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Gemini in Love

Gemini in Love, Venus in Gemini

Updated April 9, 2020
Originally posted June 26, 2011
By Corinne Lane     411 Comments

“I Love Variety, Communication, and Networking”

The first secret to know about a Gemini in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Gemini person. Only someone with the planet Venus in Gemini will be a “Gemini in love.” (Venus Sign Calculator)

The Gemini lover is the charmer of the zodiac. They express affection verbally and cleverly, but they only feel it skin-deep. You may be tempted to believe one loves you because of how excited they get when you’re together, but they get just as excited when chasing a butterfly or ordering dinner. It’s hard to tell if one is sincerely interested in you because Venus in Gemini is talkative and friendly with everybody and their mother.

Venus in Gemini is a kid at heart, completely at peace with lying if it suits them. Like children, they are also endlessly curious. They’re into everything. It’s been said that they have “a finger in every pie.”

The Gemini lover’s taste is always changing, and they have a constant need for new stimuli. The only thing that you can be sure of about your Gemini lover is that they will not be faithful in a traditional relationship. Monogamy is absolutely impossible for someone with Venus in Gemini. (If you happen to have Venus in Gemini and are claiming that you have been faithful in a relationship, please comment at the bottom of this article; we’d like to perform some tests on you, because you, dear, must be some sort of mutant.)

To be fair, the Gemini need for variety is not so much sexual as it is a need for mental stimulation. The Gemini lover thrives on new information. Gemini is the networker of the zodiac. They have a need to disseminate information and connect people. This is why they’re driven to talk to everyone, at the lunch counter, around town, on the street, and in bed. And they are good at it, too. They are never at a loss for words, having enviable verbal skills.

They carry themselves uprightly in public, fitting right in to any social crowd. At parties, they are the center of every talk circle. They go home from a party knowing what everyone was talking about, wearing, and eating. And they took it all in within the first half hour of the party. It’s as if Venus in Gemini has a receptor antenna on top of one’s head, receiving all sorts of information. They are totally aware of the people in their environment. Not the feelings of people (like the water signs are) but rather the rational thoughts and ideas of people. Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox both have Venus in Gemini, as did President JFK.

The Gemini lover never really means any harm; these are not fighters like Aries, nor manipulators like Scorpio. They can’t understand why you’re upset that they left you home alone with your boring movie while they went to look for something more fun to do. They are sincerely confused when you get angry at them for forgetting your birthday. They want you to understand that the reason they forgot your birthday is because the lady at the lunch counter had the most interesting story to tell, so your Gemini lover never made it your house that night. They are like easily distracted children. And you always forgive them because they have the most charming smiles and always say the right words. They like to remain friends with all of their past lovers, they cannot bear to end friendships. Friendships mean more to them than romances.

They may like to talk during sex (although Mars in Gemini is more indicative of that). Actually, they may prefer to talk about sex rather than doing it. Unless, of course, it’s a threesome. They cannot turn down a threesome. Males with this placement may seem feminine at times, but this does not mean they are necessarily homosexual. Gemini is considered an asexual sign. They can feel intimately close with both sexes. But intimately close for a Gemini is always only skin-deep. Gemini intimacy is a friendly companionship of a detached nature, like an acquaintance. This is the most emotionally-detached sign of the zodiac.

If they love you, they’ll show it lightly and playfully; no heavy emotional displays or extravagant gifts. Theirs is not a passionate-type of love. There will be no deep bonding; they simply don’t have the time. This charming lover will pile on the flattering comments and witty conversation. They’ll court you by taking you to a movie, and they’ll want to discuss the movie afterward over dinner or coffee. Or they may prefer to skip the movie and jump right into the discussion. They’ll talk to you for hours. They are great conversationalists; they have a fundamental need to communicate everything. In the past, Venus in Gemini courted with charming, folded-paper messages and phone calls. Today, they’ll shower you with witty text messages and emails. They’ll take you to all the happening events, and they don’t mind if you invite extra friends to come along. The more the merrier for Venus in Gemini. At dance clubs, they have just as much fun chatting with the bartender, the DJ, the bouncer, and the bathroom attendant as they do dancing. When they have your head spinning from all the social entanglements and 100-mile-per-hour conversations, then it may be safe to guess that they’re interested in you. Enjoy it while you can because it will not last very long. They’ll move on to another flavor tomorrow. If you want to hang on to them, you must provide constant stimulation.

On the positive side, the male Gemini lover is probably the only male in the zodiac that is not attracted to a person based on their looks. The Gemini lover is romantically attracted to brains. He wants a smart, intellectual lover who knows how to carry on a decent conversation. Sure, half-dressed, sexy women with cleavage may distract him for a moment, but he will not be romantically satisfied with such women. When it comes to physical appearance, Venus in Gemini is more attracted to a skinny, athletic-type than a rounded, full-figure woman. But regardless of looks, intelligence and quick wit is what turns them on.  Peppy, perky, outgoing and/or tomboyish types also turn them on.

