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Libra Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Libra zodiac sign on a zodiac wheel


Every Libra is balanced by their rising sign. No one is pure Libra. No one is shielded from the influences of the sign on the ascendant, from the most beautiful qualities to crude defects.

Which sign weighs more on this scale? Your Libra sun or your rising sign? The rising sign does not easily retreat.

(Find out your rising sign with our Rising Sign Calculator.)

Libra Sun With Aries Rising

“But I Thought Libras Are Calm and Adorable”

If you are a Libra with Aries rising, someone will say that about you after reading a description of Libra. At least, with Aries rising, you show your thorns without letting us know that you are sociable and calm.

You lean towards careers that require the most effort and are not always well rewarded.

In matters of love, you look for a beautiful and spiritual being to complete you.

When love does not occupy your mind, you can become unbearable, showing yourself to be authoritarian and hedonistic.

You have a tendency to get the support of many friends.

Libra Sun With Taurus Rising

“Sweet, Though Stubborn and Obstinate”

If you have sun in Libra with Taurus rising, most of the time, others can’t tell that you’re a Libra since you behave quite reserved and shy.

You were born to enjoy life, both for aesthetics, and for the pleasures of good food.

Your taste is very refined. You can develop a career in the artistic, crafts or decorative fields. You can be a true artisan.

Social life occupies a good part of your time. If your planets are harmonious, you can be good company.

In sexual/emotional relationships, you are instinctive, but delicate, refined. Sex is something more important to you than a lukewarm hookup. You are passionate almost to exaggeration, but you know what your limits are.

You can develop your career in the social field as a politician, with great ability to dominate others through your undeniable magnetism.

Libra Sun With Gemini Rising

“Most Shifting Libra”

If you have sun in Libra with Gemini rising, your physical restlessness matches your intellectual restlessness.

You can be a good diplomat, entrepreneur or business person.

Your eagerness to please others will make you border on on superficial.

Watch out! You are the most indecisive of the Libras, because everything catches your attention and distracts you from the single objective.

You are fascinated by anything curious. You learn things that will never help you in any practical way.

But developing in all the abstract, you become an almost genius being. You can get along in the social and literary environment like a fish in water. Thus, you will become a good journalist, editor, writer or convincing speaker.

You usually establish affectionate relationships with people that are highly cultured, fun, social and outgoing.

You look for stability in marriage, more for lack of security than for love.

Libra Sun With Cancer Rising

“Most Sensitive of All”

As a Libra with Cancer rising, your strength lies in your feelings. You look to your family, the joy of your soul, without the excess of social life outside the family. The mundane attracts you.

You have a great intuition with emotions running very high, but your indecision restricts you the most intimate desires.

You are a musical being par excellence. You grasp music by your internal harmonic sensitivity.

You understand everything with the poetic intellect rather than with pure logic.

You can become a good psychologist, philosopher or also an artist, perhaps in the theatrical field.

As for your choice of lover, you expect to find more than sensitivity. You need orderly and precise love, someone objective that can supplement all your fanciful moods.

Your professional life fulfills you because besides relating to it on a social level, work is a sport for you. There you will fight battles so boldly that it hides your shyness.

Libra Sun With Leo Rising

“Aristocratic Par Excellence”

If you are Libra sun with Leo rising, you know how to exhibit the confidence and balance necessary to radiate so much charm. But, that is not enough for you: you want to express it as an artist.

The metaphorical stage is your battlefield, both in your profession and in everyday life.

With Leo rising, all your positive qualities are enhanced, and so are the negative ones.

You tend to behave with pride, exhibitionism, pompousness and, in extreme cases, despotism. You lust for conquest just for the conquest itself.

You are passionate for determined, brave, high-spirited people. You try to find harmony at all costs.

Your positive qualities can help you in the social field, in business, trade and commerce, and also in art, fashion and aesthetics in general.

In all these areas, your ambition can shine, while you try not to go unnoticed under any circumstances, while you pursue success, which you will achieve without much effort.

Libra Sun With Virgo Rising

“The Most Hardworking and Shy Of The Libras”

With Libra sun with Virgo rising, your refinement and your intelligence try to go unnoticed. This is why your need for company gets pushed to the background.

When you’re alone, you can dedicate your time to your studies or to some commercial activity, in order to earn money. Without being materialistic, you pursue money to give yourself a little more security and not as an end in itself.

Your mind is very sharp, capable of ingenuity and subtleties.

Also, because of your insecurity, you are easily influenced and a hypochondriac.

It is very likely that you get along with everyone. At some point, it is possible that you may get hurt because of trusting everyone.

Detail-oriented, neat and tidy, you stand out for your intellectual activities. Mathematics, graphic design, decorating, or any task that requires sustained performance and efficiency, is for you.

