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Taurus Sun With Rising Sign Combinations

Taurus Bull in center of zodiac chart

Updated October 25, 2023
Originally posted October 1, 2020
By Corinne Lane     1 Comment

One Taurus is not like the other. Each one has their own rising sign, which blends with their sun sign to form their personality. Here are the 12 combinations of the Taurus sun with each rising sign.

(Find out your rising sign with our rising sign calculator.)

Taurus Sun With Aries Rising

“A Self-sufficient Bull”

Taurus sun with Aries rising is a harmonious mixture. Your Taurus sun is supported by Aries, which gives you all the energy to come out of the stillness that reigns in the depths of your heart.

Your mission will be to do what is right in the most direct way possible, and if it is for your own benefit, even better.

You will be able to naturally develop your innate abilities of leadership at work since you don’t adapt very well to the role of a subordinate.

You have a remarkable ability to withstand adversity, even more so than the Taurus prototype (Taurus sun with Taurus rising).

It’s difficult to break you, even if you have to do something that requires patience. This is because of your vigorous character and strength of conviction, which you put into play when you have to defend your image.

Some things in your birth chart may mitigate some characteristics and highlight others. If you have Venus ahead of Mars in your birth chart, you enjoy life and are sensitive rather than aggressive. On the other hand, if Mars is ahead of Venus, you would reveal yourself as more hardworking or aggressive.

What does “ahead of” mean?

ⓘ   When used in astrology, “ahead of” usually refers to where the planets are in the Zodiac order. It’s talking about which planet is placed earlier in the Zodiac when moving from Aries to Pisces, which is the natural direction of the signs.

For example, if you have Mars in Gemini and Venus in Cancer, Mars would be “ahead of” Venus. On the other hand, if Mars is in Cancer and Venus is in Gemini, Venus would be “ahead of” Mars.

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Taurus Sun With Taurus Rising

“Bull Times Two”

If you are a Taurus with Taurus rising, you are the prototype of Taurus. You reflect well both the challenges and strengths of this sign. You will find these qualities and general characteristics on the Taurus page.

You have great confidence in yourself.

In order not to be discouraged, you need to develop in the midst of nature, but never in a wild place, because it would take away your comforts. As a double bull, you require all the luxuries of a custom corral!

You worship beauty because you like to please and arouse admiration, but in a simple way, almost shyly. You are traditional in your tastes.

You have enviable patience. You manage to master your impulses with the serenity that you face life with. Sometimes this can be mistaken for coldness.

In a dispute, it is very difficult to express your anger, but once you get angry, your reaction can be frightening and dangerous to your social and work relationships.

You can become an excellent diplomat if you manage to develop your skills in that environment.

You are afraid of change. You try not to force situations with others; you rather let things go through a natural channel. You like to live in a stable way and enjoy pleasures of all kinds.

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Taurus Sun With Gemini Rising

“A Paradoxical Combination”

If you are a Taurus with Gemini rising, you are a paradox. Taurus represents stability, and Gemini represents mobility; together, they are a dual mix.

It is very likely that you will feel both of those at different times. You may find yourself accumulating money and simultaneously giving yourself gifts and services. You know very well that being economical does not mean being stingy.

The same duality is apparent in how you relate to people. For example, you can be possessive and, at other times, unfaithful.

You can take from Gemini its capacity for innovation in some issues and, in others, preserve your traditionalism.

You may have materialistic ideals, but with intellectual roots. That is why, even though you are kind-hearted and generous, you are measured in how you express yourself. You tone it down and don’t use too many words because you are modest and don’t want others to think you’re superficial.

You know that with a few words, you can say something more interesting. That’s why, when you are asked something, you think a lot before answering. Once you give your opinion, you will never retract it.

Many may trust you with secrets because they know you won’t let them down. Being with you is extremely pleasant, since your ease of speech gives you the freedom to move among social circles. You spice up your conversations with many clever jokes.

Therefore, it would not be unusual for you to devote yourself to writing, even if it is just your own journal of memories.

Your Gemini side will also make you enjoy being alone, where you can think about things that aren’t as serious as the persona you show the world.

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Taurus Sun With Cancer Rising

“A Very Helpful Bull”

The Taurus sun with Cancer rising combination is earth-water, materialism, and spirituality. This symbolism gives you the possibility to materialize your dreams, which is more than necessary if you are any type of artist.

