gladly do without the hell and back relationships. And since I know many Scorpio Venuses who got married in a very young age, and are still happily married after 20, 30 or 50 years, I think many of us actually may have special instinct in finding the Right One .

  11. Sofia on said:

    I’m a Venus in Gemini. I never cheated my whole life and I do want to be in a committed relationship, but it seems like everyone’s either not romantically interested in me or only playing with me, or perhaps I didn’t notice if they are flirting with me coz I’m too busy chatting away.. (30 June 1987, 8.29am, 101e42, 3n10)

  12. I am a venus gemini and have never been unfaithful physically ……my sun is in cancer and moon in taurus, which may just filter all feelings of lust and longing into dreams, wishes and emotional affairs….

  13. I am a venus gemini and have never been unfaithful physically…..I am cancer with a moon in taurus, which may filter all my feelings of lust and longing into dreams, wishes and emotional/intellectual affairs.

  14. elise on said:

    I am a gem venus.. but my sun is taurus.. moon is pisces.. merc is gem.. mars is aquarius.. n jup is taurus..
    i am very faithfull when it comes to a serious relationship.. i am capable of talking to a few guys at once but when i commit i am very loyal.. on another note.. i had a question.. i am not a conversationalist at all.. i am very friendly n social but i have to feel comfortable with you.. i would evn consider mysrlf shy.. could that be because of my sun sign.. its almost annoying because in relationships i need conversation to be smoothe but i dnt feel like im good at it.. any comments??

    • Astrology Library on said:

      To be exact, I would have to see your chart (like, what’s your Rising Sign?). But from the info you’ve given, I would say that it’s definitely due to Moon in Pisces, hands down. Moon in Pisces can make you shy, helpful, sweet, lovely, but unfortunately, can also make you think inaccurately less of yourself. Venus and Mercury in Gemini prove you have excellent communication skills. And your Venus in Gemini says you desire a social, talkative romance. But your Pisces Moon means you need, above all, some lonely, quiet time. You need your own little quiet escape from everyone just for your own well-being, but this is separate from your love needs.

      Your Moon and Venus signs make a sharp contrast. But you can try to satisfy both by remembering: Our Moon sign represents needs we have just for ourselves to feel whole. There is nothing romantic about satisfying our Moon sign needs. But only after our moon sign is satisfied, then are we free to love with our Venus sign. The best bet for you is to find a partner who also has an air/water sign mix.

      • Almost Gothic on said:

        I guess the moral to the Venus in Gemini is that the more earth(Taurus) and water( Scorpio) the more faithful they are. i know a woman who is a Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon Gemini Venus and I can’t imagine her cheating on her husband. Maybe her husband will cheat on her(Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Venus)

  15. Please consider that the natal chart can be read from the personality-centered perspective (traditional exoteric astrology, as seen here)or the Soul-centered perspective (esoteric astrology). The former asks how the planets influence the personality; the latter asks how the Soul, operating through the personality, may use the energies and forces of the planets to harmoniously serve the greater whole.

    From Alan Oken’s book, Soul-Centered Astrology (based on the book, Esoteric Astrology, by Alice A. Bailey):

    “In the life of a fully Soul-centered being, Venus in [Gemini] gives one the understanding of the spiritual purpose behind any relationship. On the personality level, Venus in Gemini frequently indicates two diametrically opposed relationships simultaneously occurring in a person’s life. [S/he] is often caught in a difficult duality: ‘How can I have both? Which one do I choose?’. The Higher Mind will always choose *both*, and then *blend* them into a harmonious third, capable of increased creative activity and love. This is the secret of synthesis, and synthesis is the Soul’s process of growth.”

    With this in mind, I invite you to perform all the tests you like! You are not far off to say that one has mutated if not expressing infidelity in one’s relationships; the mutation (change) is from personality-centered expression to Soul-centered expression, and in this respect, IMHO, Venus in Gemini is a very faithful position to have.

    With appreciation for the opportunity to share thoughts,

    T (Venus in Gemini)

    • Astrology Library on said:

      What a joy to remember that each of the signs has a positive outlet, even Venus in Gemini. Thanks for your pertinent and refreshing comments.

  16. hi great article most is true about me im a female born july 1 1998 so what does this say about me

  17. Hi there I was hoping 2 get some input from you about my compatibilty with some1….my sun: cancer moon:pisces venus:gemini…his sun:aquarius, moon:pisces, venus: aquarius. I was reading up onhis sun sign which lead me 2 your page. I’m interested to hear any insight you may have because I’m new to aquarians.

    Thank you very much :)

  18. I’m a Cancer girl
    Venus in Gemini
    Ascendent in Capricorn
    Midheaven in Scorpio
    June 28, 1995

    I have never cheated on any of my ex boyfriends
    Sure I might of been like “oh that guy is hot”
    But in the end, I always remain faithful.
    Though, my first time breaking up with a guy was because he was too quiet and shy. It bored me. I also hate being clinged onto for a long time.
    Like being hug for a long time. Or messaging me all the time. In other words, I hate needy guys. ><
    My life is full of contradictions

  19. Not passionate? Not monogamous? Taurus sun, virgo moon and mars, leo rising and gemini venus. We are very much capable of long-term relationships, thank you.

    • John D. on said:

      Thank you Nina.

      It’s nice to see some people with a grasp on reality posting comments here. I was beginning to think I was the only one…

  20. I’m Gemini and I don’t agree with a lot of things said here. When I’m in love it runs skin deep, the only reason I will cheat is if I feel my partner is not putting in enough in the relationship, I need to feel loved no matter what and I will never look elsewhere.
    At parties I don’t care what anyone is wearing, I would only talk or gossip about it if someone looks ridiculous and if the person deserves it.
    Maybe I’m a mutant as u said, I’m in no way attracted to looks and am a girl, I look deep, I always see the good qualities in people even if everyone does not, I have never experienced love at first site, to me it does not exist.
    When out on a movie night, I find it hard to talk about the movie afterwards, I don’t like crowds, unless they are all very close friends who I feel comfortable with.
    All in all somethings are true, I talk a lot but most people don’t know n I do get bored very fast

  21. I find it hard to attract good man in my life I can talk a lot but I need to trust first…I think I am really sexual too but don’t show it on public or talk about it…I am attracted to a taurus sun man that has HIS venus in gemini …MY mars is in taurus and venus in gemini..also MY moon is in capricorn..the problem is he has a gemini girlfriend that is not good looking IMO I am really cute , smart and funny but can’t seem to expressed as I am really shy…when will I ever get in a good relationship like this other extroverted gemini??? why all my past relationships have been bad even abusive ones?? I am scared because love is important to me but feel really unlucky and I don’t know why…

  22. I have venus and rising sun in gemini, my sun sign in taurus. In long relationships i never cheat. In between relationships i am very light hearthed, but when i commit i am faithfull until the end. If the relationship is boring i cannot stand it. I need stimulation and fun and variety.

  23. I disagree with practically everything in this post. My Venus is Gemini, moon is Taurus, sun is Aries, rising is Sagittarius. I do not believe in cheating! I feel that if you entertain the thought of cheating its time to fix things or walk away.

    • I am a monogamous creature and have loved one person at a time my whole life. Married 14 years. I love deeply and wish I could get over it much faster when it doesn’t work out because when I fall I fall so hard and deep. My Mars and venus are conjunct (orb 0) in Gemini on my IC. Sun Taurus. Moon Leo. Pisces rising. I could relate to all this article in so far as I talk to everyone anywhere and love people and lots of them. But it’s not like that at all once I commit to a lover. Once I commit I am very much the quintessential Taurus in love.

