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Scorpio in Love

Scorpio in Love, Venus in Scorpio
Venus in Scorpio Couple: intense and possessive. Photo by Adina Voicu

Updated April 9, 2020
Originally posted July 14, 2011
By Corinne Lane     181 Comments

“I Love Painfully”

The first secret to know about a Scorpio in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Scorpio person. Only someone with the planet Venus in Scorpio will be a “Scorpio in love.” (Venus Sign Calculator)

Venus in Scorpio love is intense, loyal, passionate, deep, focused, private, dark and obsessive. They experience extreme, consuming feelings in love. People with Venus in Scorpio love so deeply and so intensely that they have a difficult time finding a partner who’s love matches their level of depth. Only another Venus in Scorpio can match their level of intensity. These lovers long for “soulmate” bonding, the undying union of souls like that of Romeo and Juliet, or Heloise and Abelard.

You may not know when a Venus in Scorpio likes you because they hide it until you surrender at their feet. Venus in Scorpio lovers don’t win your love by courting you. They lure you in with their mysterious animal magnetism. The victim, I mean the object of their affection, will not know how or why, but cannot help falling under their spell. How do they do this? Venus in Scorpio lovers are intuitive and able to penetrate deep into your psyche, discovering all your secrets as they observe you. They can see into your soul. When Venus in Scorpio loves you, they focus only on you, not having eyes for anyone else. They are intensely loyal and passionate. Scorpio’s passion is not “showy” like the fire signs; Scorpio passion is a silent, deep well of never-ending commitment and loyalty. But even if they love you, they will not open up to you easily. They remain mysteriously reserved until they decide to trust you. If you earn their trust, they are capable of deep tenderness and open intimacy. If Venus in Scorpio loves you, they will risk anything, even their own life, for you. They are extremely protective of those they love. Scorpio is a water sign, so they express love on an emotional level. They have deep emotions.

Scorpio is also a fixed sign; they have deep reserves of willpower. They can wait a lifetime for the one they want; they don’t change their mind often. Unlike the fixed Taurus lovers, Scorpio is not tempted by pleasure because Scorpio doesn’t mind a little pain. Venus in Scorpio lovers are not attracted to flirting or casual hookups. This makes Venus in Scorpio probably the most faithful sign. They want to love only one person their whole life. They can be obsessive about this. However, they will cheat on you without flinching if you are not “the one.”

Venus in Scorpio has many problems. The planet Venus is considered to be “in detriment” when in the sign of Scorpio; this makes love and pleasure difficult. Scorpio love is not lighthearted, nor playful, but rather heavy and serious. Many potential partners are turned off by such a heavy type of love. Scorpio lovers are suspicious, jealous, and manipulative but will never admit it. They are always in psychological control, which hinders emotional connections even though as water signs they crave an emotional connection. Another obstacle to intimacy is the fact that they are extremely secretive.

Venus in Scorpio’s love-life will always be scarred with a touch of pain or death. Some may literally have a fetish for pain or death; they can be masochists, sadists, suicidal, and/or antisocial. As a positive outlet, they may have an appreciation for Gothic art. They have compulsive desires when it comes to love. They feel in extremes: they either love you deeply or hate you deeply, never anything in the middle. They never forgive. Venus in Scorpio is capable of hating you with the same level of passion as they once loved. They are capable of cold-hearted, bloody vengeance if you cross their invisible, psychological line.  They do not blow up like the fire signs; rather, they silently premeditate their vengeance. You will never see it coming. You may not even guess that anything is wrong, but make no mistake, if you have crossed their line, they are planning revenge. After that, reconciliation will never be possible because they never forgive. You will be “dead” to them. Venus in Scorpio never feels guilty because they believe you deserve any pain they inflict on you. They can leave you for dead without looking back if you break their trust. Since trusting is a problem for them, many stay single and lonely by choice. Some choose to stay single until they find their soulmate.

Venus in Scorpio never has to worry about finding sexual partners; their sexual magnetism ensures this. They are very sexual, and usually become skilled at controlling their sexual urges as adults. However strong their urges, they will skip sex if they don’t trust you.

Sex and relationships with Venus in Scorpio can have the power to heal, or at least transform, both partners in some way. This can only happen after some form of death or loss in your relationship.

Venus in Scorpio men are attracted to women who are mysterious, silent, confident, in control, and powerful. They are attracted to a partner who is capable of deep emotional intimacy. When it comes to physical looks, they are attracted to sexy women who exude sexual magnetism subliminally, but not attracted to flirty types.

The Venus in Scorpio lady is very sexy, not necessarily pretty. She is mysterious. She may prefer to dress in black. She only reveals what she has premeditated to reveal. Both men and women fall under her spell when she walks into a room. Did I say she is sexy?

Some famous (and infamous) people with Venus in Scorpio are Leonardo Dicaprio, Bill Gates, Denzel Washington, Bruce Lee, Charles Manson, Matt Damon, Ethan Hawke, Lucky Luciano, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Anne Hathaway, and Alicia Silverstone.

How to Love Venus in Scorpio

It is extremely difficult to make a Venus in Scorpio lover feel loved. If you dare to try, begin by operating on the water level (emotional level) since this is a water sign. Pour out your soul to them. But remember, like Cancer Venus, they can tell if you are sincere; but unlike Cancer Venus, Scorpio may kill you if you are insincere. So if you really love a Venus in Scorpio, simply hand them your heart. They will not take that lightly.

They like to keep romantic things private. Don’t declare your love in the middle of a football game on the big screen in front of the entire stadium. The scorpion will crawl under a rock and never forgive you for embarrassing them. They prefer to keep your love just between the two of you.

Let them know that you want something deeper and more serious than a casual relationship. Let them know you want to be with them forever and ever. That’s what they want. Romantic dates, fun outings, and expensive gifts are all minor compared to their main priority: soul-level bonding like Romeo and Juliet. You must provide experiences of deep emotional bonding rather than just sex and romance to catch a Scorpio lover. Most importantly, if you want them to feel that you love them, they must sense that you are very deep, emotionally. If you are shallow, light-hearted, and fun, you will lose them.

Don’t ever flirt, not even with them because they are turned off by light, meaningless flirting. They are turned off by anything meaningless, so be careful not to say things you don’t mean. They consider that a sign of insincerity, and remember what they’re capable of if you are insincere.  They are always observing you, expecting to catch you messing up. You have to reassure them of your love often. Be sympathetic and caring towards them. Don’t be thoughtless or unfeeling. They are always expecting you to stop loving them. Prove them wrong. They respect being proven wrong, but this may take you a lifetime to prove to them. Not to be outdone by the Earth signs’ desire for a perfect partner, Venus in Scorpio wants a lover who will bleed for them. If you’ve proven yourself, Venus in Scorpio will also willingly bleed for you. The bad news is, what is left after you both bleed? This is where the “Romeo and Juliet” analogy comes in.

