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Leo Sun With Rising Sign Combinations

Leo Zodiac Sign Constellation

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Each individual rising sign influences native Leos, whether they are wild, tame or domesticated kittens. When the sky roars, it is because other signs are wreaking havoc with you, the kings of the zodiac and your personalities.

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Leo Sun With Aries Rising

“Fire Lion”

If you are a Leo with Aries rising, you have an overwhelming personality. Your leadership skills make you a person with great professional ambitions.

You have the capacity to courageously undertake any innovative business. You will try to reach the highest summit regarding social progress. You do it with the greatest passion. Then, you will have to face those who may criticize you for being aggressive, intolerant, autocratic and proud.

With that being said, if you are a harmonious Leo, you will strive to be independent without using others.

You are frank and generous while you go in search of a love conquest. You are more likely to get sudden and short-lived relationships and seek your own satisfaction before your partner’s.

Gambling and fun will ruin you if you don’t restrain your impulses.

In affection and sexuality, your loving capacity is direct, enthusiastic and optimistic, showing confidence in your own strengths.

Leo Sun With Taurus Rising

“Hardworking and Dogmatic”

If you are a Leo with Taurus rising, you are one of the most methodical and firm in your opinions. Your projects will most likely be based on long-term goals.

You do not resign yourself to doing things halfway. That is why, thanks to your sustained effort, you will achieve what you set out to do.

But your emotions are always tense, guided more by stubbornness than by enjoyment, which you attain through material rather than spiritual achievement. Your dogmatism puts limits on your leonine inspiration.

You should avoid excessive comfort, because many times you prefer to seclude yourself inside your home, enjoying a fine table, rather than sharing moments with those who love you most.

You tend to display generosity for those who don’t need it and forget to give to those who have less, thinking that they are anonymous.

You have a huge heart that needs to be shown in order to grow.

Leo Sun With Gemini Rising

“Scattered But Fascinating”

If you are a Leo with Gemini rising, you are one of the most intelligent Leos, as your variety of interests leads you to climb higher and higher levels in the intellectual fields.

This is why you can take on responsible jobs and at the same time advance in technical and scientific studies. Your imagination, together with your creativity, allow you to develop in the artistic field, because you are very expressive.

You put your lovers to the test with your wit and talkativeness, always trying to hear your own voice before that of others.

You choose the type of of partner that invades you with optimism and faith, demands affection from you, and can propel you in your dreams.

You tend to scatter in intimate relationships, which will be innumerable, because you play a different role for each of the people you meet.

Your curiosity also transcends the day-to-day. You try to know everything about those around you.

Leo Sun With Cancer Rising

“A Feline Dreamer”

If you are a Leo with Cancer rising, you have a reliable, paternalistic and protective personality.

You are a hopeless romantic. You are dreamy and imaginative. But this does not prevent you from devoting yourself to material issues, as they occupy an important place in your life.

You have a good memory which, together with your tenacity, will lead you to important positions in public life.

As far as your affections are concerned, you prefer relationships that are serious and official.

You practice respect for your ancestors. That’s why you prefer, as much as possible, mature people, who share your sense of faithfulness.

You cling too much, confusing tenderness with love. You can dominate your significant other, drowning them in a sea of exaggerated sensuality and excessive protection.

Your sensitivity gives way to romanticism, making you dreamy and imaginative. You will be a lovely lion.

With Gemini rising, you are the most changeable of the lions, and this is in your favor because Leo tends to remain fixed in his opinions, so this attitude balances you out.

Leo Sun With Leo Rising

“King of the Jungle”

Leo sun with Leo rising, you are the archetype of Leo with all its virtues and defects.

As for love, you tend to choose independent, idealistic and humanitarian people like yourself. But Leo’s immovable opinions can become a hindrance to your development as a good lover.

You admire people who function independently, even though your need for affection may not find the satisfaction it needs. Tensions will multiply and the relationship will suffer.

Your self-centeredness is well marked. You are the maker of your own destiny, so you must pay attention to where your defects are in order to reverse them.

Leo Sun With Virgo Rising

“Critical and Helpful”

If you are a Leo with Virgo rising, it’s highly likely that no one will recognize you as a Leo, since your appearance is not the most characteristic of this sign and, moreover, you are quite introverted.

Perhaps it is an advantage for the fiery Leo, who lives wasting energy. Your ascendant makes you far more humble than the prototype Leo and gives you enough authority to assert yourself without even raising your voice.

Of course, your judgments will be lacerating when you have to give your opinion about someone.

As for your career, your sharp mind and your organizational talent make you a practical person. You can become a good writer.

The compassion you feel for helpless beings puts your idealism to work for just causes.

