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Scorpio in Love

Scorpio in Love, Venus in Scorpio
Venus in Scorpio Couple: intense and possessive. Photo by Adina Voicu

Updated April 9, 2020
Originally posted July 14, 2011
By Corinne Lane     181 Comments

“I Love Painfully”

The first secret to know about a Scorpio in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Scorpio person. Only someone with the planet Venus in Scorpio will be a “Scorpio in love.” (Venus Sign Calculator)

Venus in Scorpio love is intense, loyal, passionate, deep, focused, private, dark and obsessive. They experience extreme, consuming feelings in love. People with Venus in Scorpio love so deeply and so intensely that they have a difficult time finding a partner who’s love matches their level of depth. Only another Venus in Scorpio can match their level of intensity. These lovers long for “soulmate” bonding, the undying union of souls like that of Romeo and Juliet, or Heloise and Abelard.

You may not know when a Venus in Scorpio likes you because they hide it until you surrender at their feet. Venus in Scorpio lovers don’t win your love by courting you. They lure you in with their mysterious animal magnetism. The victim, I mean the object of their affection, will not know how or why, but cannot help falling under their spell. How do they do this? Venus in Scorpio lovers are intuitive and able to penetrate deep into your psyche, discovering all your secrets as they observe you. They can see into your soul. When Venus in Scorpio loves you, they focus only on you, not having eyes for anyone else. They are intensely loyal and passionate. Scorpio’s passion is not “showy” like the fire signs; Scorpio passion is a silent, deep well of never-ending commitment and loyalty. But even if they love you, they will not open up to you easily. They remain mysteriously reserved until they decide to trust you. If you earn their trust, they are capable of deep tenderness and open intimacy. If Venus in Scorpio loves you, they will risk anything, even their own life, for you. They are extremely protective of those they love. Scorpio is a water sign, so they express love on an emotional level. They have deep emotions.

Scorpio is also a fixed sign; they have deep reserves of willpower. They can wait a lifetime for the one they want; they don’t change their mind often. Unlike the fixed Taurus lovers, Scorpio is not tempted by pleasure because Scorpio doesn’t mind a little pain. Venus in Scorpio lovers are not attracted to flirting or casual hookups. This makes Venus in Scorpio probably the most faithful sign. They want to love only one person their whole life. They can be obsessive about this. However, they will cheat on you without flinching if you are not “the one.”

Venus in Scorpio has many problems. The planet Venus is considered to be “in detriment” when in the sign of Scorpio; this makes love and pleasure difficult. Scorpio love is not lighthearted, nor playful, but rather heavy and serious. Many potential partners are turned off by such a heavy type of love. Scorpio lovers are suspicious, jealous, and manipulative but will never admit it. They are always in psychological control, which hinders emotional connections even though as water signs they crave an emotional connection. Another obstacle to intimacy is the fact that they are extremely secretive.

Venus in Scorpio’s love-life will always be scarred with a touch of pain or death. Some may literally have a fetish for pain or death; they can be masochists, sadists, suicidal, and/or antisocial. As a positive outlet, they may have an appreciation for Gothic art. They have compulsive desires when it comes to love. They feel in extremes: they either love you deeply or hate you deeply, never anything in the middle. They never forgive. Venus in Scorpio is capable of hating you with the same level of passion as they once loved. They are capable of cold-hearted, bloody vengeance if you cross their invisible, psychological line.  They do not blow up like the fire signs; rather, they silently premeditate their vengeance. You will never see it coming. You may not even guess that anything is wrong, but make no mistake, if you have crossed their line, they are planning revenge. After that, reconciliation will never be possible because they never forgive. You will be “dead” to them. Venus in Scorpio never feels guilty because they believe you deserve any pain they inflict on you. They can leave you for dead without looking back if you break their trust. Since trusting is a problem for them, many stay single and lonely by choice. Some choose to stay single until they find their soulmate.

Venus in Scorpio never has to worry about finding sexual partners; their sexual magnetism ensures this. They are very sexual, and usually become skilled at controlling their sexual urges as adults. However strong their urges, they will skip sex if they don’t trust you.

Sex and relationships with Venus in Scorpio can have the power to heal, or at least transform, both partners in some way. This can only happen after some form of death or loss in your relationship.

Venus in Scorpio men are attracted to women who are mysterious, silent, confident, in control, and powerful. They are attracted to a partner who is capable of deep emotional intimacy. When it comes to physical looks, they are attracted to sexy women who exude sexual magnetism subliminally, but not attracted to flirty types.

The Venus in Scorpio lady is very sexy, not necessarily pretty. She is mysterious. She may prefer to dress in black. She only reveals what she has premeditated to reveal. Both men and women fall under her spell when she walks into a room. Did I say she is sexy?

Some famous (and infamous) people with Venus in Scorpio are Leonardo Dicaprio, Bill Gates, Denzel Washington, Bruce Lee, Charles Manson, Matt Damon, Ethan Hawke, Lucky Luciano, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Anne Hathaway, and Alicia Silverstone.

How to Love Venus in Scorpio

It is extremely difficult to make a Venus in Scorpio lover feel loved. If you dare to try, begin by operating on the water level (emotional level) since this is a water sign. Pour out your soul to them. But remember, like Cancer Venus, they can tell if you are sincere; but unlike Cancer Venus, Scorpio may kill you if you are insincere. So if you really love a Venus in Scorpio, simply hand them your heart. They will not take that lightly.

They like to keep romantic things private. Don’t declare your love in the middle of a football game on the big screen in front of the entire stadium. The scorpion will crawl under a rock and never forgive you for embarrassing them. They prefer to keep your love just between the two of you.

Let them know that you want something deeper and more serious than a casual relationship. Let them know you want to be with them forever and ever. That’s what they want. Romantic dates, fun outings, and expensive gifts are all minor compared to their main priority: soul-level bonding like Romeo and Juliet. You must provide experiences of deep emotional bonding rather than just sex and romance to catch a Scorpio lover. Most importantly, if you want them to feel that you love them, they must sense that you are very deep, emotionally. If you are shallow, light-hearted, and fun, you will lose them.

Don’t ever flirt, not even with them because they are turned off by light, meaningless flirting. They are turned off by anything meaningless, so be careful not to say things you don’t mean. They consider that a sign of insincerity, and remember what they’re capable of if you are insincere.  They are always observing you, expecting to catch you messing up. You have to reassure them of your love often. Be sympathetic and caring towards them. Don’t be thoughtless or unfeeling. They are always expecting you to stop loving them. Prove them wrong. They respect being proven wrong, but this may take you a lifetime to prove to them. Not to be outdone by the Earth signs’ desire for a perfect partner, Venus in Scorpio wants a lover who will bleed for them. If you’ve proven yourself, Venus in Scorpio will also willingly bleed for you. The bad news is, what is left after you both bleed? This is where the “Romeo and Juliet” analogy comes in.

Above all, don’t be an emotional wimp. Yes, be emotional by expressing your deep feelings, but be proud and confident about your feelings. Scorpio lovers have no respect for an emotional wimp. They have no respect for weakness of any kind. They want a strong, powerful lover. Strong, for them, means having the confidence to experience deep emotional bonding. If you have a fear of commitment, you shouldn’t even be reading this article.

