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Scorpio Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Scorpio Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

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The rising sign fine-tunes your Scorpio characteristics so that each Scorpio is unique. It molds some of your characteristics.

Here are the descriptions of Scorpio with each rising sign.

(Find out your rising sign with our Rising Sign Calculator.)

Scorpio Sun With Aries Rising

“Brave and Avant-garde”

If you have Scorpio sun and Aries rising, you may have been told that you have a look that makes people uncomfortable. If it were just your look, there would be no problem. You should not permit yourself to use it to boss others as you wish.

You have an overwhelming personality. Your best career options could be in the military or as a comedian.

Do you get angry very often? You could say that, metaphorically speaking, you are the only one who can put your fingers in an electrical socket and come out unharmed.

You are the most progressive type of person in the world.

No one can surpass your courage, but you should ask a Libra to show you how people should be treated.

When you fall in love, you will start to change. You will begin to value justice. You will have a little more tact. You will learn to ask for things in a good way instead of imposing your desires by pure bait and sting.

Scorpio Sun With Taurus Rising

“Born To Love”

With Scorpio sun and Taurus rising, all your impulses are oriented towards enjoyment. However, your passion for beauty can make you licentious.

You are convinced that you are always right and that is what makes you the most stubborn Scorpio.

You are inclined towards the aesthetics and you will have affinity with all careers related to beauty. You can be a good artist who works with your hands. Maybe a sculptor and also a good chef.

All your projects are driven by passion. You may feel comfortable working in a community or group, but if you get too comfortable or lazy, you will not reach high peaks.

Your magnetism can draw crowds.

Scorpio Sun With Gemini Rising

“Intelligent and Communicative”

With Gemini rising and Scorpio sun, the impressive intelligence you possess could be channeled into the field of science. Among Scorpios, you are the most restless and curious. The power you have is backed by deep spiritual knowledge.

Communication is your livelihood. That is why you express yourself with vehemence, depth and passion. You are also relentless in love: you know how to create very intimate bonds.

Your knowledge of the human mind makes others open to you and reveal their most intimate secrets.

Sometimes, your love quests are a game and you keep them on a superficial level. But that is enough for you to make many friends, usually very dynamic and spontaneous ones.

Your curious mind is able to tackle many different studies, usually far-reaching. In the artistic field, literature is the closest thing to your personality. You may dedicate yourself to journalism.

Scorpio Sun With Cancer Rising

“Homely and Ambitious”

Cancer has the virtue of appeasing the aggressiveness of Scorpio a bit, so these signs form a fairly harmonious combination.

With Scorpio sun and Cancer rising, you have many virtues, including a good memory, although you can become spiteful if misused. Tenacity will always accompany you. You will face any project with seriousness.

At home you act selflessly. You may want to build your own home. You will surely be the head of the family and the children will follow your example. To set a proper example, you should calm your extreme emotions.

As for love, you want to find someone to protect, although with paternalistic features. And if they have status, the better.

You will get a high position thanks to money. Scorpio sun and Cancer rising is a combination where ambition and progress go hand in hand.

Scorpio Sun With Leo Rising

“Leadership and Organization”

With Scorpio sun and Leo rising, you use your natural leadership and organization skills at work. Your work is usually hard and long.

You will not always reap the rewards of your effort when you want it. After a while, however, you will achieve a position of power.

Your defect that stands out the most is that you are too dominating. It is true that you have an overwhelming personality but that does not give you the right to shout it from the rooftops.

You must admit that modesty is not usually the strong point of the Scorpio with the mane, that is, Scorpio with Leo rising.

In love you are faithful and, of course, you expect that they are to you. Otherwise, you will no mercy.

You know how to be more passionate than affectionate with your loved one. Eroticism plays a fundamental role in your life. You don’t always get what you want. You always bump heads with the one who wants to dominate more than you.

It is in your nature to address challenges, for which you end up paying the consequences.

Your friends may say that you have too much pride under your great tenderness and sympathy.

Scorpio Sun With Virgo Rising

“Simplest of the Scorpios”

With Virgo rising, you are the simplest of the Scorpios. All you want is to study. Your intelligence is sharp. You pay too much attention to detail.

You are usually too critical. This is one of the problems you have to face when making friends. You’re not usually in a good mood. Because of this, they will soon realize how human you are.

Your life is a long chain of service to others. You have been through difficult situations in which your health and that of those around you has been tested.

Your exaggerated reserve intimidates those who don’t know you and misleads those who believe you wouldn’t kill a fly.

Your friends will appreciate your sensitivity towards those in need, but they will be surprised when they see that you don’t flinch from eliminating anyone who bothers you.