You are like humidified earth, capable of giving the sweetest fruits.

You will always be haunted by memories, and you will have your mother’s imprint in mind at all times.

Your sense of home is very strong, to the point of wanting to define yourself only on the basis of that aspect. That’s why we can find you as the head of a family rather than as an executive of a company.

You can also be a leader of groups in which the family has an important role. Or rather, it may be that you consider your work group to be family. You would make a great children’s teacher because you are interested in children’s issues.

Your search for origins will make you a researcher of historical issues. You may also be constantly researching your genealogical roots or spending a lot of time discovering the history of your neighborhood.

Your tendency to fulfill your objectives and your calling to service will possibly make you run for public office. Imagination will be your forte.

You may feel like others are persecuting you, but you should avoid getting overly emotional.

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Taurus Sun With Leo Rising

“Tooth and Nail”

If you are a Taurus with Leo rising, you are one of the most egocentric Taureans. Have you been called bossy? You can be, but you make enough of an effort to make it not noticeable. What you do have, and it is noticeable, is great energy to face everything.

If your neighbor’s house caught fire, you’d be the first to call the fire department. After everything has been taken care of, you will be proud when they applaud you for the feat.

You undertake projects with enthusiasm and ambition, aiming for economic well-being and making sure it is noticed.

You focus your will towards getting results, which is not an easy path when everyone in the world is trying to do the same. Somehow you’ll manage to achieve what you want, even if you have to get ahead by pure bloodshed and onslaught.

You will have to solve certain problems with others for reasons of pride. You have trouble recognizing some mistakes, sometimes because of a lack of open-mindedness.

Your stubbornness will make you go backwards instead of forwards, so you will always feel left behind by others. If you would work a little on humility, your noble ideals would make you worthy of the winner’s medal.

Your ability to command and your strategic sense make you a good leader in pursuit of high ideals.

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Taurus Sun With Virgo Rising

“Discreet and Hardworking”

If you are a Taurus with Virgo rising, you are one of the most reserved Taureans. Your simplicity and your need to go unnoticed lead you to use logic as your main tool.

You don’t want to stand out, let alone be a celebrity. You settle for completing your job on time. Your mission is to be useful to others.

With Virgo rising, the Taurus characteristics of concreteness and practicality stand out in your personality. You manage to be a good professional, perhaps a good psychiatrist, because you meticulously analyze any concept that crosses your mind.

You are a good critic, and society will listen to your ideas. You will be able to teach by example a moral sense and the order of things.

You are the least lazy of the Taureans. But all these virtues can be detrimental to your sexuality, so you should look for ways to balance mind and body.

To do so, stop being so discrete and instead value yourself in front of others. Just because you’re simple doesn’t mean you’re inferior.

You could use a little imagination to address issues where sensuality is at stake.

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Taurus Sun With Libra Rising

“Attractive Conquerors”

If you are a Taurus with Libra rising, you have the kingdom of Venus in all its loving splendor, because Venus rules both of these signs.

As Taurus is a bearer of sweetness, with your Libra ascendant, you are a candy. If you are also sensitive, you can become a hedonist.

If your calling is artistic, you can make your friends become unconditional followers. You are one of the most sociable Taureans, although less demagogic than some Libras.

Because of your magnetism, you will have many relationships before formalizing a union in marriage. You are a romantic bull that loves to taste the water from all the troughs.

In your life, you will tend towards harmony, and even if it is hard to achieve, you will dedicate all your time to it.

Since you are naturally dialectic, you will be able to convince others of the charms of the product you are selling. Your image of seriousness and poise will be very useful to you in all fields. So will your innate sympathy.

A little smile is good for Taurus: it relieves the bull’s heaviness and transforms him into a more sociable being.

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Taurus Sun With Scorpio Rising

“The Beginning and The End”

Taurus sun with Scorpio rising is the most passionate combination, in which the Taurus instinct is highlighted.

It’s like the symbolism of life and death in a single act, as in the fertilization of the egg: origin of life, but also announcement of death, since seeds carry with them the rule that one day they will die.

That’s how tragic your personality can be.

The tremendous desire you have to live can lead you into extreme situations. When faced with confrontations, you fight for power. You find a certain sensuous pleasure in the act of possession.

In your life, you will have sacrificed many times to prevent your own annihilation. For example, you will have given up your own family in order to pursue a career, always making the material side prevail.