So, bleed a little and cut out your heart, and you’ll be rewarded with the most passionate of lovers who will adore you to the death, after death, and then some.

Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life. Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Read more about Venus in Scorpio. Read about the Water Sign Love Language since Scorpio is a water sign. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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  1. This article is so very sad, but strangely good, yet true. Love relationships have been extremely difficult for me. It’s so very hard to find someone to match my level of love. What I have learned about having this placement is not to just give myself away to someone so easily and place great value on myself. I’ve learned to take great pride, respect, dignity and appreciation for having the ability to love so profoundly and divinely.

    I have realized that I’m a treasure tower and in no way am I easy to come by. A potential lover must go through the rites of passage to win my heart and reap the benefits of love being expressed out of this world.

    Being Venus in Scorpio is very powerful and intense, but requires exorbitant emotional levels and degrees of expression on the native and their lover. I tend to be rather miserable in areas of love, but have learned to deal with it quite well. Yet I’m still very optimistic in my pursuits to find love.

    Being Venus in Scorpio is both a blessing and a curse. Since I have experienced the cursing aspects of this placement, it is now time for me to experience the blessing aspect. I’m so excited! I can say more on this point.

    • Davida Gayden on said:

      I want one of those… Really badly.. The kind of love that I long for is what I just read. Didn’t know men like that existed. I am a capricorn sun, gemini moon, cap moon, cap venus, libra rising. The gemini might make him crazy because of my flirtatious nature. I just can’t seem to help it, although every other sun placement should prove harmonious. I just met someone and did their chart for them. He is virgo sun, sag moon, scorp venus, didn’t do his rising. We are so strongly physically, sexually and intellectually attracted to one another that it makes me cringe. But my cap sun wont let me dare show how I feel. But no doubt the intensity is there. I see it when he looks at me, how he talks to me, how close he gets to me when we converse. We are both also very into our health and our physiques. He compliments me on my figure, but does it in a matter of fact way.. I want him so badly, ALL of him.. But I’m also a modest and mysterious as well as cautious capricorn. I will wait for his dominant cues and follow suit. I don’t believe he would even appreciate me taking the lead, and personally, I wouldn’t appreciate having to do it either.

    • Nobody on said:

      I understand

    • Are you the one that I met recently? are you born on octo 27th, what is your profession? I recently met a scorpio and although he is very secretive, I still feel that he is absolutely single, and so I observe him a little and find him a nice guy, and love him. and feel also that he loves me as well. I wish to open more the communication with him, but afraid that I will hurt him , for he don’t want others to know that he is single. so what I should do? help

    • what is your profession and birthday, so I can tell if you are the scorpio that I just met , (I did not use my real name here). But, I love this man so much. only don’t dare to say too much to him, afraid that he is mad at me, for he kind of hide the fact that he is single. but, I know also that he loves me a lot, for he stares me all the time…

    • You are right yet sad… I have the venus in scorpio in third house… With saturn does it alters the prediction you told??

    • I’m a scorpio sun and in venus. It is sad. I’ve been searching for answers why ive been so aloof in my relationships with the thinking when I know shes the one I’ll know and won’t settle. Well I found her, didn’t work because she betrayed me and I’m destroyed to say the least. That doesn’t even begin to explain the emotions I’m feeling no one wants to touch ore less begin to understand making me feel literally crazy. I’m not a crazy person either although it’s been questioned in my mind as of late. The one thing I’m so happy for is I’m a scorpio that has been reborn and I’m past a lot of the ugly revenge spite of my younger self and despite the hurt it will allow me to do it again. I will never love another and a scorpio does need to unconditionally love and be loved in the same way without question to feel complete.

      • Sorry to hear about your pain. We Venus in Scorpio have it so rough. We love so intensely and painfully. Im in love with Gemini Scorpio Rising with Venus in Taurus. He prefers a certain type of woman and Im not it. He loves me deeply as a friend and its painful to work with him. I am hoping now that he was in my life to open me up for the one to come after him. Alot of times the person who seems like “the one” is just a gatekeeper for the one who will come now your heart is more open. Before her you were closed. Now love has opened your heart. The pain teaches you compassion and empathy. You now learned from any mistakes you might have made and that means you will be more complete for the next one. Its so hard I know. I hope you will at least not close yourself off from the world for too long. Best wishes and good thoughts

  2. I love this article two thumbs up I’m an Scorpio…. And this is so true . The thought put into this had me so deeply into the article I fet like It was talking about me personally. I laughed, my heart dropped, I had an different expression for every sentence dang near…. Well put….. And plus it help me learn some things about myself that I didn’t really know


  3. I’ve just met a Scorpio Venus who’s having an open relationship with his girlfriend. So, even though I am extremely attracted to him on many levels, I need to let him go–I’m a cap Venus (when will you write about us?)–and I’m obsessing about this.

  4. Oh wow I am a sag/cap cusp and venus was in scorpio when I was born and i am a deep dark broody sag not at all like the supposed traits of a fire or earth sign, and i relate to this

  5. Debbie on said:

    Im a scorpio venus chick and this placement makes me greedy for overwhlemingly intense sexual experiences. Most people wouldnt believe the stuff that goes through my mind lol. Im just so lustful and secretly kinky. I need soul sex like i need food. Sex where my partners being overwhelmed by me iout of this world sex to me. Scorpio venus is a very complex, and hard to please placement. I feel blessed to be one though!!

  6. Hey
    I’m a libra sun with venus in scorpio and although I’d love to sit here and type what ‘crap’ that all is, I can’t even remotely start. It’s ALL true! The venus in scorpio person describes me to a T! I’m a libra on a general basis, with love like a scorpio; even I hate it most days when I’m in a relationship. Sometimes I wish I could wipe it out of me because we love so intensely and so deeply. The soul-level, emotional bonding with intimacy NOT just sex is a huge craving we desire. We will wait forever on the ‘right’ one that is willing to give up their self and their heart. We find it very hard to trust and yes it’s true, will stay single for years if needed. The other thing is, we really don’t forget. Years down the road we might be able to forgive, but that issue will always be there so I highly doubt that’s possible.
    If you crave a deep, emotional, sexual type person who is loyal…venus in scorpio is probably the one for you. Just don’t ever play games with them; they will drop you fast. Not necessarily revenge as sometimes just walking away silently is our revenge.
    Just thought I’d give my scoop on being a venus in scorpio woman.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Thanks for your insight. You’re a great example of how we express our Venus sign in relationships, regardless of our Sun sign.

  7. I am a libra sun with scorpio venus. I have a battle going on with being a libra (on the surface) and scorpio venus (below the surface). But in some ways they balance each other out. But I can get obsessive, very jealous, emotional, very sexual, passionate, etc, but very loyal, focused on my relationship. I love to pamper and spoil the man in my life. I don’t cheat. And when in love, I will always love that person even after we break up. But being a Libra, I like “options,”too, and I’m charming and flirty, but I do like being in a relationship, having a partner. I have no problem attracting men…sometimes I’m like what the hell? I wasn’t even flirting, but just having a conversation with a guy. I enjoy my scorpio venus and use it to my advantage…lol

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Very nice mix. Another good example of the Libra/Scorpio mix (See sunny1 above). Thanks for your comment.