Above all, don’t be an emotional wimp. Yes, be emotional by expressing your deep feelings, but be proud and confident about your feelings. Scorpio lovers have no respect for an emotional wimp. They have no respect for weakness of any kind. They want a strong, powerful lover. Strong, for them, means having the confidence to experience deep emotional bonding. If you have a fear of commitment, you shouldn’t even be reading this article.

So, bleed a little and cut out your heart, and you’ll be rewarded with the most passionate of lovers who will adore you to the death, after death, and then some.

Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life. Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style.

Read more about Venus in Scorpio. Read about the Water Sign Love Language since Scorpio is a water sign. Be sure to try the free compatibility report.

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  1. Jamie Landry on said:

    Have found so many beautiful kindred souls here at this site. I am a Virgo sun, Aquarius moon with Venus in Scorpio. Several months ago I saw a man at the park where I play tennis at. Initially he intrigued me, but after seeing him again my heart burst open it was the most freeing and amazing feeling I’ve ever inperienced. I breathed more deeply as if more oxygen was required to fuel my unbridled passions. I think he feels the same way but I’m still unsure. Several times when my back has been turned I’ve felt this intense energy hit me and when I turn around he’s stealing a look at me. We played doubles together once and he couldn’t even look at me and I could hardly look at him. It’s like we both pretend not notice each other and that’s frustrating as hell. I sense we can go deep really deep beyond the shallow surface and plunge head on into mind blowing sensual, sexual emotional sea of love. But for now it’s all in my mind because I’m scared and apparently if I’m readying him right so is he. When both people are guarded what is a girl to do especially. I like to be approached, definitely not into chasing a man even if I like him. So I painfully suffer the thorns and cuts of my hidden desires but at the same time joyously expand in a deep open hearted love that I can never inperienced before. Numbing myself out isn’t an option I’d rather feel joy and pain than nothing at all. I just wish we had the courage to talk and not freeze up around each other and see if we really have something worth surrendering our little ego’s for.

    • Jamie Landry on said:

      HI Lady T

      I have something I just wrote today on my dog walk. Often I get the most insightful thoughts when I’m walking my dog in the early morn.

      There’s a bridge where the intensity of pain meets the intensity of joy. That center point where they kiss iz the eliczlar of life. This is the line where good and bad cease to exist where time is re birthed into eternity. Where I get to say thank you good and bad you have both transformed, changed and rebirthed me back from time back into timelessness. Everything/everyone in my life has shaped and molded me, there are no insignificant or bad moments because here I am standing in the pure awareness of the balancing point between good and bad seeing the magnificence of it all. Every exultation, sigh of despair, heart bursting expansion, deep, dark wretched sorrowful cry has brought me back home to infinite consicousness that knews only love. I get to walk the balancing point between these two seemingly different vibrational energies and proclaim I AM LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Take care.

      • Francesca on said:

        this made me cry. I feel the same.
        my god. I hope U have learnt to trust Ur intuition and the msgs that the divine shows U. Ur deep, unique and different to most. we are rare and magical. practical, extremely intellectual and spiritual. so much more I can’t even find the words because there are non. bless U

    • Francesca on said:

      we have the same placements..
      I hope Ur amazing story and energy bad a happy ending. it’s not easy being us. bless

  2. I am in love with a sun and venus Scorpio with Sagittarius mars. I am Cancer sun venus Leo and mars Virgo. Found out he is engaged, I left, he lied about it, blamed me called me disloyal, told me not to contact him anymore. Im crushed in a thousand pieces. Ive dealt with other Scorps, but nothing close to the degree of the connection we have. Im in fear this is my soul mate and because he already found someone before we met, he will settle for her. Im gonna have to live life not feeling this intensified love for someone else ever again. Should I let go, or fight? The pain hurts yet feels good at the same time, love is….

    • Let go, Nikki. If he deceived her, he’ll do the same to you. Don’t do that to yourself. You’re a cardinal sign. You’re much stronger than you know.

  3. This makes me sad in a sense. My Venus is in Scorpio and I have suffered in my love relationships. I feel like it is getting better though. My first relationship between the age of 17 – 21 was quite abusive. I had to leave the state, and even after that he stalked me. I met a man in my mid-20s that I thought I would marry and spend my life with. Unfortunately, he became severely depressed and never recovered. I left him after four years together. Months later, he committed suicide. It has effected me deeply because I knew he loved me and I almost feel like I let him down. Thinking about it, it was inevitable that he would attempt to take his life. Even though the circumstances were different, the relationship was doomed from the start. The first one was doomed because it was unhealthy and I was not staying. I am in a relationship now and he is wonderful to me, but the passion is not there. I love him dearly and he has been the best boyfriend I’ve had, but this one may not go far because I crave that deep, soul connection. My current boyfriend has most of his signed in Libra. I am a Taurus Ascendant, Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Mercury, Scorpio Venus, and Leo Mars. I should also mention I am in love with another man, but from afar. He is not available at all, but a twisted part of me wants to wait for him to be available as I admire him from afar. He doesn’t know that I love him, but there is an attraction between us. Venus is Scorpio is a bit of a curse. After all of this suffering, I am waiting for the blessings of this sign.

    • Wow Iris your relationships sound just like mine. I currently am in a relationship too where he is the best boyfriend n it is the best relationship i have ever had yet there is not that soulful passionate connection. And i too love someone from afar or i should say still love him. He is an ex but is incarcerated now but loves me to this day n always will. I am his everything but he is a tortured soul. I will never find anyone to love me as much as he does. I dont know if i could love anyone so much again either. So much passion n desire…i so crave it just like u. I am a Libra w scorpio venus…such an oxymoron if u ask me lol. My current guy is a scorpio w capricorn mars. We get along so well but that cap mars really tames his scorpio characteristics along with his cap moon too…so unemotional. The love of my life (incarcerated) is a Leo w Cancer mars…there i believe is where all our passion n desire lies. Scorp venus n cancer mars…truly a soulful connection!!

      • Cap moon…unemotional? No, not unemotional at all. Very deep, very intuitive and a 6th sense for knowing that the person we want to show the full force of our love to has their attentions elsewhere! Your boyfriend is not a placeholder just because the one you want to be with is incarcerated. You’ve said that he’s the best boyfriend you ever had. Why not try appreciating what you and you will see how very emotional a Cap can get!

        I’ll prove the point. Please read below.