      • John D. on said:

        Well said Sonia.

        That whole “It is impossible for a Gemini venus to be monogamous” thing is really, really amateurish.

        And this…”there will be no deep bonding; they simply don’t have the time.”

        To the author: all kidding aside, seriously… are you for real???

        • Astrology Library on said:

          I am for real. There is nothing wrong with the fact that they’re not into deep/emotional bonding. Nothing wrong with their constant need for variety (lack of monogamy). They are people-networkers. I find something to appreciate about all 12 signs, and I have no problem calling them what they are. Why would you study astrology if you don’t accept that astrology “labels” have some truth to them because the repeated observations of the same outcomes for many, many years testify to their validity. Are you insinuating that Venus in Gemini is faithful and deep in love relationships? 97% no. Pat yourself on the back, John D., if you’re in the 3% percent. I meant no real offense by the “mutant” thing.

          • John D. on said:

            I am insinuating that the sign one’s Venus is in is not nearly enough to determine whether or not they will be faithful in a relationship.

            It’s much, much more complex than that.

            The energies of All planets (and the signs/houses they occupy) in a person’s natal chart are modulated and affected by all the other planets and their positions.

            The aspects one’s planets make to each other – both in your own natal chart and in your synastry with another’s natal chart – also affect the expression of those planets and their energies.

            Ditto for your North node, Midheaven, etc.

            Astrologers rarely look only to the planets to determine one’s relationship ‘style,’ except perhaps for the the Sun signs between two people and whether they are Trine, Sextile, etc. But even that will not tell the whole story.

            A person with an afflicted Venus in their natal chart, for example, may have problems with relationships regardless of the sign the planet falls in. But Venus is far from the only planet whose aspects we must look at.

            Also, two individuals with incompatible Sun signs (or Venus signs) could very well have excellent overall synastry otherwise, once their entire chart is plotted… giving them an excellent chance at compatibility.

            To only go by the sign that any individual planet occupies will give only the most generic, basic and bare-bones suggestion of how that planet’s energy *might* be expressed; but it would be like trying to figure out what flavor of layer cake you’re baking when the only ingredient you actually have is a cup of sugar.

    • Aries goes well with gemini! I’m an Aries and I’ve always enjoyed Gemini men.

  24. Clarina on said:

    I am a Venus in Gemini and sun in Gemini with moon in cancer and libra rising. I feel like there’s a lot of emotions involved with my love relationships. When I first meet a guy I’m really into him but as soon as things settle I get bored. It if the guy is mean I get really jealous. I don’t understand this. I used to be good with relationships and then as I got older I started cheating on my boyfriends. Now I’m sleeping with a guy who is Venus in sagitarrius and sun in libra. He is very indecisive but is also respectful of me. Although we had a rocky start with my jealousy knowing he was going to sleep with other women, we’ve reconciled and have the best relationship ever now even though we’re not involved. We’ve admitted to how we are in our love lives and how much it scares us. It also feels liberating to share this same thing with someone else. Although I do want something more with him I’m afraid we’ll get bored of each other.

  25. This is a very good article. One of my close friends has Venus in Gemini. He has very similar qualities as explained in this article. Also he has Rahu in Gemini (Venus and Rahu in the 7th house “Gemini”). Shani in Capricorn (2nd). Kethu in Sagitturius (1st). Mercury and Sun in Cancer (8th). Mars in Virgo(10th). Please explain how the results of this Venus in Gemini in his marriage and romantic relationships. More than one marriage? or various relationships?

  26. Leslie on said:

    How would I know which type of Gemini that I am? I was born on June 10, 1985.

    How would I know which type of Gemini that my boyfriend is? He was born on May 31, 1976.

  27. cusp of magic>>venus in gemini on said:

    I ve read the post and all the comments. I am a cancer on the gemini cusp, sag rising, venus moon and mercury and gemini…I feel VERY deeply. I can analyze away my feelings but the more honest I become with myself the more I am able to feel my feelings honestly while knowing I have a choice in how to react. I think with both Geminis and Cancers we are very misunderstood. taken as fickle or moody and me having 3 signs in both…and devoted to spiritual growth…I can say I am Alert to many things and factors others don’t pick up on. I am PICKY with who I enter relationships (trust) with, but bc of past latent insecurities… I was looking for Big displays of affection and love (of course not too clingy tho) from very “grounded/stern” men to be a sign that this was the One…to see their walls fall made me feel I must be special to them. I am rather “deep”, affectionate, curious, exploratory, and loyal to those who are honest,open, and communicative with me. I despise cheating, but will be attracted emotionally to others(maybe it would be better if that were only skin deep but its not) when I don’t feel 100% accepted and loved unconditionally by my boyfriend. I feel I am “special” and Im aware we all are…but I hate to be treated like “everyone else”>> just being honest :_

  28. I was born on June 20 (very Venus?).

    This is SO spot on for who I am! I get bored in every relationship I become involved in. Sometimes it lasts a year, but mostly just a few weeks. I almost feel obliged to enter into some of them? The relationships that last a while, become great friends to me and me to them. I maintain a constant connection with them all, especially when I need advice. I value them all heavily…. But I crave a girl who stimulates and grounds me! Understands why i’m abstract in a form I believe is ‘pure’ and appreciative of life itself. What sign is most likely to give me the committed, yet free spirit and stimulated approach to life I value so heavily?

    Great article, harsh in some area’s which is what I loved so much about it! Thanks, Luke.

    • John D. on said:

      That is possibly because you’re a Gemini Sun (rather than just a Gemini Venus); but it’s also probably due to a lot of other factors as well – it would be interesting if you could list your natal chart and its aspects.

  29. GeminiVenus-CapMoon on said:

    I’m a venus in gemini and have never strayed. I have a Gemini sun & Cancer mars but I think this attribute to stay loyal/fixed is my Capricorn Moon.

    My moon sign seems to overshadow a lot of my Gemini traits (June 13th, 1987)

  30. lorigen on said:

    am sun in taurus,moon in aquarius,mercury in taurus,venus in gemini,mars in virgo,,my boyfriend sun in gemini,moon scorpio,mercury gemini,venus leo,mars aries,,pleasecan u tel me uf we are compitable….before am a cheater but when i found him i cant cheat anymore i want him i dont know why can explain please

  31. Fenyx on said:

    Very interesting article. I do agree with needing variety and having a stimulating convo; keep things interesting. But, I’ve always been the faithful type. This may have to do with having a Sun, Moon and Mars all in Cancer though. lol! As I get older, I also notice that the way I talk with people seems like I’m flirting when really I’m just being my loony self. What do you think is the best match for a lady-loving lady such as myself? I really want to find my Mrs. Right.

  32. Selma on said:

    Hello everyone, well this is certainly an interesting read but I bet I will be that challenge you have been waiting for :)
    I am nine years together with my now husband and I started dating him when I was 17 yrs old. I mean that is really young and we are very commited to each other and extremely faithful. I was a bit undecisive with boyfriends before him but I have never thought of another man ever since I started going out with him. I have not forced myself not to look or think of others, it is just that my husband is the most interesting person in the world to me.
    If you have the time or interest to analize us, I was born on 02.July 1987. at 02.00 AM in Sarajevo while my husband was born on 14.03.1986. at 14.10 that is 02.10 PM also in Sarajevo.