  8. I’m a Sag Sun woman with Scorpio ASC and Venus (plus Pluto)! While I was reading it I had the feeling if it was all about me! So true!!! If I like/love someone, I don’t have eyes for someone else! He is the whole galaxy or universe for me! So far I experienced my Sag self, too – My hair is raised when I hear the word “forever”, but secretly I really crave for an all consuming relationship. I am constantly searching for “The One” who can give me all I need and in exchange I really love and care about them! I am capable of staying single for years as well!
    Sometimes I think my personality is all Scorpio despite my Sag Sun – no middle way, but extremes, passion, pessimism, but my Sag Sun always “cheers me up”!
    I’d say it’s great to have these Scorpio placements, but it’s also a curse sometimes!

  9. what could be a bigger conflict than sag sun, tau asc, sco ven, cap moon? how to even deal with it?! it was absurdly funny/depressing to read this because 80% hits so close to home much as i don’t want to

  10. wow…….my sun sign is virgo and i have my venus in scorpio. Also, i have jupiter and pluto in scorpio and this explains me..LoL..i never knew i had sexual magnetism. No one has ever told me :-)

  11. Im a libra sun, libra venus progressed into scorpio with a whole lot of scorpio (pluto) in my natal chart. I can totally identify myself with this article, dont know how strong (if any) a progressed venus is but I identify myself with this completely. Observing our pray from afar, luring in, not into casual hookups, and freezing out ppl that have crossed the that invisible but very crucial line…so true!! “they should have known better even if we never said so” I love this article :)

  12. Capricious on said:

    HA! This is totally me! I had to laugh out loud in the worse, most maniacal way… “unlike Cancer Venus, they will kill you…” LMFAO. I’m not violent but I do have pretty intense and passionate emotions. I try not to get angry or surround myself with people who play games… I have zero tolerance for it. And as for both men and women finding me sexy, I have had so many gay women hit on me. It totally catches me off guard and I’m pretty reserved in how I carry myself. Talk about intense encounters. It’s sexy though – but I’m oh so straight! And the straight women and their accusations! You cant have sex appeal in business it’s terrible.

  13. Scorpiosting on said:

    Lol nice article…
    Guilty as charged, male scorpio.. It’s hard to explain to others, but we operate way [moderated] up in our minds.. Sick sometimes, but nevertheless, we posess the greatest emotional charge there is to be fro all of the signs! So it can pay off..

    Although, the thing that we dont respect emotional wimps is right on! As a matter of fact, I would add that a true scorpio doesnt even respect his own self if he is an emotional wimp. I would like to kill myself, not literally, but the amount of punishment I give myself when I betray myself is enormous..

    However it keeps me upgrading myself constantly, or I die.

    Peace and love to you all

  14. I loved this article itensely. It’s so very true. I have Mars, Mercury, Venus & Neptune in Scorpio. It’s very hard almost impossible for me to find lover of the caliber I am looking. I love dark, brooding, intense, mysterious & yet wholesome relationship. I now am almost sure the relationship exists only in imagination, my imagination. I am tired of looking out for my man. I am on the verge of giving up.

    The article covered all points & I couldn’t agree more. Once again terrific article!

  15. John Geneva on said:

    I understand that Scorpios in love are passionate, tenacious, focused, and subtle. But why are there six women and eight men? I’d love to see what other sexy women have their Venus in Scorpio.

  16. OMG most of it is so true. I’m a sun sag/moon leo/venus scorpio/mars leo. Strange but I don’t think I’m as jealous as the article mentioned. I guess life has given me good few kicks and made me realize that people need space to breath (mainly my close friends:)lol ) . Been really deeply in love once when i was young, but there was no relationship as such (never had the guts to admit it until it was too late). However every time he entered the room I felt like i’m going to pass out from heat and lack of air.:) Sadly he was in love with another which he married later on. But i was so in to him that after a while I was glad seeing him so happy. Maybe is the sag in me, maybe fear of loosing again makes me afraid of commitment(yes yes… getting old and still single) but its hard because deep inside all this fire and love is raging and burning a hole inside of me. It’s like I’m trying to avoid the thing i want most. :(

    • i know im 7 years late but i’m curious of what his mars and venus were ? i’m also curious of which mars signs go well with a scorpio venus ? i’m a scorpio sun cancer mars and i attract scorpio venus men . is anyone else experiencing that as well ?

  17. Anonymous on said:

    I´m a woman with venus in Scorpio. I agree with this article, except I don´t seek revenge. I forgive and I want to stay friends with my ex:s. But life has been hard to me in the love department. None of my ex:s wanted to stay in contact with me. I seem to be the hated one once the relationship is over.
    I think the reason why I have difficulty trusting in love is because I was never loved as a child. I´ve had a sad life. It´s all very grim. But I seem to have inner power, wich always makes me survive anything. I come out stronger than ever. I am a woman of steel, figuratively speaking. I am not pretty, but I am fascinating. And everyone is afraid of me. It´s sad, and yet.. I find it so mysterious that life has handed me these hand of cards. In a way I am happy to be a venus in scorpio because through all my pain, I suspect I´m feeling great pleasure, that most people don´t feel. It´s a sick kind of happiness maybe, but still.. I don´t think any man could ever match me. Maybe another scorpionic man who is very intelligent and attracted to scary-looking women. I haven´t found one yet. I hypnotize men and women alike. Whenever I walk into a room men seem to notice me more than other women. I don´t think any of them would want to date me, but I just seem to be the kind of woman that men love to look at, but never touch. It´s no wonder that they´re fascinated, I´m quite unusual, because I´m a loner and I don´t copromise with my identity very much. I have dignity and integrity. But my biggest beauty lies in the fact that I love all people equally, and I am deeply aware of how connected we all are, and even if I am unusual on a shallow level I feel like am am the exactly same as everyone else deep in my heart.
    I hope to one day meet a nice man that will have a special place in his heart just for me, as I will for him.

    • Your story touched me, and I understand how you are feeling, being a venus scorpio myself. What is your Sun sign ?
      One of my problem is that I attract the opposite sex quite often and always the lighthearted,fun, detached ones, in other words, the wrong ones ! Sometimes I let my guard down, must be because I have a strong need for intimacy, for affection with another person, and I open myself up to these wrong persons, and end up suffering immensely.
      A woman that has your depth of thinking is very rare, hope I will meet one someday, but that prospect looks so far away…

  18. missaligned on said:

    oh, my…sag sun and, then, this…i love entirely too hard. the only thing that makes me back down are dummies, insensitive creatures and those that like someone else. actually, if a guy i am digging likes another chick, i totally disappear. they ALWAYS come crawling back but i never take them back. i just use them if i can stomach the indifference i feel. men need to know that initially, i am giving loads of “emotions” as a self-serving way to have mind-blowing sex. then, i do it to play with the guy recreationally because so many come to me that i cannot take them seriously. then, after they express that they can really handle me and want to seriously, i give my emotions like a martyr. that is when it hurts. but it feels so good to be able to go that deep unabashedly. all men say i am sexy and i have no idea why. i just know that i am. i need to have real hard sex like we all need air. i only cheat when a man i am seeing gives me reason to doubt his love for me. if i enjoy the cheat, it is time to move on. if not, it is time for a “talk” with him. i have never had a relationship in which i did not cheat, but i want it. oh, well…thanks for this article!