    • Hi I never know where to post comments on these articles! Lol but I’m Libra sun Venus (conjunct Uranus!) in Scorpio too, sun conjunct Pluto one degree! Eight house moon in Aquarius ! It’s torture, the wound up mix of emotional depth, intensity and loneliness, aahhahhh! but I feel so reassured and in company when I read these threads. I always consoled myself in relationships when I was younger that my soul mate would still appear or emerge, I had hope, but as I get older…I’m nearly 40 but I seem in my 20’s to finding the terrible longings for soul mate/twin soul type of love unbearable and consuming. It’s like a life’s purpose for us, where other people think relationships are just something that they box tick to be conventional members of society lol!

      The giving up on soul love, just for a nice relationship is something I find it so hard to do, cause us Libras can see the good in many people and hate to be alone, and to a point it’s easy for us to connect on a fairly close level. But where our suitor or admirer might feel it’s a deep bond we just know we can go so much further, and I’m tired of hurting the wrong guys, cause they aren’t quite IT and longing for the deeper off the charts love that didn’t work out because of sabotage, bad timing, crossed wires … I also find because I want that deep deep connection so badly, that’s why it’s so hard to find, I can please the ones I’m not as passionate about so easily, couldn’t be cooler and more appealing,and they’ll be proposing marriage, and it’s precisely cause I don’t care obsessively and don’t care the way my Scorpio Venus needs lol. But when I want him badly, I get obsessive and jealous and feel the floor is gonna go from under it…and I’ve found so many painful, can’t work out passionate connections im Wondering if that’s the curse of it, that we sense who can torture us and only want them. But the longing and the torture is part of what we love, and I just hope I can find the balance of that sweet, subtle ‘torture’ and connection and something that will last, someone who I can get past the Venus in scorpio self sabotage with. I’m working on my heart always, on what I give in non-sexual non romantic relationships too, cause I think Venus in Scorpio kinda only cares about sex and romance, and I realize maybe I don’t give as much as I could have in platonic ways,and to platonic things-we bring sex and seduction whether we mean to or not to everything, we just grow up thinking it’s normal lol I’m hoping widening and broadening my ability to love, and giving and receiving more, platonically, even though as a Libra I’m generally good to people, on the face of it. But I’m hoping it will help in making those extreme relationships that I focus on and crave more fulfilling, more whole, and more lasting. Cause I feel that’s really what we Libra sun scorp Venus are about, soul mates/twin soul cravings..and we need to do heart work to find it, to attract it, cause for all the shows of love and romance in this world, most of it is marriages of convention and convenience and cause it’s the social thing to do. Not all types of people need want or are even open to soul mate type searching.. I’m 4th house with all of it too, and cancer rising so there’s just been too many private tears lol & unfortunately it was never gonna be as simple as settling for marriage with the boy next door lol! Big Venus in Scorpio love X

    • Rebecca Bowers Young on said:

      Awesome. I feel u. Go with your Heart, always. I
      Am in love with a man 7,000 miles away but in my heart. Distance means nothing. He is married. You love him. Go with your heart. Many married people are dying of loneliness

    • Dear, im Sagittarius sun, moon, mars, with venus in scorpio , i belive the type of us which is crave for soul connection, someone like our karma , all in ( everything or nothing ) we feel both happy in the pain, we want to be happy but we cant quit the feeling hurt from soneone ( i think u can get what i mean ) we hate that but we also love this feeling . Maybe this kinda love just come once time, Its like in whole life, we just have a true love once time , we hopeless romantic but not soft and sweet like Pieces or Cancer. Almost my youth is long distance love and i never hate that, cos my life need feeling , the vibe ..


    The eyes are the windows to the soul
    The smile is what welcomes you in
    The calmness of mind is what comforts
    Then comes the touch of the skin

    The hand should be gentle and steady
    No need for trapeze-like shows
    The eyes should hold still with sincerity
    The heart like a diamond glows

    Frivolity has no place in the game
    Only love should reign supreme
    As lights flicker dim and darkness takes hold
    Two souls merge into a dream.

    • Hi,

      Beautiful poem. I’m a scorp with a cap guy and i appreciate this love very much. It is home to me.

      • Omg I’m a venus in Pisces + Jupiter and this touched me omg. That’s beautiful. Both of these planets square my Pluto (sag) . I believe souls were meant to merge in a deep soul love connection. But since reality fails to meet that I have a fantasy lover instead and her names Romana . Haha call me weird I know.

        • Anjelia on said:

          It is not beautiful it is so painful. I have a Pisces moon and SN. Pisces feel so very deeply but unlike Scorpio Pisces can and do forgive. I wish I could apply my Pisces energy to my Scorpio Venus but It is very very hard. The more deeply I loved and have been betrayed the more it hurts and the harder it is to forgive if possible at all. Fantasy love is not enough for us. I don’t get it my self, my Pisces moon can feel just as deeply as my Scorpio Venus so it is not like Pisces is not capable of loving just as much, making Pisces just as venerable as Scorpio Venus. It must be that Scorpio is a fixed water sign that makes variability so difficult. Be happy you have Pisces Venus which is exalted in the sign of Pisces.

          • Lesley on said:

            Well, I’d rather have an earth venus than have Pisces any day. People would take advantage of my transparency and empathy. It’s made me more picky about who I associate with. I understand those emotions well, feeling bitter and like these ppl ain’t sh#t. I can forgive but sometimes.. I can’t.

  5. lovelykitten on said:

    Hi, all
    It’s been such a wonderful articles to read and I’ve read it 3 times in a row yesterday evening , all of the comments here are amazing!

    I ‘m a libra sun, leo venus but in my love relationship , I feel I am more toward to this articles . Maybe because I have scorpio mars square leo venus , and mercury ,uranus, eros , karma ,destinn ,Angel all landing in scorpio ;)

    The word you said , they need to connect with their partner in deep spiritual way is what I always long for . I read the reply comment from one woman in your “Leo Venus articles” , she said her scorpio venus man give her the intense love that she always want it , and she has no fear with his intense level. Jet , I understand why , I also yearn for this kind of transformative bounding. Although scorpio and leo square to each other , both venus are so similar , they highly need intention/ intensity /loyalty from their partner , but scorpio sun and leo venus are totally different person/ life style.

    The love of my life , back in 13 years , has saggi sun, scorpio venus . I was in love with him many years , although we are apart , the connection are still there , he still text me this years . But I think I must move on , we don’t live in the same country it’s so hard.

    The current one is unexpected . He is Virgo sun, Scorpio venus, Taurus mars , gemini moon . The moment we met was like a destiny calling. We met in October 2014 , and I have to continue visit him 1-2times /months since then because of my illness. The first few months that we seeing each other , I can feel , we knew form the right start that we will definitely fall for each other but he or I didn’t make any further advancement , both of us just keep calm in a professional way .
    But only his intense stare in my eyes through my souls and his penetrate looking at every inches of my skin make me know that he ‘s interested :) . His approach make me feel intimidate somehow , but I tolly understand because I’m scorpio Mars/mercury too , I can tell if someone doesn’t get use to this energy , you either like it or hate it.

