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Virgo Sun With Rising Sign Combinations

Virgo sun sign on zodiac chart wheel

Updated October 11, 2023
Originally posted September 8, 2020
By Corinne Lane     Leave a comment on Virgo Sun With Rising Sign Combinations

It’s difficult to pick a Virgo out of a crowd thanks to their different rising signs. These rising signs give Virgos a variety of traits that mix with their core Virgo traits to make a unique Virgo blend. Here are interpretations for combinations of Virgo sun with each of the 12 rising signs.

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Virgo Sun With Aries Rising

“The Feisty Virgo-Aries Blend”

When you’re a Virgo with Aries rising, the exciting energy of Aries combines with the careful nature of Virgo, which can sometimes create inner conflict. This mix might make you feel a bit uneasy at times, causing you to turn inward. It can even lead to getting stuck in a cycle of self-criticism and grumpiness.

Sometimes, you might find yourself acting on a hunch, only to later reconsider and wish you hadn’t. Trusting your Aries drive is really important. It can give you that extra push to pursue those goals that Virgo’s careful nature might make you second-guess. Embrace your Aries energy and let it lead you towards unleashing your innovative ideas.

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Virgo Sun With Taurus Rising


As a Virgo sun with Taurus rising, you are dependable and sincere, always coming up with practical ideas. These compatible signs make you naturally optimistic, and your enthusiasm will guide you towards personal satisfaction.

This combination makes you a good fit for public roles, and you’re not afraid to take on tasks that some people might find too tedious, boring or routine. You’re good at business and money. If you explore religion, it’s without mysticism. You practice spirituality without becoming too religious.

Of course, every coin has two sides.

Your sun and rising sign are both in earth signs, so you have double earth. This can make you too rigid at times. To become more flexible, try letting other people lead you sometimes. You can also gain more sensitivity and intuition by doing creative things.

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Virgo Sun With Gemini Rising

“True Professional”

You have plenty of intellectual skills. With Virgo sun and Gemini rising, you have wisdom to share. You can also train yourself to be less critical of others.

You’re pretty good at socializing and interacting with others. But your fascination with all things material might sometimes hinder your social interactions.

Even though your nerves can be a pain, if you know how to control them, you can be a great writer thanks to your creativity, eloquence, ability to describe, and vivid language.

Having to deal with family issues is overwhelming for you. The thing that worries you is your family. Watch out not to repeat your parents’ story if you have a father figure in your life.

You could experience a spiritual crisis. Therefore, make an effort to connect with your innermost self. If you’re someone who regularly takes time to think, the quiet of a dark room can be just what you need to refresh your mind so you can perform at your best.

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Virgo Sun With Cancer Rising

“Safe Keeper”

If you are a Virgo with Cancer rising, your sensitive nature makes you extra empathetic. Just be mindful that it doesn’t cross the line into touchiness or moodiness, especially with loved ones.

Sometimes it may seem like you change your mind about things, mostly because your heart can influence your mind. Your logic is often weighed against the matters of your heart. Love might be a challenge for you due to your thoughtful nature, but that just means you don’t take it lightly. It’s a beautiful challenge you have: to harmonize your thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep long-term relationships going, and you might find yourself drawn to people who are still growing or relationships that need more work to grow. This just shows that you’re brave and bold enough to commit to love, no matter how hard it might be. Your tendency to be interested in people who seem “out of your league” says a lot about your high standards.

You are qualified to be a writer. Your imagination embellishes the information you capture with your antennas. Your creativity shines in your potential as a writer.

You want to know everything and be in touch with everyone. You thrive on staying connected. Sexuality will be a source of renewal and spirituality.

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Virgo Sun With Leo Rising

“Lover of Life’s Luxuries”

If you are a Virgo with Leo rising, have exquisite taste and value quality over quantity. You have a refined taste for life’s finer things and the self-control to enjoy them in moderation. You probably enjoyed the ‘good life’ before settling down to get married.

You have a strong sense of self and an inbuilt desire to excel. Yet, you balance this with humility so as not to come off as a know-it-all. You may sometimes have doubts about yourself and need approval from other people.

Your critical thinking as a Virgo and your confidence as a Leo make your interactions very interesting. It would be good for you to remember that it’s okay to not understand everything and to stop trying to control how people see you.

Your Virgo-born critical thinking beautifully mingles with Leo’s confidence, making your interactions fascinating. But remember that it’s okay to not understand everything. And allow yourself to let go of trying to control how other people see you.

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Virgo Sun With Virgo Rising

“Perfect” Prototype

If you have both Virgo rising and Virgo sun, you are the Virgo archetype with its virtues and distinctive quirks that contribute to your charm. You will find these qualities and general characteristics on the Virgo page.

You are a born intellectual, fully invested in situations that highlight your razor-sharp intellect. You delight in the challenge of quick-thinking debates. You’re always putting yourself to the test. You look for original and thorough ways to express yourself.

You could do well in a lot of different activities because you can adapt to any situation. Your capacity is shown at full in the professional arena. You can adapt to all work demands.

You have a natural advantage in political careers but can make your mark in any field that requires you to take on responsibility.

Your approach to love is open-minded. Once you commit to a partner, you may spend a little less time on romance and a bit more time focusing on practical matters—it’s just your pragmatic nature showing.