How to Love Venus in Gemini

To make your Gemini lover feel loved, be a listener. They need immediate sounding boards for all of their thoughts. If you do this for them, they will feel very close to you. But you must also be talkative, or else they will get bored and leave you. Provide mental stimulation by asking them lots of questions about any subject.

The ultimate turn-on for Venus in Gemini is witty banter.

Be peppy and outgoing. They need variety, so be interesting. If you have a split personality, even better. To keep a Gemini happy you must allow them freedom to come and go as they please. If you try to cage them in at all, they will disappear. Never mention “commitment” or “marriage” because they will disappear. Don’t be boring, wanting to stay home all the time, because they will leave you. If you’re detecting a pattern here, pat yourself on the back. The Gemini lover is never a permanent lover; they will leave you. Gemini is the first air sign and, like air, comes and goes as it pleases. It’s not that they don’t love you. It’s simply that their need for variety and constant new stimuli inhibits their chances for a lasting relationship or for intimate bonding. If you provide enough freedom, mental stimulation, and forgiveness, your Gemini lover will always return to you after flying off for a bit. You must ask yourself if your nerves can handle that.

Note: Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will greatly alter your love style. Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life.

Read more about Venus in Gemini. Read about the Air Sign Love Language since Gemini is an air sign. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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  1. Michelle on said:

    I’m a Taurus sun ,Sagittarius Rising with Gemini Venus, I’ve been married to a Gemini male for 24yrs and neither of us have cheated. So Gemini Venus women do not cheat.

    • Everybody has the ability to cheat. You may not have cheated but lying to your husband for stupid reasons and flirting I’m sure have happened in 24 years more than the average person who doesn’t have Gemini in Venus. That Sagittarius Ascendant and Gemini Venus probably makes you feel polar opposite a lot…..Lol

      • Statistically 50% women cheat and 50% men cheat. So though everyone my have the capacity half of the population will NEVER cheat.

  2. I am a Sun Gemini, Moon Gemini, and have Venus in Gemini. I have never cheated on another. I have been in mainly long term relationships. I do get bored but my Scorpio partner keeps life interesting.

    • hey me too, i am a male with the same placements as you, except i also have mercury in Gemini, and all four planets are in 4th house.

  3. Yvonne Roestorff on said:

    I’m a Leo Sun, Aries Rising, Cancer Moon and according to this site have my Venus in Gemini. That said, I must be a mutant then as I have never and I do mean NEVER cheated on any of my partners, nor will I ever. I’d rather end the relationship and move on with my life, than be selfish and hurt someone I care for.

    In fact, I was the one that was cheated on and it broke my heart to the extent that I have been completely celibate for the past 15 years. Although I’ve had many offers from a variety of men in my life I have not taken any of them up on their offers as I have not met the right person with whom I want to be intimate with. Sex for me is almost more of a spiritual thing than a physical thing, hence I’ve been alone for a very long time.

    This whole description is actually completely not me and most of the times anything astrological is normally right on the money with me and describes me and my quirks to the tee!

    • What is Your Mars And Mercury Sign And houses? Maybe in the 12Th House. That Can explain that Sex is For You More a Spiritual Thing. . Sorry my english is Not that Good. Greetings

      • Angelina on said:

        Yeah but, you said that EVERY Gemini venus was unfaithful regardless…
        My boyfriend is a Taurus sun with a Capricorn moon, cancer ascendant, cancer mars, and a Gemini venus…
        You had me all worried, because you didn’t bother to tell the whole story….wth…

  4. Ok you have my permission to start running the tests, as I have indeed been faithful…BUT
    ONLY to whom I actually deeply loved, as long as we were together that is.
    I can not say the same for he others however.

    Great article I just disagree with the faithfulness part as I prefer the comfort of one partner.

  5. kyykitteh on said:

    This is so not me :’DDD I have venus in gemini, I’m extremely shy and withdrawn in social situations, UNchatty, UNflirty and never cheated, never even wanted to – more like being loyal to a fault (still happily together with my first love even now in my thirties, fell head over heels in love with him when I was 17 years old <3). The only things here that I can recognize are that certain androgyny (my gender identity has always been kind of confusing/fluid/nonexistent) and attraction to all genders. And emotional detachment/constant rationalising of emotions when it comes to most people I encounter (I hardly ever had crushes other than fictional characters that I found interesting). Spouse (most precious and important person in my life), family and few close friends are the only exceptions.

    My sun sign is aries, ascendant is leo, moon in pisces, mercury in aries, mars in aquarius. (and my guy has sun in scorpio, moon in taurus, venus in sagittarius and mars and mercury in libra, rest I can't remember). Astrology can be fun and helpful at times but whatever your chart says – you can always learn and grow as a person, and just decide not to hurt others with your actions. Plus enough hardships and trauma can bring down even the most confident and courageous.