    • Still no reply after all this time and yup – husband and I have celebrated a decade being together! No drama, nothing – you got it all wrong people, Venus in Gemini means nothing, nada! 😉

      • Exactly.

        At the most, it can indicate what attracts a person to others, but that’s about it.

        On its own, it reveals nothing about a person’s ability to be faithful.

        Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada.

        Thank you for coming back and posting again :) :) :)

  33. Todd on said:


    I have a quick question concerning the planets that are associated with me, from the date I was born. My birthdate is June 3rd 1991, and I am obviously a Gemini. I fell in love with a scorpio and would love to know if you think this would be a good match. I am aware of Scorpios deep feelings and intense emotions. Typically Gemini’s aren’t very compatible, yet I seek an intese emotional and mental connection. I t would be so helpful if you can shine some light on this topic. Thank you in advance.


  34. Genitt on said:

    I’m a Gemini Sun AND Venus, with my Mars in Aries I might add, and yet even the idea of cheating has never even crossed my mind. Now I don’t date, part of me finds love to be a lie embraced only by feeble minded humans in order to ensure the continuation of our species. However, infidelity in general makes me absolutely sick… Maybe it’s my Taurus Ascendant/Scorpio Descendent or Moon in Virgo, but whatever it may be, one thing is for sure, I don’t date because I don’t trust people to be faithful, I never take anyone seriously, I love being free and doing my own thing, but you better believe if I chose to ever date someone, I would have to be madly in love with them and trust them fully, because I believe that if you truly love someone, you wouldn’t even be able to cheat, because you couldn’t have eyes for anyone else that isn’t the person your with… If I commit to someone, which I hope to never do because I honestly don’t think anyone is worthy it, my mind body heart and soul, would never be mine again.

  35. Alisha on said:

    Hi I am a Taurus with a Venus in Gemini and moon in Sagittarius my birthdate is may 1st 1991. I’ve never cheated but am faithful yet only my sign is fixed how come?

  36. Venus in Gemini: everything was absolutely right in my case! However, I do wonder if I stand a chance at deeper long lasting (ever lasting!) love… I was born April 14th,1983, 16:45h in Spain. Is there any hope for that, or should I just assume I’m this? Thanks :)

  37. geminigirl on said:

    Well, I am a Gemini female and though I have only ever been with one man sexually — the man who incidentally has been my husband for some 10 years, I have to admit thoughts of infidelity have been there and it seems sometimes opportunities to cheat arise nearly daily. Charming is a word often used to describe me and though I sincerely guard myself, analyzing my intentions when I joke with those of the opposite sex, yeah, I would say to a degree the desire, or the thought of cheating is often there. Not because I want to be unfaithful or do not love my husband, for indeed I do quite dearly. It is for that reason I spend so much time analyzing my every action. It is exhausting though. I live and work in a very people oriented environment where socializing and networking are key to my success. As such, you can only imagine the number of temptations that come along. Articles like these help me to remember perhaps I am not so bad after all. Though I’ve no intention of ever cheating, it helps to know perhaps some of my inner thoughts and desires are not an indicator that I’m just “bad” but it is a part of what makes me who I am. Either way, we all have choice in life and in cases like mine, I suppose self control is paramount if I intend to remain faithfully married for life.

    • John D. on said:

      You refer to yourself as a “Gemini female.” I’m assuming this means your Sun sign is Gemini.

      Having your Sun in Gemini is not the same as having your Venus in Gemini, which is what this article is about. They are two very, very different things.

      The implication here is that having Venus in Gemini automatically makes someone incapable of loyalty or fidelity.

      Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing.

  38. I’m a Leo, with Libra Asc and Venus in Gemini. I’ve never in my life cheated in a relationship. I have left Men, once I’ve got interested in another Man, but never pursued another Man while I was in a relationship, I would always break up with the other person first! I thinks it’s better to say, the Gemini lover has the tendency to loose interest in traditional relationships instead of suggesting we’re all cheaters!
    I also would totally never be involved in a three some! I don’t like to share, especially lovers!
    I really enjoyed the article though, and could relate to most of it!

  39. Moon girl on said:

    I have Venus in Gemini. I’m extremely faithful to all my love relationships. I have Sun, Mars, Mercury in Cancer. Sagi rising and scorpio moon.

  40. Anna Reyes on said:

    New to astrology. Not sure how this works, but I’m a Gemini born in June 7, 1984. What does that make me? Can someone describe the planets part because I don’t understand that.

    As for being faithful, I am only if I can actually find the one. But hard to find that person.

  41. scorpion lover on said:

    My boyfriend is a Taurus with mars in Auquarius, venus in Gemini. Oh heck. I might as well state his birthdate which is 25 April 1988. When I first saw him, I mistook him for a Piscean or a Cancerian cos he looked so sensitive. & he could not look me into the eye and kept avoiding my gaze.. He is very sweet, romantic and all but sometimes he seems so aloof and I feel like he’s hiding a lot from me. One moment he’s sending me all these sweet nothing texts and dedicating songs, the next moment he’s lost. Maybe it’s my Scorpio? Please give me some insight on this as I’m still new to astrology. Is he the faithful type? I love him but I really can’t stand liars and cheaters. I don’t want my heart to be broken again.

  42. I have Venus AND Mars in Gemini and have been faithful in relationships – thought I’ve been accused of being unfaithful (ironically, by an ex with Mars in Gemini who tried to prevent me from being alone long enough to be unfaithful). Monogamy is possible for us. It also depends on one’s definition of “faithful”. 😉 I’ve met people and dated them at the same time, but I don’t have sex with more than one person at the same time.

  43. Mo Mo the clown on said:

    True! all of it! I’m a Venus in Gemini and I will cheeeattt oonnn yoouuu…and not even feel bad. sad but true.

  44. I am Gemini male born on 26th may 1974 (10.20pm) and my gf’s birthdate is 26th may 1992. Is it dangerous. Please tell me something.

  45. most of the above seems true.. well i never had a relationship that lasts more than 3 months, all of them lasted 3-4 weeks so i never had any time to cheat except one time.

  46. nachela on said:

    I am a Gemini Birthday June 9, 1993 tell me something

  47. dereck on said:

    Very good article! I am a Venus in Gemini, Sun Taurus, Capricorn Rising, both Moon & Mars Leo, Mercury Aries , found its impossible for me to maintain just one relationship at a time, preferred to have 2 different relationships at the same time. I don’t feel bad at all, because I take every relationship seriously, is there anything I can do to be faithful? it’s not bothering me at all, but, most ppls think it’s wrong.

  48. I have venus in gemini, cancer sun and sagittarius ascendant. And aries moon. And I am very faithful and serious when it comes to relationships.

  49. Kellz on said:

    Hey… I’m a Gemini born on june 11 1978. I don’t know my planetarian signs and I read your article. Basically you saying geminis suck. I will say i’m attracted to female that are witty intellectual an unorthodox thinkers. But I’m not out there trying to get every woman. I like the fact that I am a little detached. So I can reflect. Fickle, yes!.. if I’m unsure about a person intentions… You can’t trust everyone one with your heart! Think that goes for any sign. I’m not going to have a conversation about their intentions. I don’t have time for that. Here’s another reason why I leave, because they paint this picture of themselves being one thing an clearly they’re not.They become transparent. But we get blamed for it. And yes I lie. To the people I care about. Our if the understanding is to complicated to understand( white lies.) Because I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I can be a bit blunt. When it comes to things I care about. So, help me out here. what are my planetarian sign and my characteristics about? I must add. I think about family and love a lot. Probably a little bit too much.