    Then again , from 4 months of visits , he start to make first informative talk to me . With his gemini moon ,a little chitchat make the situation more relief ! Moreover , when he start a sweet talk with me , I feel he use his “moon” , the private part of his emotional with me ;)
    Before I kind of thinking that gemini moon is too light for me but without this moon with the rest of his natal planets, he could be a cold living-death specimen . And it took us 4 months to start a sweet smile and informal talking to each other ;) . Maybe we both have already spy on each other a couple months before this . And of course , my illness is chronic , we would def . seeing each other quite a while …

    Please wish me luck :)


  6. Kenneth D. on said:

    This is accurate to a T and I shared this on because I want all Scorpio Venuses to read this.

    I’m a Libra Guy with Scorpio in Venus and like some of the other Libras that commented before, there is a clash often. And my revenge is never violent. I like to serve my revenge with silence, that enough makes people sick and begin to remorse what they’ve done to hurt me. I can manipulate but that’s energy consuming. So yeah. And my Libra sun calms my Scorpio heart. But when I’m angry, which takes me a while to get there, stay away from me by all means.

    When I meet a girl, one of the first things I ask myself is, is this a girl for sex or is this my future wife? All my exes claim I was the one that got away. I was married once to a girl who I knew was bad for me, but the Libra in me wanted a relationship and was tired of being alone, so I stuck in it for a year. I felt as my soul was dead since, I chose my heart to suffer for the sake of partnership. Sex was frequent but awful because there was no love for her. Yes as a man I can say that shit and mean it. I’d rather Jack off than be with her.
    After the divorce from the one year marriage I stayed single for 5 years, some dating but no sex.
    Then I met my fiance, when we met I knew from day one that day I fell for her. Rationally, I said hey let’s be realistic about this whole love at first sight. It wasn’t goo goo gaga love though, it was a quieter, deeper, intense love that scared me shitless. I doubted she felt the same way that early so I played it cool, kept my feelings to myself until month 4 when I felt as if I would burst from the intensity. She was happy and expressed her love as well. We’ve been engaged since last year getting married in six months.
    I’m jealous from time to time, I’m obsessed in the way that she’s always on my mind. I’m possessive as in I’m loyal and want to protect her not own her or control her.
    I love her with my mind body and soul. Sex is the intertwining of our souls. Its that intense. I will forever be by her side. We are one.

    • The way you talk about your fiancee is exactly how my husband would explain his intensity for me over our 19 year relationship… but it is true that being with a Scorpio Venus is exhausting as the years go on. Hopefully you and your wife’s communication planets align.

    • Rachel95 on said:

      Can you tell me whats her sun and venus im also a libra sun scor venus

  7. Whole page is true–best ViS page in my opinion.

    — From a Venus conjunct Pluto Scorpio 8th house (ARGHHH)!

  8. Audrey Fredericks on said:

    That’s me. I felt like I could have written this post myself. Born aquarius, but love in the intense of Venus-Scorpio. That makes me very selective – although sometimes I wish I’d just be more care-free about sex (more in accordance to the aquarian nature). Yet, shallow guys are not substantial enough. They leave me “starving”. I don´t mind a relationship being difficult, challenging. YES, I can give my blood to it, if it deserves. I am brave an I accept the consequences of being who I am and loving the way I do.

  9. The first sentence of this article sums me up concisely. I have loved, painfully. I have met my Juliet, and was involved with her twice. But both times… circumstances won’t let things work. It hurts.. and the pain feels almost unbearable at times.

    I did not know there were others that felt like I do, nor that Scorpio in Venus described us so succinctly. The most important thing in my life is to find someone I can connect with, someone who can share the deep emotional bond of intimacy and affection that I feel. I’ve been looking for my soulmate. I would, and have; done anything for the women I loved, and I am willing for fight to the bitter end and all my strength to make happen what I need to, to see that I have my chance. I have deeply and hurt deeply, but I have never regretted anything. Every moment has taught me how to become a better person. How to love more greatly. How to wait for the right person, and not settle – which almost happened once.

    I am a Virgo Sun,Moon Aquarius, Venus Scorpio (at 0.50 degrees, I think I share a lot of attributes with Venus Libra as well but mainly Scorpio), and Mars Virgo.

    Thank you to the author for this article. I have been learning more about astrology lately as my interest has increased and I can say that this article describes me perfectly. I am silently, patiently waiting for my Juliet. Whether it’s the one I already know, or another who comes along and makes me forget all the pain I have experienced.

    • My sun sign is Virgo, moon Aquarius and Venus in Scorpio as well. Rumi said, ” When you fall in love with yourself you will have discovered a life long romance”. I am finding out that when I open my heart and love be it a person, a dog, a flower, the sun, moon, stars, ocean, mountains etc I get to ‘inperience” the vibration of love which is what I want from a soulmate. Yes, I want a soulmate in physical form to but my soul is connected to and with the cosmos and all the life forms on the planet. When I met my soulmate in physical form I won’t come to him as a beggar but as a joyful celebrator of life and love. Peace and blessings on this soulfilled and soulful journey called life!

    • If you not yet have found her, haha I’m a libra sun with my venus in scorpio and cancer rising it has been real hard having some toxic relationships but now I know how I can become liking someone I’m real careful.

  10. I have courted several women with a Venus in Scorpio, and this explains them to the letter. The woman I am currently courting has a Venus in Scorpio, and this will definitely help me during the courtship.

  11. My boyfriend is a scorpio in Venus (so is my mother, she’s virgo sun) and he’s a scorpion sun himself! I am very proud of him :-) (I am a pisces sun but Aquarius Venus) he cares so much for me but he is very secretive about his feelings! We both confessed that we love each other. I put my heart out for him cause I noticed he loves honesty and so do I, I adore honesty and when I find out he lies to me he doesn’t think it is a big deal! Anyways I think it’s the best feeling having the romance alive. At some stage when we were in bed I asked him ‘why me? Why did you choose me?’ He replied ‘maybe because you’re my soulmate? Maybe we’re each other’s soulmate.’ Considering that he has a lot of girls flocking to him giving themselves to him even though some of them are not even single, it all just melts my heart :-) After months I found out that I was his first to get on an intimate level:-) I adore him especially for all those reasons!