  19. This article is so very very true that’s it’s actually disheartening. I’m a Scorpio sun, scorpio venus. My moon is in aquarius, so I come off as very lighthearted, personable, etc…. but get to know me. I’m all about the deeper, hidden, emotional things and it never seems to be compatible with others. The title of this article should be “miserable in love” because dating is a terrible experience for venus scorpions. I want to possess my partner. I want to own them. At times i wished i could merge beings with my partner. Ugh… it’s a terrible thing. I try my hardest to hold back but it ends up bubbling over and my partner runs for the hills. The feeling that takes hold of me when dating is one of the most intense, binding forces I ever feel. The jealousy, the fear of cheating… oh and I rarely trust. The article is so correct that we NEED extreme affirmation of the commitment and loyalty we give. Ugh, it’s a miserable life. I stopped dating because I hated not being able to satisfy the intensity. How come I always get stuck with lighthearted lovers? I am working so hard not to grip to tightly to the current one and it hurts. Oh it hurts. I know I would be the most dedicated, deeply involved, caring, loving, concerned partner. Just give me security of trust. NEVER give me a reason to be suspicious… by the way, this is date #2. HAHA! Oh help this suffering Scorpion!

    • I totally get what you are feeling, im a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Venus and it’s exactly the same for me, thought I was troubled emotionally but it seems that our Venus sign is the culprit.
      I tried to do the same in my last relationship, I managed to stay “cold” (only cold from my point of view) for about 2 weeks then I just couldn’t help myself but open up and give in the relationship, intense like a volcano…. and of course she fled for her life when she saw my true self… that’s the sad story for us scorpios, it’s oh so hard to find someone who can match our nature, our Venus is both a blessing and a curse, but id say miserable is a better word, like you said.

  20. frozenfire on said:

    Wow! Loved the article and the many comments. Makes me feel I’m not the only weird one. Its kinda nice to know that there is a possibility of finding someone that can I can actually relate to.

    Right now, I’m love-life is non-existent. I’m a scorp-sun, scorp-mercury and scorp-venus. My ascendant being cancer makes me seem like this shy and caring, almost mothering sort. I think that’s why I end up attracting a lot of wusses that come pouring out their sob stories on my lap. I feel for them, I really do. But I feel sorry for myself too. I mean, they are all emotionally weak and couldn’t possibly take even 10% of the intensity I can unleash. How am I supposed to be myself around these brittle ‘men’?

    I have never, not even once felt anything for any of these men save a bit of affection and pity. I know I have the capacity to feel intensely for a person, yet I’ve never once experienced it. I’ve rolled it all up in one tight ball, shoved it in a trunk in a dark closet locked up in several chains. I dread the thought of sex as much as I yearn for it. Sex will just undo everything. All the hard work that went into this major suppression. I know it’ll transform me and I know it’ll be too much for me to handle if I’m not with the right mate. Where the hell are you?!?

  21. This article is so true but saddening to the core. I have met and loved a Scorpio-Venus man and it was a true horror.
    He wanted me to sacrifice myself to him to prove I am in love with him. It didn’t help that I did, he wanted more. I felt he enjoyed I was suffering and blamed me for crying. He wanted me to smile as he tortured me. He was manipulating without admitting it.
    He always told me, he loved me but couldn’t even take out the batteries from the clock: I can’t sleep if it is ticking. He meant I should get used to it.
    Wanted me to dress like a hooker which he called “more feminine”, to play games with him like “don’t say yes to everything I suggest” and was shocked when I said and meant NO to something.
    Once I got truly mad as he played around looking at other women and turning around as they passed by. He didn’t care I was there. We had an argument, and that was the point he declared war. He planned revenge and I knew he is mad. But he waited months to play out his revenge: to leave me for another woman.
    He played hard: claimed he hated arguments but provoked me to fight, then he claimed I was the one who always fights. Then he left me and told me he is in love now and feels being loved. In other words: he told me I didn’t love him.
    It is true, that these kind of people want to feel loved all the time, but it is also true that love in their interpretation is nothing but suffering, and thank you: NO!!!
    And by the way: his revenge makes only sense if I loved him (I did) and he was aware of that. He knew and Scorpio-Venus people do know if you love them but they don’t care if you love them the way you naturally show love and not the way they think you should love them.

  22. This placement is totally HOT… OMG, he is amazing I kept feeling it was because he was 6 years older then me and I was just inexperienced. In his arms I melt like butter our sex life is off all the charts. I was in long marriage and divorced in my 50s, but we both look 40 we both kept our bodies up and though he sees me as 21 I see him the same way. He does tend to favor the death side of love though he always says I may die, or I am leaving you when I am dead. Death comes up a lot and now I understand why. He also always needs to be reassured of my love for him, I am constantly having to say I would never do this or that and that I love him. He pretends not to be jealous of my male friends but he tends to blow his stack when speaking of them, I have gotten to the point where I just don’t speak of them anymore when he is around. I do hate the way he thinks every guy wants to get in my pants because this is totally not true but its his belief.

    Over all our love is so passionate and so intense that I feel like I never had sex before I met him, I don’t know what I was having in my marriage because I have never had sex this HOT… LOL

  23. dreamerGirl on said:

    I love this disharmonious Venus in Exile. Although my Venus is rather harmonious (in Libras) and kinda “flirting” and “detached” I’d love to find a man with this Venus and feel a bit of this “pain”. and btw i got the 12th house filled with Sun, Mars and Ketu, and Neptune on Dsc, so damn I need this depth in a relationships and I’d give it back, just sayin’ ;)

  24. This is just so true!
    I can see my man through your description!
    He’s a sagittarius sun with venus and mercury in scorpio and moon in cancer
    He can be sweet with his libra rising and moon in cancer and all of sudden he becomes mysterious, silent.
    SOmetimes we doesn’t need to talk: we just stare at each other eyes.
    I’m glad I’ve find him
    I’m a taurus sun leo rising with mars, venus and moon in Cancer and Mercury in Taurus
    DO you think it’s a good match?
    Yeah I’m a bit scared because of my Venus in Cancer and of some things that happened when I was young


    • No, run screaming in the other direction. Go back up and read Agi on May 26. This is your future. I have a Sun and Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Cancer. She is perfectly describing the 26 year marriage to my Venus in Scorpio husband. Get out while you can….. They really do focus on revenge, and you will spend your whole relationship trying to prove your love. When you finally give up trying, you WILL feel their revenge. He IS the master manipulator. You won’t even know he’s doing it. Trust me and get out now.