  50. I am a cancer man, moon in aries, venus in gemini, mars in taurus (loose conjunction with my venus), ascendant in virgo.

    I can relate to a lot of these things that you said like attraction to many, tom-boyish women (who were always gay), loves conversation, wit and inteligent over looks, fear of emmeshment, but again, I have never cheated.

    But there was a lot here I could relate to.

  51. Cleopatra on said:

    No, no, no. I disagree on almost everything. Might be because I’m a taurus moon and mercury, also scorpio ascendant. Sun and mars aries.
    I can say that I’m really flirtatious though, I’ll give you that.. but. No. Attracted to intelligence, totally, but talking rather than sex? Nah. And I’d never cheat, I feel offended. Faithful is like a big personality trait in me.
    I love staying home. Love is something I want to last, it’s fun and if it’s not deep, then I might as well die.
    /Venus gemini 7th house

  52. jessie on said:

    july 26 1988 6:23pm eastern

    I haven’t cheated on anyone since I was 18, and I beat myself up for over a year after the fact. I’ll admit to enjoying joking around and being flirtatious with some people, but it really is just that.

  53. Liz on said:

    I am a 4x gemini (sun, venus, mercury, and I forgot which other) and my moon is in cancer and mars in pisces. Yes I used to cheat until I was 32 or so. Once I felled in love with a Scorpio, I was totally loyal and faithful. I never ever cheated on him though he broke up with me about 5x in 3 years and I had dalliances in between (I was single). He now has someone and called me to tell me because he cares. I become very emotional with each and every breakup which is very different than how I was before I hit 32. So you are hearing from a Gemini who did not cheat (at least with the scorpio).

  54. Lou1 on said:

    I was born 4th july 1980 can you tell me something pls?

  55. Wtf? Lol it’s taking a Gemini stereotype and saying it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be monogamous because your Venus is in Gemini? I was in a 9 year monogamous relationship and never once cheated…so….this is wrong lol. I’m a Cancer sun/Libra Moon.

  56. Also need to reply to this: “Theirs is not a passionate-type of love. There will be no deep bonding; they simply don’t have the time.”….what?? I live for deep bonding. If it isn’t passionate and deep and meaningful, I don’t even bother. I’m the furthest from shallow in relationships. It’s all or nothing with me.

  57. Shauna on said:

    I happen to be a Gemini Sun, Leo Rising, with Venus in Gemini (Gemini in Love) and I agree with everything described in the article except not being monogomous. I am actually FIERCELY loyal when in a relationship. When I date, yes I like variety but once I find someone I think is special and especially once I get physical with them, I am theirs only :)

    • Shauna on said:

      Also, I want to add that I am very emotionally attached to people whether it’s with friendship, family, or significant other. I shower with affection (verbal and physical), gifts, and good gestures. Maybe it has something to do with my Leo rising?

      • I’m a Cancer Sun with Leo Rising and Venus in Gemini, and I feel the same way! I think our Leo rising does affect our personality and how we interact, but our Moon sign has a lot to do with our relationships because it’s our emotional nature. My moon is in Libra and one of the things I read across the board for libra moon is their need for companionship. Your moon sign could be balancing out the Gemini sun/venus traits.

    • John D. on said:

      Thank you for posting this! I’m loving all these real-world testimonials that are proving my point :)

  58. I’m seeing a guy with sun, ascendant,venus in gemini, moon in libra and mars and Jupiter in cancer. His mercury is in Aries and Saturn in capricorn. Can someone assess this birth chart?

    • May–my favorite book so far that goes through each planet and what your sign in that planet means is one called ‘Breakthrough Astrology’. I actually bought it used on Amazon for a good price and it’s been my favorite go-to book to look up each thing I want to know and it’s super easy to read even if you’re a beginner. ‘The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need’ is another one that’s really popular but I actually prefer the analysis in ‘Breakthrough Astrology’–it feels more in depth to me and the descriptions it gives feel less cliche.

      Also, I highly recommend going here and where it says “Planets in Signs” just go through and see what it says about each of his. There’s so much good info there! If you haven’t been there, that website is a great start.

  59. Kinkin on said:

    I have Venus in Gemini but because of my Cancer Sun and Virgo Moon, i do commit to relationships BUT i like to verbally ignore the fact that i’m committed. Like, everytime i have to admit being exclusive with someone, I cringe on the inside. And to be honest, i do engage in infidel behavior but definitely never cheating, just a lot of flirting with alot of people keeps me in check with my main guy. Also, whenever i feel myself falling in love, i usually try to escape the situation with a guy or begin talking negatively about him, not to be mean, but to remind myself that he isn’t as perfect as my heart think he is and in fact he is replaceable. Though, with my new Scorpio guy, i have found that he is perfect for me, because of his Scorpio influences, he remains completely committed to me and it is understood from a deeper level so no need for verbal gratification, also he has mars and moon in sagittarius, which gives me allll the space i need ^_^ I’m afraid though when i do fall hard for him, i don’t want to skip out on him like i usually do, because he’s so great to me…

    • Wow! Kinkin even I have heavy scorpio influence in my chart-mars, Pluto and asc… And yes I hope my guy too finds the stability he craves so bad.

      Good luck to you and your guy;)

  60. Illbedamned on said:

    Hi I have Venus in Gem, Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon, Sag Asc, Merc in Cancer. If I commit to someone, I NEVER stray. Although when I was single, I had an affair with a married woman. Guess that could be considered cheating. While I do seek out great looking women, if there is no apparent intellect behind her looks, its over before it even starts. When not in a serious relationship, I do have a tendency to “juggle” 3-4 girls at a time. It keeps it fun and interesting. Ultimately would love to settle with a special one though… i think.

    • John D. on said:

      Getting involved with someone else who’s already taken is cheating on their part, not yours. It’s not your problem to worry about.

    • Illbedamned on said:

      Update 6/7/15 – I guess it is true : Venus in Gemini can NOT be faithful. Made it all through my teens and twenties faithful and now at the ripe age of 34 I have cheated on my girlfriend. I am noticing the older I get the more I feel the Venus in Gemini. Not sure why I cheated but I more and more I dislike the feeling of being tied down/committed. While most of my peers are settled down and starting families I’m feeling like marriage isn’t something I would even consider for a good 10 years. Strange – but I love my freedom and variety in relationships. : )

      • John D. on said:

        Don’t discount the effect of your Sagittarius rising. There was a time when astrologers considered your rising sign to be more important than your sun sign.

        Sag men, in particular, aren’t known for embracing monogamy or liking to be tied down. This also holds true, to an extent, for Sag women… ask me how I know :\

  61. Thank you a lot Kay. I checked it out and it definitely shed some light on my man. He’s a gemini sun conjunction Venus, highly popular, witty, intelligent and a charmer but there are moments when his cancer mars shows through… He gets all emotional and tells me he needs hugs and cuddles at 2am on a bad day! He’s also a bit of a momma’s boy, very protective of his family and highly desirous of their happiness at the cost of his own.thats what I admired in him- a selfless soul. While his Venus shows, that a thoughtful and interesting conversation stirs him up, he also craves loyalty and security in a partner. He does throw temper tantrums like a baby, but I can get a hold of him, he needs assurance,a faithful companion no matter how big of a flirt he may seem! Also, mars in cancer is a fall, so they need security big time! I believe it all depends on communication and the desire to stay together that really matters in the end
    sorry, for the rant…but venus in gemini can be faithful too… Depends on the person, his family background, culture, surrounding etc!