  12. Sherri on said:

    I am a Libra sun with Venus in Scorpio (and also Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio). Your description is right on the money. And being a Libra, I have an enormous wardrobe (taking up several closets) and tons of charm with which to mysteriously lure the object of my affection lol. I have always been told how sexy I am (add to it the Libra charm) by both men and women to the point where once when I was down and out, I took a job as a stripper to gain financial freedom – and was a natural at it. Unfortunately, my relationships have been stormy and intense, punctuated by break-ups and reunions, replete with jealousy and drama. I have found myself being alone for years waiting for that person who can totally appreciate me, longing and pining for “the ones who got away”, able to completely cut off without so much as a conversation anyone who has wronged me. I am not attracted to FWB situations or men who come on to me purely for sex – they must connect with my heart. I may have found a worthy partner in a man with Aries sun and Venus in Taurus (both 180 degrees opposite my Libra sun and Venus in Scorpio), his placement of Venus making him steady and loyal. I’m proceeding very slowly but not afraid to continue on alone if he cannot meet my high standards or hold my interest. Fortunately, as I’ve become more mature, I’m able to rise above my jealous urges and urges to control in order to manifest the deeply loving, accepting, and peaceful person I’ve always known I could be.

    • Im a Libra with Venus in Scorpio too. I have been told by both men and womwn I am not only sexy but exude sex lol I too was a stripper for a few years while going to school and was also a natural. I love my Venus in Scorpio but then I hate it being paired with my Libra sun. I am very conflicted at times and out of balance when it comes to relationships with men. I am currently involved with a Scorpio sun and our sex life is off the charts!! He has a lot of Capricorn traits that water down his Scorpio so i seem very extreme to him…but he loves it!!

      • Flip Flop on said:

        Im a sun in libra and scorpio venus too! And yes this is true that wherever i go people stare at me and sometimes it makes me uncomfortable! And i ll add that i am a flirt, i am like never serious, it’s because maybe the other person too is not serious, right? Like it’s not a problem with me? I am not the heart breaker? This happens to you too? :p but a few months before i met a guy with venus in aqua and i fell for him HARD. As i always considerd myself a flirt, getting to know these feelings was very strange for me. But reading this helped me a lot. The thing is that i broke up with him because he was a flirt too and now i can’t stop thinking ov him, n it’s painful! So as it’s written in the article that we are psyches, is it true that the way i think he feels for me is true?

  13. Cynthia on said:

    I’m a Sag with Scorpio in Venus… we’re supposed to be happy go lucky and I’m usually just that… until I fell in love a couple of times (I’m in my 40’s) and the intensity wasn’t as carefree as I thought it should be. I thought there was something wrong; kept all this in and locked up… but once I read about the Scorpio in Venus and the description above… WOW! This certainly explains a lot of my personality or at least how I am in a relationship…. I do love painfully :( and yes, from day one I have always been on a search for my soul mate…

  14. AizaMarie on said:

    All true . Me and my partner are both scorpios . And I tell you it’s hard to love someone this intense . Whew .

  15. I am a Venus in Cancer but I am in love with a Venus in Scorpio. Has anyone experienced an intense love between the two love signs?

  16. Through my work in astrology and counsellingI have found that Venus in Scorpio women, because of their difficulty establishing a close emotional bond, have sexual inhibitions in the form of not being able to orgasm with their partner. This appears over and over again, even in lomg term marriages. Of course, having Venus in scorpio means that they won’t say anything about it! The hurt experienced from an oblivious partner just compounds the problem. With the men, there seems to be an ability to enjoy physical sex but not experience union with the partner on an emotional level. Very sad, unfortunately……

  17. Kinda Watery on said:

    This was a really good article!! This described my current lover who is a Virgo Sun/Pisces Moon/Scorpio Venus Man. He is soooo intense and passionate but I love it!! I can’t get enough of him. People say they are very jealous but this one, not so much…he’s more possessive than anything. Hell, it doesn’t scare me one bit cause I’m kind of the same way. lol

    Btw… I’m a Taurus Sun/Taurus Moon/Cancer Venus woman. :)

  18. i (sun in taurus, venus in gemini) fell for a sun and venus in scorpio male, who gave me the most intense looks. i’ve tried talking to him but he just cussed at me and never really cared, but i always see him looking at mean. what does that mean?

    • Flip Flop on said:

      He likes you girlll he likes you a lot! He craves for you, but as you would have read we are very secretive, he might not be talking to you because he thinks that you will leave him one day, that’s it! He does not want to hurt himself!

  19. Virgo with Vorgo rising Venus in Scorpio.
    This article cleared up a lot. It also explains why so many Scorpio men and women are drawn to me.
    While Scorpio men are intense and deep, they have to be evolved in order to not be destructive for me.
    I have loved two Scorpio men. One younger (Scorpio with Venus in Scorpio) and then an older Scorpio rising with Venus in Taurus. Both adore me but are hands off in regards to any sort of relationship. They are my closest friends. My love for both was soul wrenchingly intense and powerful. Still is but both have chosen not to pursue any relationship with me.
    What are the most Venus compatible signs for me? I’m ready to give up on finding anyone as I am now 53 (tho people say I look about 45-we Virgos age nicely)

  20. Flip Flop on said:

    OMYJeeeeeee ..!!!!! I laughed so hard all the way i can’t tell! This article is so sarcastic, but at the same time it needs to be because it scared the hell out of me! This is so true still so depressing, but can’t be helped! I am a libra sun, cancer moon and scorpio venus girl, i have a string of ex boyfriends …. that’s it! :)

  21. Flip Flop on said:

    And can anyone tell me please that what i am thinking about others (like how they think about me) is actually the way they ARE thinking about me? Amm this question is a lil confusing but please understand and answer ..

  22. Everything is correct , perfect. I am exactly like that. Though I have sun 22 , Venus 11, mercury 5, sattern 8 degree in Scorpio. But other planets doesn’t effect my nature.
    Thank you .
    You explain it very well.

  23. Hopeless Love on said:

    So very true, the accuracy you present startles me! I want to know what do you think about me; Virgo Sun and Virgo Ascendant?

  24. notfeelingtheluv on said:

    wow so true!!! sag sun Venus/Pluto /Saturn Scorpio 8th house

  25. I am a Libra Sun with Venus in Scorpio dating a Sagittarius Sun also with Venus in Scorpio. In fact our Venus’s are conjunct!

    I would like to share some of the words from the heart of a Venus in Scorpio Man to the heart of a Venus in Scorpio Woman:
    “I want to learn about you and what makes you smile, laugh, cry, the things you are passionate about”
    “I am a sweet guy with mysterious dark wants and desires”
    “The passion of my kiss is only 5% of that of the passion I hold in my heart”
    “Nothing left to lose, nothing left to fear, that’s how I feel about you in my life.”
    “You being in my life says all the things I need to hear”
    “Nothing is perfect by itself, for me I believe you have completed this”
    “Each day brings me hope that we will be together forever”
    “Think of this as words from my heart I cannot say. The words my heart and soul only know for how much you mean to me”.
    “our lives crossed for a reason and I’m so glad they did”

  26. Iam a Scorpio and that is everything me

  27. This made me laugh because it is right on the money. I have Venus in scorpio, the deep profound emotional bonding is it, mainly to allow for real transformation to occur within yourself, you partner and the relationship. And yes no wimps please. I also have Scorpio ascendant conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, It doesn’t get more plutonian than that.