  6. My partner has Venus in Gemini but I’m the one (Venus in Leo, part of stellium with Mercury conjunct the MC) who exhibits ALL the Venus in Gemini characteristics, except the craving for threesomes – that, my partner jokingly does from time to time just to rile me up. I have no Gemini planets and only have Neptune in the 3rd house but boy does Mercury on MC make itself felt.

    As Saturn conjuncts the other end of my stellium, and Moon is somewhere in the mix, and they are all aspected by Uranus on my AC, I find that I exhibit Venus in Gemini characteristics (strongly), Venus in Capricorn characteristics (packed 10th), Venus in Aquarius characteristics (also strongly), even Venus in Cancer characteristics occasionally, along with my Venus in Leo (my preferred way of loving and being loved). Some days it feels like being 5 people in 1. Trust me, its quite a riot in there.

    What I’m trying to say, perhaps ineloquently, is that a) our Venuses are modified by conjunctions to strongly placed planets and b) Venus is modified by the house it is in c) sometimes we project our Venuses onto our partners. We own some aspects of Venus and if our Venuses are RX, find the rest of those traits in our partners.

  7. My boyfriend is a Venus in Gemini and none of this sounds ANYTHING like him. Confused here

  8. Venus in Gemini and Sun in Cancer. I am not a cheater!
    I do get bored quickly and move on.

  9. Gemini venus on said:

    My venus is in Gemini but this is sidereal chart . But my moon is in scorpio .. Let me know when we can perform these tests coz I don’t cheat …. Have I been tempted yes , but never have I cheated

  10. I am a mid 30s Gemini female with my Gemini in venus…
    I think the only thing that keeps me even mildly at bay sexually, is my moon being in Virgo, so I’m shy. However, if you ask you will more than likely receive with me. I can’t seem to remain faithful, never have been able to, and love two or more men.

  11. I have venus in gemini and yes I have been completely faithful in a relationship, a lot of things apply to planets (aspects) so thats entirely wrong!!! It may take a moment to make sure the person is right but if I’m commited then I’m with that person.

  12. ThePhoenixRises on said:

    I’m a Scorpio man and I’ve been having an affair with a Gemini woman for over two years. Or should I say she’s been having an affair with me! This article really seems to hit it on the head. She was born on May 22 which is supposed to be the epitome of Gemini. only thing that is different is she was the one to say she wanted to marry me, have my kids, spend her life with me. Said she wanted to leave her boyfriend for me. I didn’t want to get serious and I became a quest for her to concur. I was content with our arrangement until she got under my skin one day And I realized that I didn’t want to lose her.

    I see now I messed up by expressing this to her. Dispite all of the reassurance she gave me, how non judgemental she came across, our deep mental and spiritual connection she still reverted back to her core Gemini ways. She broke up with me about 3 weeks ago and it has been tough. Especially since she told me she was leaving me for someone else. This guy is a high school sweetheart that I think she never got over. Only thing is he lives like 15 hours away. She claimed she talked to him for a week via online and was “in love”. Haha what a joke but I get it.

    Valebtines day was yesterday and it was difficult to see her so happy and secretly communicating with this guy through Facebook memes and quotes. i am just scared I am going to lose her forever. This guy is an Aries (so is her real boyfriend that she hates lol) and is super witty and silly and funny. He’s everything I was in the beginning and wasn’t in the end. Right now with all of the 2017 astrological fated eclipses, transitions and patterns it seems this Aries guy has the luck of the relationship gods right now which scares me a lot. However I’m starting to believe that the more “fated” a relationship is due to astrological events the shorter and more karmic and educational it will be. My relationship with her was karmic too but wasn’t instantaneous and dispite our funk we lasted almost 3 years. It grew on me and took a while to do so. They say “you know when you know” right? Well what I know is I’ve never had a love like ours ever grow the way it did dispite the unhealthy circumstances surrounding it. Deep down I still think we’re meant to be together I just wasn’t in the right state of mind yet to handle someone like her. Plus we were both obviously still dealing with our past. My old insecurities came out and her past is still technically the present lol it just wasn’t the right time.

    Deep down though I know that dispite what she says about being in “love” or how happy she makes herself look on Facebook that it’s a rebound long distance relationship and will probably end like one too. She wants fun and adventure but wants something serious too it’s strange. Seriousness only seems to scare her when it’s coming from the other person more. That’s a jewel for anyone trying to date a Gemini thank me later lol Like I said she’s still in another relationship with someone and lives with them. I think she thinks she will break up with him for the right person but there are deep seeded issues there that nobody can fix but herself and maybe she never will.

