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Cancer Sun With Rising Sign Combinations

Cancer zodiac sign in middle of astrology chart wheel

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People with the Cancer zodiac sign are all different depending on their rising sign. Here are the 12 combinations of Cancer sun with each of the 12 rising signs.

(Find out your rising sign with our Rising Sign Calculator.)

Cancer Sun With Aries Rising

“Sensitive yet detached”

If you are a Cancer with Aries rising, you are too sensitive. Your great sensitivity goes astray when you react with vehemence.

Your mood swings because of a lack of emotional self-control, which causes most of your mistakes. This brings you great conflicts, mainly with your family.

While you often short circuit because of the Aries short temper, your sun sign can help you balance this.

After you have set out to save, you suddenly spend your money with an open hand. Although you are usually hardworking and efficient, your productivity is quite uneven. Of course, you have a ram’s head and crab claws!

You act more out of enthusiasm than out of true calling. You are very demanding and this makes you suitable as a company leader. You think that work should be done seriously and you expect the same from others.

In love you seek to socialize. Your loved one will the only one who can calm and contain you.

Cancer Sun With Taurus Rising

“Instinct and Beauty”

If you are a Cancer with Taurus rising, your personality is less emotional than most Cancers.

Social life appeals to you, but you have your limits. All you want is to be left alone, because you don’t bother others. You try to live a simple life.

You are the most instinctive of all Cancers. Your “elephant memory” does not allow you to forget a snub or a kind gesture.

People appreciate you for being communicative and sensitive, supportive of everyone.

While you may seem stubborn, your determination comes from fidelity to your principles. And rather than being stubborn, you are persevering.

Your thoroughness and concentration are useful for your work, but too much self-absorption and introversion can damage your love relationships.

Shyness delays your projects. You are sensitive to beauty, so you should choose activities related to aesthetics. You don’t mind considering a variety of job offers, but you prefer to work without a very strict schedule.

Cancer Sun With Gemini Rising

“Restless and Intuitive”

If you are a Cancer with Gemini rising, you have a great capacity to adapt.

You are the most lively of the Cancers. You leave your shyness aside and gain many friendships because of your natural sympathy.

You are always aware of what is going on around you. You are very suspicious. You possess a foolproof intuition. Although you are usually spiteful, your ever-changing mood makes you instantly forget offenses.

You can be an actor, impersonator, or retailer. Your respect for others makes you very considerate, both at work and within the family.

Money attracts you, but not as an end, rather as a means. You work hard, trying to stand out from the crowd. Your goal is to achieve good social status and excellent productivity as quickly as possible.

Cancer Sun With Cancer Rising

“Always at the Forefront”

If you are a Cancer with Cancer rising, you are the Cancer zodiac sign prototype with its virtues and defects.

You are peaceful, calm and friendly, respectful of traditional values. If you have to make decisions, you always think carefully.

Your will is fluctuating, but you show determination, tenacity and enough ambition to accomplish your tasks. With patience and without hurry, you will achieve a prominent position.

You’re not aggressive, so you can get along with almost anyone. However, you don’t like it when they point out your weaknesses. Your professional goals can take you down the road of commerce, art or politics, perhaps making headway in works of great magnitude.

In love, you take time to choose your partner. You want to be sure that your love is reciprocated.

Can be rather melancholic and nostalgic instead of passionate.

Cancer Sun With Leo Rising

“A Helpful Leader”

If you are a Cancer with Leo rising, you are more selfless than most Cancers. Your greatest desire is to live life fully, but you are not spared from life’s ups and downs.

Just as you suffer from your own conflicts, you are moved by the human drama in general. Therefore, your will is always at the service of others.

You continually learn from mistakes, and are rarely defeated by difficulties. You play every moment to the full and possess great courage in the face of pain. You are essentially spiritual.

You don’t leave loose strings, because you know that everything must be finished, even if it means putting your safety at risk. You knock down doors as you go. You feel omnipotent.

Just as strength and perseverance are the wheel that moves you, deep down you yearn for peace, introspection and solitude.

The person you choose in love, should accompany you in your growth with plenty of honesty. They should be creative and affectionate, outstanding and original.

Take care of your emotional balance, and don’t continually retreat into your shell.

Cancer Sun With Virgo Rising

“Logical and Creative”

If you are a Cancer with Virgo rising, you are the most thoughtful of the Cancerians. Your philosophical considerations about life are spiritual and, at the same time, balanced with the material (or physical).

You move between passion and indifference. You strive to uphold fairness, equality and impartiality. Logic surrounds all your actions.