  28. morristhecat on said:

    Im an Aries Sun Moon in Gemini and Venus in Pisces Woman, Im in love with a Sun in Scorpio Moon in Gemini and Venus in Scorpio Guy, as you can see we have same moon sign thats is why we really understand each other. Moreover, he is so deep and really gets me to an emotional level, I have a venus in pisces which i love a person unconditionally, but i dont think if its compatible for his venus in scorpio.

    • Astrology Library on said:

      Yes, both of your Venus signs are water signs. That makes them compatible. See Water Sign Love Language.

      • morristhecat on said:

        We just broke up this August 2016. Im just so stressed because of my work and opportunities that is coming to my way and I feel that we lack time together. We had misunderstandings and we fight , it grows like a burning fire. He said he dont love me anymore because we have such a big differences. I forgive him even how many times he hurt me but when I make mistake, just one mistake, and he said goodbye. I tell him that Im very sorry for my impulsiveness but he dont accept it. I think he is not really serious about me and he doesn’t really love me at all, because if he loves me he will forgive me and accept me. But he doesn’t want to talk anymore he said goodbye. :(

  29. Alyssa on said:

    This article is so accurate. When I see someone I’m attracted to, it’s not just some cute crush. That’s some Libra crap. When I fall, it’s deep, in fact so deep it’s hard to describe with words. Also, I’m definitely very secretive about it, haha. I’m a Sagittarius sun though, so when I catch these feelings, it’s very much weird and confusing, basically because I’m not used to them. I rarely ever fall in love. It takes someone truly special. Like the article said, if you’re too lighthearted, superficial and insincere, then that’s a HUGE turnoff!

    • Libra, Here on said:

      I’m a Libra and I share those exact same traits. Don’t fall in love often, but when I do even begin to “crush” on someone, it’s overwhelming. Like I’m being taken over by a tidal wave.

    • Tracey on said:

      I am seeing someone who is a sag sun, venus in scorpio, pisces moon. Thanks for the insight! He can be so light and carefree but yet intense and hides his feelings which makes him hard to read.

  30. Excellent article! I felt it was talking about me!! So accurate!!! Incredible!! Thank you!!

  31. I’m a Scorpio born october 24. I Am not sure of the time, my love life has been an up hill battle as i try to engage into finding a long term relationship leading to marriage. I’m 45 now. I made some serious mistakes in chooseing men. Your articles are help full but i might be the one who will be single. It seem to me i attract the wrong men who really don’t got nothing going for themselves. And i in reture want to help, so i set my self up to fall for B.S and get stuck. Being real with yourself hurts and makes you want to be alone and not fall for it again.but i am by nature. How can you help me???

  32. I was in a 3 year long relationship with a violently abusive lying controlling cheating and manipulative venus in scorpio (he was also moon in scorpio) who stalked and mentally abused me after we broke up. I know not all venus in scorpios are violent but I am very wary now if I see alot of scorpio in someones chart…

  33. This is extremely helpful! I am Venus in Cancer and my lover is Venus conjunction Sun in Scorpio. We are twin flames. Thank you so much.

  34. I am a sun in aquarius, moon in virgo, Libra ascendent and venus in Pisces at the exact exaltation of 27 degrees. I can relate to literally everything everyone is saying here. I love painfully and I crush just as painfully. I become consumed with thoughts of them to the point I can’t even focus. I have to logically talk myself out of it but even that isn’t enough. I can’t have casual sex or casual relationships and I’ve only been in love once with a scorpio sun Libra moon and scorpio venus and he hurt me so horribly to get back with his ex girlfriend of 6 years who had cheated on him. This happened after a few traumatizing incident all in one week and he just dropped me without a word. After we had created an emotional bond. I felt like dying for months I never got to tell him how I felt because I wasn’t able to form trust with him. It was all so quick and intense. 9th months later and I find out horrible things about him and yet I still love him. I know he regrets losing me. Last I heard he wasn’t doing so well. I wish he hadn’t betrayed me. I would’ve understood his emotions had he just told me. I just wanted to be his friend more than anything in this world.

  35. I am a sun/ascendant/venus in cancer and I’m in love with a sun/venus scorpio and ascendant capricorn. We both have moon in Aries too! It’s very intense, I just love it! I love him! I just knew he’d be important to me the moment we saw each other. This feels like fate.

    • Please tell me how did you get him to go out with you and “declare” his feeling? Because I have so many problems with that, I got stuck up in that stage and it doesn’t go beyond that.

      • Hi Ms. M. I didnt really do anything. We met at massage school. I sensed that there was something dark about him. He finally talked to me when i had no where else to sit but in front of him. I am shy, so I didn’t talk to him even though I liked him. Venus scorpio people like mystery. So me being shy worked in my favor. They also don’t like people who are too loud and they like to chase or “hunt” whoever interests them. The affections between us came so natural. If you finally get him to go out with you and got him to like you. be sincere and honest about your feelings and affections.

        • Hello,

          thank you so much for answering :)

          If you read the text that I wrote below a few days ago, you can see the whole story. I’d say he likes me, I don’t doubt that, because he comes first to talk, he opens up about everything, likes to talk about himself… the problem occurs when I try to get him out, on a neutral field, out of the club where we see each other.

          I think he’s very shy and was hurt before, so maybe he’s being cautious and doesn’t want to rush things, don’t know :/

          This article was very helpful, it made me understand him better. Being a Leo/Aries combination, for me it’s so difficult to understand people who are taking things slow… when I want sth, I want it and I’m sure about it, and don’t want to wait.

          I wrote him an open letter about my feelings and our situation, told him to read it, he said he would. It was 4 days ago and still nothing, no text from him. Maybe it was too much reading all that and he needs time to process things, because I was very open and told him all about my wishes and plans with him.

          Maybe that was not such a good idea, there’s no mystery left… :) however, since we’ve been “playing” this game for more than 6 months now, I’m just emotionally tired and sad, and don’t want to play this mysterious, hard-to-get type of girl, because I’m not like that at all. I don’t like games.

          So we’ll see, I don’t plan to text him first, and when I see him at the club, I won’t come first to talk either. It’s up to him.

          If you have any advice, please write it down. :)

  36. (Venus Scorpio / Rising Pisces / Sun Virgo) Suffering and the vengeance is the status for me. It is true that Venus Scorpio will always be suspicious and jealous, always waiting for the loved one to make mistakes to ‘prove’ the love is false. I guess love is supposed to be trustful and faithful to your partner, but there is an extremely strong force inside is pushing me to the edge even there is nothing happening in the reality. People said that revenging in love is a childish act, I won’t disagree with it, even I found myself filthy and unreasonable for revenging. I can’t even understand myself until knowing the Venus Sign thing.

