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Virgo Sun With Rising Sign Combinations

Virgo sun sign on zodiac chart wheel

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It’s difficult to pick a Virgo out of a crowd, thanks to their different ascendant signs. After inheriting the traits of these other signs for better or worse, Virgos blend in with the rest of us.

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Virgo Sun With Aries Rising

“Have you been called a mixed bag?”

If you are a Virgo with Aries rising, the impetus of Aries, coupled with the nerves of Virgo causes chaos. By introversion, you destroy yourself. Your struggle to reach maturity makes you more self-consciousness. You withdraw into a grumpy resentment.

If you act on an impulse, you regret it right away. Let yourself be carried away by the Aries ram. It will probably help you reach the goals that Virgo hesitantly does not dare to achieve. Let your Aries ascendant help you unleash your innovative ideas.

Virgo Sun With Taurus Rising


If you have Virgo sun with Taurus rising, you are consistent. You are sincere, with practical ideas.

Your signs, so well placed, make you an optimistic person. Your enthusiasm will allow you to find fulfillment.

You are suitable for public positions and for assuming responsibilities that others would find tedious or monotonous. You have the capacity for business and commerce. You can practice religion without mysticism.

Of course, every coin has two sides.

Your sun and rising sign are both in earth signs, so you have double earth. You should learn from water to be more flexible, more fluid. That is, you should let yourself be contained by someone. You can also learn from the water element to gain a little more sensitivity and intuition through art.

Virgo Sun With Gemini Rising

“A True Professional”

You have plenty of intellectual skills. With Virgo sun and Gemini rising, you can give wisdom to other signs, such as a Pisces, and learn from them not to be so critical of others.

You’re pretty good at socializing, but your excessive interest in all things material can alienate you from people.

Your nerves may play a dirty trick on you, but if you know how to channel them, you can be a good writer, because of your imagination, your eloquence, your descriptive power and the colorfulness of your expression.

Family problems are too much to handle. That’s what worries you: family. Your father figure may influence you, but be careful not to repeat your parents’ story.

You may have a crisis of faith. Therefore, you should try to reach the depths of your spirit. If you are used to reflection, in peace and silence you can think over yourself to renew yourself and give your best.

Virgo Sun With Cancer Rising

“Protected protector”

If you are a Virgo with Cancer rising, take care that your sensitivity does not become touchiness or moodiness, especially with those close to you. You are changeable in your decisions. Sometimes, logic does not accompany your heart. That’s why it’s so hard for you to love. You think too much and miss opportunities.

Lasting relationships are difficult for you, so you either choose immature people or get into relationships that cannot thrive. You typically fall in love with people who are too “important” for you. Still, that’s better than nothing, since you would not be happy to stay single.

You are qualified to be a writer. Your imagination embellishes the information you capture with your antennas. You want to know everything and be in touch with everyone. Sexuality will be a source of renewal and spirituality.

Virgo Sun With Leo Rising

“A sybarite”

If you are a Virgo with Leo rising, you are selective, and you enjoy your pleasures in moderation. Your tastes are classic, but expensive. It is very likely that you allowed yourself to live “the good life” before getting married.

You are egotist and try to be the best of all. However, you are careful to not be a “smartass.” You may let yourself be dominated by your peers.

In addition to possessing the critical qualities of Virgo, Leo’s pride can make your relationship life hell. You should admit that you don’t see the whole picture and that you get caught up with appearances.

Virgo Sun With Virgo Rising

“Perfect” Prototype

If you have both Virgo rising and Virgo sun, you are the Virgo archetype with its virtues and defects.

A born intellectual, you get involved in situations that show off your quick thinking. You like battles of wits. You live putting yourself to the test. You look for original and thorough ways to express yourself.

You can develop the most diverse activities, since you can adapt to all circumstances.

Your capacity is shown at full in the professional arena. You can adapt to all work demands. A career in politics favors you the most. You can also excel in various positions that involve responsibility.

You will have quite liberal love affairs. When you form an official couple, there will be romance but you will quickly turn your attention to the material.

You must take care of your health and try not to overload yourself with work. Holy Virgin, protect yourself from stress!

