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Capricorn Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Capricorn Sun Sign With Rising Sign Combinations

Updated October 11, 2023
Originally posted July 25, 2018
By Corinne Lane     7 Comments

No two Capricorns are alike. The rising sign, or the ascendant, has a significant influence on you, adding different traits, strengths, and weaknesses. So, Capricorns, here we’re uncovering what each rising sign brings to your earthy nature. By understanding these combinations, you can make the most of your personality traits.

Here are the descriptions of the combinations of Sagittarius sun with each of the 12 rising signs.

(Find out your rising sign with our rising sign calculator.)

Capricorn Sun With Aries Rising

“A one-of-a-kind goat”

Your Aries rising sign’s Mars qualities bring out the best in your Capricorn traits. Together, these signs make you hardworking and ambitious. A typical entrepreneur.

Much more than the simple Capricorn archetype, you’re an intellectual worker. You have a strong desire to achieve a high social status, and when you don’t reach it, you become irritable and resentful. You want to blame others to justify your failures. If you want recognition and fame, you can be a good politician.

Discipline and obedience are words that describe you well, and these are qualities that you also expect from others. You can be a good soldier since, in addition to discipline and obedience, you are the king of duty.

This combination is the one that best knows how to harness and use the energy of Aries. Your emotional intensity finds a ground wire in Capricorn.

Instead of being possessive, you could say that you are acquisitive, which is more about getting things. People shouldn’t ask you for money because your alligator arms won’t be able to reach into your pocket.

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Capricorn Sun With Taurus Rising

“Practical and objective to the max”

Materialistic but hard-working. Capricorn and Taurus are both earth signs. Taurus makes you loyal and reliable, but those characteristics do not develop well in a cold and calculating sign such as Capricorn. It’s hard to show your feelings. When faced with love, you are reserved and cautious. That’s why it takes you a long time to find a partner.

You think that true love is found through cherished experiences. You are so reserved that, publicly, you condemn those who you see as extroverts in love. Maybe you’ll mature after dating for the first time.

You seek gratification through recognition, prestige, and social status. You are persistent and tenacious, so you will succeed in conquering all your goals. But beware! Do not become obsessed.

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Capricorn Sun With Gemini Rising

“The masked”

The combination of Capricorn and Gemini rising makes you an eternal teenager.

The twins can wear their masks whenever they want. You will never show up as both signs at the same time. You will use the strategies of one sign or the other like nobody’s business.

Penetrating, sharp, and curious because of your ascendant, you are a strange Capricorn. People will think you are balanced and serious, and no one will ever know of your mood swings.

Mercury’s idealism isn’t enough to lighten Saturn’s heaviness. Saturn makes sure that realism wins, no matter what. Don’t let yourself become stingy.

You may be a good economist, an ambitious politician, or the owner of a large publishing company. Your patience and discipline make you a good mathematician.

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Capricorn Sun With Cancer Rising

“Ambitious soul with a nostalgic heart”

The combination of Capricorn and Cancer rising does not help you enjoy your path because you’re too busy entertaining thoughts about new goals or new projects to start. This Capricorn-Cancer blend seeks happiness beyond the shell.

You’re an ambitious soul with a nostalgic heart, always looking ahead or to the past but forgetting to live in the moment. Days and nights pass by without you stopping to think about the here and now. When you are not mulling over what you will do when you grow up, you will be thinking about how much you miss your childhood.

When you are in love, you can’t believe that this is happening to you. And when you feel lonely for not having your loved one by your side, instead of looking for them, you close yourself up like an oyster and cry over your misfortune.

You strive to achieve goals at any price. You must realize that certain behaviors of yours are the result of your selfishness.

If you suffer from heartache, try to get over it so you do not feel troubled, pessimistic, and unhappy. If you really want it, you will achieve happiness. Remove your shell, goat! You must not be afraid to venture into the unknown.

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Capricorn Sun With Leo Rising

“Generous and classy”

The combination of Capricorn and Leo reveals your ambitious characteristics. You have been born to consolidate, resolve, and associate. These qualities allow you to develop your skills and reach the highest levels in a professional career. Leo always imparts power to any sign.

Leo is a generous sign, which allows you to share your triumphs.

With this combination of signs, a naturally aristocratic personality becomes more evident. Family and inherited traditions play an important role for you. Tradition awakens your dearest ideals. The law is present at all times.

Do not think that because you are the king, you have no faults. Your desire for power and your greed can take you on paths of solitude.

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Capricorn Sun With Virgo Rising

“Rigorous master”

With Virgo rising, you have a sufficient critical spirit to own and review your mistakes. You have everything you need to be a harmonious being.

Virgo and Capricorn are united in the intellect. Each sign contributes what the other needs so that the mind functions harmoniously. Virgo elaborates concepts with reasoning, and Capricorn reviews and corrects them based on his experience. Such conditions make this combination a mark of highly intelligent people with the potential to grow in scientific areas.

You elaborate on ideas and theories like a psychologist would. But you will need the help of a more humanitarian zodiac sign to grow among people. This combination is too rigorous to work face-to-face with people.

You may enjoy work dedicated to theological and moralistic themes. Your ideas go beyond contact with people. You have the makings of a master.

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Capricorn Sun With Libra Rising

“A double-sided coin”

In the combination of the Capricorn sun and Libra rising, seriousness coexists with playfulness. At times, you look melancholic, and other times, you look cheerful.