You must take care of your health and try not to overload yourself with work. It’s important to find balance and not let stress get the better of you. Even the most hardworking Virgo needs some down time.

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Virgo Sun With Libra Rising

“Balanced Reflections”

If you have Virgo sun and Libra rising, you’re a dynamic mix of careful analysis and a need for harmony. If this sounds like you, changes at work might make you feel uneasy and make it hard to keep up your usual enthusiasm.

When it comes to your home, you’re better at thinking about things than doing boring things. Household chores are not your favorite, but you make up for it by being extra thoughtful.

When you’re with someone, you care more about physical connections than emotional ones. You pay more attention to what your body says than what your heart says.

People think of you as diplomatic, but your Virgo sun’s critical streak can make it hard to get along with others. On the other hand, you know what your strengths are, and that makes you determined to reach your goals. Because of this, if you are consistent, committed, and real, you will get everything you want.

Others see you as strong and influential. Still, as a Virgo, you may sometimes struggle with doubts. No matter what, be proud of the things that make you unique, and keep being humble and real.

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Virgo Sun With Scorpio Rising

“Are you a detective or an astrologer?”

Or maybe you’re a psychologist? The alertness of a Virgo and the “sonic depth finder” of a Scorpio work together to find the truth even in the most hidden places.

You’re practically ready to star as the hero of a suspense thriller. Your life may seem mysterious to those who don’t know you well. You’re a paradox: logical and at the same time impulsive; wise and reckless; tender and cruel; soft yet biting.

Try to control your emotions and avoid becoming possessive or jealous. You have a talent for harsh judgment.

Friendship is vital to you. Your love affairs will be fits of passion. For you, desire must be felt and materialized. For you, desire isn’t just a feeling; it’s something tangible. You defend your lover at all costs.

Within your social circles, it’s possible that you’ll come across people who significantly challenge you. Remember your Scorpio resilience, and use these encounters to build strength, improve problem-solving skills, and gain a deeper understanding.

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Virgo Sun With Sagittarius Rising

“Depending on How You Look at It”

If you’re a Virgo with Sagittarius rising, your rising sign usually works in your favor. However, since your Virgo sun is used to seeing life realistically, you’re not easily convinced by your Sagittarius rising to see life through rose-tinted glasses.

Your moods come and go, depending on the situation. During routine tasks, this dual nature is even more evident.

Still, having Virgo and Sagittarius together can often make you want to work in the government or the legal system. People born with a mix of Virgo and Sagittarius often start businesses, think tanks, and other innovative ventures.

Your adventurous spirit might make it hard for you to settle down emotionally, but it’s also what makes you believe in the unity and commitment of family once you decide to start this life journey.

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Virgo Sun With Capricorn Rising

“Relentless Achiever”

If you are a Virgo with Capricorn rising, this earthy combination presents a journey toward personal growth. Virgo and Capricorn are both earth signs. Accept the energy of the earth to become strong and stable.

Consider your straightforward nature as a form of sincerity. It could take some time for other people to appreciate this quiet strength in you. You’ll feel welcome if you show kindness, courtesy, and interest in other people.

You’re not afraid of working hard for a long time. Your determination is admirable. Even if you can seem unyielding at times, it is often this very patience and perseverance that makes you achieve what you set out to do.

You frequently connect best with partners who are also Virgos. Be willing to understand and accept their individuality, just like you’d like others to do with yours.

You are the most driven of Virgos. Your Capricorn drive can help you get ahead in a lot of different career fields. You would excel in jobs that require strategic thinking.

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Virgo Sun With Aquarius Rising

“An Aura of Uniqueness Radiates Around You”

If you are a Virgo with Aquarius rising, the mind prevails. Your mind is a powerhouse.

Your social life is vital to you. You’re more outgoing than other Virgos because your ascendant is in Aquarius.

You communicate directly and even provocatively. You try to stay informed of all the news. You make an effort to know what’s going on in the world.

You are a very unique being. Everything that has ignited in your soul is out of the ordinary. Your sense of independence is so ingrained that you may refuse to partner with anyone, possibly out of fear of losing the freedom you cherish.

You are efficient in everything because of both your analytical skills and the innovative sense that drives everything you do.

You’re not swayed by intense emotions. You prefer friendship to having to fulfill traditional marriage duties. You are most concerned with establishing yourself as a professional.

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Virgo Sun With Pisces Rising

“Seeks Harmony”

The contrast between the Virgo sun and the Pisces rising sign makes for an interesting combination. You seem to have an innate talent for adding a dash of fantastic whimsy to everyday life.

Above all, you seek balance. You might enjoy trying mindfulness practices for an enlightening journey. Try some art forms that would let your Pisces ascendant’s creativity shine, but don’t let your Virgo sun’s sharp analytical eye get in the way. It all adds to your special charm.

You will be happy when you find a partner with whom you can connect. That wonderful partner who syncs with you like a jigsaw puzzle piece is just around the corner.

You’re good at relating intimately to people, but don’t let it make you clingy. Don’t forget to enjoy your own company too.

In terms of your career, your coworkers are still amazed by your hidden leadership skills. You might have to deal with occasional conflicts with people in authority, but remember that your humble beginnings should never stop you from reaching your goals. Believe in yourself.

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