Virgo Sun With Libra Rising

“Balanced Reflections”

If you have Virgo sun and Libra rising, you are quite fickle, especially in your daily work. Any uncertainty in your job can cause you to fall into apathy.

Household work is not your strong suit. You reflect on everything. Marriage will be based on the sensual rather than the emotional. The body speaks louder than the heart.

Although you are diplomatic, your critical nature can cause problems with those around you. You know that you have more than enough qualities. Consequently, you will achieve everything you want with consistency, commitment and authenticity.

To others, you appear to be strong and influential. But these two signs, especially Virgo, often present great internal struggles and a persistent insecurity in yourself.

Act modestly and without disguises.

Virgo Sun With Scorpio Rising

“Are you a detective or an astrologer?”

Or maybe you’re a psychologist? Your Virgo alertness is combined with the “sonic depth finder” of Scorpio, which seeks the truth out from the most obscure hidden places.

You can also be the protagonist of a thriller. Your life is a mystery to those who do not know you well. On the emotional level, try to contain your jealousy and not be too possessive. You are excessively critical.

You are contradictory: rational and at the same time impulsive, wise and reckless, prudent and reckless, tender and cruel. Dear Virgo, it’s time to define your personality.

Friendship is vital to you. Your love affairs will be fits of passion. For you, desire must be felt and materialized. You defend a love at all cost.

As for your social environment, you can have strong opponents. Don’t be afraid!

Virgo Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Depending on How You Look at It”

If you are a Virgo with Sagittarius rising, your ascendant tends to favor you. However, since your Virgo sun is used to seeing life realistically, you will not be convinced by your Sagittarius rising to see everything rose-colored.

Your moods come and go, depending on the situation. In routine work, your duality is exacerbated. But despite this swing between good and bad moods, you will get to work in the legal system or in the government sector. The combination of Virgo and Sagittarius tends to the foundation of trade companies and think tanks.

On an emotional level, you can be unfaithful, but you will make your marriage official to form a family.

Virgo Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Money, Money, Money…”

It is not always favorable to have the sun and the ascendant in the same element, because it is detrimental to spiritual development and takes away variety and richness from the personality.

Virgo and Capricorn are both earth signs. Your outward personality lacks water, air and fire. You will be quite unfriendly and you will have to make an effort to gain the sympathy of those around you. If you would be kind, polite and attentive, you would pave the way for good company.

You are not afraid of prolonged effort. You are a little stubborn, but with patience and perseverance, you will achieve what you set out to do.

Your partners tend to be from your same sun sign, Virgo. You should tolerate the defects of others.

You are the most ambitious of Virgos. You could become a movie actor, model, or cheerleader, or pursue a career in diplomacy or law.

Virgo Sun With Aquarius Rising

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a bit weird?”

If you are a Virgo with Aquarius rising, the mind prevails.

Your social life is vital to you. Thanks to your Aquarius ascendant, you have a sociability that Virgo would find so hard to win.

You communicate with those around you directly, provocatively. You try to be informed of all the news that is available to you.

You are a very unique being. Everything that is out of the ordinary is ignited in your soul. Your sense of independence is so ingrained that you don’t partner with anyone, perhaps for fear of losing that freedom you love so much.

You are efficient in everything, because of both your analytical skills and the innovative sense that drives your initiatives.

You are not emotionally passionate. You prefer friendship to having to fulfill marital commitments. In fact, what you are most concerned about is realizing yourself as a professional.

Virgo Sun With Pisces Rising

“Needs Balance”

Virgo sun with Pisces rising is a rather contradictory combination of signs. You insist on making things concrete and when you do, they are chaotic and confusing.

Therapy may help you gain balance. To balance yourself, you could do something artistic that help you express all that your Pisces ascendant brings to you. However, try not to let the reasoning and analytical mind that inhibits you interfere.

When you find a partner you identify with, you will be happy. You have a tendency to relate intimately to people, but don’t let it make you clingy.

The type of work you prefer is the one that dazzles those you always keep at a distance. Deep down, you want to be a boss, but your humble conditions do not allow it, so there may be conflict with people in authority. Trust yourself!

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