    I’ve seen the real her and I love her more than ever even with her shitty Gemini flaws. I finally feel like I understand her and I feel so dumb. I want her back but I am in no communication stage right now. We like each other’s posts on fb still sometimes so that must mean something. Maybe she’s just trying to be amicable but knowing her I don’t think so. Our breakup is too fresh she should be ignoring me lol

    I know she sounds like a terrible person but she isn’t however I think she thinks she is sometimes. I want to contact her so bad and say something but I know that whatever I have to say she needs to see on her own. I miss her so much. I’m hoping maybe Venus retrograde in a few months gives us another chance to start over. To be honest I actually feel like we have a better chance now at making this work if it’s really meant to be we just both have shit we have to do. I know she always wondered about this Aries guy from her past and I think she’s just getting it out of her system. Geminis seem to be looking for a lover to make them whole again. They are love nomads basically. I feel like this year with everything happening out there with the planets that it will provide the right atmosphere for her to leave this guy finally and most likely the person she will be involved with at the time will not work out because she will want something new. Or something new but familiar again. That’s why I’m just backing off for now. She went from “I want to break up” to “I need space and I don’t know what I want”. I just don’t know what to do sometimes it’s hard letting the universe take control by in trying.

    If anyone has any advice on how I should approach her or whatever please feel free to comment. Should I message her? Should I want s certain time? Should I just let her come back to me? I can always start no contact over again with her. I’m just working on myself and finishing what I need to do that she kept me from doing. I need to show her I am a man again. Love is so hard.

    • Venus in Gemini people are incapable of only settling and loving one person at a time. Geminis in general are hard to pin down, let alone someone whose venus is in Gemini. Perhaps your bond was so strong because in a past life you two were once together. Perhaps you were soul mates that found their way to each other again, but the stars are not aligned this go round. I too have had a love like this. It started as an affair on both sides, we were, are, both married. I had never have had the desire and commitment to anyone ever, until I met him. It was over 4 years, and we parted ways as I knew I wasn’t right for him, and couldn’t remain in a single relationship, I needed more than both him and my spouse could provide…no matter how much I loved him. Trust that this is the right thing for you, letting her go. The timing is not right. In older age perhaps she may be able to settle down, but understand that it’s more than likely the best for you to move on. She was probably lying to you all along and seeing this “one week” guy for quite some time. It’s sp very hard to lose a love like that, even though I left for his best interest, I’m still grieving heavily. Love is even letting someone go.

    • Hello!Im a scorpio woman in a relationship with a gemini man with venus in gemini for three years.I cant describe to you what I have been through!There is a huge sexual attraction between us,but as you said n stability and serious comitment.He drives me crazy with his comes and goes.We fight and I leave him.When I do that for more than a month ,he is the first to come back to me.So let her belive she is losing you forever!Dont comtact her at all.Be tough as the scorpio you are.And when she comes back .because she will sooner or later do your scorpio sex tricks!They cant say no to us.Patience is the key word.Be there for her,but not to close!!!And bare in mind they are more lunatic than cancers.The only element that interacts with air is water.We provoke reations to them.That aries guy is fire!She is playing with him.But not with you.Because air cant eliminate water.

  13. Ima a Gemini sun Taurus moon Scorpio rising and yes I have Venus in Gemini I have never cheated any more details I need to put

    • Ascendant sign in gemini are more prone to cheating,not Sun in gemini or venus in gemini.The author or writer has it all wrong.. Now If someone has Venus and the ascendant in conjunction of the sign THEN BUYER BEWARE should be the primary warning label…gemini in the ascendant takes on a different description than sun or venus in gemini. Add another gemini sign in sun ,Venus even the moon and the likely possibility of that person being a cheater doubles..

  14. Chellwolf on said:

    I am not unfaithful. For your information I’ve been in a relationship for 4 months and not once thought about it breaking up. I have never lied for there is no need to for I’m entirely faithful to my loved one. I may even marry them. So Gemini are not unfaithful. Some are but some aren’t.

  15. I have a sun in Gemini, a Venus in Gemini but a moon in Pisces. That moon in Pisces is far more powerful than the Gemini Venus at times. I crave a deep nurturing love. I feel love in my soul, it is not only mental or skin deep for me. The combination of my sun and moon makes me such a dreamer and when Im hooked on someone, I cant get them out of my head.

  16. It’s not so much if you your Venus is in Gemini, but if your Ascendant/Rising is in Gemini and is closely bonded with a fire sign or air sign in your moon or venus especially conjunction with moon or venus”meaning the same sign in gemini” you are more inclined to or woman or gay….gemini in the ascendant is the so called “trigger”… Not even sun in gemini is bad compared to gemini ascendant…

  17. Absolute bs about not being able to be monogamous! I’m sun in Taurus, libra moon and I have never been unfaithful in my life. Think it’s totally unfair to brand EVERY person who is Venus in Gemini the same. It obviously varies depending on the rest of your chart.

  18. Charlene on said:

    I am Taurus sun and Scorpio moon Scorpio rising with the obvious Venus is Gemini. I was in a 9 year relationship which 7 of those were spent married. I did NOT cheat. He did after 2 and a half years and I still did Not. I think that most everything else is a good explanations of how I behave in love and showing my affection.