This alternating pattern shows up in all areas of your life. Venus tears away Saturn’s austerity so that pleasure sensations prevail: eat, love, and make money. However, many times Saturn’s rigidity wins and gives rise to a cold being, devoid of affection.

Your inhibition restricts the possibility of developing your sensitivity. Even so, you are one of the most social Capricorns and the one who puts more emphasis on physical relationships.

You fulfill your duties to the letter, and you exhaust yourself with work. Moral issues distress you. To preserve yourself, you give up any kind of romantic contact that seems to last, although finding a soul mate is a vital necessity for you.

You are indecisive. You are always thinking about the most favorable conditions to develop yourself. You’re always weighing your options. Your need for balance and justice is an obsession, and it serves you well in any business.

Love gives your life purpose.

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Capricorn Sun With Scorpio Rising


Instinct and reason give you the will to overcome anything. You achieve your goals, overcoming any obstacle. What is it that Scorpio cannot obtain? And a Scorpio rising combined with an ambitious Capricorn sun!

Sometimes you can even go too far and do things that aren’t allowed. Your life is full of ambitions, and you never leave anything half-done. Confidence in yourself is always at the top of the list.

Mars plays a fundamental role in your life and challenges you by making you face critical situations. With Capricorn at your back, you manage to deal with the most difficult obstacles. You prefer to throw the first stone rather than see yourself wronged.

As for your social life, you choose people whose intuition stands out, and thus, they manage to understand you better.

Your absolute reserve is another thing that makes you who you are. You like to hold back. And you’re tremendously possessive.

You are the type to sequester your lover. You use your vampire weapons. Goats, go easy with your stingers!

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Capricorn Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“The sky is the limit”

The combination of Capricorn and Sagittarius rising favors you. Jupiter benefits you and makes you happy, relieving your depression.

You are a traveling goat. Your mind seeks the farthest horizons to express itself. Thought and kindness make you ethical and just. You have the makings of an ordained priest. You have a constant predisposition to understand everything.

You test yourself and others to get to the truth. You learn from mistakes, and you gain experience. You are interested in questions of faith. Idealistic and passionate, you enjoy every moment of your life.

Sagittarius and Capricorn share the same spiritual resoluteness. You understand that difficulties are necessary to reach triumph. You will never give up trying. Both signs feed your will, which is directed not only towards the spiritual but also towards the material.

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Capricorn Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Double whammy Capricorn: driven and disciplined”

With Capricorn sun and Capricorn rising, you reflect well both the challenges and strengths of this sign. You will find these qualities and general characteristics on the Capricorn page.

Capricorn is an earth sign that represents ambition, hard work, and determination. Because the sun and rising sign are both in Capricorn, people born with this combination may be extra driven, practical, and focused on achieving their goals. They’re determined to get what they want out of life.

They could be responsible, dependable, and disciplined, with a strong sense of duty and tradition. They may also be reserved, stoic, and private, and may take on too much or be too hard on themselves.

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Capricorn Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Only seen in movies!”

You are the weirdest of Capricorns, since the eccentricities of Aquarius are not typical of a goat. With downright complexity, you can behave like a science fiction character. Nobody really gets your personality, not even your mother.

Emotions never get the better of you. But when it comes time to tackle a project, the passion you had hidden in a corner emerges.

You try to make things last. You abhor the ephemeral. You are not one of those who fixes things with temporary quick fixes.

You always prefer the essential to the inessential. You are so realistic that you despise pipe dreams.

You look at things as if you’re an outsider looking in a window, feeling short-circuited with the people around you.

You feel alone in crowds, but this does not weigh you down. You always tend to isolate yourself and see your environment as mundane, mediocre, and petty. You will accept your neighbors only if you must, and only if they appreciate independence like you do.

Your desire is to make the world progress with constant innovations.

Animate and immerse yourself in deep thought.

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Capricorn Sun With Pisces Rising

“Living on illusions”

The combination of Capricorn and Pisces rising gives a human and spiritual universal consciousness. That is, you have a human and spiritual awareness of the whole world.

You sense that loneliness is the immense solitude imposed on humans by nature and eternal laws. You know that love is humanity’s great refuge against loneliness.

Capricorn’s grim attitude is diluted in an almost intangible and incompressible nebula. You see all human beings as brothers and sisters; we’re all one. You are the most ethereal of the Capricorns. You idealize to the extreme. This weakens your critical sense.

You prize your friends and put them before all else. You expect others to be just as devoted to you. You mix sensuality with mysticism. Your projects will always include others.

The collective exercises a kind of hypnosis on you and takes you along visionary, idealistic paths. The danger lies in taking things to a fanatical level or going down unclear, shady paths. Going down extreme or unclear paths will leave you confused. In these cases, you can also reach total disbelief, as opposed to total euphoria.

Pisces rising loosens the tensions of Capricorn. These two signs harmonize with each other.

Your keywords will be: secret, solitude, silence, Om.

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    Whomever put this column together, I would pay for an interpretation of my whole chart. Unusually accurate and personally insightful. Well done.

  4. Lisa E Awrey on said:

    You missed Cap Sun with Cap rising.

  5. very interesting Capricorn sun-aquariaus rising – I like neighbors like people- raised by parents born during depression very friendly Libra and state policeman
    capricorn very helpful-lessons learned. so much true of me. Kathy

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