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Leo Sun With Rising Sign Combinations

Leo Zodiac Sign Constellation

Updated October 11, 2023
Originally posted September 10, 2020
By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Leo Sun With Rising Sign Combinations

Welcome to our guide on Leo Sun combined with all twelve rising signs. If you’re a Leo, this is where you’ll learn how your rising sign can change how your Leo traits play out. Each rising sign will flavor your Leo Sun in a different way, adding nuances to your bold nature. What kind of lion are you? Wild, tame, or a domesticated kitten? Let’s find out.

(Find out your rising sign with our rising sign calculator.)

Leo Sun With Aries Rising

“Fire Lion”

If you are a Leo with Aries rising, you have a lively personality. You have the potential to achieve great things in your career thanks to your leadership skills. You have the courage to venture into any innovative business.

You take on the challenge of moving up the ladder with a passion that has never been seen before. People might mistake your fiery spirit for being rude, stubborn, bossy, or overconfident. However, if you’re a balanced Leo, you’ll strive to be independent while also respecting others’ boundaries.

On your quest for love, you’re a candid and generous spirit. You may find yourself in spontaneous relationships in which you put your happiness first.

A love for thrills and fun might lead you astray if you do not channel your energy wisely. Gambling and fun can be costly if you don’t restrain your impulses.

In love, you’re direct, enthusiastic, and optimistic, showing confidence in your ability to love warmly and passionately.

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Leo Sun With Taurus Rising

“Hardworking and Bold”

If you are a Leo with Taurus rising, you are one of the most methodical and firm in your opinions. Your projects will most likely be based on long-term goals.

You don’t settle for doing things halfway. That is why, thanks to your sustained effort, you will accomplish whatever you set out to do.

Yet, your emotions may often be intense, sometimes led more by determination than by joy. This can make you focus on material gains rather than spiritual fulfillment. Your firm beliefs can occasionally dampen your Leo’s creative spirit.

Be careful not to let your love of comfort lead to isolation, as you may prefer to stay in and enjoy a sumptuous meal rather than go out with your loved ones.

You might sometimes show more generosity to people who don’t really need it, forgetting about those who have less. Others might not see how big your heart really is because of this. You have a huge heart that needs shared and nurtured to flourish.

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Leo Sun With Gemini Rising

“Scattered But Fascinating”

If you are a Leo with Gemini rising, you are one of the most intelligent Leos, as your wide variety of interests lead you to learn more and more about intellectual topics.

This is why you can hold responsible jobs while also advancing in technical and scientific studies. Or, because you are very expressive, your imagination and creativity allow you to develop in the artistic field.

Your friendly wit and lively conversational skills keep people interested, even though you often put your own thoughts and opinions first. Your ideal partner would be someone who makes you feel happy and loved all the time and who fully supports your dreams.

You have the ability to adopt a variety of personas depending on the audience, and this is where your charm truly shines. When you’re in love, you’re like a shapeshifter who wants to keep things lively and interesting.

With Gemini rising, you often change your mind and that’s good because Leos tend to stick with their first idea. This balance helps you be flexible.

You try to learn everything you can about those around you. Your curiosity also extends beyond the day-to-day.

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Leo Sun With Cancer Rising

“Dreamer Lion”

If you are a Leo with Cancer rising, you’re protective and good at looking after others.

You are a hopeless romantic. You’re a big dreamer, and you have an imagination. Even though you daydream a lot, you don’t forget about practical, material things. These are also important to you.

You have a good memory, which, together with your persistence, can lead you to important positions in your community.

When it comes to romance, you prefer a serious, committed kind of relationship. You respect your ancestors. To honor your family history, you prefer mature people who share your sense of loyalty as much as possible.

Sometimes, you might hold on too tight. You might mistake being kind for being in love. It’s possible that you could smother your partner with too much affection and over-protectiveness.

Your sensitive side makes you more romantic, making you dreamy and imaginative. This makes you a charming lion.

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Leo Sun With Leo Rising

“King of the Jungle”

As a Leo sun with Leo rising, you embody the full spirit of Leo with all its strengths and challenges. You will find these qualities and general characteristics on the Leo page.

As for love, you tend to choose independent, idealistic, and humanitarian individuals like yourself. As a Leo, though, your firmly-held beliefs can get in the way of your growth as a good lover.

You admire people who can handle themselves and function independently, but your need for affection might not get fully met. This can lead to increased tension in a relationship.

You are the maker of your own destiny.

Your love for yourself is clear, which is very important for making your future. But don’t forget to show a little humility too. Knowing your weaknesses and turning them into strengths is not only for self-improvement, but it’s also so you can relate better to other people.

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Leo Sun With Virgo Rising

“A Balance of Strength and Kindness”

Being a Leo with Virgo rising, you might surprise people. You’re not the typical Leo since you’re on the quiet side, not always showing off your Leo strength. It’s highly likely that no one will recognize you as a Leo at first.

This is an advantage for the fiery Leo, who spends a lot of energy all the time. Your Virgo ascendant makes you far more humble than the prototype Leo and gives you enough authority to assert yourself without even raising your voice.

Of course, when you have to give your opinion about someone, your judgments will be piercing.

As for your career, your sharp mind and your organizational talent make you a practical person. You’re good at keeping things in order.

You can be a good writer. With your mix of Leo and Virgo, you could also do well as a teacher or instructor. Because you’re intelligent and naturally want to help others, you can teach others in a way that they’ll understand and find engaging.

The compassion you feel for people who can’t help themselves puts your idealism to work for good and just causes.

