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Aries Sun With Rising Sign Combinations

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Aries people have different qualities, defects and tendencies according to their ascendant or rising sign. Here are interpretations for combinations of Aries sun with each of the 12 rising signs.

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Aries Sun With Aries Rising

“Aries Prototype”

If you are an Aries with Aries rising, you have all the virtues and defects of the sign, supplemented and increased.

Ambitious, you have a thirst for power and energy. You are very positive. You are born to rule. You demand loyalty.

You have great initiative to face anything. Because of your idealism, you star in many acts of daring.

Watch out! If you are a disharmonious Aries, then selfishness, rebelliousness and abuse of power will prevail in you. Jealousy, excessive ambition, and a total lack of tact and diplomacy in saying things, will create many enemies for you.

Aries Sun With Taurus Rising

“Strong-willed and Faithful”

If you are an Aries with Taurus rising, you have the typical Aries characteristics, but with greater fidelity and stronger will. You put these qualities into your work and profession.

You have an obsession for money, which will give you personal security and peace of mind over the support of your family.

You like to be left alone. Your energy retreats inwardly and concentrates on yourself.

The disharmonious type of Aries with Taurus rising can be rather selfish, self-possessed and inclined to vanity.

Aries Sun With Gemini Rising


If you are an Aries with Gemini rising, you project your ideas with strength. You have an alert mind. You are energetic and resourceful.

You are often sarcastic. You rush to criticizing anyone.

You are very talkative and also restless, both intellectually and physically. As soon as you reach a goal, you are ready to go in search of another ideal.

You can be a prolific writer, an even better critic and journalist, and also an excellent politician.

Your personality, however, can be detrimental to your family life, so be aware of that! CONTROL YOURSELF!

Aries Sun With Cancer Rising

“Impressionable and Emotional”

Aries sun with Cancer rising is not a very harmonious combination. Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to be honest. That’s why you say things covertly or indirectly, with hints.

You may be a little indecisive and agitated inside and, because of this, have accumulated frustrations. You don’t show your anger, but the revolution goes on inside, and when someone offends you, you may hold a grudge for a long time.

Your old traumas, rooted since childhood, fade over the years and you will very likely manage to overcome them.

Aries Sun With Leo Rising

“Born to Rule”

If you are an Aries with Leo rising, you always have an excess of energy, overflowing with vitality.

You are very independent and enthusiastic to undertake any feat with courage. Your leadership abilities make you draw crowds by showing yourself open and head-on.

You will never be a second-class citizen. You will like to be the boss, the supervisor or the general. You are truly competitive.

A disharmonious Aries will show their weaknesses by being too proud and uncontrollable. They can also seem presumptuous, aggressive and domineering.

Aries Sun With Virgo Rising

“Precise and Ingenious”

A Virgo ascendant is quite good for Aries sun because it makes you more reflective, by soothing your excessive impulse.

If you are an Aries with Virgo rising, your concepts are clear and precise. You have ingenuity for businesses that demand practicality.

You would admit to second guessing and depending on others, but, because of your ability, you will climb up the ladder.

You are an entrepreneur, but you have less audacity than other Aries.

You stop to think about each thing together with its consequences, planning your actions step by step, calculating advantages and disadvantages. In this way you manage to be relentless.

Aries Sun With Libra Rising

“Fire in the Balance”

If you are an Aries with Libra rising, your fieriness is tempered with the intellect of Libra. You are the most sociable and diplomatic Aries.

While you do still have your drive, you are much more diplomatic than other Aries.

However, this combination is not entirely favorable because it can lead to the misuse of your energies. War and peace will be fighting inside you. In the end, peace will prevail over war and the momentum will be muted.

A disharmonious Aries with ascendant in Libra can be severe in morals and justify unjustifiable acts.

Aries Sun With Scorpio Rising

“Tough and Energetic”

If you are an Aries with Scorpio rising, you have a difficult character. You perform better than anyone else at work, although you always tend to generate conflict.

You like to dominate without being noticed.

Your Aries character is accentuated by this Scorpio ascendant. So, even though you are determined and energetic, you can be insensitive to other people’s problems.

In the disharmonious Aries person, this energy and dominant character will lead them to seek power for power’s sake. Their emotions will be put aside in pursuit of success.

Aries Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Fire To The Second Power”

These two signs combine in a kind of energy at the service of spirituality and innovation, resulting in an exceptional personality.

If you are an Aries with Sagittarius rising, you are very sociable and enthusiastic, a potential adventurer. You like to take life lightly.

In an inharmonious individual, however, your thoughtlessness will lead you to be truly irresponsible. This can be dangerous when you go on your adventures. Watch out!

Aries Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Smartest of the Aries”

If you are an Aries with Capricorn rising, you know how to form a social position by your healthy ambition, constancy and practical sense.

You will get money and prestige. You are an entrepreneur and capable of assuming responsibilities of all kinds.

You have a talent for organizing and for gaining respect from others. You are acquisitive, since you manage to capitalize on your experiences and offer them to others.

If you are a disharmonious Aries because of other things in your birth chart, and your ambitions are frustrated, you can become irritable and resentful. The habit of hoarding can make you miserly.

You are not be afraid to face people in authority. Your traditional values make you a true patriot.

Aries Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Original, Fascinating and Versatile”

If you are an Aries with Aquarius rising, you are the ultimate inventor.

You can fight for your humanitarian ideals even in a violent way, causing ruptures. You can be seen in the midst of the crisis, defending a just cause and instigating revolution for social, political or philosophical change.

You are extremely intelligent with a lot of organizational skills.

The disharmonious Aries is usually intolerant and impatient.

Aries Sun With Pisces Rising

“Introverted Loner”

If you are an Aries with Pisces rising, you have very little practical sense and less will than other Aries. Your actions can be confusing.

Your dominant nature is dispersed, which confuses others. Because you’re an introvert, it’s hard to see what your motivations are when you’re angry or unhappy.

You love niceness and being nice, but you are very vulnerable, and any aggression you receive from others can poison you.

You achieve the goals you set for yourself by indirect means.

Disharmonious Aries people are full of inner conflicts that occupy all their thoughts.

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