Scorpio Sun With Libra Rising

“A rarity of the Zodiac”

With Libra rising, you are one of the most sociable and tolerant Scorpios.

Your peacemaker spirit will make you reap many friendships. If you ever want to be alone, you will have to go very far so that they do not follow you.

You can convince anyone of anything, so you must choose very well who you are around. If you make hasty decisions, you could fail and later regret it.

Your intuition and magnetism, together with your intellectual refinement, can draw you to a diplomatic career.

Money catches your attention and may become one of your obsessions.

In love, you are passionate and kind, magnetic and affectionate. With these qualities, you can give yourself the pleasure of conquering the love of your life. It would be ideal if you choose someone enthusiastic and self-confident, capable of supplementing your indecision.

If they propose marriage, don’t run away in terror. Wouldn’t you love to start a family?

Scorpio Sun With Scorpio Rising

“The Scorpio Prototype”

With Scorpio sun and Scorpio rising, you have all the flaws and virtues of the sign. You will find these qualities and general characteristics on the Scorpio page.

The ascendant shows an approximate idea of your true personality. With Scorpio rising, your loving impulses tend towards love that is reserved, loyal and domestic, and not too complicated (because your own complications are enough).

You will love affectionate and peaceful people.

The only drawback will come if you let stubbornness and selfishness get out of control. In that case, your magnetism will transform into intrigue and your stubbornness into inflexibility. Jealousy, control and possessiveness will end up breaking any relationship. Stop your impulses!

Scorpio Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Introverted Loner”

With Sagittarius rising, you are a fairly balanced Scorpio.

Your willpower will guide you on the path of progress. To succeed, your quest must be limited by social and moral restrictions.

You will always treasure knowledge learned by trial and error.

Your life takes place in a remote, secluded place, perhaps to better investigate your research projects. You will also channel your energies through adventure.

Be careful to not break the law, because you would be in for a hard trial.

In love, you lean more often towards intellectuals, without neglecting your libido which, by the way, is very strong.

Your loves may be more fiction than real. A person eloquent enough to counteract your silences will be good company for you because you are quite introverted.

Scorpio Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Hardworking, Stubborn and Proud”

With Capricorn rising, you’re one of the toughest Scorpios. Your inclination towards scientific research is stronger than average. Also stronger than average is your ambition which leads you to set defined and pragmatic goals.

With ascendant Capricorn, you were born for responsible and serious work, perhaps too much so.

Although you are not all sociable, your friends respect and admire you for your discretion and ability to endure adversity.

In love you are balanced, not to say cold. You need at your side someone who renews your Scorpio passion with the tenderness, romanticism and enchantment that you are losing by focusing on work more than your love-life.

If you manage to moderate your pride and obstinacy, you can reach important positions without generating conflicts with your subordinates or peers.

You must develop the virtue of forgiveness and humility.

Scorpio Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Passionate Idealist”

With Scorpio sun and Aquarius rising, you are a very particular person.

If you add to that the tendency to lock yourself in an oyster, do not be surprised when people say that you are introverted, stubborn and distrustful. And that you do not admit your mistakes when they point them out. You will not be able to inspire the slightest confidence this way.

Your ability to work is remarkable. You are idealistic at a level of which you yourself are amazed. You carry everything to the end regardless of the consequences.

This quality will make you gain high social positions. However, it is possible that your views are too utopian and ahead of their time to be translated into concrete works.

Your aspirations are the most adventurous. The passion you put into everything you do and believe can lead you to fanaticism.

In love, you are a die-hard and a libertine.

When surrounded by people, you climb onto the tip of the highest rock to be applauded. Watch out! Up there, you may meet your matches: the dictator, the tyrant, and the uncompromising.

Behave with more moderation and you will be rewarded.

Scorpio Sun With Pisces Rising

“Romantic Dreamer”

Maybe you don’t usually show off your qualities, but everyone knows that you always choose humanitarian projects.

While you don’t stand out for your sense of humor, you do face things with momentum and optimism.

Your quick understanding of problems, combined with your depth of thought, makes you ideal for any research task.

Your spirit seeks the just and the mystical in equal measure. This combination makes you sensitive but firm against upheavals. You have the self-control to carry out your will regarding your sacrificial projects.

In love, you look for someone to protect. You want someone with regular human qualities, but also capable and versatile, because you value intelligence in all its forms.

As a lover, you are of the most passionate type, but a bit impatient. Also too introverted, as if you want to leave an opportunity for your partner to get to know you better.

Your unstable emotions endanger the relationships you build. Avoid this by managing your volatility.

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