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Aquarius Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Aquarius Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Updated October 10, 2023
Originally posted July 23, 2018
By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Aquarius Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Not all Aquarius sun signs are the same. You may be an Aquarius, but your rising sign describes more of your characteristics. Here are interpretations for the Aquarius sun and rising sign combinations for each of the 12 rising signs.

(Find out your rising sign with our rising sign calculator.)

Aquarius Sun With Aries Rising

“Adventurous Water Bearer”

With Aries rising, you are the toughest Aquarius. You take your idealism to a utopian extreme. Your sense of independence is so extreme that your friends accuse you of a lack of affection.

You are the pioneer of the Aquarians, but do not take it so seriously because you can easily fall into fanaticism without realizing it.

Your style is that of an adventurer. Your ups and downs are the breeding ground for both building up and wrecking. You find your closest friends at the edge of the precipice.

When you find someone to love, you jump on your prey without giving them a chance to react. With the same outburst, you will decide that the relationship is over, and your partner will suffer your decision without having any say in the matter.

Your worst defect is intolerance. Your virtue: courage and will. When you decide to, you can change the world.

You will succeed in any undertaking, provided that you face it with the spirit of conquest.

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Aquarius Sun With Taurus Rising

“Patience and pleasure”

This combination reflects a unique paradox, leading to an intriguing blend of traits, making you complex and enigmatic.

Your sun in Aquarius impels you to inconstancy. If you know how to develop the qualities of your Taurus ascendant, you will develop patience, which would complement your sun sign.

These signs together increase your stubbornness and distrust. Your vivacity tends to be toned down, and your unpredictable actions become more thoughtful.

You are the most pleasure-loving of all Aquarians. That helps you moderate your tendency to silence your feelings. Uranus also helps Venus to be a little more inventive and imaginative.

Your sincerity shines through, particularly when upholding conventional values, like the role of family. You apply your energy towards professional and social advancements.

In love, you are more passionate than other Aquarians. You have a possessive streak. You would be interested in starting a family.

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Aquarius Sun With Gemini Rising

“Movement and change”

Aquarius sun with Gemini rising, you are a quite coherent being. You know very well what you want, but you want many things all at once.

Your wit amazes those around you. Your curiosity can sometimes be excessive.

You are a master at communicating your findings, but you run the risk of hearing only your voice.

You support causes with solidarity, and every time that you do so, you become more human.

In love, try to remember that you have a person next to you and not a number.

You are one of those who do not want to hear any talk about marriage. Inwardly, you know very well what your decision is regarding that matter.

At work, you combine manual dexterity with inventiveness and insist on doing things your way.

Reflect and think about why some people do not trust you. Maybe it’s because, given your malleable personality, you change your skin at every moment.

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Aquarius Sun With Cancer Rising

“Tradition and revolution”

The Cancer ascendant is almost opposite to the Aquarius sun sign. While Cancer is a traditionalist, Aquarius breaks the mold. Is it difficult to maintain the balance?

You can be defined as a person who respects the ancestors and, at the same time, wants to modify the existing laws.

Your good memory can serve you in your innovative tasks, but always on the basis of the defense of home and family.

Regarding intimacy, the water sign of Cancer balances you. You come to believe that it is worth venturing into love.

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Aquarius Sun With Leo Rising

“Creative and generous”

Aquarius and Leo are opposite signs, but they complement each other to give you an outstanding personality.

You channel your Leo originality and add the virtues of your sun sign: idealism and humanitarian action. You can feel compassion for the weak and generosity of heart, which is difficult for Aquarius. Doors are open for you to develop all your creative power.

At work, you may have problems because of your tendency to want to dominate others.

Even though you are faithful, your provocations can spoil your marriage. Despotism does not help you and your loved ones understand each other. Remember that your freedom ends where another’s begins.

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Aquarius Sun With Virgo Rising

“Reliable and astute”

In this combination of signs, the mental chaos of Aquarius finds a balance.

With Virgo rising, you are more methodical and organized than other Aquarians. The unassuming, down-to-earth nature typical of Virgo calms the desire for independence.

Your more restrained behavior, which is less wild than that of other Aquarius natives, allows your ingenuity to produce better results.

On the emotional front, you might face challenges. At times, your tendency to be overly critical can take over, and you may end up demanding more from others than they can give. Your own judgments might occasionally overshadow your capacity for empathy and consideration of others’ needs.

Yet, your concentration and application make you a reliable worker.