  25. All I can say is that his article gave me goosebumps, so accurate on all levels, both the positive and the dark sides. Im only a 24 year old guy, Virgo Sun and Scorpio Venus, and I find myself in a very dark period. As stated in the article, I feel depressed and frustrated cause it’s almost impossible to find someone who can accept my kind of love. I tend to suffer a lot, and even punished myself, physically, a few years back. My last 3 relationship in the past months have all been the same, I attract the opposite sex quite quickly and everything starts just perfect, but as soon as I show my true, intense nature, they all either just dumped me or cheated on me. These experiences are horrible for me, I have lost faith in finding someone perfect for me, I have even gone abstinent for more than a month now, decided not to invest myself with all the unworthy persons. Its comforting to know that im not troubled, it’s just my intense nature. Venus Scorpio = pain and sadness, but can also mean “true exaltation” for the lucky ones who can find the right person.

    • I’m one of the lucky ones :)
      I have found my Scorpio Venus, he also has sun, rising, mercury and mars in Scorpio.

      My sun, ascendant, mars and murcury are all in Leo, Capricorn moon, Gemini venus, saturn and pluto in Scorpio…I don’t know why(going by my chart)but I crave and need the same intensity, depth, loyalty, connection and soul exploding love that a Scorpio in venus does. Sex is so important to me but I only want to bond sexually with my soulmate. And it is MIND BLOWING.
      Yes, with my Scorp guy I have to reassure him a lot, that I’ll never hurt him, that I’m his forever, that I’m not talking to other guys etc….I do all this gladly and somewhat need the same in return. I want him to possess me, this doesn’t scare me, liketaking the role of Master and Slave (only literally I bed of course). I wouldn’t accept any other form of superficial, shallow love, yes, it can be a painful love because we’re constantly in fear of losing eachother. Our love and our bond is unearthly, supernatural an addiction. I would have it no other way.

  26. Hey all! I am a Libra gal with Moon, Eros, Psyche and Venus in Scorpio and a lot of other Pluto/Mars emphasis. I do best with others with a some water & earth in their charts, especially a Water Venus. We require sensitivity! I just connected with a fellow Scorpio Venus – Venuses exactly conjunct and also conjunct my Moon. It was the most MINDBLOWING connection ever! He is 19 years older and he rocked my world. Woooooh!! I have never been with another Venus in Scorpio it was amazing – I am hooked – ha ha!
    For those of you feeling low… Saturn is currently in Scorpio. It’s hitting both my Moon & Venus. It felt worse as it was approaching and now I am meeting serious relationship material. Feels pretty karmic to me with the nodes and Jupiter also going on. Now that it’s here – not so bad I feel more used to it – but it could be Saturn that’s making a lotta folks feel down?

    • Since my last comment, i’ve recently found a possible great match.
      She is a Sun Scorpio, Venus Scorpio, Sag Mercury and Libra Mars.
      I am a Sun Virgo, Venus Scorpio, Libra Mercury, Virgo Mars and Aries Moon.
      It started off as a feeling, we dated for 5 times until we finally got hooked up. Its been just 3 weeks but my feelings and our bond seems to grow bigger and stronger…I truly hope this is finally a good match for my difficult nature. Couldn’t take another disappointment, our planets and aspects says we are a great match, I can only hope.

  27. I’m in awe having read this. I’ve looked for a love that is soul-deep all my life and it seems Scorpios are the answer to a Capricorn woman’s dream! I have Pluto in Scorp, Moon in Cancer, Venus in Capricorn. Sociable, ambitious and very, very deep. I hate flitty, flighty, flirtatious, meaningless “fun” as some call it. Oh mama! Scorp men, you sound like the bomb to this girl! Keep on keeping on and for those who can’t do that level of soul-deep, well let them sail on!! Their loss….

  28. A question please: what are the traits (specifically in terms of faithfulness) for a Libra with Mars and Merc in Libra, Venus in Scorpio, Uranus in Capricorn? A flight risk or a faithful lifer?! Any ideas please?

    • Hey Lady T,
      I posted a comment before on here (sunny1). In an attempt to answer your question, I’ll give it my honest answer, since I too am a Libra Sun with Scorpio Venus :)
      The answer is a faithful lifer if your partner wants a relationship. We don’t like causal dates or relationships! We are often indecisive and can take months/years figuring out if the relationship is what we want; if you know he’s interested and shows it, despite the initial indecisiveness, we are highly loyal and faithful. We don’t cheat. And we are very honest in terms of what we are looking for, so pay attention to what he might say in terms of a relationship. But regardless of our Libra sign, we love like a Scorpio. We are emotional; we are sensitive so definitely need sensitivity. We also can be jealous; some show this more than others. We aren’t all disrespectful. How you treat someone I don’t believe to be a sign of astrology but merely your values as a person and what you stand for.
      So to answer your question, we don’t play games and we are loyal! Sometimes we go quiet, need our time to think about something, but have patience, we mean well and are probably the most loyal of all signs in terms of love :)

      • Thank you for replying, Annie. I was with him a few days before xmas. Xmas day came and went, my birthday came and went. Not even a text message to wish me for either. If Scorps love “painfully” then for sure this Cap now knows what pain feels like and the only crime I am guilty of is that I’ve given a year of my life and loved the person with all my heart. Wow. Happy New Year, Annie. Thanks so much. Do keep advising me.

        • Hi Lady. T

          Sorry to hear that! I definitely would not waste your time here either. I can understand that.

          If nothing was said on those important days, I would not pursue this as a long term relationship. When I have silent moments, it is only for a few hours; never a day or more. In that case, I would move on, seek someone better.

          When a Scorpio Venus loves you, you will know. On a deep level you will know. I’m a female so I’m not sure how it works for a man with this Venus placement??

          good luck and all the best :)

  29. This article is very true. I’m sag Venus and met a guy with Scorpio Venus. I had never met someone so intense before him. He got intensely jealous and got mad at every guy I talked to, kept chasing relentlessly although he could do so much better. But when you confront him to open up his feelings, he shys away…He tried to control me, got mad and said I was being promiscuous after seeing me in shorts. It got to the point where I felt like I wanted more space, which I had told him politely, but he didn’t respect, instead he got mad and kept bugging me even more and calling me all these horrible names for years. They are very loyal and passionate, I can’t imagine a day they would cheat once committed, the problem is they can put you down so much for years until you have no choice but leave with pain and sadness. I think he has moved on by now but my advice is dont mess with them or they will make you pay for years to come.

  30. Hi Stacy
    So sorry to hear about your experience. That could not have been pleasant. Yes, this one I’m talking about is very persistent indeed but after a year of blowing hot and cold, one minute hot my on heels and the next disappearing for days and then back again relentlessly pursuing etc etc…you get the picture. I just assumed that was more the Libran indecisiveness kicking in but perhaps I’m wrong!

    I’ve confronted this guy about his feelings and again, very vague but still in hot pursuit when he isn’t doing the silent for days trick. What is that about please? Very confusing
    for a simple Cap girl like me!

