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Sagittarius Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Sagittarius Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

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Sagittarius is full of surprises. No two are alike. Archers have a unique surprise up their quiver of arrows. What makes each one different is the rising sign that has climbed on to the back of the unsuspecting centaur.

Here are the descriptions of Sagittarius with each rising sign.

(Find out your rising sign with our Rising Sign Calculator.)

Sagittarius Sun With Aries Rising

“Ambition and Boldness”

If you have Sagittarius Sun and Aries rising, you could define yourself as an adventurous and fearless pioneer. But, you are also very charming.

Your independence is your motto. Your candor, complete honesty, is so blunt that it can be cruel to others. You have a major flaw: you were born to live life without worrying about others.

Your partner may blame you for not meeting their needs. You fall in love at first sight because you have a special fascination with the esthetic, but you overlook the fact that your beloved has a soul. Perhaps the road to excellence begins by achieving some moderation and attention to detail.

At work, you are usually quite efficient. One flaw may be that you don’t measure the effort a job will require. However, you get it done.

Your ambition leads you to climb positions, especially in politics. Everything you take on, you do it with passion. You make big dreams happen.

Sagittarius Sun With Taurus Rising

“Bright Pleasure Seeker”

With Taurus rising, you are the most hedonistic Sagittarius. The Jupiter-Venus combination make you a pleasure seeker. While this will enrich your social life, it can encourage you to value life only in this sense, forgetting about morality and spirituality.

Luck will not always be on your side, so you must learn to make sacrifices for others.

Your existence always in the “now” does not match your progressive nature. You could get more out of your intellectual capacity.

Think about whether it may be time to settle down and give back from the abundance that life has given you. There will be a recipient who will make a noble use of the “loot” which you have managed to conquer. For example, your offspring.

Someone else should benefit from your generosity. You know this, but you don’t put it into practice. Remind yourself that your generosity should not be aimed only into your own pockets.

Thomas Fuller said, “The prodigal robs his heir; the miser robs himself.” A modern take on this quote would be, “The wasteful spender steals from his children; the cheapskate hoarder steals from himself.”

Do not detract from your bright and fun personality, and try to develop a sense of responsibility.

Sagittarius Sun With Gemini Rising

“Versatile Seducer”

For Sagittarius with Gemini rising, ambivalence is the theme of your life because you want to realize simultaneously all the projects that you have in your head.

You cannot catch two rabbits at the same time: you must decide on one. The sooner you learn to choose, the faster you will reach your goals. Nobody can understand why you submit yourself to such physical and emotional wear.

Is it that you believe in eternal youth?

Maybe you can take a routine break so that you can rest your spirit.

In your work, you feel like going against the grain, but with an altruistic end. You show a tendency to restore situations, but when you lose your enthusiasm, you can undo with the same joy you put into building.

Your life is a succession of conquests. Your duality gives you great versatility. That is why you will choose careers that allow you to jump from one place to another, being involved here and there in everything.

Jesus was probably a Sagittarius rather than a Capricorn and must have had an ascendant in Gemini. You have that advantage too, take advantage of it. If you choose to develop your spiritual potential, you will be an exceptional being, with extraordinary gifts to communicate knowledge that you acquire in a short time.

Sagittarius Sun With Cancer Rising

“Mind and Passion”

Sagittarius with Cancer rising finds joy at work. You are very sensitive to the conflict between the need to leave to work and to stay at home.

This contradiction affects your thoughts, which struggle to follow tradition and, at the same time, prepare to break with all the molds. The result is a personality that lives from crisis to crisis.

You need a little order and method to quiet the passions that boil in the depths of your soul.

Your mood swings mislead even those closest to you. They see you as a cheerful and happy being, and then suddenly overly melancholic, afflicted by an inferiority complex.

While you have the desire to travel, this remains more of a fantasy for you. You have enough imagination to enjoy it in your head.

This is how you travel to strange places that you could describe in a story. Your literary skills are remarkable.

Both work and love manage to stabilize you. In them, you find a little more practicality, concentration and objectivity than other Sagittarians.

Sagittarius Sun With Leo Rising

“Brave and Powerful”

Leo is the rising sign that most matches your Sagittarius sun. With Leo rising, your are the Sagittarius which is most most coherent with yourself.

Your personality is well defined and your concepts are clearly grounded.

Your tendency to make yourself noticed is clear, especially around lovers or potential partners.

Your ability to act gives you countless conquests, but all of short duration, because you get bored when the other one has finished getting to know you. They either idolize you or hate you for being such a braggart.

Your friends appreciate your qualities, be it your gift of leadership or your authority, won by the force of your generosity and great heart.

You are made for great things and fear losing. That’s why your ventures are bold, and of tall order, and you face them with patience and determination.

You feel confident that you can achieve everything you set your mind to.

You are loyal to your principles, but excessive ambition can make you pursue only power for power itself. Do not waste your ingenuity and exceptional gifts on illusions difficult to realize.

Sagittarius Sun With Virgo Rising

“Critical and Rational”

With Virgo rising, you are the most serene type of Sagittarius. You tend to manifest your intellectual gifts more than your sensuality.

You should pay attention to your flaws, such as the tendency to speculation, both materially and emotionally.