    Good luck to everyone pursuing a gem venus;)

  62. Felip on said:

    Interesting subject,and some truthful aspects about this,but i am venus in gemini sun in cancer born on 8 july 1985 at 10 in the morning so some of the things as i have seen are a bit different,i dont usually cheat. My chart i guess says is so though..

    • Hey Felip. Our birthday is on the same day, but I am in 1977. I also have my venus in Gemini. This article is true in parts, but not others. You can have your venus in Gemini and be an Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer or Leo. All those variants cannot have the same outcome. I would say that is especially for cancers.

      Happy birthday for you/us on Tuesday.

  63. Curious Faults on said:

    I am a Venus in Gemini and I have never been unfaithful in a relationship. And I am absolutely in love with my boyfriend. I’m an “all or nothing” type of girl, definitely want deep bonding and my emotions are not “skin deep”, I have to disagree with a lot in this article.

  64. Astroknight on said:

    I agree 100% with the author on this article and I disagree with at least half of you Venus in Gemini claiming you don’t cheat or play around with others:) You’re the type that just doesn’t like getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar and if your cancer your will turn around be vindictive and attack the very person who caught you. You’re the number one players of the zodiac, you can talk your way In and Out of any situation and tell the most convincing lie’s. I also believe when Venus in Gemini progresses into cancer you not only live for intellectual stimulation but emotional as well. You love to goad people, you get off on people’s emotions and enjoy it, and there isn’t a true argument in your debate it’s just you feeding off the emotions it brings. For attractive females the song “maneater” was probably written just for you there’s probably no better joy in your life to play two guy’s at the same time and to put the cherry on top of the cake for them to fight each other over you. When it comes to love triangles it’s you that’s going to be in the middle and on found the jerry springer show.
    The only people who aren’t going to experience this are the ones who have some disadvantage such being overweight or unattractive or some excessive shyness.
    You can go ahead and disagree all you want and get angry but you have no idea what Venus in Gemini is capable of in the wrong chart, Just makes the conspiracy of JFK even better since he had that.
    Yeah yeah go ahead write Ohhhhh gawwwddd delusional blab la bla and all your blab la bla comment’s I live for the truth coming straight from a venus in the 9th chart.

    • Hmm, I agree with you in point on some of this, but you seem to paint people with Venus in Gemini quite negatively.

      I also have my Venus in Gemini and it is also in my 9th house (rising sign is Virgo), and I would say that yes, I have found it hard to have my attention held for long enough to make it last. Like one of the other posters, I have had most of my relationships, last months as opposed to years. But I am a cancerian and at their core is love/home/family and the sun part will play a major part in what key things make you up. If your venus is the 9th house, then the chances are your 7th house is in Pisces, which also makes it hard because they are often feeling that people never measure up to self imposed standards.

      I would say that one of the things about Venus in Gemini’s is that they like to flirt. From my own reflective point of view, I do flirt. But I am not a cheat, nor have I ever. But I flirt with everything and everyone, people that serve me coffee, co-workers etc. But not for the sexualness of it all or for the end goal of just getting laid, but just the playfulness of interaction with others. Its flirting in short, small bursts, before gemini then moves on.

      In the 9th house, I now understand that I am more likely to be drawn to gemini elements rather than Gemini women, but with the 9th house in play, I do got for foriegn women, women with accents, women that pursue higher states of consciousness, thoughts and spirituality (not religion).

      I am a 37 yr old, been studying astrology for a few years.

    • John D. on said:

      You wrote: “you have no idea what Venus in Gemini is capable of in the wrong chart.”

      Um, yeah. in THE WRONG CHART.

      But in the right chart – which is going to be most of the time – it’s not going to mean anything in terms of someone’s ability to be faithful.

      It sounds like you got burned by someone with Venus in Gemini – and that sucks, but… if you can’t give more information on them and their other planetary signs, then just saying they have “Venus in Gemini” doesn’t really mean very much at all, unfortunately.

    • John D. on said:

      P.S. You’re not a Scorpio by any chance, are you?

  65. July on said:

    I’m a girl, was born on July 16th, 1996
    I have Venus in Gemini and I really agree with this article. By now I’ve been in 3 relationships (1 of them with another girl) and none lasted more than 3 months. I just can’t stand repeated habits and I pretty much just get so bored like 3 weeks into a relationship and eventually broke up with all of them… I was so confused wondering if I’m really a cold-hearted monster and hated myself for being so cruel and feeling hopeless about whether I could actually find true love someday…
    But now that I found this article I feel a little more relaxed about my love style. I guess that’s just the way it’s supposed to be.

    But AstroLibrary, may I ask which Venus sign of a lover is the best match for a Gemini Venus? And plus, I have Sun, Moon, Mercury in Cancer with Venus, Mars in Gemini and Ascendant in Virgo, so do you have any suggestion for me about a compatible lover? Thanks a lot :)

  66. Denise on said:

    My boyfriend is Cancer Sun, Taurus Rising, Libra Moon and Mars, and Gemini in Venus and Mercury. I can definitely see a lot of these traits in him. In the past he’s only had a handful of girlfriends, no relationships lasting longer than two years, which was just one girl, but he says he’s never cheated. He claims that when he’s with someone, he’s just with them. After speaking with his long time friends and some close relatives, they all seem to say the same thing, that he is a sappy, romantic type who ultimately wishes to settle down. However he spent most of the in between relationship time being a manwhore, to an extreme. I find it hard to trust this dual nature, and it makes me feel really shitty most of the time, even though he has been incredibly affectionate, sweet, and faithful, with the exception of condoning flirty texts from exes and discussing his past sexual exploits with said girls. I gave him shit for it and we still fight about this, which happened in the very beginning of our relationship and ceased immediately after I addressed my concerns. My biggest concern is how he remains friends with old lovers, even those who blatantly wronged him. And he had a friends with benefits arrangement with an old high school friend, where they each took turns developing feelings for each other, but never were on the same page at the same time to move forward into a relationship. They still remain friends, and I don’t like that one bit, because that relationship seems too fluid, and human behavior is predictable after patterns arise.

    Because he is 32 and doesn’t have much emotional maturity or real long term relationship experience, I feel like I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. My impression is he’s very much the lovey dovey Cancer who always wants to hold my hand and kiss me, but then there’s that darker, sexually deviant side that makes me feel that he couldn’t truly commit to monogamy happily for the long haul. I’m Sun Cancer, Virgo rising, Leo moon and Venus, Gemini Mars and Mercury. I want it all: a deep, devotion, and soul connected romance for the long haul.

  67. Denise, I don’t think astrology can really predict whether someone will be faithful or not, but I will say his Libra moon and Cancer sun (I have the same combination) is very likely to be extremely faithful once committed. Flirtatious with the Venus in Gemini, yes, but not cheaters. Libra moon need partnership and harmony in relationships, and coupled with a Cancer sun–it makes a SUPER relationship-oriented person. When single, anything goes….it all depends on the person and situation. However, regardless of any of the placements, you also need to draw your own boundaries that you’re comfortable with to feel secure with someone. I can tell you that someone being friends with anyone they’ve slept with is a messy situation…but Cancers have a hard time letting go of anyone, even people who they should have let go of a long time ago…and Libra moon natives are people pleasers, so they will continue relationships with people just to not disturb the peace. Maybe have a talk about it with him, if it bothers you.