  31. Two of my friends have been saying all along that I am going to have problems with him. Your comments are awfully close to everything my friends have said and they have never read this site. A little worrying that they could have been so close in their summing up. Thank you very much, Stacy. You’ve helped a lot. All the best for the future. I do hope you find someone who makes you happy. Merry Xmas. X

    • Lady T, You could be right about the indecisiveness because the guy I was talking is also a Libra sun!! lol (with Scorpio Mercury/Mars in Cancer) Merry Christmas to you 2 and Best wishes! :)

  32. missaligned on said:

    i was under the impression that a woman’s venus is how she is in a relationship and a man’s mars is how he is in a relationship. a man’s venus is supposed to be what type of lover he prefers.

  33. Thank you, Annie. Lovely to hear from you again.

    I sent the last message I was ever going to send on 31 December to wish him a happy new year. I had made up my mind that if I didn’t get a reply, I was gone. Believe me, I’m gone.

    I just wanted to say that from all the astrology sites I am reading at the moment, this is apparently the year when Caps meet and marry the love of their lives. It is also the year (from what I’m reading) that Scorps are in for a big surprise when it comes to love. Hmmm…now this is interesting…I wonder if it’s safe for me to put 2 and 2 together and make 22?! All I can say is: To all the “Heathcliffs” out there, here comes Kathy (Wuthering Heights anyone?).

    As for Dracula chasing Mina Harker for 500 years? Good heavens, Mina Harker couldn’t spell the word “eternity” compared to a Cap…we rule Time after all! Funnily enough Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula was a Scorp! Surprise surprise…haahaaa.

    So to all you Scorps who’ve been hurt in the past, for what it is worth coming from me, I’m so sorry for the pain you’ve felt but please step out and take another chance. The world sorely needs your type of true “deep” love. It’s time to show the flitty, flighty, flirty types how real love works. It rocks!

    Very, very nice indeed to have come across this site and all of you. Reading through this has been heart-breaking and heart-warming all at the same time….wow….what an experience.

    Love love love to you all for 2014 and beyond. x

  34. I’m a sag/cap with cancer moon and scorpio Venus.
    What I found here (as much as I’d like to deny it) is accurate for me. When Im in love, I tend to keep it to myself unless the other person give themselves up I will not reveal the slightest trace. Although it may show in the little things I do for them if they are observant enough. I have a hard time with trusting a partner and even when I do trust, its never completely. And because I cant trust completely, Im not able to give everything away ….that may be where the mystery come in but all the secrets only kill you inside. I find myself so pretective and possessive that most time it only back fire, so I tend to hide that too. I don’t know how it is for other Scorpio Venus but there’s always that guard in the back of my heart for unfaithfulness….that kills me the most. When I am in love I don’t eye anyone, I don’t chat anyone up, or keep anyone at bay. I do not care for any other man and have no use for any other man so I end up having no relationship with any other man. Even if he is gay because I will not want even the slightest chance of hurting him. And when opportunities for unfaithfulness or flirting present I cam only think of his hurted expression on his face and I will not give it even a second thought. I do not find myself thinking about any other man or fantasizing about anyone else and if I catch myself, I can only imagine how disgusting and bland that sex will be because I do not love them.

  35. “I can only imagine how disgusting and bland that sex would be because I do not love them”. I love that line!

    When you first meet someone and talk to them, you get to find out if they are your intellectual equal. As the friendship grows, you share views and opinions about life and over time, respect for that person grows. That is the meeting of the Minds.

    As you learn to trust that person’s views and values, if you think they have good values, you find yourself falling in love with them. When there is common ground, similar values, trust, respect and honour, that is a meeting of the Hearts.

    The meeting of the Bodies is when you say “I love you” without the need for words.

    At least that is a detached Cap’s dreams of how love should be….I shouldn’t imagine that I will ever experience it but I’m always hopeful!

  36. One night some months ago, after the usual “wall of silence”, I couldn’t sleep so at 3am I put pen to paper and this is what came out. This is for all of you on this site, Scorps and non-Scorps alike. Stop hurting and start loving again.

    You confuse me;
    You amuse me;
    You elude me;
    You delude me;
    But still I can’t walk away.

    You entertain me;
    You conversate me;
    You shower me;
    You ignore me;
    But still I do nothing, I stay.

    Because pride has no place;
    A heart has no face;
    Life isn’t a race;
    Love’s not always good grace;
    But still I’ll love you anyway.

    • Your poem (if it is your poetry) was lovely

      • Hello Nobody

        Yes, the poem was written by me. When someone or something hurts me, this is what comes out. I’m so glad you like it. I’m posting another one. Have a read when you have the time. I think the people on this site, more than most, will appreciate where I am coming from. Thanks again.

  37. TD Hill on said:

    I have scorpio as my sun sign & I’m scorpio Venus, Mercury, Pluto & something called Ceres? I don’t even know what that is. But, I’m moody as heck & no one (besides close personal friends & immediate family) knows it cause I’m secretive as heck too. Sometimes, I’m too deep for me! I brood and get lost in meaningful, however dark, thought. Sometimes, for hours at a time. It really is too much to handle on a daily basis. Consumed by too much emotion simmering below the surface, like a tornado that has not yet touched down or a volcano ever-threatening to erupt. I’m very kind, until you cross me & even then, I have a strong capacity to forgive and make amends (after I’ve so furiously put you in your place). I think that a lot of Scorpios “never forget a wrong” & this makes people think we don’t have the ability to forgive. But, forgetting & forgiving are not one in the same nor are dwelling on something & remembering something. I love hard but I don’t see anyone as more deserving of love than anyone else. So, I tend to love every human being that I come into any personal contact with very hard. I’m not talking about romantic love but love in the sense that I want to be there for them & make all of their problems go away. Let’s just say, in 2014, that is not so easy to do & people are not very receptive toward that type of loving approach. In fact they are suspicious of it and I can’t say that I blame them because I am too. Not to mention, people don’t really seem to believe that side of me. Maybe because I’m a very hard, “rough-around-the-edges”, wise & intelligent individual who just so happens to be a sap ;-) Then again, people don’t usually expect me to be a couple of those things (last mentioned)… considering that I’m a 27 year old African American female…. Some might think that last statement is an assumption. I’d say, those people have not lived 27 years in my body so they can’t make that call for me. Anyhow, I’m through posting the conversation I had in my brain after reading the author’s report on Venus in Scorpio. Goodnight ehhhbahdy!

  38. VampireBites on said:

    This describe me right on the dot. Could also be because I’m a Scorpio Dominant.

  39. Lady.T on said:

    Hello Everyone

    Anyone have any nice love stories to tell? Has 2014 been better than last year so far? Your stories inspire me and I’m feeling nostalgic today. Not a good thing. Lol.

  40. acrobat on said:

    I have just come out of a relationship with a scorpio sun, virgo moon, scorp rising and scorp venus man. I am a gemini sun aries moon with taurus venus and aquarius rising. I know. A rough combo.. but one that has lasted on and off for over ten years. His scorp venus is in the twelfth house.. and all that i read about secret relationships sums him up. sadly I think this time, the secret relationship was one that was cheating on me.. with someone i would never have picked as his type. so sad.