You could legislate in favor of the disadvantaged or you would be a faithful defender of justice, but sometimes your indiscipline takes over and you bet in favor of those who least deserve it.

You are too critical, which does not help you at home. Home is a place that you consider as a haven for your active mind.

You oscillate between faith and skepticism.

A thousand thoughts go around in your head and you try to eliminate the problems, but you make the same mistakes again. You prematurely judge others.

It is very difficult to live with you: you move in thinking that with a walk you can solve everything.

However, Virgo’s practical sense makes you face life with a little more responsibility than other Sagittarians.

If you will use criticism for only constructive purposes, you could provide great service to others.

Sagittarius Sun With Libra Rising

“Sociable Artist”

If you are a Sagittarius with Libra rising, your life is a constant social interaction. You are not at peace if you don’t have someone to chat with.

Your gifts make everyone love you. Your friendliness draws crowds. That is why, emotionally, you can achieve happiness and conquer that security you are looking for.

You are interested in social problems. You can reach high positions in areas involving justice.

Your imagination, together with Libra, means that you can develop your skill in some artistic field linked to the world of color.

Your vagabond existence will make you see exotic countries on pleasure trips. Conquest is your forte. You get what you propose.

Sagittarius Sun With Scorpio Rising

“Deep and Authoritative”

With Scorpio rising, the depth of your thinking is the virtue that distinguishes you from other Sagittarians. Your deep thought accompanies all your actions and directs the way in which you interact with others.

Your way of communicating your affection is mysterious, incomprehensible, but sometimes so frank that it becomes brutal.

You restrict the freedom of your loved ones, but you demand that they respect yours.

Your sharp intelligence allows you to venture into all career fields, but the most appropriate for you is scientific, since you passionately seek the truth.

While you are a spiritual being, you struggle to earn money.

Your astuteness can be used for selfish ends. Others do not realize your manipulation because you show a mask of self-denial and greatness, when in reality the compliments you give are pure flattery.

Those who do not know you usually fear you. However, deep down you are a prophet who only intends to improve society.

You have a progressive idealism driven by your enormous ambition to reach the summit of power.

Sagittarius Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Exuberant and Friendly”

You are a double whammy Sagittarius, that is, a Sagittarius with Sagittarius rising. You are the prototype, with its defects and strengths. You have the will to make one or the other dominate.

You are the maker of your own destiny.

Others see you as exuberant and excessive. Why don’t you begin to calm your impulses a little This way, they will stop considering you prideful, boastful and a braggart.

You have the strengths of understanding and optimism. People can also say that you are an intellectual philosopher: you can know everything without studying.

Watch out! Excessive confidence in your good luck can lead you to lose everything in the game.

Since you’re so frank and magnanimous, you will never deny a friend your helping hand.

Sagittarius Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Intense and Intelligent”

If you are Sagittarius with Capricorn rising, intelligence is your distinguishing feature. Your ambition is remarkable. You are likely to complete higher studies of importance.

You stand out in the fields of philosophy, theology, science and others related.

You can complete very difficult projects thanks to the intensity with which you carry them forward.

You are individualistic: your own experience is your main point of reference.

Life will never be easy for you, although luck will not abandon you.

You usually choose your lovers for their intellectual abilities, but they are versatile as is your own thirst for knowledge.

Tenderness softens your rigidity of thought and revives the joy of your sun sign.

Your tendency to loneliness makes you conducive to meditation. But be careful not to close yourself away too much, because you could become sullen.

Sagittarius Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Agent of Transformation”

Hey Sagittarius with Aquarius rising, are they telling you that you are a cute freak?

Well, they are right to some extent. Your unusual way of being baffles the majority, but some know that it is because you are a confirmed idealist.

You invented the way to live without any money. They will never find you working a steady job. You will have the weirdest jobs thanks to your exuberant imagination.

You will never repeat the experiences of others, because it bores you to follow beaten paths. You will always find a shortcut to get what you want, in a state of constant revolution, while pursuing your humanitarian ideals with passion.

Your intellectual openness can make you see many points of views, but you will not be tied down to any. You reject marriage as an institution, so you can continue wandering and practicing the freedom you treasure.

Your genius will make you an agent of social transformations. You serve spiritual or political causes, which leads you to neglect your love life.

You are the most advanced of the Sagittarians, try not to go overboard.

Sagittarius Sun With Pisces Rising

“Spiritual Artist”

Sagittarius and Pisces are two signs that are both so spiritual that together, they have no room for materialism, evil or selfishness.

However, this leads you to consider the material as something negative.

This is why you should balance yourself so as not to feel guilty for your financial achievements.

If you are Sagittarius with Pisces rising, you need to find balance with the Earth element. The earth element will give you the practical sense you need to get going. Look to where Earth appears in your birth chart.

You have a primarily artistic nature and you could stand out in music. Your have a great calling for service.

Your selflessness and openness are appreciated by everyone. But, the trust you put in others disappoints you, because you believe others are as good as you.

When people let you down, you usually get sad, fatalistic and depressed. When you don’t get sad, you take the law in your own hands, avenging your own frustrations on innocent bystanders.

You always exercise your freedom and share it when you can.

You feel pleasure only when you love. Therefore, you dedicate your whole life to sacrifice for others.

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