  19. VenusInGem on said:

    *raises hands* Mutant Venus in Gemini here!
    I’m a Taurus Sun/Mercury, have a 12th house Gemini Venus, a 4th house Libra Moon-Pluto conjunct, and 1st house Cancer Saturn, and 5th house Scorpio Uranus.
    The flirting part is much on the spot, but when commitment comes in, I stick to it like glue. I have no desire to cheat, but unfortunately have been cheated on by my first love. That experience absolutely devastated me and my 15 years of marriage. I now swear off commitment like a plague, and now I’m non-monogamous and all my relationships are casual.
    I’m in such a better place in my life. I’m pretty sure more good things will come in terms of relationship, but so far life has been serendipitously wonderful and blessed.

    • hi, mutant.
      i bet a lot of venus gem natives are tired of being misjudged by astrologers. after all, there are 11 other places to have venus!

      then there are other aspecting planets…what o’ clock is it on so-and-so’s chart…

      all in all, i am about the uplift and further exploration of our beloved and ancient pseudoscience. i don’t really mind if an astrologer has an opinion (or an insight) that i don’t agree with, as long as we can reason together and get closer to understanding. astrology can be such an awesome tool to help people get understanding about the patterns of their own lives. love lives!

      i have really felt awesomest about the reflections i have gotten from people who i have done readings and counselings for. that feeling of ‘how did you know that? that really helps me…i have been wondering about that my entire life!’ and tears and such, well, that is what makes being an astrologer so very rewarding.

      but it’s such an ancient science, and of course through history there have been antiintellectual forces who have tried hard to silence it! Galileo, Copernicus, Sir Isaac Newton…they were victims of venal and envious human evil on the part of the anti-intellectuals of their time…they just wanted to keep people ignorant about themselves and the environment (stars, planets, the mind) all around them.

      i think venus in gemini people have beautiful, sexy minds. so there.

  20. Clare Lim on said:

    My sun sign is Leo and leos are known to be loyal so I really don’t think it balances with my Venus sign. I’ve never cheated before. Yes, I’m attracted to intelligence and I can’t be tied down to possessive lovers but I think this isn’t totally accurate for me.

  21. Interesting. I learned a lot here. My exes cheated on me. Sadly! I stay loyalty until the end and move on. I am sun cancer and Venus in Gemini. Mmmm yes I tends to get bored easily. Always up for adventures and natures. Always love expand communication and learning . Interesting to find the one in Venus in Leo, sag or aries…

  22. I disagree with this and a couple other comments about Gemini rising. I’m female and My sun is Aries, moon in Taurus, ascendant in Gemini and Venus in Gemini… I was in a sexless, toxic relationship for all of my 20’s and I never cheated or flirted with another person Because that would be a betrayal of their trust and my stringent standards to honor my word. I’m very much aware of how it would feel if someone betrayed me and how my Aries jealousy and temper would probably scorch us both; I would never do that to someone who I’ve committed to and haven’t broken up with because I don’t want anyone to treat me like that either. I want mutual respect.

    I’m super passionate and sexual but I still gave my word to complete monogamy even if that included unforseen celibacy. So NO, Gemini Venus and Gemini Ascending aren’t predisposed to cheating. Maybe its the Aries in my sun position but to me that just sounds like a crock of shit excuse that cowards use to avoid honest and difficult conversations which include real people & feelings in real time.

    If you don’t want to be committed anymore then grow up and say so, have that convorsation. Something’s got to give, either your relationship or your desire to enjoy the single life benefits… You’re going to lose either way so get some damned foresight BEFORE you do anything or you’ll cost yourself your dignity too.

    Seriously this isn’t a Gemini thing. Wanting to not be bored to death doesn’t equate to being a cheater. Get some personal standards! 100% Honesty & tactful handling may hurt but it’s a surefire way to retain some level of the other persons respect as well as your own. No one truly respects a cheater or a person who doesn’t clearly state what is up. Don’t beat around the bush with hints, just say it.

    Don’t blame the Gemini Venus or ascending in your chart. Blame yourself for being a flaming dilhole.

    • Thanks so much for sharing i seemed to see myself in this, im a sun Taurus ,moon capricorn with Venus in gemini and i Was in a very loveless and abusive relationship throughout My teenage years and i feel like My very serious side (moon capricorn maybe?) is causing me to stick around because i always Think about morals( even though theres no moral in staying with an asshole!!) you Said your moon is in Taurus im sure that must be about the same thing .i Also have Venus and mars in the 7th house so i believe that has a lot to do with it. Houses matter a lot… but the fact that i jump very fast into the wrong relationships and stay there even if theyre loveless and boring must have to do with some negative aspects to My Venus.. Venus in gemini loves to have fun so if i really wanted a happy life i would embrace that:) im a sagittarius ascendent and that combination should make me very prone to cheat! But i dont hey

    • Just a guess but it sounds like who ever wrote this article got burned by a Gemini Venus lol and is venting to the internet

    • Thank you. For posting this. I fully agree with you.