  68. Umm. I’m a Taurus libra rising with a venus in Gemini and “I am not a Cheater”. lol seriously I stayed in a physically faithful relationship for 8 years. even when I got cheated on I didn’t cheat… not a kiss, i emotionally invested with some one early in the relationship like year 1 but never cheated.. I can identify with some of the traits but I actually love very deeply I’m wondering if My Sun sign affects that..

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Glad to hear it. Also, conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will greatly alter your love style (as noted at the end of the article).

  69. I’m a gemini. May 31 89. I haven’t cheated (sex) since I was about 14. I have dated someone else while in a relationship. But never been sexually active with them. I did it bc I felt he was cheating. (HE WAS) And I didn’t want to feel vulnerable. Since that relationship 4 years ago. I don’t maintain close male relationships simply to avoid bad appearances. I don’t Keep in touch with old sex partners or ex boyfriends. If I feel like I’m going to cheat I end the relationship. I don’t break up have sex with someone else and get back with whoever I broke up with. That’s never happened with me. I am flirty but I do it more for entertainment than attraction. If I actually commit it’s bc I actually want to be with that person. And i end it if it doesn’t satisfy me needs.

    Good article tho!

  70. I have to say the statements about the inalienability to be monogamous, to resist threesomes were totally off the mark with me, and tend to be dishonest are all very inaccurate when applied to me. I have always taken honesty and loyalty – in this case monogamy – very seriously.

    However when I read this I had to laugh because it was so dead on about just about everything else that immediately wanted to send off a copy to friends and family! The two best parts I think are: “You may be tempted to believe one loves you because of how excited they get when you’re together, but they get just as excited when chasing a butterfly or ordering dinner. It’s hard to tell if one is sincerely interested in you because Venus in Gemini is talkative and friendly with everybody and their mother.” and “They need immediate sounding boards for all of their thoughts.”

  71. Hi,
    I have Venus in Gemini, & I am capable of committed relationships. I do see a lot of truth in what you’ve said though. My feelings run deep, but I do tend to almost fear close relationships, & yet want them at the same time. Saying “i love you” for the first time induces panic attacks in me. I can only assume it’s from being a Gemini lover? I did cheat once….something I’m not proud of. It was with my ex husband, who worked away from home, & I only ever saw him for a week or two every 3-6 months. We’d had no sex for over 2 years at the time. He was cheating on me long before I was cheating on him, & his sun sine was Gemini.

    I’m currently re-married, & have been for 9 years. We were together for a year & a half before getting married & I’ve not cheated! Things aren’t very good between us though…it’s a constant battle.

    May 8,1967 6:17 am Metairie, Louisiana

  72. Alexandre Barros on said:

    well, I am a gemini lover, but also am a lion sun-sign and moon-sign scorpio.. i hate when any people lie to me, i want to know truth alwayd and always… not means i cant give some little excuses… but anyways, i just need to feel safe and someone confident. I dont want my lover getting away to find things or people more funny than me… i miss some confident person.. i want someone who wants only me and noone more, cause if this person is talkative and brain stimulator, i dont feel the need of searching something or someone more funny and intectual

  73. I had a relationship with a venus in gemini (she was also gemini sun, with south node in the third house) All I’ve read here fits her pretty accurately. Now about the ‘unable to be faithful part’ that is bringing quite a controversy here, I found that is somehow true. Not that she ever cheated on me but she had frequent “crushes” on people, she would be too excited to talk to them, even act flirty. She’d talk to me about it and explain she “didn’t mean anything” by it, like it just happened. Surprisingly, I come to the conclusion she did that innocently enough. Just like the article said, she was a kid at heart looking for excitement.

    I could understand her, but I couldn’t stand this fickleness. I have venus and mars and pluto in scorpio. Not even her venus conjunct with my mars/pluto could make up for the intensity and seriousness I wanted. The curious part was that she was really jealous of me and very afraid I would cheat on her, or leave her. I had to reassure her constantly about my feelings through words (something I didn’t like much, she was just supposed to know!) I think it was a case of projection.

    I ended it pretty badly, revenge-style. Gemini/Scorpio is a combination that I don’t see working. Perhaps just a friendship because we like to talk, with differently levels of dept of course.

    • I’d say the fact that she was Gemini Sun AND a Gemini Venus had a lot to do with it. That’s a double whammy of Gemini right there. What was her Moon sign?

      And yes, that sounds almost certainly like she was projecting her own self-perceptions onto you.

      • Thanks for your reply :) She was Sagittarius moon. Mine is Gemini. I think her opposition of sun/moon troubles her perception of self, feelings and thoughts… What could explain her tendency of projections (?)

        • John D. on said:

          Her Moon was in Sagittarius? Yikes! :) That’s the other sign that isn’t known for being particularly good at committed relationships – so when you’re talking about a Gemini sun AND a Sagittarius moon AND a Gemini Venus…oy vey. That’s someone right there who can’t be fully satisfied with one person – because the nature of their personal planets (well, those three anyway) isn’t conducive to being able to fully and completely bond with one individual anyway.

          I’m a Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon…. I dated a Sagittarius once. Never again.

  74. well, um a venus in gemini, with a sun in leo, moon in acqurius, mars in aries. um 25, female. the truth is that i have never had a relationship since i don’t know which type of guy i really want in my life. Can u help PLZ??

  75. Venus in Gemini and I have cheated once but that was in the face of abuse. Otherwise, I haven’t cheated. I do bore quickly, but I usually just detach myself. However, I am now polyamorous and that is working out better for me. In fact, the freedom alone is what makes this more fun. I have been more open and honest and connected with my partner because of the ability to do as I please. Like a cat who can go outside at anytime but has a loving home, I often just sit in the doorway and walk out only when something interesting happens only to return after that fun is over. I may disappear for periods of time, but I come back.

    I’m also Gemini sun, Cancer moon, and Taurus Rising.

    • John D. on said:

      Gemini Sun AND Gemini Venus… There’s a double whammy right there. That’s a lot more influential than just one or the other.

      • Colette on said:

        What do you mean?

        • John D. on said:


          Having both your Sun and your Venus in Gemini results in a far stronger Gemini influence on your personality and identity than having just one or the other. Whereas your Venus sign can tell you a lot about what you’re attracted to – or rather, “how” you’re attracted to people and what “gets you going,” so to speak – your Sun sign (and your Moon sign as well) give you a much clearer picture of your overall makeup and what you need in order to be happy in an actual relationship or relationships. Your Sun sign is your core identity, your essence, who you really are, not only towards relationships but towards life in general. Your Moon sign shows you your emotional ‘style,’ the way in which your instinctive emotional reactions manifest themselves. Venus and Mars deal with attraction, romance, sexuality, and so forth. All these planets – and the signs they are in – work together in tandem to determine how you function in dating, romance, and relationships (at least instinctually) but they also affect each other’s influence; so for example a person with Venus in Gemini but a Sun Cancer or Taurus and a Moon in Taurus or Scorpio might enjoy intellectual stimulation and getting to know lots of different people in casual interactions, but when the chips are down and they are actually involved in a relationship, they’d tend to be much more focused and loyal and devoted to being with only one person, because that’s how their Sun and Moon signs dictate their mental/emotional styles.

        • John D. on said:

          Also – your Rising sign shows what you appear to be on the outside to those who do not really know you – think “first impressions.”