    • DarkVenus on said:

      I agree. Its something I struggle with too.
      Im a Virgo sun with Venus in Scorpio so Im not a typical Virgo in regards to my relationships. this aspect really cripples me. Even with another Venus in Scorpio Im deeply in love with, I dont trust completely. He is Scorpio Sun, so so I keep thinking he’ll hurt me eventually. I know hes seeing another woman. Im jealous and in alot of pain from it. I wish I could be more laid back

  37. Hello,
    this was very helpful, I cannot stress how much.

    There’s this guy that I like, Sun and Venus in Scorpio, Mars Leo, Moon Taurus, I don’t know the ASC. I’m a Libra, ASC Pisces, Moon Aries, with Leo Mars/Venus.

    There are these long stares, where he practically turns his head around to keep an eye on me. Once when there was another guy hitting on me, he stood there like a rock and wouldn’t leave until that guy left. He’s very protective. Also, he shared some of his future plans, fears, past experiences with me. He opened up.

    BUT (there’s always a BUT)
    We met at a club, he works there and I go out, and that’s our only interaction. He does all of the above, seems glad to see me, always says “Hi” with that big smile of his.. and everyone says there’s sth going on here… but he doesn’t want to go out, just the two of us, alone, somewhere else.

    I tried to get close, send him text messages telling him I liked him, I’d love to go out…he was pleased to hear that, but didn’t contact me to actually go out. Two months passes by, and when I saw him again at the club, I asked him directly why, if he was taken… he said “no”, that he’s been single for a very long time and only had something casual now and then with women he called “whores”. He told me exactly with those words. We talked the entire time I was there and he really opened up, said a lot about himself and asked me questions about me. Tomorrow after that conversation, I send him a message telling him I really missed him, and to stop pushing me away and let me get close to him. He didn’t say much, sent a happy emoji and liked one of my FB pictures.

    Nothing changed, so when I found this article, I found it very helpful, so I wrote an open letter about my thoughts and feelings regarding him and this situation of ours, and sent it to him. :) Maybe I shouldn’t have done it, but I don’t see any other option anymore. I sent it yesterday, he saw the message, sent a “thumbs up”, and so far…. nothing :D

    I don’t know what to do anymore, what’s he been up to? Sometimes I feel this connection between us, sometimes I’m confused because he’s sometimes very open, sometimes so secretive that I don’t know what to think anymore.

    Does anyone have any advice, what should I do? Leave him be, push him more? I feel like I’ve done everything possible under these circumstances and there’s nothing left to do but wait. Which my Aries and Leos really hate.

    • DarkVenus on said:

      Double Scorpio
      Thats tough
      He sounds like my Scorpio. He says these women are whores
      Id be a little careful. Im sure hes great but a bit judgemental. Thats a tough road to walk
      What would he say about you if you cant walk the fine line. What will he say about you if you two dont work out?

      • I know it’s not a nice thing to say, and I’m aware of the fact that he might be having an ego problem. But on the other hand, he can be so sweet and nice… and since we still don’t know each other well enough, I don’t know what to think.

        I can’t think now about what can happen in the future with the two of us. I don’t care what he’ll think of me, I know I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m an honest person who speaks openly. I’ve always been kind and nice to him.

        So I can’t think about that right now, I just have to get him to go out and open up, for now. And later, we’ll see how (if) things work out.

        How did you and your Scorpio start your relationship? Was it this difficult?

  38. VenusinPiscesLady on said:

    My ex, with scorpio sun and as well as venus in scorpio. He is a totally jerk. That’s all I can say.

    • Ouch. Why do you say that? Now I’m scared.

      • VenusinPiscesLady on said:

        Well I was with this guy for 6 months. I found out that he lied to me. He is controlling and manipulating that you can’t even notice it, because you are so in-love with him. Me as a Venus in Pisces girl, I’m so in-love with this guy, he loved me passionately and very intense and me also willing to give him everything even my soul. I always forgive him no matter he has hurt me, but he as a Scorpio he didn’t forgive easily. But its over now, I found out that he has another girl. I regret giving myself to him. I don’t care where is he or whatever he is doing right now. I know he has many girls. Good luck to girl who is also in-love to him right now.

        • It’s so sad :/ It seems that Scorpios have very few positive traits :/ Not that it matters, since not a word from “my” Scorpio, after I gave him that letter about my feelings.

    • I had a triple scorp ex. Sun,ascendent and venus. Moon in virgo.
      Hideously critical and acted above everyone else – also very kinky and a cheat. He slept with one of my best friends, then went on to sleep with his own best friends girlfriend (they all lived together). Liar and hypocrite. Be careful – they are notoriously judgemental as mentioned above..

      • Ouch.

        I had an Aries sun guy that I used to go out with. He cares about me, wants everything with me, I’m special etc.etc.etc. – in his own words, only later to find out he was sleeping behind my back with my Taurus friend.

        I won’t say in advance all Taurus women, all Aries men, all Scorpio men, all Libra women are the same… so for now, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Later we’ll see. And maybe it won’t even matter because he’s not taking any action, and I think I’ve done my fair share and I don’t plan to do it anymore.

        I’m not the type of person to tolerate many things in the name of love. I cut people off easily. I won’t stay in a bad relationship, I won’t even start one. So if he turns out to be a liar and a cheat, that’s it for me.

        For now, I’d just like to get to know him better and to find out if there’s mutual compatibility for a long-term relationship. And I’m stuck here, so I don’t see the point in making future plans, thinking ahead etc.

        Did your Scorpio have any good traits?

        • He seemed a total good guy.. We had dated all through uni and he was kind, funny family orientated etc. We got back together many years later and although on the surface he was still a nice guy, it later turned out he had a lot of dark passions and kinks that had maybe been repressed when he was younger. It was like he loved getting away with nasty things behind people’s backs, but when they found out and got angry he would act like the victim. I’ve got a lot of great girl Scorpio friends and know a couple of nice guys, but I also know of a lot of older scorps that have turned to the dark side and done hideous acts of betrayal to their families. It’s one of the only astrology signs I would avoid like the plague now. The other is Taurus…

      • VenusinPiscesLady on said:

        Yes that’s definitely true.

        • Wow. All of these cheating stories from scorpios. I thought they were supposedly “loyal” is that a lie? I hope not. I’m in love with one.

          • VenusinPiscesLady on said:

            Well it depends on the birth chart of every people. You still need to examine your man. For example, my ex is both Scorpio in Sun and Venus, but he has a Gemini moon. I have learned that a Gemini Moon Man is capable of handling 2 things at the same time and 2 relationships at the same time. So me as her ex girlfriend I discovered it , I was two timed, and I was right all along. So it still depends on the persons chart. Please be noted dont judge a person based on his/her sun sign or venus sign only.