  23. I have aries sun, Gemini moon and gemini Venus I’ve never cheated on my partners. I’ve been with my current partner for over 4 years so that comment about being a mutant if Venus Geminis don’t cheat is crap! . This is more of an opinion peice than factually. Lol

  24. My friend has her
    Sun in Taurus
    Scorpio Rising
    Moon in Libra
    Venus in Gemini
    Mars in Aries
    and is the most loyal person I known, Never cheated on boyfrinds, very loyal friend

  25. Hi, I’m a Venus in Gemini, my Sun is in Taurus and Moon in Libra, it’s true that I used to get bored easily in relationships as well, but I’ve been faithfully married for 15 years. Flirting thing, it’s a habit I just can’t help it, it’s like some sort of entertainment purpose, but definitely for 15 years I’ve been quite faithful and committed in my marriage :) So I guess it’s definitely possible for a Venus in Gemini to be committed and faithful into a monogamous relationship.

  26. Mona.S on said:

    Okay , I’m a sun Gemini, moon Scorpio and Venus Gemini, and I’ve be never cheated on any one ,and I could never see myself being a cheater , and I don’t lie about serious things at all , If i like you I may keep things away from you but that’s how I am , I prefer not to over share , but that doesn’t mean I’m keeping a huge secret from anyone , it’s just personal and I might not want to share. Also, I am an ambivert but I’m a very introverted ambivert and I don’t always enjoy being around so many people , it could be fun but I tend to avoid them because they exhaust me mentally an physically and they drain all my emotional energy ; leaving me feeling numb and depressed. And I may be really social but on the inside I wanna fly , I’ve really bad social anxiety and I’m very emotional and sensitive and shy at first but if I get comfortable around you , I will talk to you about everything and anything and I’m very awkward and weird yay. I’m a very deep person and I don’t like it when people don’t initiate conversations and I don’t like it when I’m the only one putting the efforts into the relationship, , and I hate lying and I hate it when people lie , and I can end friendships , I’m a very forgiving person , I don’t see myself settling as soon as I fall in love because I wanna have fun but I care about bonding and having a deep and emotional conversations , although I’m emotional you won’t really see that I am physically because I don’t like to show any signs of weakness, but I care a lot about what people say but sometimes I’m like fuck it I don’t give a fuck , I’m a very free soul and love funny people but I hate it when it’s only jokes and they can’t be serious , there are limits to everything.

    • Thank you for your comment and for other people’s comments, too, I just met a guy whom I am so attracted to, and we have so many harmonious aspects between us. But after reading what a Venus in Gemini is like as a lover, I felt sad and almost wanted to give up on him. Good thing my prayer for guidance led me to your comments, as he has both his Sun and Venus in Gemini. Your comments made me regain hope of a monogamous life with him. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  27. Other thing. My mom who has a Venus in Gemini has never cheated on my whom she’s been married to for 30 years. Venus in Gemini still sucks though.

  28. ElleGemini on said:

    Venus in Gemini has always been branded as non-committal cheats but that’s so untrue. I’m very sociable at a party (some may see it as flirty) but I’ve never crossed the line. It’s simply because I love to mingle and talk to everyone.

    I always seek a committed r/s and once I’m in, I’m in. A Venus in Gemini person may date many people or you may see them rapidly moving from one to the next but that’s because he/she hasn’t found the right one. But once they do, they’re as capable as any other sign of being faithful. I have 2 other friends with Venus in Gemini and they’re the same. We may appear emotionally detached because we’re always light-hearted and playful and appear like we don’t care but in truth, we crave intimacy (just don’t glue to us, pls).

    Regarding the issue of commitment… it may be that this word carries a different meaning to Venus in Gemini. I see a lot of couples in committed r/s having no personal space and this isn’t Venus in Gemini’s cup of tea. Even in a marriage, Venus in Gemini wants to be able to enjoy a rich social life. Just let them go and rest assure that they’ll be back.

  29. janice on said:

    Im a Cancer with venus in Gemini woman and have cheated on every single partner Ive been with. Im not proud of this, but I do need new stimulation. The only man I wanted to marry was my ex an Aquarius but when we were together I cheated on him but he forgave me and I felt bad. He didnt want to marry but we are still friends and I hope one day we will give it another go and I can remain faithful this time around. Sigh…..

  30. My sun sign is in Cancer and my venus is in Gemini. I have not cheated on any of my partners though during my last relationship I had very vivd dreams of cheating on my partner and none of my relationships have lasted longer than 5 months. I’ve been cheated on before and would never want to cause that kind of pain to anyone but after reading this article I’m worried I’ll never be able to be in a long term relationship :/

  31. GoldieIris on said:

    I currently have a crush on a co worker who is a Cancer Sun/Venus Gemini. He’s one of the smartest guys in the office. We chat & joke around ALL the time. My nickname is ‘Trouble’. Not sure why he calls me that.