In marriage, you will achieve stability because you will always be attentive to the requirements of your partner.

Libra Sun With Libra Rising

“The Libra Prototype”

You have both Sun and ascendant in Libra, so you have a double dose of all the Libra qualities. The positive and the defects. You must guide yourself to reinforce your strengths and correct the defects.

As a Libra with with Libra rising, it is highly likely that you need a partner to complete you. Some people don’t need a partner, but you are not one of those people.

You are attracted to the type of person with a strong character. Those that demonstrate strength and determination, but without aggressiveness. You need someone enterprising, but not rude, by your side. Someone independent, but one who does not arouse your jealousy.

You don’t usually have a bad temper. You try to keep others in a good mood, and it works.

At work, you are quite independent, resourceful and creative. The best careers for you are those where the social is in the foreground, defending national values, institutions, tradition, ancestors and, above all, women.

Libra Sun With Scorpio Rising

“Introverted Loner”

Even though you have sun in Libra, with Scorpio rising you withdraw into yourself in search of solitude.

You are the least sociable Libra. Your Libra reputation as a kind, diplomatic and caring person is hidden behind a mask of enigma and secrecy.

You reveal yourself in private, showing your passionate love.

You are astute and rather sarcastic. Your experiences resonate deep within your soul.

Your character is inclined towards activities aimed at revealing something, for example, in the field of research. You love to uncover secrets.

Whatever you do, you do it with passion, with the feeling of being a pioneer in everything.

Working long and hard is your way to escape from your hidden urges.

You may have great leadership skills, but will be domineering and stubborn. You want to occupy an important position where you can exercise power.

Libra Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Cheerful and Extra Friendly”

As a Libra with Sagittarius rising, you try to gain the approval of those around you. Because you act like this, others say that you are very understanding and frank.

You respect the freedom of others because you think they will respect yours in the same way. You are an idealist.

You have an intellectual refinement that you should take advantage of.

You are able to tackle philosophical and scientific studies. But, your tendency to indolence and comfort will prevent your chances of getting prominent positions, which in the end you do not really want, anyway.

You prefer to live a quiet life, loving, enjoying and taking pleasure.

The type of work you want is the most spiritual you can find. Perhaps something artistic, but not too involved.

Libra Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Somewhat Fatalistic”
Capricorn rising subdues a bit the best qualities of your Libra sun. With Capricorn rising, you think that you will not get anything you want.

You have many varied opportunities, but you feel that you have a hard time with everything.

You may be giving only a halfhearted effort to deal with struggles that arise. You would rather leave things alone instead of using your natural-born intelligence.

You could demand a little more from yourself instead of jumping through hoops in search of what’s convenient.

You want the approval of others without any effort. You waste your energy on unimportant things.

Your seriousness sometimes causes problems in your social life. You are very sensitive.

You desperately want to start a family or have a steady relationship.

Of all the Libras, you are the most practical and shrewd in business.

The struggles you face are meant to strengthen your confidence. You think too much about the smallest details.

Libra Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Most Inventive of The Libras”

With Aquarius rising and Sun in Libra, you have idealism added to your powers of persuasion.

You can dedicate yourself to politics, philosophy or foreign languages. You could be an artist because you have original ideas.

Your harmonious and creative Libra personality subdues and calms the unpredictable or fanatic side of your Aquarius rising sign.

You devote your stubbornness to fixed ideals. You set your mind on a future of love and brotherhood. You are a lovely person.

Your mind goes beyond your body. You react halfheartedly to emotional interests. You are more gallant than an ardent lover, because your interests are rather intellectual.

You choose partners that are humanitarian, creative, and unselfish. You prefer to let them chase you. You aspire to be faithful and kind.

Your work combines idealism with sensibility that, together with perseverance, drives you to achieve spiritual harmony.

Libra Sun With Pisces Rising

“Utopian and Creative”

With Pisces rising and Libra Sun, your life focuses on the need to recreate. You try, as much as possible, to transform reality in search of a better world.

Sometimes, you nullify your own personality to dedicate whole days to the consecration of utopian ideals. You delegate to others the task of obtaining material goods.

Your partner will love you for your mystical and spiritual qualities. You are one of the deepest Libras, but not very social. You are very introverted.

Your ideal relationship leads to marriage as the sole objective.

You are diplomatic, so you make many friends. These will, seriously, care for you and guide you, because sometimes your indolence can lead you into states of apathy or inactivity.

Your life will unfold on a path of peace to find justice.

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  1. Thank you for these interpretations, they’re short but very informative.
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  2. Libra sun with cap rising combo interpretation was so rude and depressing

  3. Lori-Ann on said:

    I am a Libra Sun and Rising. 29 degree Scorpio Moon

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