Taurus with Scorpio is a tremendously strong and passionate combination. You can choose to be a very positive person or a prideful person, full of contained aggression. If the second one prevails, stubbornness will lead you down the path of pride and unhealthy passion.

If you develop your positive side, you will be able to apply your will to everything with self-denial to reach the goals you set for yourself. You will make fidelity your banner, and you will have great self-control to endure adversity.

A real fighting bull!

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Taurus Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Justice and Virtue”

A Taurus sun with Sagittarius rising is a benevolent combination that tempers the Taurus mood. Jupiter, which is the “greater benefic”, gives the heavy Taurus the light wings of fantasy and, thus, the mental flight it usually lacks.

Your sense of fairness is very noticeable. To the serenity of Taurus is added the high value of balance.

You are the best mediator in difficult situations. Your serenity allows you to handle things skillfully. Your philosophical mind, endowed with good common sense, knows how to measure consequences.

If you do not channel your excess positive energies, you could fall into excesses like drinking or overeating, to the detriment of your health.

In other areas, excess leads to boasting and innocent bragging. This would pull you away from people, in addition to making you a simple flatterer rather than a lover of humanity.

Life rewards you with this combination, since the good qualities of your sun sign are strengthened by the good qualities of Jupiter, which will bring significant projects to life.

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Taurus Sun With Capricorn Rising

“The Way of The Bull”

Taurus sun with Capricorn rising. These two signs have in common perseverance and an eye on their paths, which they travel with determination and effort. So much so that you can become obsessed with whatever you choose as your goal.

Your ambition is very big. That’s why you won’t be distracted by superficiality.

You will go straight to the point and without regard, clearing out of your path anything that gets in your way. You might do this without realizing what you are destroying in your path.

Slowly and with determination, slowly but surely and steadily, you will reach the highest peaks.

You must beware of your excessive ambitions, because you could find yourself in the coldest solitude. This type of combination brings much introversion and concentration, sometimes too much.

The tendency to isolate yourself can sink you into depression.

This Taurus bull is purebred and will withstand any storm with its head down. You will bear any heavy responsibilities that you have.

You have an urgent need to form a family. You know that this will give you the affection that you feel is missing. This is because Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, can hinder your emotional side.

You must rescue your Taurus mood and affectionate side. Luckily, the Taurus wisdom will make you return to nature from time to time to enjoy the glory that you have conquered.

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Taurus Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Relentless Avant-garde”

If you are a Taurus with Aquarius rising, you’ve probably been told to control yourself when you argue. If you don’t control yourself, you could suffer a breakdown.

What is the reason for such harsh treatment of others? Could it be that you do it because you don’t want to get stabbed by some bullfighter’s spear? You already have quick comebacks in arguments. No need for extra harshness.

You are exceptional, mentally bright, and magnetic to the point of having your employees at your feet without raising your voice.

Two signs unite for the same purpose: you stand out for the obstinacy and originality with which you undertake difficult projects, almost always avant-garde.

Your reformist ideas will be mainly oriented towards the fields of economy and finances, always in favor of a more equal society.

It is paradoxical that a sign like Taurus, materialistic and conservative, intends this evolution towards social justice. That is why you can harbor these two tendencies with great inner tension.

You are a humanitarian and an uncommonly honest being. Your friends will enjoy such virtues and loyalty among them.

They should understand that this is the agreement. You will not think twice when you have to get rid of a friendship because you think they do not deserve you. It is difficult for you to excuse any offense.

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Taurus Sun With Pisces Rising

“Artist of Life”

Taurus sun with Pisces rising is a balanced combination. Your values and sensitivity are enhanced.

The abundant realism of Taurus is enriched by the idealism and fantasy of Pisces. At the same time, the Taurus practicality restrains the crazy fantasies of Neptune.

You have an uncommon talent. You will give free rein to the pleasure of living. Instead of hunger for food, your hunger is for good books or spiritual practices.

You have a talent for music and the visual arts. Material growth will be appreciated as a means and not as an end. You may be involved in community service.

You are one of the most brilliant traders, with a highly developed nose for where the money is hidden.

Once you fall for someone, you will like to share everything with your family, because with this combination, you are one of the most generous Taureans.

No one will know where you got the money. But the greatest treasure you possess resides within you.

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