On the affectionate side, you are usually quite mental-oriented. You will surely choose someone who is spiritual that compensates for your marked realism.

Your way of loving is balanced, without being cold. If you manage to cut back your critical spirit, you can be simply happy.

Leo Sun With Libra Rising

“Conquering Lion”

If you are a Leo with Libra rising, your diplomatic attitude combined with your gift of nobleness makes you a very lovable person. That’s why you’ll reap friendships everywhere.

You will dedicate your life to making your dreams come true, thanks to your great optimism. You’re a master of aesthetics, and your creative capacity is exuberant.

As for affections, you stand out for your kindness. But you are not constant. You have an eagerness to conquer. You always seek to please, but your indecision can leave many people crying over you.

However, you strive to be faithful and compassionate. Because you are a seducer, you tend to seek the approval of others.

Your tendency to play the field can make you miss opportunities in choosing your lover, as if love were pure enjoyment.

In the exchange of opinions, you will succeed in finding the truth, thanks to your great intellectual refinement in choosing your associations. All you have to do is make up your mind.

With Libra rising, you possess intelligence and tact that highlight the nobleness of your Leo sun sign.

Leo Sun With Scorpio Rising

“Powerful and Sarcastic”

If you are a Leo with Scorpio rising, you are in constant tension. Perhaps everything you have achieved has been because of that inner transformative force that drives you.

Your Leo intelligence is of the cunning, almost sarcastic type. But that does not prevent you from being affectionate, almost to the point of voluptuousness.

Your libido is strong, that’s why you need someone who can put up with you. It is not because you are weak, but because when you have to deal with the most delicate issues, you get in a sarcastic mood that is not very appropriate for the occasion. In these situations, you can be tactless.

Your courage often manifests itself in the realm of passion. You tend to choose people with clear ideas, with plenty of patience and sense of humor. Problems can arise when you are faced with someone else’s stubbornness.

A good career for you is something oriented towards research in any field. You will never back out of any project, especially when it involves a good dose of power.

Leo Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Playful Cub”

If you are a Leo with Sagittarius rising, you are the happiest of the Leos. If you could, you would live by traveling, loving, and when not, studying.

You will be cheerful until very late in life. You will never tire of glimpsing new horizons, always looking to the future.

You have a strong personality, because the two signs that govern you are fire, emotional par excellence.

You know how to be faithful to yourself and to others and your capacity for justice is valuable. You act without rancor and with generosity. Although sometimes your “self-coronation” impulse of Leo takes over and makes you proud, pompous and exaggerated.

Avoid extravagance, since you are too attracted to gambling and pleasures. If you heed this tip, you may even lose weight.

Leo Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Responsible Lion”

If you are a Leo with Capricorn rising, you have enough drive not to live locked up in yourself.

Don’t let sadness overcome you. Perhaps you are too concerned about your future. You miss out on valuable opportunities while chasing your prey on duty.

You are too dominant with others. If you overdo it, it can become cruelty. You take on too much responsibility, maybe more than you can handle.

You are naturally suited to a career in political leadership because the exercise of power requires toughness and coldness, but also plenty of common sense, which is highly developed in you.

With Capricorn rising, you will be at your best as a professional.

As for the emotional, you need someone to increase your sensitivity. You will have to express more romance and affection to your partner.

Leo Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Dominant and Original”

If you are a Leo with Aquarius rising, you may be the most dominant of the Leos. Your unpredictable actions perplex those who think they know you well.

That’s why you sometimes distance yourself from those around you, because you feel misunderstood. Others consider you so strange that you make them distrusting and a little afraid.

You are idealistic and sometimes impractical. No one can separate you from your obsessions. You insist on going after what is no good for you.

Your temperament makes relationships difficult. You find it difficult to compromise, and you prefer solitude to herd.

You are demanding with others and with yourself. That’s why you reach goals that are impossible for ordinary people.

Your personality is unique, original, extravagant and independent. The lion is not as fierce as it is painted!

Leo Sun With Pisces Rising

“Spiritual and Idealistic”

If you are a Leo with Pisces rising, you are the most spiritual lion, but also the most chaotic-minded.

Your professional goals are tinged with cultural interests. You develop your humanitarianism at work and practice it with your colleagues, who know your sense of compassion and sensitivity.

You are an idealist, with enough creative capacity to shine in some artistic task, especially linked to the public.

In love, you will find fidelity, because you are faithful. You should choose companions that have a practical sense. They are the right ones to help you in material issues.

Your Pisces intuition will enhance Leo’s positive values, such as generosity towards those who deserve it and forgiveness for those who offend you.

Even if life puts more than one obstacle in your way, you will courageously strike out to find the happiness and peace you desire.

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