  39. So, to update you guys who’ve been very helpful and supportive.
    Nothing new with my Scorpio. We talked a few times, he’s nice and warm and smiles a lot, but hasn’t asked me out yet. Don’t know what to do or how to push him.

    Should I kiss him first?
    On the other hand, don’t know if he’ll take it as offensive, like I’m pushing him or sth like that… What do you think?

    • Depending on how long you’ve known him, your ages, relationship experiences, character, values etc. ??? I am a Scorpian. I would not do any of the negative presented here so don’t assume we are all like that. If you have an intelligent Scorpio whatever you do try not to confuse, hurt, betray them. You need to be very and I stress very consistent with your words, actions etc. leave this person with no doubt that your intent and focus is with them. Show and tell but do not be aggressive. You have to leave absolutely no doubt that it is safe and that you can be trusted. Do not let this relationship ” stew” too long even if they care for you deeply, love you , feel everything for you…. They will abandon you if they feel that there is not a deepening intensity to the relationship. They seek and want everything in a partner. If you hurt them you will see a spectacle like no other this is about their intensity it is hurt and confusion… If they care or cared for you they will not hurt you ever. This is their ” smoke and mirrors” . While blindsiding you, the contradictory is that a mature Scorpio will actually be extremely protective of you forever. Hopefully, though you will not go to that place even the best ones will give you a spectacle. Good luck.

      • Hello,
        thank you for your advice.

        First of all, I don’t intent to hurt him or betray him. I want to love him. But, how can I do that if he wouldn’t let me get close???

        I’m 33, he’s 37. I’ve had 3 long relationships so far, he’s had 2 as far as I know, and some “insignificant ones” along the way (his words). I told him openly that I care, that he’s special, and that we should go out. He never asked me out. We see each other in a club where he works and I go out with friends. He seems happy to see me, always smiles, touches me etc.

        In a number of times I tried to show him my support in some of his stuff (e.g. helped him with hobbies, movies)… I hope he sees the effort?? I’ve also sent him 11 pages open letter about my feelings for him… I told him everything.

        I don’t know if I should ask him out again??? But it seems so pathetic of me, like I’m chasing him, or like I’m obsessed and crazy.

        I see your point, but I don’t know how to let him know that my intentions are serious if he doesn’t ask me out??? Should I text him?? I did that all before.

        I want to give him everything, just don’t know how to reach him, how to destroy these walls he’s built around him.

        • Alex A on said:

          Hi! Going through something similar as you did in 2016.

          How did it turn out with him? Did he make any advances? The Scorp?

  40. VenusinPiscesLady on said:

    Its 2017, I don’t know why I’s still visiting this page and reading new comments. I broke up with my venus and sun Scorpio man 6 months ago, but I can’t forget him. We do not have a proper closure. I’m still bitter and I still think of him from time to time. Urggggg….. Wherever you are, whatever you do, I should not care to you at all. Wish all the best, wish you to be happy with you Russian girl.

  41. Hi,
    I am sun in aquarius rising in scorpio, venus in pisces, mars in sagitarius and moon in aries. The man I like is sun in sagitarius rising in capricorn, venus in scorpio, mars in pisces and moon in scorpio. We met on a trip and i felt that we had some kind of atraction, chemistry and understanding even though there was no sex, no kisses, I felt like he knew what I was thinking and feeling and it was so easy for me to share and be honest with him. I felt that he felt the same way even though he was holing back. the last day he hugged me passionately, kissed me on a cheek and said come visit me in august. ( we both are from the same hometown). After we got back from the trip , I tried to keep in contact with him, but he kind of turned me down. I dont understand what happened? I will see him again in August. I do not know how to act. After I read this I kind of understand his behavior. Is there any chance for us to be together? Are we compatible at all according to zodiac? Can someone explain more his chart?
    Thank you so much!

  42. Sorry to burst the faithful bubble of Scorpio in Venus, but I had a 15 year affair with a married Venus in Scorp. I was very young & he was very lusty. He had many women, but kept me along, because I didn’t pressure him for more. When he became a widow he still had a heavy rotation of women. One called when we were having sex on time!!! He know wants a committed relationship, but I know why. Although I’m not a young impressionable girl anymore I am still attractive and turn heads. He likes the attention we get when we walk into a room. Also, we are different ethnicities so double stares! I’m over him and this situation we’ve been in for too long. I admit my nefarious behavior but he won’t let me go. A stalker!!!

    Just blame his unfaithfulness on his Moon Aquarius & Sun in Sagittarius. Maybe they are faithful, but it depends on his options & natal wise,his Venus/Moon not inflicted or squared.

    • Corinne Lane on said:

      I agree, the Moon, for men, affects their love-life. Moon in Aquarius may have some things in common with Venus in Aquarius.

      • I don’t trust either in Men. I think a marriage w/ a Venus Aqua is safer then a Moon Aqua. Then again Jeff Bezos Venus is in Aqua and we all know his story. I also found out Uranus/Mars in men & Uranus/Venus in women is a major component on how faithful someone can be.

        No surprise the guy I dealt with had his Uranus and Mars at a square.

  43. As someone who is always being skeptical about anything, I can say that most of the traits or characteristics mentioned in the article were true. To some extent, I find myself in a position where I’d rather close my heart and just live my life to the fullest before I die than throw myself out there to find a person who has the same intense soul bonding relationship that I want. I understand that yeah, I have high standards due to the fact that I have been hurt before but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t want to spend my life with someone. It’s all good, let it be, it is what it is so stop chasing around fake people trying lure you into sex and leave, my people! I’m tryna spread love, not hate because I chose peace over war, tenderness over violence. Have a fantastic whoever finished this comment
    P/s: feel free to reach out if you share the same thoughts as mine or simply want to have a decent convo about all the things we could talk ❤

    • Jérémie on said:

      We are in 2022 and if you are still there I’m totally agree I’m libra sun with Mars Venus Pluto midheaven in Scorpio been with a Scorpio sun Venus in Scorpio and discovered that he had another boy around .. I’m 27 he is 24 now I suffered so much after all the love we shared … the moments … he blocked me on social media and phone after all the message and voicemail I sent … he’s maybe immature but I still love him , got the same thought than you I’ve suffered so much in relationship I don’t want it anymore like at all I don’t need it I need friends good friends money and power but the love thing can destroy me during years !!! So even my libra sun want a relationship I refuse it right away ! I want the better life possible I lost to much time on people and they just decided to leave or mistreat me , physically assaulted me I don’t want it !!!
      Thank you for reading !

  44. I am Sagittarius sun, moon in Pisces, cancer rising and a Venus Scorpio… everything written here about Venus Scorpio is totally true…this is me in totality😏

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