When it comes to affection, you are usually quite mentally oriented. Of course, you’ll pick someone with a spiritual side to make up for how realistic you are.

Your way of loving is balanced, but not cold. Your big, warm Leo heart is always at your core. If you can control your tendency to be critical, you can simply be happy.

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Leo Sun With Libra Rising

“Conquering Lion”

If you’re a Leo with Libra rising, your diplomatic nature, combined with your noble nature, makes you a very lovable person. That’s why you’ll make friends everywhere.

Because of your great optimism, you’ll devote your life to making your dreams come true. You’re a master of aesthetics, and your creativity flows vibrantly. You have a great eye for beauty.

When it comes to love, you’re known for being kind. You’re not always steady, though. You enjoy the thrill of winning others over. You always want to make people happy, but your indecisiveness might end up hurting some feelings.

That being said, you try to be faithful and compassionate.

As a charming seducer, you tend to seek the approval of others. Your habit of exploring various options might cause you to miss out on finding the right partner, treating love as if it were only a game.

In discussions, your intellectual finesse will help you discover truths. This attracts many friends and colleagues to you. All you have to do is make up your mind.

With Libra rising, you have the smarts and tact that really bring out the royal qualities of your Leo sun sign.

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Leo Sun With Scorpio Rising

“Powerful and Witty”

If you’re a Leo with Scorpio rising, you often feel a push-and-pull tension. Perhaps everything you have achieved has been because of that inner transformative force that drives you.

Your Leo intelligence is of the cunning, almost sarcastic type. But this doesn’t stop you from being loving and affectionate, almost to the point of intense desire. Your feelings run very deep and strong, so you need someone who can handle your intensity.

It’s not that you’re weak, but sometimes when you have to talk about sensitive topics, you use dry humor that makes your wit come off as sarcasm. At these times, you might seem tactless.

Your bravery usually shows itself in the realm of passion. You tend to choose partners with clear ideas, plenty of patience, and a sense of humor. You might struggle, though, if you partner up with someone as tough as you are.

A good career for you could be anything that involves investigation or research in any field. You’ll never back out of any challenge, especially if it allows you to put your natural strength and power to use.

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Leo Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Playful Cub”

If you are a Leo with Sagittarius rising, you are the most joyful of the Leos. If possible, your life would be filled with travels, love, and continuous learning.

You maintain a cheerful and optimistic spirit throughout your entire life. You will never tire of glimpsing new horizons, always looking to the future.

You have a strong personality because the two signs that rule you (Leo and Sagittarius) are fire signs—intense passion.

You are true to yourself and others, and your sense of fairness is admirable. You act without holding grudges, and you’re generous by nature. However, sometimes your innate Leo trait of self-importance may overshadow, making you seem arrogant, showy, and prone to excess.

Avoid extravagance. You have a strong desire for pleasure and possibly gambling, so be mindful of how easily you can give in to them. By practicing moderation, you can save more money for more fulfilling experiences.

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Leo Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Responsible Lion”

If you’re a Leo with Capricorn rising, you have enough drive to not be so trapped in your own thoughts. Don’t let sadness bring you down.

You might be spending too much time worrying about your future. This can cause you to miss out on great opportunities because you’re focused only on your current responsibilities.

You have a tendency to assert control over others. You must keep this in check and stop it from getting too harsh.

You take on too much responsibility, maybe more than you can handle. It may be that so much is expected of you, but it’s okay to share the work.

You are naturally suited to a career in political leadership because the exercise of power requires toughness and cool-headedness, but also plenty of common sense, which is highly developed in you.

With Capricorn rising, you are destined for professional success.

On the emotional front, you need a companion who can bring out your gentle side. One thing you should try is to show your partner more affection and romance.

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Leo Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Decisive and Original”

If you are a Leo with Aquarius rising, you may be the most determined of the Leos. Your actions, often carrying an element of surprise, may surprise those who believe they already know you well.

That’s why you sometimes distance yourself from those around you—because you feel misunderstood. Your unique approach to life behavior may appear strange to others, and they might feel uneasy or even intimidated.

You’re idealistic. You’re full of hope and dreams, but sometimes you forget about what’s practical. When you’re passionate about something, you stick with it, even if it might not be best for your wellbeing.

Relationships can be a little hard for you at times. Compromise can be hard for you, and you prefer being alone rather than being a sheep in the herd.

Consider taking the time to explain your thoughts and reasons to others so they can better understand. It might not be easy, but letting other people in will help you make better connections. You could also try finding at least one common ground in your relationships.

You expect a lot, not only from other people but also from yourself. That’s why you reach goals that are impossible for ordinary people.

Your personality is unique, brimming with creativity, boldness, and self-dependence. This Leo, like a lion, may appear fierce but can be quite gentle at heart.

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Leo Sun With Pisces Rising

“Spiritual and Dreamy Lion”

If you are a Leo with Pisces rising, you are the most spiritual of the Leos.

You care about helping people, and it shows in the kinds of goals you make. You bring your humanitarian value to work, and your coworkers appreciate how compassionate you are.

You’re an idealist with plenty of creative talent, so you can shine in any artistic project, but especially ones that require you to work with the public or even be in the public eye.

In love, you will find fidelity because you are faithful. You value loyalty. You should choose companions who are practical. They are the best people to help you with material matters.

Your Pisces intuition enhances Leo’s positive characteristics, such as generosity to those who deserve it and forgiveness for those who wrong you.

Even if life puts more than one obstacle in your way, you will courageously strike out to find the happiness and peace you desire.

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