          In any case, at the end of the day, nothing much can trump your Sun sign – and to a slightly lesser extent, your Moon sign. Those two planets – the Luminaries – are really “who” you are. They have the strongest influence on your actual identity and personality, because they show the shape of your mind and heart.

          Of course, all the planets in a chart can ‘aspect’ each other, as well; and this can also affect the way they manifest themselves.

          • Colette on said:

            Ah, okay. I think I read that wrong. I agree with what you’re saying, however I did read something that gave ascending a little more credit.

            The way I see it…

            Sun = Ego
            Moon = Id
            Ascending = Super Ego

            And according to this site –

            “Yes, we call the rising sign our outer personality because it is our defensive social mask, but it is also a part of us. Our rising sign reflects our personality or behavioral attitudes as a social being in general. Of course, everyone needs an outer identity, and this is a healthy thing, but we should not exaggerate this at the cost of our own self.

            Our rising sign also defines our physical features and appearance, so let’s see how our rising signs affect us in life. According to classical astrology, the ruler of the rising sign is also the ruler of the natal chart, and this is somehow true, but how?

            Let’s clarify the issue by drawing a comparison. Our Sun sign is our life purpose, so the Sun in our chart and its natural ruling planet indicate our life purpose. On the other hand, our rising sign and its natural ruler indicate the things that support and nourish that purpose and motivate us to reach it. In short, our purposes stem from our Sun sign, whereas our rising sign determines our tendencies.

            The rising sign is like an organizer that sets the stage for the life purpose indicated by our Sun sign. When we begin acting on this stage, our strength comes from our rising sign and its ruler.”

            Not that I disagree with you, but I’ve learned that my rising has a little more meaning than I thought and I thought it was a pretty fun read. c:

  76. Venus in Gemini here – never cheated on a partner. Taurus Sun, Aquarius Rising, Scorpio Moon may make a difference for me here. Just about everything else in this article fits me perfectly.

    As for cheating, I have high expectations for what constitutes a “partner” – therefore, until that level of commitment is agreed to, I still feel like I have the freedom to come and go as I please.

    • John D. on said:

      Taurus Suns are known for being loyal and faithful (in their maturity). And a Moon in a Water sign (like Scorpio) denotes strong and deep emotional bonding in relationships, so it’s no surprise that you aren’t a cheater :)

      As I’ve said many times, all your Venus sign can tell you on its own is what your attraction/love “style” is, but it does not in and of itself indicate the ability to be faithful or to commit.

  77. Hi there, I have just started dating a girl with cancer sun, venus in gemini and sag rising, aries moon?How does this look fidelity -wise?thanks

  78. hi i born on may28,1993 gemini . i have one daugther 5y/o and im not married until now my partner is born on july16,1987 for now on i feel lost of love for him i dont know if my relationship to him is going thinking to go him away of me and my daugther.what is the best for me?

  79. Amanda on said:

    I’m a Gemini lover! Cancer sun and mars. Leo rising, moon, and Mercury. Scorpio Saturn and Pluto. I’ve never cheated on any of my ex’s or my husband, though I do find that I NEED excitement in our relationship…or else get bored followed by extremely irritable. Maybe all that leo is what gives me that stability with being faithful. I am a bit of a flirt, but mostly talkative and friendly. I can strike a convo with most people quite easily, but small talk is for the birds. I want to pick your brain, and deep philosophical is what really interests me. I do agree that intelligence is of utmost importance in my relationships. Looks can be a bonus, but intelligence is sexy :)

    • John D. on said:

      Hi Amanda,

      That’s one of the “Pluses” of having Venus in Gemini – the ability to truly appreciate intelligence in a partner. What’s your age, if you don’t mind me asking?

  80. Johanna on said:

    While I was reading this I was thinking that some of the things written about Venus in geminis were so me (except for the part when it comes to cheating) Maybe it has to do with my Pluto in the 5th house like I read in a comment. At the same time I feel like I’m don’t even understand myself because my sun sign is Taurus, rising sign Cancer and moon sign Capricorn, so I look for stability and I’m sensitive or emotional sometimes but I don’t feel comfortable with a lot of affection, hugs or that kinds of things. I prefer someone that can be like my best friend, someone who I can talk and share. The problem is that I tend to get attached and at the same time I get bored if it’s not a deep relationship. I hate small talk. So, yep, it has to do with the positions of the signs?

  81. THAT Person. on said:

    Gemini Venus/Mars here…

    What is this “relationship” you write of? lol It sounds horrendous. -slightly over exaggerating- 😛

    Relationships are just meh. xD

  82. Pookela Shore on said:

    i have venus in gemini and havnt cheated on my partners. June 21, 1995 10:23AM

  83. I’m a Gemini Sun sign with Venus in Gemini, and I’ve been 100% faithful in every single relationship I’ve ever been in. PLUS when I’m interested in someone, I’m only interested in 1 person as a time.

    I’m a mutant – test away! 😉

  84. thank you for that fascinating article. majority of things you have sited are in me being a gemini venus. however we cant say that we will cheat or do anything wrong because venus is compelling us to do so. Again we have to note that the venus qualities for any sign can be altered ,amplified or magnified by aspects, conjunctions and other astrological factor such as the house, and the nakshatra where the venus is sitting in a horoscope.Next we need to go beyond the psychological nourishment of an explanation of a planet in a sign.
    we need to learn that as one matures and become conscious of what the planet wanted the soul to fulfil the necessary positive growth will make you feel like the description doesnt descibe your traits.Thats is why astrology is a soul transceding tool.

  85. TimeEagle on said:

    I’m a gemini sun, with a 28 degree gemini venus with Taurus moom… I’m with a guy who has a scorpio venus and Sagittarius sun with a Pisces moon. We’ve been together for a little over a year. I’ve never cheated (nor have I in any of my relationships) the only problem we have, right now, is connecting on that spiritual level and communication. I agree with some of this artical, but DEFINITELY not everything.

  86. william on said:

    I have Venus in Gemini and have never cheated on a partner, ever but then again my overall makeup is Cancer Ian so I will not hurt the one I love. So maybe there are exceptions to this rule, don’t put us all in the same boat that is not fair and injustified.

  87. Hi there, I’m a female Scorpio with my Venus in Libra and my boyfriend is a Gemini, with his Venus in Retrograde Gemini which I’m finding difficult to read up on, as I’m not sure compatibility wise if that’s a good or a bad thing.

    I know that Libra and Gemini are a compatible match, but I’m confused because I’m not sure what the Retrograde in Gemini would be like in relation to a normal Venus in Gemini. Any ideas or other couples with the same signs under venus able to give me their two cents here?

    He and I work well in the relationship despite our sun-signs being a very much NOPE but I have Gemini in my Jupiter and also my moon is in Aquarius so that could be part of the reason we work well.

    Anyone able to help me with Retrograde Gemini in Venus, paired with Libra in Venus?

  88. Jacki on said:

    Great article…Im a
    Cancer Sun
    Gemini Moon
    Gemini Venus
    Virgo Asc

    I reckon you should do some tests on me ive never cheated and never had a desire to lol

  89. YuiKiara on said:

    I must be a broken Gemini according to this article. I am not very talkative, mostly introverted. I do get bored easily though and look for other things that could interest me, not to mention i hate being emotional and tend to put up a front when im pissed off just to make others think it’s all good. Mostly so that i would be left alone, hah. Commitment is not something i try to avoid but desire, marriage the most. I want to get married and start a serious relationship with someone but im fearful of saying that because they will think i am overbearing in a sense? I despise cheaters with a passion having seen it happen in my life i cannot stand for it and hate that my sign is portrayed as one. So instead, i think i might just consider myself a messed up Gemini. lol.