  41. ScorpInLove77 on said:

    I have learned so much today. Have been researching my chart and while I knew I was born under Scorpio I had no idea about sun, moon, venus etc. I am shocked. I also feel a little put off by how intense things are for me and what I’m confirming through my chart. I have widened my horizons on myself.
    Sun Scorp, Venus Scorp, Moon Aquarius.
    I have not chosen my men well. Hubby smothered and bullied (divorced last year after 12 yrs) and now boyfriend cheats and does not show the affection I feel I need. I don’t think he can handle my intensity. I can’t leave yet – I’m a little trapped. But when I do and I go through some transformative healing I will know better what to look for and in who. Still ever the careful watcher and patient waiter.
    I would love to experience something as intense from someone as what I can unleash.

    • Lovelife on said:

      Is your Venus making square aspects to your Moon in Aquarius? This is often a good indicator of someone experiencing domestic problems/abuse.

      The individual has a tendency of drawing partners that are uncomfortable showing their feminine side i.e love and tenderness to them(represented by Moon and Venus)

  42. I am 31 & single & just waiting for the perfect one. I hate’time pass’ type love and dare to wait till the end. I am proud to be steady & concentrate to my searching.
    Best wishes for all ‘scorpy’ (y)

  43. Christopher on said:

    Thank you for this amazing article. I have never read something so deeply impactful. I am a Scorio and fit right into this mold. Reading this feels like you were able to look into my soul and write about my deepest feelings and thoughts. With each passing paragraph I was drawn deeper into the text and can truly say that I am blown away by how accurate of a description this is. I’ve dated another Scorpio for 10+ years but feel like there are clear distinguishing characteristics between her and I, clearly brought out by this article. She does not fit into the Venus in Scorpio, she is dark and hides her emotions, she doesn’t need the love assurance that I require. I feel like I am much more passionate, sexual and long for the person who keeps my eyes on her only. I love a lady that hides her attributes and saves them only for me. I want undivided attention always and will reward the one who places me at the center of their universe, with exactly the same – it really is Romeo and Juliet type romance, but without it I become disengaged, defensive and constantly question the relationship. I need someone strong because I am strong and without mutuality a relationship for me cannot work. This has opened my eyes so much and revealed some deep questionable emotions that I’ve been keeping tucked away. Really impressed with this, thank you.

  44. Lovelife on said:

    This article rings true, but I think I have more control of my emotions.My Venus forms a conjunction to Saturn and so, I prefer to keep “a lid on it”.

  45. SaggiCancer on said:

    I’m in a relationship with Sun Scorpio Venus Scorpio man, he is sweet, wonderful, caring, sensitive,and yes he is intense and can be overwhelming at times, but I have never met a man with such depth then again I have Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio. I really want to marry him though we started dating just a few months ago. It is true what I read in this article, he has suffered much in the past and had been in all kinds of wrong relationships but you have to be have a certain type of personality to handle them and enjoy them. I am Sun Sagittarius, Moon Capricorn, Cancer rising, Venus Capricorn, Pluto Scorpio, North Node Pisces, MC Pisces.

  46. Natalia on said:

    I loved this post so much, that I’ve already read it twice trying to absorb every single thing. It just describes me perfectly! I am a Capricorn, born in the cusp of Sag/Cap with Venus in Scoprio and Pluto in Scorpio, both in the 8th house.. Do you think that the 8th house, being again the house of Scorpio intensifies some of these traits or is the interpretation different?
    I have always been keen on creating dramas in my love life… and although it hurts badly, I keep on doing it. My boyfriend has seen through that and he really knows how to handle this side of me so far. I have always this tendency to leave.. and I feel like I will eventually hurt anyone I am with. I know it sounds silly.. and believe me, it doesn’t really make me happy, but I feel like a heroine from a fantasy tale, like Great Expectations or something. No wonder I’ve loved the story since I was a child..
    No matter all the hurt, I wouldn’t change this position of Venus. The depths of love and desire we can reach are so fulfilling and life altering! They are exactly what our souls crave for.

  47. Michael on said:

    I LAUGHED my a** off reading this. Not because it isnt true. But because it is. The little things you mention, that the mind cooks up, but common sense takes over before you think to execute an emotional betrayer (Im joking. hah!) Buy yes. VERY good article! Im a male with Venus in Scorpio….conjunct PLUTO! Whats even better? I have Jupiter and Mars in Pisces…all 4 planets are making a trine to eachother. Im a very very WATERY man…though Im not outwardly emotional. I am 27. I havent been in a relationship since I was 20 (and I only occasionally have sexual encounters….and by “encounter” trust, the things Ive done wouldnt be able to cause pregnancy or an STD…so was it even sex? HAH) The irony is, my sex drive is no where near lacking…I just DONT LIKE CASUAL SEX! I dont have to be married, but I sure as hell need something thats not superficial. I sort of trick people in a way…I have Sun in Sagittarius…so I have a childlike, sunny, fun, and social disposition…albeit a mature one. People are completely unaware that I love as deeply as I do. To make matters worse (LOL) I have Moon in Libra. I frankly, wouldnt be happy if I just shacked up with my soul mate and started popping out kiddies…or touring the world in some passionate, immortal-bound life long love affair with just ONE solitary person! Im not overly judgmental…nor am I superficial, shallow, etc…but what I am, is far older on the inside than I am on the outside. So what I need is not when men my age need….this leaves me alone a lot. Ive been on many dates, but ive either scared people off, or they have scared me off. (Im a very friendly and nice guy – but people just SENSE that Im more serious towards the matters of the heart than they are…so they assume Im a clingy emotional relationship whore. Untrue. What I am is someone looking for someone special..not someone for “right now” which is what a lot of young people are looking for. Oh well…as is life. PS I have indeed channeled the intensity of Venus in Scorpio. I work in a medical setting, helping people with sexual issues, STDS, various infections, etc… and on the side, I am into Music. So it works out. One day I will find my “ONE”

    • Tripleearth on said:

      Michael, I can see you are Sag Sun, well i would apriciate your advice :D I’m crazy about a man who is Sag Sun, Sco Venus conjunct Pluto, and i’m helpless! he is driving me nuts for two months now! I know he is into me because he is always in my way, always loorking, when he talkes to me he is in my face leaning, touching me (on the back, hand, waist…never mind where he just needs to touch me) but still haven’t tried anything concrete! we spent 4 days at the same trip two months ago and he was ALWAYS near me, huging me, staring at me, we even kissed once. but that was it! I just don’t know what to think, sometimes i think he is just not into me, other times that he is maybe in a relationship, and sometimes it seems that he is scared of me. we work at the same place and he quite often invites me for a cofee with him and his coleges but then, he seems so uninterested, looking at his monitor and “doing” something like monitor is his sheeld, peakes at me while i talk to his friends… I’m crazy! what do I do? turn and walk away, make the first move my self, sit and wait… Everything i just red in this article is like this type of men are bold and if they want something they get it. that would mean he’s not into me?

      please give me some insight :D

      • Stella on said:

        Tripleearth, you need to make the first move. I’m dating a sag sun scorpio venus guy and they are very guarded/cautious at first. It took him the better part of a month to give me a kiss on the cheek. He has opened up a bit more since then, but it is still early days. I am gemini sun, venus aries, scorpio ascendant, I love everything scorpio, they are amazing! This man is going to be my husband and we’re going to have beautiful intense scorpio children!