    However, we are both in solid marriages and would NEVER carry on an affair. He loves his wife & kids and Iove my hubby . That’s what I respect most of all. I can’t imagine him cheating, but he is incredibly flirty and witty. i’m an Aquarius so I truly get it. He makes work fun if nothing else.

  32. Hello.I am always pissed off when I read Venus in Gemini is not faithful.It is not true.Not on everyone.Please write perhaps is not faithful.My Venus is in 8 House and maybe that it is why I am not the case.Whatever.Please right in general it is not faithful.But not obligatory.

  33. I don’t cheat but 3 of my ex cheated on me. Maybe because I have Sedna conjunct my Ascendant by 4 orb. Sun in Taurus, Ascendant in Taurus, Moon in Leo, Mercury in Taurus, Mars in Virgo. Well there’s that. My fixed and Earth dominant help me I guess.

  34. “There will be no deep bonding; they simply don’t have the time.” This is not categorically true. All it takes is the right person, then you will see the passionate side of Gemini shine through. As a Gemini female, I can attest to this. The thing is…it can be difficult to fully “get” Geminis, and so we never feel close enough to bond deeply. But, when we do find someone who totally gets us, then we will give our heart and soul to that person – you’d be shocked at the depth of our love and passion in such cases. Personally, I’ve only ever experienced this with another Gemini.

  35. Sun in cancer, Moon in Capricorn, Venus in Gemini I was with my ex for 15yrs never cheated on him.

  36. I’m a Venus in Gemini who’s never cheated! I was in a relationship with a mega Scorpio for almost ten years and only left bc I allowed him to take a second partner, and she took up all of the attention and time and words I need (in addition to other bad stuff I wont get into here) and I felt very used and unwanted. Never once cheated on him tho. I think my Taurus rising and Mars in Cancer makes me a lil more emotionally deep than a pure Gemini lover.

  37. Billy Benitez on said:

    I’m gonna be 42 years old and I can honestly say I’ve never cheated on a girlfriend. Rare and hard to believe I know but I have reason behind my sincere loyalty to my significant other. It makes me happy looking back being faithful true to them and cause of this I’m able to sleep well every night with no concious and would love a quiz and never mind a all of a sudden want to check my belongings or cell phone cause I have nothing to hide, never have never will even if I don’t get the same in return it’s just who I am and I’m at peace with that. I believe it’s a GOD thing and quality I’m very proud of to this very day, thank you. Billy B.

  38. Matthew Hutton on said:

    Cancer ♋️ Sun, Taurus ♉️ Moon here with Venus in Gemini ♊️. I must be a mutant because every time I’ve gotten past the dating phase and into a relationship I have no interest in and no tolerance for unfaithfulness. If someone manages to get past the dating phase with me, it means I’ve sized them up enough to believe I could spend the rest of my life with them.

    • Mikal D. on said:

      Matthew, we have the same Sun and Moon and Venus. We should chat. Are you an astrologer as well?

      I have been watching this thread for a year and a half.I am one pissed-off Venus in Gemini native.

      it’s fascinating to follow this thread and see the different approaches different Venus in Gemini natives have. But as a Cancerian as well, with a Taurus moon, I’m interested in discussing the approaches you have taken. I’ve been casting charts, literally, since I learned how to walk. As far as “mutants” go, I personally have been categorized as “indigo”…

  39. fjona nazarko on said:

    im a cancer sun sign, scorpio rising, virgo moon, with venus in gemini, though i do not feel surface love, although the temptation of unfaithfulness has fallen out of spite, the guilt associated afterwards is too much to bear… the intellectual stimulation is of great need but i also feel very deeply like a water sign…. is it possible i am a mutant? hahaa

    • “polyfidelity”

      as a child born 1969, i recognize
      that younger venus in gemini natives
      will think through these barriers to relationship
      and arrive at more radical choices than their older
      venus in gemini others, who will likely say
      “damn, I wish I had thought of that, or been brave enough to pursue it.” words to that effect.

  40. I am Venus in Gemini but star sign Cancer I have had only one wife for 45 years but at heart am a serial monogamous person a romantic idealist at heart who loves powerful peoples company particularly especially good looking ‘intellectual. women of all ages (not too old though)

  41. It makes me sad so many predict Venus Gemini as liars and cheaters. I’ll admit in adolescence I did not know what I wanted, but am so loyal and devoted to my partner now showering him with gifts, affection as well as the playful banter. Idk a lot of this feels like the opposite of who I am.

    • Blessing on said:

      I’m capricorn sun pisces moon aquarius venus,I’ve dated gemini sun scorpio moon gemini venus.He cheated me variously but I didn’t have prove until he got a woman pregnant that’s where I left him and dated taurus sun pisces moon gemini venus,he is faithful and loving.I think gemini venus depend on other placements.