  90. Mike Reynolds on said:

    I have Venus in Gemini and I agree completely with the multiplicity of relationships. They flock to me, it isn’t my fault! But it is a little known fact that Gemini is the polarity of all or nothing. My Gemini father would carry around 15 books at the sane time but then go thru a phase of watch soap operas all day and doing nothing at all. So I had all sorts if girlfriends at the same time in college, but have been completely celibate ever since, for 25 years now. Gemini is all or nothing.

  91. Tinsley on said:

    cancer sun, virgo moon, gemini venus.
    must be one of the few people here who agrees fully with the article. I find it difficult to remain interested in one person, most of my relationships have lasted a few days before I broke it off. to encapture me wholly would be a miracle, it seems. of course I’d never cheat, if I feel the need to do so I just depart from the relationship. I always have multiple crushes and everyone I pursue, I do so shallowly – my intentions are usually devoid of any sincerity, it’s just for the thrills. I’m never devastated if it doesn’t work out, I just move on to someone else. I’ve always considered my ability to bounce back so easily a great convenience, yet it’s a bit sad how fleeting my “love” is.

  92. zadiifh on said:

    i am a gemin lover.those are correct if any girl talking about commitment or marriage
    i am dessapearing.variety is the best.i am 20 and had atlest 25 sex partners and counting.

    • John D. on said:

      20 years old? You’re a kid… You still don’t really have any idea what you’re doing yet. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

      When I was your age I had a lot of sexual partners too (I’m a Taurus). It’s a lot different when you become am adult.

      • zadiifh on said:

        i m just trying to be a loyal i have fullfill my desire before get married.

        • John D. on said:

          Don’t stress yourself out about it. Lots of Taurus men need to “live a little” before we settle down.

          Our ruling planet is Venus – the planet of love and sensuality.

          Don’t worry, it calms down a lot as you get older.

  93. Donna on said:

    Totally agreed with you i had a relationship with a gemini guy he cheated and eloped with another girl and married secretly. Emotion less, Selfish a lot, crave for money, play games etc are few more features of Geminis.

    • John D. on said:

      Sun in Gemini isn’t the same as having Venus in Gemini. This article mainly focuses the supposed inability of people with “Venus in Gemini” to be faithful, which is utter nonsense. Your Sun sign AND your Moon sign are hugely important and will ultimately play a far, far bigger role in how you conduct yourself in a relationship.

      Venus and Mars show attraction. That’s ALL.

      Having BOTH your Sun and Venus in Gemini, however….yeah, that’s rough :)

  94. gail on said:

    I am a Gemini with a Venus and Gemini and a Mars in Scorpio. 😉

    Totally agree with the difficulty in being faithful.

    We just enjoy varietal excitement.

    • John D. on said:

      Sun in Gemini isn’t the same as having Venus in Gemini. This article mainly focuses the supposed inability of people with “Venus in Gemini” to be faithful, which is utter nonsense. Your Sun sign AND your Moon sign are hugely important and will ultimately play a far, far bigger role in how you conduct yourself in a relationship.

      Venus and Mars show attraction. That’s ALL.

      Having BOTH your Sun and Venus in Gemini, however….yeah, that’s rough :)

  95. Sarah on said:

    I have gemini in venus, and also gemini in jupiter, but sun is in Leo born on 3 August 1988 at 8:30 in the morning. I think I’m complete mess.

    • Anjelia on said:

      Don’t worry so am I. I have no planets in Gemini but I was commenting about a guy I have started seeing who has a Venus in Gemini and is Gemini raising. I am a mess as I am a Sag sun Capricorn rising, moon in Pisces in the 2nd house, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Sag Jupiter in the 7th house which is Cancer And Saturn in my 8th house. And now Saturn is conjunction my Sun then my 12th house then my Capricorn Ascendant. All with out a break for 5 long years. Lucky me. lol

      • Anjelia on said:

        ps you having Jupiter in Gemini is not a bed thing I think. It is a planet of mental spiritual expansion as far as i know. Ans air signs are not close minded. I am not a professional so I may be wrong.

  96. Anjelia on said:

    OMG my Venus is in Scorpio And I have just started seeming this guy who’s Venus is in Gemini. It sounds like my worst nightmare. Having said that when I read up about Venus in Scorpio this website would freak anyone to run for their lives by the way Venus in Scorpio is portrayed. But it is said in a funny way. However maybe my Sag sun gas something to do with my Scorpio Venus not being so controlling and jealous. To end all this I was saying. This may is Aries sun with Venus in Gemini and me being a Sag with a Venus in Scorpio it is not a good match I need to run fast before I get too attached.

    • Anjelia on said:

      And to add I just found out he is Gemini raising as well as Gemini Venus. His Mars is in Picas and Moon in Cancer and Aries sun. I am Sag Sun Capricorn ascendant, moon in Pisces and Mars in Sag. Now my question to anyone who knows more about astrology then me should I stay or should I go? The Venus in Scorpio does make me attach emotionally and once I am hooked I want it all. No casual relationships or cheating will do. Please help cos I like this man.

  97. Jane on said:

    I’m married now, I’m a Gemini Venus, Tarus moon, Cancer Sun, Sagittarius rising. And yes, I am totally loyal. I guess they describe Gemini here during the dating, selecting process. But not when you’re in a long term stable relationship. Found my Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra Venus, Scorpio Rising and he’s the best ever! For me, it doesn’t matter what your signs are, because at the end of the day, Free will prevailed.

  98. Victoria Torres on said:

    So I have a venus in gemini. And I admit, I do love to stimulate my mind by conversing with others. I agree completely, but I also don’t like to waste my time talking to random people. It has to be somebody I’m interested in. I don’t go to a party and talk to everybody, because everybodys not important to me. But i do try learning how people are by listening to the conversation and I try learning the type of people they are by reading their body language and comments they make.
    I do agree with enjoying stimulation of the mid with both girls and guys. It’s not in a sexual way at all, I just love learning more and more about my friends or potential friends. Especially with astrology, astrology is helping me get deeper into the minds of the people I meet :) And I also think I’m more introverted than extroverted, but I’m only extroverted if I’m with people I’ve known for a long time, or with people that aren’t a threat to me being the center of attention lmao, like younger people. But I’m probably getting deeper into my Leo sun and taurus rising stuff. lol

  99. renada on said:

    i’m a gemini lover (women) but these are not my qualities at all..I am faithful in my relathionships, I am not too much talkative as you said, also I like serious love which will end with marriage! It might be because i am a cancer?

  100. patrick on said:

    Uh…you kinda sound like a gemini hater…or bitter toward gemini.or you are just playing frustrating mind game to get gemini emotional and debating…so that we Stay awhile….you must have some scorpio in you somewhere lol……you were right on about stuff so thanks!!! The asexual stuff is interesting…..try not to generalize gemini too much…but gerealizing us might make us turn into someone else just to prove you wrong and that would be fun..!!!!

  101. anne on said:

    It’s very obvious that whoever wrote this hates people worth Venus in Gemini. SERIOUSLY!

    • Anjelia on said:

      don’t worry venous in Scorpio report is even worse. It sounds scary. But i did not take offence to it. But i think they are all a bit exaggerated to make them funny.

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