    • You remind me myself…….I’m sagitarius, moon gemini but (5th house moon) and venus scorpio, and pluto 8th house,and moon square pluto….i understand you pretty well

    • I am female, today is my BDay! – Sun/Leo. I am a Venus/Scorpio, Moon/Pisces, Rising/Pisces – I have similiar challenges as you mentioned however, in addition, my daydreaming nature causes me to create false fantasies about my relationships. Which brings more to the challenge. I’m 47 today, I am in a professional field and independent though not conventional and encourage individualism. I’m single, took my chances with many and currently ending one which has been a heartbreak and still recovering. My ego also gets in the way of my desire which confuses me and my emotions tremendously. I’ve had to really practice identifying my sub conscious behaviors. I’m now getting myself back again, I think. With the current planet influences, I will be doing my best to focus on something else and ignore my desires. While it appears many other signs will be in a romance zone, i’ll be playing with my dog and ignoring man! .. About your comment on flirty or sugary coated attention, for me, its so annoying and a turn off. Get real and don’t say a bunch of bullshit. (But you can talk about my dog!) Ha ha (kidding) Sometimes there’s an urge to have casual sex to satisfy myself but I never find satisfaction in it and end up feeling more frustrated then I did before i went there. At my age, sex toys help but even this Venus in Scorpio isn’t satisfied with just that and most of the time it will increase my desire. Yes, Its a two edged sword. However, I do believe its important for us to keep meeting people, and meet others through them. Even if there is any connect or not, the process is healthy, it helps to expand the horizon. Love relationships is the most frustrating endeavor in life but also the most fulfilling and ultimately satisfying if we’re able to find someone who wants to know you, love you and really does understand you even if their sign isn’t in the same placements. I think we also need to adjust ourselves to adapt if we truly are on the quest for love since Venus in Scorpio;s are probably not in the majority. It takes give and take, communication and all those other weird human challenges to get along. Though the stars may influence us, we are ultimately responsible for how we want to live and the attitude we take to relate to all of life’s experiences. Time isn’t on our side, don’t wait for a “soul mate”, even if you find “the one” will you really know if it is the one? What if “the one” discovers you’re not their “one”? Sometimes, its worth the chance, even if its not meant forever, it may still put a smile in your heart.

      • Jamie Landry on said:

        Hi Liz

        Thanks for sharing your inperiences/experiences on love and relationships. Yes, it is a long, road to travel sometimes especially when your fighting against those testy tendencies to over romanticize or throw all love relationships out (the baby with the bath water senerio). However, for me it has been the most deeply satisfying and confusion-ally blissfull endeavor I have ever been on. I get to tap into my inner twin flame/soulmate instead of just looking for “the one”. I am definitely more empowered than I was in the past because I love, value and appreciate myself much, much more. The man I speak of has been a magnificant muse for me to grow, transfom and expand even further into the deep well of infinite love that I am made of. His presence reminds me that “the one” starts with Source/me and expands outward. I’m living a magnificant life writing, playing tennis, talking to people who interest me and walking and playing with my dog. I am not in a needy place and yet when I met him vibrationally I felt my heart expand so wide and deep it took me by surprise. Now I find myself on the verge of another transformation which in the beginning can be painful, but the sweetest joy in just on the other side. Today while walking me dog I got more of a taste of it bubbling inside of me. My muse that I called vibrationally has certainly reminded me of my infinite self and love that I already am. Life and love just get’s better and better. Take care.

    • Michael,
      …when you say ‘to make matters worse your moon is in Libra’ what does that mean? Are Libra moons flirty, indecisive, promiscuous? What if the sun, rising, venus, mercury and mars were all in Scorpio but the moon was in Libra? Is there a possibility for cheating, lying, affairs or would all that other Scorpio overpower it?

      Thank you,

    • Hi, I am sun in aries, moon in libra, venus in pieces, mars in libra woman. I am interested in your combinations.

  48. I am not sure if this post is true or not because my relationship is so Knew. All I can say is how crazy I am about this guy. We are so connected and into each other people approach and make comments like “what you two have is what everyone is looking for” I must say the both of us tried to hold back for quite a while. Because I am a Gemini Sun, aquarius moon, Taurus Mercury, Aries Venus and Mars and he is a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Virgo Mercury, Scorpio Venus, Virgo Mars based on what I have read, I am just not sure this combination would work but I am so crazy head over heals for him. He plays so cool all the time but we are literally always all over each other. I do love him and I make sure I tell him a million times a days. He takes such good care if me when we are together. Can anyone give more insight on what is attracting the 2 of us. Also I have a Virgo rising.

    Thanks so much for this article.

    • Capricorn woman on said:

      I’m not a pro of any kind and I could be wrong but I think I’ve read somewhere that one persons rising conjuct with (aka: the same as) the other’s sun is a great aspect of attraction between two people. And who knows maybe he’s got some rising that’s conjuct either your moon, sun, Venus or Mars. Well your mercuries are compatible so you have the similar interests and communication is good. If I were you I’d also check the degrees of your different planets. For example if your moon is a late Aquarius (let’s say 28 degrees) and he’s an early Virgo (for example 2 degrees). Then your moon and his sun would actually be opposing (polar) ( ie he a Leo sun you an Aquarius moon or he a Virgo sun and you a Pisces moon). So investigate that. An example is Orlando bloom and ex wife Miranda Kerr. Check their charts out. Quite intersecting. His moon I’m Scorpio and her sun in Aries/Taurus cusp and then they also had it the other way around. Good luck. From what I’ve understood geminis and virgos aren’t that bad of a combo after all. Some things in the traits of the signs are quite similar. Geminis may not be as perfectionists and responsible and workaholics as virgos but you’re kinda both fun and social.

  49. well my planet’s are pretty down the middle landing somewhere between 10 and 15 degrees. I’m not sure what it is that has a connected but its such an amazing feeling. Thank you so much for responding I really appreciate it.


    They say it’s better to have loved and lost;
    Than never to have loved at all.
    That’s alright for “them” to say;
    When love makes you feel two feet small.

    What do you do when you give your heart;
    But seem to get nothing back;
    Is it you or is it them;
    That’s suffering the emotional lack?

    Why are people so fickle
    So changeable and frail;
    Why complain of loneliness;
    When love is offered, they bail?

    Because some are in love with the idea of love
    Reality seems too raw;
    To people like that, please stay in your dream;
    I’ll walk through a different door.

    I’ll honour The One who honours a promise;
    I’ll cherish the truth of the word;
    I’ll love the reality of a hard day’s work;
    And forfeit all that’s absurd!

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