  42. Lucy in the Sky on said:

    Funny enough, my dad is a Venus Gemini and he just celebrated 45 years of marriage with my mom (a double Gemini). He’s a double Taurus though so that may have something to do with it. The food and comfort won over the ladies man, haha. Then I end up finding a Taurus/Cancer with Gemini venus who is avoidant as all hell and stuck. Ah well. I have to take my Leo/Libra and Leo Venus somewhere else!

  43. I’m a Scorpio (sun and Venus) and in a relationship with a Gemini (sun and Venus) and much of what you say is true, though I think an evolved Gemini who knows his patterns and can articulate his needs is way different than one who is lacking self-awareness. What you say about friendship very much resonates. We were friends first for decades. The idea of losing my friendship is devastating to him, and I think because we were friends for so long the proven stuff (constant conversation, lots of intellectual stimulation) provides a good backdrop for the romantic stuff. And, I give him lots of room to explore and we’re not monogamous. We’re an odd pair, I’m introverted and somewhat immaculate in how I put myself together. He’s messy and a chatterbox. But somehow our mutual respect for the other makes it work. Maybe because I have a Mars in Aquarius and he a mars in cancer. I used to believe a lot of Gemini tropes in relation to him, like that he was only capable of being flighty and forgetful. I’ve since learned that he’s actually quite capable of deep sensitivity and caring, he just expresses it differently. He cares about he group as a whole, whereas I tend to worry about the individual. The sex stuff is totally true: talking about sex is just as interesting as having sex for him, and sex is not always traditional. Relationships don’t even need sex for them to feel meaningful for him. He tends to get more upset about injustice than individual dramas, especially if his friends aren’t living up to his expectations around how people should be treated. So to conclude, no Gemini is like any other Gemini, but if you must love one (it took me years before I finally came around to the idea) try to get them to translate their seemingly superficial actions, have lots of conversations (you might want to keep an encyclopedia handy for new source material) and meet them where they are at. No one will be better at cheering you up on a rainy day.

  44. I’m a Taurus sun, Aquarius Rising, and a Venus Gemini. I claim that I’ve been faithful in all my relationships, though most of them were short-term.

  45. Anonymous on said:

    Taurus sun, Leo moon, Cancer rising and Gemini Venus. Never cheated or anything like that as I’m very territorial. Not to mention I have trust issues and would never want someone to experience that so that may play a part in it. Although once the relationship ends it’s a different matter and I may end up flirting with a lot of people.

  46. Cancerian on said:

    I’m a Cancer, Virgo Rising, Taurus moon and Gemini in Mercury and Venus…
    The person that has an interest in me is a Gemini and also a Gemini moon.
    Every now and then I play mind games to get answers from him, sometimes he gets confused and tells me so. But, we both prefer a monogamous relationship. I have never cheated in my entire life so has he. Zodiac signs may share common traits, doesn’t mean we all ‘fit’ in the same categories. Do I like to flirt? Sure. But that is it. If I found the person who can make me theirs, I am theirs and noone elses at that moment and during our entire relationship. I hate wasting peoples time and giving them false hopes, so why be in a relationship if you want to have flings or nothing serious?

  47. Idontwannasay on said:

    Hahaha i “ wasnt “ a cheater for the longest time either . Hints the word “wasnt” but when it got to long and
    Into the relationship i did stray- and stray and became more and more emotionally unattached .Just because you havent YET your relationship is not over or your life so dont bite ur tongue just yet hahaha

  48. I’m a female Sun Venus and Jupiter in Gemini. Moon Mercury and Ascendant in Taurus. Mars in Cancer. And I have been both faithful and have cheated in relationships. It definitely depended on how I felt about the person in accordance to how they viewed/treated me.

    I’ve mostly been single all but 30 years of my life. I hate it. But I do find I get extremely nervous when someone starts to acting like they want to settle down with me.

    The Taurus in me wants stability the Gemini in me wants freedom.
    The water in me wants connections on a deeper level with intimate encounters and family only.

  49. I have Venus in Gemini and most of this is incorrect for me. I have never cheated and have never had the urge. I can be easily over stimulated (and shut down) in ANY situation and have NO urge for a threesome. I know that the aspects on my chart have everything to do with my lack of sexual urge and need for stability, but I think this is really pushing the “gemini is fickle” sterio type.

  50. This couldn’t be further from the truth for me. I have venus in gemini. I’ve always been 100% faithful and loyal. In fact, it feels deeply built into my character. Also, I feel I love exceptionally deeply and it takes years for my love to fade following the end of a relationship. I go home knowing what everyone is feeling or how they feel, and couldn’t care less what they are wearing or eating. I don’t prefer being the center of every talk circle. I prefer connecting deeply with selected people.

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