Tenderness is your greatest virtue, so you give love serenely and in balance. By your side you need someone who knows how to cooperate, has a sensitivity vibe, and knows how to be in solidarity with others.

You expect others to treat you well and, above all, to be well educated. For that reason, you manage to have quite a few friends by your side.

You depart from the conventional. In terms of work, you are creative. You reject routine. In all fields, you apply your knowledge and experience.

You are brilliant, and you can excel in social communication, commerce, teaching and literature. You know how to assert yourself without being overbearing.

Cancer Sun With Libra Rising

“Impressionable and Romantic”

If you are a Cancer with Libra rising, you are one of the most sociable of all Cancerians, but you have a hard time keeping your balance in the face of hostility.

You become emotionally overwhelmed and desperate in the face of a pressing situation. For fear of loneliness, you become ambivalent and fearful.

At work, you prefer to be independent. You are attracted to all tasks that have to do with art, beauty, fashion, crafts and decoration. You try hard to get along with everyone, but sometimes laziness makes you lose face in front of others.

You resent offenses because you are too sensitive. However, because you care too much about appearances you back down so as not to make a scandal.

Love is the field in which your life works best, for you are talented in the arena of love. Your approach to people is warm, showing off your natural sympathy.

Cancer Sun With Scorpio Rising

“Mystery and Discipline”

If you are a Cancer with Scorpio rising, you are the most enigmatic of the Cancers. Your life is surrounded by mystery.

Everything hidden attracts you. Your passions are secret and tormented. Silence surrounds your life.

You face your work with energy, renewing it at every moment. However, you do it quietly, trying not to share anything with anyone.

Your motto is to transform the family order through discipline. Of course, always calculating the risks.

At work, you like to show your superiority and courage. You take a friendship seriously, defending it and protecting it against all odds. As a lover, you are extremely possessive.

Cancer Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Traveler and Fickle”

If you are a Cancer with Sagittarius rising, you are a bohemian globetrotter. Your life will be an eternal journey, both mental and real. You are a born traveler who loves expeditions to exotic lands.

Your fantasy is so overflowing that sometimes you don’t know how to channel it into a routine life. You should turn to writing literary works of the fantasy genre or devote yourself to painting.

You are attracted to the artistic and excel in liberal professions in which you can combine the humanistic with the scientific or philosophical. A career in medicine, education, or law are the most similar to your personality. You can also be an excellent playwright or screenwriter.

However, your laziness can set back your most ambitious projects. You can be to inconstant and changeable to follow a goal. You waste your energy on several things at once.

In love, you will need someone who knows how to calm your outbursts. Someone objective, practical, prudent and considerate.

Cancer Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Vulnerable and Methodical”

If you are a Cancer with Capricorn rising, you get depressed in the face of life’s incidents. You react the wrong way or at the wrong time, accumulating frustrations. You may be the most vulnerable of all Cancers.

Sometimes you are cold to others, when what you really want is to hide your weakness. In this way, others may consider you unconscionable, which you are not.

You have a hard time with spontaneity. Hardships and pressures are not on your side. You tend to get complicated when you are required to solve something quickly. But you have a methodical way of planning that does not distract you from the preset goal.

Your calling is directed towards politics, computer engineering, literature, history and science.

In love, you are too touchy and intolerant and easily endanger your own happiness. You prefer someone romantic and tender that does not judge or reproach you.

Cancer Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Passionate and Extreme”

If you are a Cancer with Aquarius rising, your skills are linked to intellectual development and fantasy.

You love to be eccentric and personal. You can fluctuate between living in seclusion like an oyster or sharing your life at family parties and events.

You show off your sense of humor so as not to show your weaknesses. You can have several marriages.

Sports attract you, as do music and literature, which accompany your moments of solitude. Although you are very intelligent, you are quite absent-minded and scattered.

You’re excessive: you act vehemently or jealously guard your emotions. You run away from rules and routine.

Cancer Sun With Pisces Rising

“Humanist by Nature”

Within a bohemian personality, you combine universal consciousness with solidarity.

If you are a Cancer with Pisces rising, you are moved by the human drama, but, as you are very reserved, you can become cold and insensitive. You use humor as a vehicle to relate to others, trying to hide your weaknesses.

You tend to depend psychologically on your partner, to feel safe from cruel reality. To let someone enter your life, you need intimacy, meeting of minds, sensuality and mysticism.

When you fall in love, you show huge capacity for sacrifice and devotion. You need to admire the one you love. You require respect, tenderness and delicacy from others.

Regarding work, you need to work with calmly, without rushing. This is how you manage to carry out large tasks, as you are very responsible, efficient and helpful.

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