With your ascendant in Virgo, you are the most astute of the Aquarians, but also possibly the most critical and demanding. This blend of traits could be harnessed in a constructive way to achieve great results, both in your personal life and career.

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Aquarius Sun With Libra Rising

“Beauty and refinement”

Aquarius sun and Libra rising is a combination that results in a social being par excellence. This balanced personality will always have measured and diplomatic reactions. Your ascendant in Libra will not let the idealism that drives your sun sign turn into fanaticism.

Gentleness joins tact in the social environment, and so you get people to obey you without even raising your voice. At work, this will give you a very special talent for making productive connections.

When you notice that your energies dissipate and you become indolent, consider if it is because you are striving only to receive the approval of others.

Even so, you will always keep your sense of justice and beauty intact.

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Aquarius Sun With Scorpio Rising

“Sarcastic and intelligent”

Scorpio and Aquarius are two fixed signs that symbolize the sustaining of what has already been created. Together, therefore, they promote stability.

However, this combination of signs is not compatible per se. You sometimes struggle with being flexible and truly independent.

If friendship is important to you, try not to encourage discord, because you could end up “punishing” others for your own failures. Your sarcasm can be overly cruel. Even your sharp wit can sometimes come off as harsh.

Be mindful not to let your most primal passions dominate your daily life. On the other hand, be aware that giving too much of yourself can become an elaborate form of “mental torture.”

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Aquarius Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Prophetic and visionary”

In friendship, you know how to give the best of your Aquarius sun sign: fairness and loyalty to those around you. Your valuation of knowledge makes you “enlighten” your friends and family when they are suffering from ignorance. With Sagittarius rising, you are able to do this in the most positive way.

You idealize love and pursue your goals with passion.

Your mental openness, together with a certain vision of the future, gives you a great prophetic capacity.

You believe in the progress of Humanity. You set the example with your own initiatives, which point to a better world. Do not let all the applause make you conceited.

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Aquarius Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Patient and hard-working”

Aquarius and Capricorn are in tune because they share the planet Saturn. Spiritual ideals are sometimes neglected in favor of petty interests.

The generosity of Aquarius is eclipsed by Capricorn, busy achieving worldly results: social standing and status.

You want to get things at any cost.

Work is a large part of your focus. Surely, your Capricorn ascendant will help put into practice your ideas. But you must make a great effort because you do not have a magic wand that makes your dreams come true. That is to say, things will not come easy to you. You will have to overcome obstacles, but you are capable of doing so.

Your reservation does not let you move comfortably in social circles. If you keep yourself so inaccessible, you will become insensitive, even to yourself, and your actions will be totally impersonal.

You do not despair like other Aquarians—you know that time cures everything. Aquarius with Capricorn rising: with patience, you will always get what you want.

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Aquarius Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Overflowing water”

You are the prototype of the Aquarius sign, with its virtues and its defects, except for any particular considerations in your natal chart. You will find these qualities and general characteristics on the Aquarius page.

It only remains to be added that you may be as egocentric as a leonine, “living la vida loca.”

You carry yourself without asking permission from anyone, making your way with your characteristic freedom.

Love relationships are passionate and generous.

Your ideal partner is almost unattainable—someone with a top-level position—to further enhance the projects you want to carry forward. They will always be revolutionary, innovative, and deeply humanitarian.

Aquarius is usually described as a sign of “change.” However, the following quote is much more true to the Aquarius mission:

Humanity is as it is; it’s not about changing it, but about knowing it.

So, while Aquarius is about changing society and institutions, it’s not about changing actual humans. Aquarius accepts humans as they are.

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Aquarius Sun With Pisces Rising

“Mystique and art”

The idealism of Aquarius gives new brilliance to the iridescent scales of the fish and places it on the crest of the mystical wave.

You have the will to fulfill the most difficult spiritual goals. Your renunciation is so complete and committed that you can even hold high religious positions.

Your manifestations will be artistic, in any field. Aquarius with Pisces rising gives a characteristic extreme sensitivity that is comparable to that of Chopin (pianist).

Your actions will always have a humanitarian tinge, and you will reject any reward. You demonstrate acts of kindness and charity, not for recognition but for the satisfaction of helping others.

Remember, though, to stay grounded and avoid losing yourself in idealistic dreams.

You can be prone to melancholy, perhaps because you perceive, with greater clarity than other Aquarians, the human condition in all its dimensions and the needs of others that sometimes you cannot meet.

Keep fighting, because your work will last for eternity.

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